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schestowitz=Apr 03 06:34
schestowitz =Apr 03 06:34
schestowitz 03 06:34
-TechBytesBot/ | Palestinian Islamic Scholar Mraweh Nassar: The Jews Now Claim Biblical Jerusalem Is Located In Ukraine; They Instigated The War There In Order To Empty Out Ukraine And Move In | MEMRIApr 03 06:34
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schestowitz 03 06:34
-TechBytesBot/ | Alyssa Carson, Youngest Astronaut in Training, Wants to Make Space for Women in STEM | Teen VogueApr 03 06:34
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schestowitzx 03 06:34
schestowitz# paid shills paid to mislead completely; some 40% are without adequate connectivityApr 03 06:34
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schestowitzx 03 06:34
-TechBytesBot/ | Think Tank Finds U.S. Wireless Speeds Among Best in World : Broadband BreakfastApr 03 06:34
schestowitz# the article fails to call out this illegal activityApr 03 06:34
-TechBytesBot/ | Republicans squirm as Trump presses Putin for dirt on BidensApr 03 06:34
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-TechBytesBot/ | SUEPO: Industrial actions ‘striking success’ - Kluwer Patent BlogApr 03 13:51
schestowitz"Apr 03 13:51
schestowitzAttentive ObserverApr 03 13:51
schestowitzMARCH 31, 2022 AT 10:33 AMApr 03 13:51
schestowitzThe dismantling of the EPO by the actual president of the EPO continues unabated.Apr 03 13:51
schestowitzFor a start, he intends to push his teleworking scheme at any cost, although it is manifestly against the Centralisation protocol, even in its amended form.Apr 03 13:51
schestowitzThe document on ‘professional mobility’ (CA19/12 and CA 19/12 Corr. 1) was to be submitted for information to the latest AC on 23.03.2022.Apr 03 13:51
schestowitzIf was certainly also part of the discussions at the “Board of the Administrative Council (B28)” which is actually the decision instance. In general, what is decided at a B28 meeting is normally rubber stamped at the following meeting of the AC.Apr 03 13:51
schestowitzAccording to an open letter to the members of AC, the Central Staff Committee drew the attention to its members that under the pretext to “support to deliver high-quality patents” (sic) the President intends to use Seconded National Experts (SNEs) to work in the patent granting process, in particular within divisions without formally being part of those divisions. Such a way of working of examining divisions is certainly not compatible with the Apr 03 13:51
schestowitzEPC.Apr 03 13:51
schestowitzHere again, only the teleworking scheme pushed by the actual president would enable those SNE to contribute to examining divisions of the EPO, whilst they are still sitting in their national offices.Apr 03 13:51
schestowitzThe Central Staff Committee suggested to hold a conference of ministers of the Contracting States under Article 4a EPC.Apr 03 13:51
schestowitzIn view of the diligence of his predecessor and of the present incumbent to convene such a conference, it is doubtful that such a conference will ever been held.Apr 03 13:51
schestowitzOne thing is however abundantly clear: the tail is till wagging the dog and the AC has completely given up its role of controlling the actions of the president.Apr 03 13:51
schestowitzOne wonders what could well be the hidden agenda of the last two tenants of the 10th floor. Could it be dismantling the EPO?Apr 03 13:51
schestowitzAt least the present tenant, although called in order to restore peace at the EPO, has done everything in order to increase the conflicts between staff and management.Apr 03 13:51
schestowitzBy reducing the salaries, reducing all other advantages or allowances, on the basis of a very shoddy financial study, everything is made to render a job less attractive at the EPO.Apr 03 13:51
schestowitzIt might well be that in the end it could be a good solution to second to the EPO national examiners to actually do the job of examiners.Apr 03 13:51
schestowitzIt is to be hoped that examiners will be able to sustain the pressure from management, which in the last years was always very prompt in threatening sanctions which can end up rather quickly with sanctions up to dismissal for incompetence if the target is not achieved. Legal means to this effect have been created.Apr 03 13:51
schestowitzREPLYApr 03 13:51
schestowitzConcerned observerApr 03 13:51
schestowitzMARCH 31, 2022 AT 9:19 PMApr 03 13:51
schestowitzAttentive, it does not take a genius to discern the “hidden” agenda of the President and the AC. This is because almost all of their “controversial” decisions seem to me to be designed to increase the “profit” that the Member States, AC delegations and EPO senior management can extract from the coffers of the EPO.Apr 03 13:52
schestowitzThe trouble for applicants and EPO (non-senior) staff is that to keep the trough of “profit” full enough for all of the greedy snouts feeding from it, the pips have to be well and truly squeezed … regardless of the seriously negative effect that might have on the EPO’s quality of service, or any illegalities / immoralities regarding degraded employment conditions, etc.Apr 03 13:52
schestowitzThe direction of travel is clear enough. The scandal has been ongoing for well over a decade now and shows no signs of slowing. In fact, the pace seems to be picking up under the current President. The question is, what on earth could possibly persuade the EPO to reverse course and start paying attention to the rule of law, and to get back to providing a proper quality of (public) service?Apr 03 13:52
schestowitzIf you can answer that question, then you will have solved a puzzle that has baffled the rest of us (who pay attention to these things) for a very long time.Apr 03 13:52
schestowitzREPLYApr 03 13:52
schestowitzPatent robotApr 03 13:52
schestowitzAPRIL 1, 2022 AT 9:30 AMApr 03 13:52
schestowitzIf France and the Netherlands opened the PCT national route, the EPO might start paying attention…Apr 03 13:52
schestowitzREPLYApr 03 13:52
schestowitzAttentive ObserverApr 03 13:52
schestowitzAPRIL 1, 2022 AT 10:48 AMApr 03 13:52
schestowitzDear Concerned Observer,Apr 03 13:52
schestowitzAs far as quality of work is concerned, one has just to look at the decisions published by the BA.Apr 03 13:52
schestowitzThe number of patents maintained in amended form or even revoked is steadily increasing.Apr 03 13:52
schestowitzAlthough oppositions are not evenly distributed over all technical areas, some seeing hardly any, but if one extrapolates the 5% of opposed patents to the rest of the granted patents, the number of patents in force which are not really valid must be extremely high.Apr 03 13:52
schestowitzIt is only if patents are used in infringement proceedings or if a declaration of non-infringement is thought, that the validity of the patents is considered in detail. It would be interesting to have the figure of the number of patents nullified or amended in national proceedings. The EPO does probably have the figure, but for obvious reasons it will not be published.Apr 03 13:52
schestowitzThe problem is that industry, and especially the big one, is happy with the situation. As long as the quality of EPO patents is somehow better than that of US patents, it will be satisfied. It enough to threaten competitors. As long as the number of patents opposed or subject to national litigation remains at the present level, nothing will probably change.Apr 03 13:52
schestowitzThere is no doubt that the quality of the work delivered by the EPO was much higher in the past, but as long as the users are satisfied with the output of the EPO, why bother?Apr 03 13:52
schestowitzIn this respect, what will be happening at the UPC, which is primarily conceived for the big industry, is symptomatic. Why is it that the basic fee for an action in nullity is nearly double of that for infringement? This is not a coincidence.Apr 03 13:52
schestowitzWith an opposition, the quality of a patent can be tested relatively early. If one has to wait a national procedure, or before the UPC, the latency time is much longer.Apr 03 13:52
schestowitzIn any case, the examiner in charge has in the meantime achieved his target and the EPO and the national offices have cashed fees, so that everybody is pleased.Apr 03 13:52
schestowitzIt is only if the industry, large or small, wakes up and realises that it is spending money which could as well be thrown out of the window that the situation may change.Apr 03 13:52
schestowitzProfessional organisations, like epi, could do something about it as well, but the danger here is that they could well saw the branch on which they are sitting.Apr 03 13:52
schestowitzLawyers are also happy charging fees.Apr 03 13:52
schestowitzAt the end of the day, as long as the cow can be milked, why change something?Apr 03 13:52
schestowitzI would thus claim that the notion of “public service” is grossly misused. It is as public as the British “public schools” are actually public.Apr 03 13:52
schestowitzIt might all sound cynical, but in this day and age, paying attention to the rule of law is not a priority for many. Here again see what is happening at the UPC.Apr 03 13:52
schestowitzREPLYApr 03 13:52
schestowitzLightBlueApr 03 13:52
schestowitzAPRIL 1, 2022 AT 11:44 AMApr 03 13:52
schestowitzAttentive, would you file an opposition against a patent if, after diligent research, you had identified no convincing arguments?Apr 03 13:52
schestowitzREPLYApr 03 13:52
schestowitzConcerned observerApr 03 13:52
schestowitzAPRIL 1, 2022 AT 11:10 AMApr 03 13:52
schestowitzQuestion: given that ILO AT judgement no. 4430 declared Circular 347 unlawful, and set it aside, what was the legal basis for the EPO’s “strike registration tool”? More pertinently, why would EPO management persist with providing a tool that had no formal legal standing?Apr 03 13:52
schestowitzTo my knowledge, the EPO has not formally rescinded Circular 347, and replaced it with rules that comply with fundamental human rights. Thus, whilst the ILO AT would almost certainly find the provisions of that Circular to be unenforceable, the EPO’s rules for staff still formally include a requirement to use the strike registration tool.Apr 03 13:52
schestowitzThus, could it possibly be that, by providing a registration tool, and by (deliberately?) making that tool unreliable, the management were trying to make staff think twice about going on strike? If so, that would demonstrate a complete contempt for both the ILO AT’s rulings and fundamental rights guaranteed under EU law (and the ECHR).Apr 03 13:52
schestowitz"Apr 03 13:52
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schestowitz 03 19:07
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-MindsApr 03 19:08
schestowitz"Apr 03 19:08
schestowitz my statement is correct - both .net and vscode are licensed under the MIT license, not sure where you are getting your info.Apr 03 19:08
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schestowitz"Apr 03 19:08
schestowitz> Hi Roy,Apr 03 19:18
schestowitz> Apr 03 19:18
schestowitz> Thanks for sharing that chat log.  I didn't mean to offend you withApr 03 19:18
schestowitz> "hater" but I had to distance myself from the way you comment on MSFTApr 03 19:18
schestowitz> because I actually look at them as procompetitive compared to Apple andApr 03 19:18
schestowitz> Google when it comes to app distribution.Apr 03 19:18
schestowitz> Apr 03 19:18
schestowitz> No matter where one stands on MSFT, the key thing here is that after 23Apr 03 19:18
schestowitz> or 24 years, they've decided to "Defund ACT" and I wish others couldApr 03 19:18
schestowitz> follow suit.Apr 03 19:18
schestowitz> Apr 03 19:18
schestowitz> Best,Apr 03 19:18
schestowitzI wonder where Jon Zuck and others are today...Apr 03 19:18
schestowitz> I checked on Zuck on LinkedIn and he's in charge of some entityApr 03 19:27
schestowitz> affiliated with ACT names Innovators Network Foundation. No idea whetherApr 03 19:27
schestowitz> that's a real job or just a means of keeping him on the payroll and outApr 03 19:27
schestowitz> of harm's way at the same time ;-)Apr 03 19:27
schestowitzHe did so much harm.Apr 03 19:27
schestowitzToday I recorded the last part of an 8 parts, about 20 hours of videos in total. It went through your posts, just like all prior parts. I asked aloud again, why are you ignoring the EPO scandals? We also need more people to fight UPC.Apr 03 19:27
schestowitz> M$ is worse than it has ever been and should not get a free pass noApr 03 19:28
schestowitz> matter how much worse Apple gets compared to M$ itself.Apr 03 19:28
schestowitz> Apr 03 19:28
schestowitz>     ·"Bill Gates might no be the Devil himself but they areApr 03 19:28
schestowitz>     certainly acquainted on a first name basis"Apr 03 19:28
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