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schestowitz 09 02:04
schestowitz"Jan 09 02:04
-TechBytesBot/ | EQE 2021: Further details on examination timings and paper format released - The IPKatJan 09 02:04
schestowitzHello, For the record, I would seriously hope the PEB GB will not disqualify candidates as that would be disproportionate, and that will be my recommendation. The PEB wording did indeed say use the time as you wish, although it did also say how long (optional) screen breaks were as well as the time allocated for download/upload. My view is the wording was not clear. The decision on how to deal with the extra time is out of my hands andJan 09 02:04
schestowitzall I can do is put a recommendation from the Examining team before the PEB GB.Jan 09 02:04
schestowitzFinals candidates are usually a pass or fail regardless of the time taken because they either do or don't demonstrate that they know what they are doing. However, the upshot of this is that, next year, I suspect timings will be far stricter.Jan 09 02:04
schestowitz"Jan 09 02:05
schestowitz 09 02:05
schestowitz"As can be expected, China wants Chinese courts to have jurisdiction in this rapidly evolving SEP battle. "Jan 09 02:05
-TechBytesBot/ | [Guest post] The Wuhan Submarine surfaces at Christmas in global Ericsson/Samsung SEP battle - The IPKatJan 09 02:05
Techrights-sec 09 03:15
-TechBytesBot/ | IRC: #techrights @ FreeNode: Friday, January 08, 2021Jan 09 03:15
Techrights-seche's lying some more, what's the gain for him>  It's bizarre behavior.Jan 09 03:15
schestowitzRianne reckons he's himself a victim of sexual abuse as a kid. But that's just a theory.Jan 09 03:17
Techrights-secWell he is definitely trolling the channel with some goal in mind.Jan 09 03:27
Techrights-secYou must be getting close to some important material in the blog posts,Jan 09 03:27
Techrights-secif he is increasing his attacks.Jan 09 03:27
Techrights-secThe attacks take the channel off topic.Jan 09 03:27
schestowitzit's very much possible he does not like the digging into red hat, where he worked. I just ignore him to avoid time-wasting. he digs his own grave sometimes, then retracts when he realises he comes across as a pervert.Jan 09 03:28
Techrights-secHis trolling somehow seems connected to some corporate politics, butJan 09 03:32
Techrights-secI could not guess which one(s).Jan 09 03:32
schestowitzI have just checked his twitter account (in Firefox, needs JS). Seems misguided and the mind isn't working properly anymore.Jan 09 03:33
Techrights-secLots can cause that.  Several problems at once can have negativeJan 09 03:34
Techrights-secsynergistic effects.   Illegal drugs among them but other traumas too.Jan 09 03:34
schestowitzI was going to say trauma and you beat me to it. Like I say, I try to avoid the time-wasting, no censorship necessary.Jan 09 03:34
Techrights-secBack on topic, the current US politics are being used as a vehicleJan 09 03:40
Techrights-secto gain acceptance for mass censorship.Jan 09 03:40
Techrights-secEveryone is cheering the bans so enthusiastically that almost no oneJan 09 03:40
Techrights-secis actually checking to ensure that it is in line with the constitution.Jan 09 03:40
Techrights-secIt is more than what Bush II called it, a "goddamned piece of paper"Jan 09 03:40
Techrights-secWith Mozilla pretending to be a large business yet all the while beingJan 09 03:44
Techrights-sec100% dependent on Google's money for its continued existence,Jan 09 03:44
Techrights-secit is in a very weird place and with very weird priorities.Jan 09 03:44
Techrights-secFans of their software might not see that and incorrectlyJan 09 03:44
Techrights-secprojecct their own values even when they clearly do not apply,Jan 09 03:44
Techrights-secTake the Mozilla CEO compensation scandal for example of misplacedJan 09 03:44
Techrights-secpriorities.Jan 09 03:44
schestowitzTechrights covered this scandal (I also posted that IRS filing, in  part,  many times in social control media, as image) a year before it became a public scandal, due to the layoffs...Jan 09 03:45
Techrights-sec 09 03:45
-TechBytesBot/ | "Just a Goddamned Piece of Paper" - CounterPunch.orgJan 09 03:45
Techrights-secYes.Jan 09 03:48
Techrights-secDangerously the 'last' independent web browser and one of the last e-mailJan 09 03:48
Techrights-secclients depend on them.Jan 09 03:48
schestowitzWhile it's tempting to write articles (or do videos) about it the outcome would become political and be subjected to tribal assessments that overlooks facts. Pocock covered this in past this week.Jan 09 03:49
Techrights-secYEs, it's not a priority at the moment.Jan 09 03:51
Techrights-secIt's just always in the back of my mind when I use Thunderbird orJan 09 03:51
Techrights-secwhen, daily, I run into more sites that have trouble with Firefox.Jan 09 03:51
schestowitzYesterday thunderbird asked me to upload my attachments (personal documents like IDs) to Box!Jan 09 03:52
Techrights-secI'm still on a very old version.  I am worried about what shocks willJan 09 03:53
Techrights-secarrive with the newer versions.Jan 09 03:53
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Techrights-secCPU is loadedJan 09 15:28
schestowitzyes, I am not sure why. Maybe another container on the same H/VJan 09 15:28
Techrights-secphp-fpmJan 09 15:29
schestowitzthat happened to us with london town hall last month. Which site is responsible?Jan 09 15:29
schestowitz[15:31] <AVRS> Hi. Don't forget: Mozilla:    GitHub/Microsoft director of engineering: 09 15:31
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@mozilla: This week we saw the culmination of a four-year disinformation campaign orchestrated by the President. We have to a… 09 15:31
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@mozilla: This week we saw the culmination of a four-year disinformation campaign orchestrated by the President. We have to a… 09 15:31
-TechBytesBot/ | We need more than deplatforming - The Mozilla BlogJan 09 15:31
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@EricaJoy: 2021 ally challenge: if a product, service, or company is built by either all men or all white people, you don’t u… 09 15:31
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@EricaJoy: 2021 ally challenge: if a product, service, or company is built by either all men or all white people, you don’t u… 09 15:31
schestowitz[15:31] <schestowitz> Yes, I saw thatJan 09 15:31
schestowitz[15:31] <schestowitz> decided not to comment on it because of binary thinkers who might say I defend Trump/seditionJan 09 15:31
Techrights-secphp-fpmJan 09 15:32
Techrights-secIt looks like TRJan 09 15:32
Techrights-sec10629 boycottn  20   0  429612  60996  15180 S  73.4  0.2  42:38.42 php-fpmJan 09 15:32
Techrights-secfor exampleJan 09 15:32
Techrights-sec ps -p 10629 -o user,argsJan 09 15:32
Techrights-secUSER     COMMANDJan 09 15:32
Techrights-secboycottn php-fpm: pool wwwJan 09 15:32
Techrights-secall of the top hogs are "php-fpm: pool www" thereJan 09 15:32
schestowitzMaybe that was the main culprit all along. WHen is happened in london we just restarted that processes daemonJan 09 15:33
Techrights-sec10623 boycottn  20   0  449004  81084  15244 R  99.3  0.2  45:40.11 php-fpmJan 09 15:33
schestowitz[15:32] <AVRS> okJan 09 15:34
Techrights-secNah restarting httpd will have no effect here.Jan 09 15:36
Techrights-secAlso the requests are quite spread out over many targets.Jan 09 15:36
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schestowitz> Hi Roy!Jan 09 16:08
schestowitz>Jan 09 16:08
schestowitz> I'm not sure exactly what happened from the last week I'm not gettingJan 09 16:08
schestowitz> any backlink from your website and even lost 2K backlink from your website.Jan 09 16:08
schestowitz> Because of your help, I have gained some backlink.Jan 09 16:08
schestowitz> It is my request you to please look into this and resolve it.Jan 09 16:08
schestowitzI am guessing that you measure things based on something "Google".Jan 09 16:08
schestowitzIt's frankly a waste of time as Google does not own the Web.Jan 09 16:08
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schestowitz[20:52] <href> the last two years been hard on me :)Jan 09 20:56
schestowitz[20:56] <schestowitz> the last few years have been tough for many people, for a lot of reasons. I want to support you and your sites, as you've supported me and ours.Jan 09 20:56

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