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schestowitzWord and LIGHT of God (@_Godz__LIGHT_): "Bill Ghates is a James Bond; -“Super Villain”!!!! @schestowitz Read!!!… This should NEVER of been allowed to happen! BillGhates’ ONLY mission and care is to Take-Over and DESTROY “The Video Games Industry”!!!!" | nitter ⚓ ䷉ #nitter | Mar 13 01:27
-TechBytesBot/ | Word and LIGHT of God (@_Godz__LIGHT_): "Bill Ghates is a James Bond; -“Super Villain”!!!! @schestowitz Read!!!… This should NEVER of been allowed to happen! BillGhates’ ONLY mission and care is to Take-Over and DESTROY “The Video Games Industry”!!!!" | nitterMar 13 01:27
schestowitzmore in 13 01:27
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schestowitz                <li>Mar 13 07:07
schestowitz                  <h5><a href="">curl no clobber</a></h5>Mar 13 07:07
schestowitz                  <blockquote>Mar 13 07:07
schestowitz                    <p>This new command line option (curl’s 247th) is called --no-clobber and it works as suggested already back in 2002. If the output file already exists at the time when curl wants to create it, it will instead append a number to the end of the name. If that file also exists, curl retries iteratively with numbers up to a 100 before it gives up and returns error.</p></blockquote></li>Mar 13 07:07
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-curl no clobber | daniel.haxx.seMar 13 07:07
schestowitz"Mar 13 08:05
schestowitz [SUEPO] ZERO Adjustment of your childcare and education reimbursement ceilingsMar 13 08:05
schestowitzDear SUEPO members,Mar 13 08:05
schestowitzDear colleagues,Mar 13 08:05
schestowitzSince the Education and Childcare Reform, the ceilings for the childcare and education facilities, as well as indirect costs are subject to a yearly adjustment according to the calculation for salary adjustment procedure.  Mar 13 08:05
schestowitzSUEPO therefore prepared a template against CA/D 16/21, the decision taken by the Administrative Council to also apply the zero adjustment to the ceilings defined by the childcare and education allowance reform.Mar 13 08:05
schestowitzBasically, all parents of children attending an education or childcare facility are already affected (children attending a crèche) or will be affected (children/dependents attending schools/universities/etc.) this year.Mar 13 08:05
schestowitzSUEPO therefore calls upon all parents in the situations described above to save their rights and to file a Request for Review.Mar 13 08:05
schestowitz1)    Please fill in the template “Template RfR - Adjustment - Young child and education allowances”Mar 13 08:05
schestowitz2)    Find here the Instructions and the compendium annexes.Mar 13 08:05
schestowitzIn attachment you will find the template together with the instructions on how to file your RfR and the compendium annexes to be attached to the request. Please remember to meet your specific deadline i.e. within 3 months of the negative decision:Mar 13 08:05
schestowitz    i) In case the childcare or education facility has announced an increase in the costs as of January 2022, your deadline is 3 months after your January salary pay slipMar 13 08:05
schestowitz    ii) In case you have not yet been informed about an increase of costs of the childcare or education facility, your deadline is 3 months after the decision has been taken, thus you should send the RfR until 15 March 2022.Mar 13 08:05
schestowitz'Mar 13 08:05
schestowitz" [CSC] Patent Work Bench: No authentication in the fully electronic Patent Granting Process "Mar 13 08:06
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schestowitz[19:10] <source> But yeah the original plan for Copilot sounded like a code auditing toolMar 13 17:14
schestowitz[19:10] <source> [19:10] <source> Alex actually got mad whenever I said that's what it sounded likeMar 13 17:14
schestowitz[19:11] <schestowitz> it used openAI iircMar 13 17:14
schestowitz[19:11] <schestowitz> it's a GPL violation toolMar 13 17:14
schestowitz[19:11] <schestowitz> I can send you link from FSF's siteMar 13 17:15
schestowitz[19:11] <source> Then I kind of looked into it and github had an audit tool alreadyMar 13 17:15
schestowitz[19:11] <schestowitz> it's encouraging developers to NOT respect software licencesMar 13 17:15
schestowitz[19:11] <schestowitz> using legal grey areasMar 13 17:15
schestowitz[19:11] <source> Personally I've never used one because I've never worked on anything that importantMar 13 17:15
schestowitz[19:12] <source> Yeah so I know someone that works at intel[19:12] Mar 13 17:15
schestowitz<schestowitz> 13 17:15
-TechBytesBot/ | Delete Github - TechrightsMar 13 17:15
schestowitz[19:12] <schestowitz> 13 17:15
-TechBytesBot/ | Intel leaks - TechrightsMar 13 17:15
schestowitz[19:12] <source> They had a big issue with a chip that they had developed for some government thingMar 13 17:15
schestowitz[19:12] <schestowitz> Intel is flounderingMar 13 17:15
schestowitz[19:12] <schestowitz> and they sold out to GitHubMar 13 17:15
schestowitz[19:12] <source> Oh yeah this project sounded like a shit fireMar 13 17:15
schestowitz[19:13] <schestowitz> they used to have their own git forgeMar 13 17:15
schestowitz[19:13] <schestowitz> techrights uses a 92-core intel processor developers without the back doors, for military useMar 13 17:15
schestowitz[19:13] <schestowitz> *developedMar 13 17:15
schestowitz[19:13] <source> Yeah, so this project was acquired and they had to strip out a bunch of stuff that had been copy pastedMar 13 17:15
schestowitz[19:14] <schestowitz> most Intel chips since 2009 are containing back doors, it's known as Management EngineMar 13 17:15
schestowitz[19:14] <source> Anyways Alex was saying that he and Nat had this ideaMar 13 17:15
schestowitz[19:14]  <source> Honestly it was probably more Nat's ideaMar 13 17:15
schestowitz[19:15] <source> Because Alex couldn't really explain it to me in a way that made senseMar 13 17:15
schestowitz[19:17] <source> He explain it as something that could find code based on the code you put into it and see if something similar was out thereMar 13 17:15
schestowitz[19:17] <source> He never used the words auto generate code for youMar 13 17:15
schestowitz[19:17] <source> Which makes me think he didn't know what the fuck he was talking aboutMar 13 17:15
schestowitz[19:18] <schestowitz> this is majorMar 13 17:15
schestowitz[19:18] <schestowitz> it means that Team Mono, or specifically GitHub's 'CEO' (Microsoft's stooge), came up with this agendaMar 13 17:15
schestowitz[19:18] <schestowitz> it's worthless as a toolMar 13 17:15
schestowitz[19:18] <schestowitz> I could go into specificsMar 13 17:15
schestowitz[19:18] <schestowitz> but they use that to push proprietary IDEMar 13 17:15
schestowitz[19:18] <schestowitz> Visual StudioMar 13 17:15
schestowitz[19:19] <source> The original plan was to have Alex build it as a start upMar 13 17:15
schestowitz[19:19] <schestowitz> and teach people not to worry about GPL complianceMar 13 17:15
schestowitz[19:19] <source> And then Microsoft would require itMar 13 17:15
schestowitz[19:19] <source> Which sounds a bit like fraudMar 13 17:15
schestowitz[19:19] <schestowitz> that sounds illegalMar 13 17:15
schestowitz[19:19] <schestowitz> passing Microsoft capital to a friendMar 13 17:15
schestowitz[19:19] <source> Acquire not requireMar 13 17:15
schestowitz[19:19] <schestowitz> and maybe then get kickbacks off of himMar 13 17:15
schestowitz[19:19] <source> Yeah but this never happenedMar 13 17:15
schestowitz[19:19] <schestowitz> even if it was contemplatedMar 13 17:15
schestowitz[19:20] <schestowitz> 13 17:15
schestowitz[19:20] <source> Alex was not in any place mentally to do thisMar 13 17:16
-TechBytesBot/ | EPO and Microsoft Collude to Break the Law — Part XII: Foreign Corrupt Practices, Bid Rigging and “Slush Funds” | TechrightsMar 13 17:16
schestowitz[19:20] <schestowitz> typical Microsoft modus operandiMar 13 17:16
schestowitz[19:20] <schestowitz> based on texts, he had booze issueMar 13 17:16
schestowitz[19:20] <schestowitz> if not other narcoticsMar 13 17:16
schestowitz[19:20] <schestowitz> but we covered this yesterdayMar 13 17:16
schestowitz[19:20] <source> Alex was in AAMar 13 17:16
schestowitz[19:20] <schestowitz> I'm not sure I will even bring it upMar 13 17:16
schestowitz[19:21] <schestowitz> AA as in?Mar 13 17:16
schestowitz[19:21] <schestowitz> addiction something?Mar 13 17:16
schestowitz[19:21] <source> It's an issue that I haven't really touched on because honestly I felt sorry for himMar 13 17:16
schestowitz[19:21] <source> Alcoholics AnonymousMar 13 17:16
schestowitz[19:21] <source> He also said that he had a pain killer addiction after a surgeryMar 13 17:16
schestowitz[19:21] <schestowitz> I seeMar 13 17:16
schestowitz[19:22] <source> AA is a cult but that's a different storyMar 13 17:16
schestowitz[19:22] <source> Alex has a history with cultsMar 13 17:16
schestowitz[19:23] <source> His parents were arrange married in hare khrisna because they were top recruitersMar 13 17:16
schestowitz[19:25] <source> I was considering applying for a job at Gitlab and he basically bullied me out of itMar 13 17:16
schestowitz[19:26] <schestowitz> gitlab also has its issuesMar 13 17:16
schestowitz[19:26] <schestowitz> but let's not go there :)Mar 13 17:16
schestowitz[19:27] <source> But that was a whole other issue. He didn't want me to find a new jobMar 13 17:16
schestowitz[19:27] <source> Sabotaged meMar 13 17:16
schestowitz[19:28] <source> He was upset because job hunting takes work and my schedule would have been tied upMar 13 17:16
schestowitz[19:28] <source> I was miserable at my job too. It was a big contributor to why I was probably vulnerable to getting into an abusive relationshipMar 13 17:16
schestowitz[19:29] <schestowitz> I see, sorry to hear thatMar 13 17:16
schestowitz[19:29] <source> He also told me my friends company was stupidMar 13 17:16
schestowitz[19:30] <source> Which I thought was strange because from a technical perspective xxxxxxxx's company is badassMar 13 17:16
schestowitz[19:30] <source> https://serpapi.comMar 13 17:16
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-SerpApi: Google Search APIMar 13 17:16
schestowitz[19:30] <source> Alex kept complaining that he didn't have any friends in xxxxxxxxx that were entrepreneurs like himMar 13 17:16
schestowitz[19:30] <source> But he kept on trying to say that xxxxxx didn't countMar 13 17:16
schestowitz[19:31] <source> He had this thing about only wanting to be associated with YC people[19:31] Mar 13 17:16
schestowitz<schestowitz> "entrepreneurs" is a stupid wordMar 13 17:16
schestowitz[19:31] <source> And I tried to introduce them to someone else I know that was a YC alumMar 13 17:16
schestowitz[19:31] <schestowitz> almost buzzwordMar 13 17:16
schestowitz[19:31] <source> And then that person wasn't good enoughMar 13 17:16
schestowitz[19:31] <schestowitz> cultist and crypto-charlatanMar 13 17:16
schestowitz[19:31] <schestowitz> bragging about virtual if not fake wealthMar 13 17:16
schestowitz[19:32] <source> Oh God one day he had a panic attackMar 13 17:16
schestowitz[19:32] <source> Because dropbox went from $24 to $18 in a dayMar 13 17:16
schestowitz[19:32] <source> He hadn't sold any of his sharesMar 13 17:16
schestowitz[19:34] <source> When he introduced himself originally he said his company was Dropbox paperMar 13 17:16
schestowitz[19:34] <source> From what I understand dropbox open sourced Hackpad and rewrote from the ground upMar 13 17:17
schestowitz[19:34] <schestowitz> Dropbox is worthless as a companyMar 13 17:17
schestowitz[19:34] <schestowitz> but it helps spyMar 13 17:17
schestowitz> So I was reading up on GPL violations because I didn’t really completelyMar 13 17:43
schestowitz> understand the context of that phrase.Mar 13 17:43
schestowitz> Mar 13 17:43
schestowitz> So I think the way that Alex described what he was trying to build withMar 13 17:43
schestowitz> Copilot. Mar 13 17:43
schestowitz> Mar 13 17:43
schestowitz> I think it was actually intentionally built with GPL violations in it.Mar 13 17:43
schestowitz> Mar 13 17:43
schestowitz> Because what he originally told me about it sounded like a code auditingMar 13 17:43
schestowitz> tool. Mar 13 17:43
schestowitz> Mar 13 17:43
schestowitz> He said it would compare code and see if already exists.Mar 13 17:43
schestowitz> Mar 13 17:43
schestowitz>  This was August 2019 so Github‘s actual code auditing tool had justMar 13 17:43
schestowitz> been released. Mar 13 17:43
schestowitz> Mar 13 17:43
schestowitz> So I told him that that product existed already. Then he basically toldMar 13 17:43
schestowitz> me I was stupid and we didn’t talk about it again.Mar 13 17:43
schestowitzYou were right.Mar 13 17:43
schestowitzCode auditing tools are nothing new. Several other companies did it already, even 15 years earlier.Mar 13 17:43
schestowitzSo he called you name for telling him facts he preferred not to hear.Mar 13 17:43
schestowitzAs a side note, Miguel de Icaza openly complained about one such product almost 10 years ago. He said it was crap. I still remember that.Mar 13 17:43
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