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schestowitzold, redacted:Mar 20 03:34
schestowitz [Sunday, 2 January 2022] [21:37:23 GMT]<<xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> i have now switched all machines to using iSCSI WWNs instead of /dev/sdXMar 20 03:34
schestowitz[Sunday, 2 January 2022] [21:37:42 GMT]<schestowitz> I herad of such an issue with Debian 11 recentlyMar 20 03:34
schestowitz[Sunday, 2 January 2022] [21:38:02 GMT]<schestowitz> but it's not alpine, though some people moaned about sdX being unpredictableMar 20 03:34
schestowitz[Tuesday, 4 January 2022] [06:32:33 GMT]<<xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> that craigslist dude with the ram offered to drop off the ram so i’m having somebody go install it in about an hour or soMar 20 03:34
schestowitz[Tuesday, 4 January 2022] [08:17:35 GMT]<schestowitz> sure, sounds goodMar 20 03:34
schestowitz[Tuesday, 4 January 2022] [08:17:46 GMT]<schestowitz> let me know a bit in advance so I can prepareMar 20 03:34
schestowitz[Tuesday, 4 January 2022] [08:17:58 GMT]<<xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> it will be in ~5 minutes or so, probably.Mar 20 03:34
schestowitz[Tuesday, 4 January 2022] [08:20:30 GMT]<schestowitz> excellent, I will take a break from posting etc.Mar 20 03:34
schestowitz[Tuesday, 4 January 2022] [08:20:44 GMT]<<xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> going down in ~30sMar 20 03:34
schestowitz[Tuesday, 4 January 2022] [08:21:03 GMT]<schestowitz> kkMar 20 03:34
schestowitz[16:42] <<xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> hi, you're pissing off some powerful people, so i was wondering if there was a way i could obfuscate my involvement in this somehowMar 20 03:34
schestowitz[16:42] <<xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> also known as: i don't want to be sued and/or fired for drama connected to techrightsMar 20 03:34
schestowitz[16:44] <schestowitz> ah, yesMar 20 03:34
schestowitz[16:44] <schestowitz> they cannot sue youMar 20 03:34
schestowitz[16:44] <schestowitz> they play gamesMar 20 03:34
schestowitz[16:44] <schestowitz> if they try to sue someone, it's meMar 20 03:34
schestowitz[16:45] <schestowitz> but they would not, as the facts do stack upMar 20 03:34
schestowitz[16:47] <<xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> anybody can sue anybody for any reason in the USMar 20 03:34
schestowitz[16:47] <schestowitz> I would take over that as liableMar 20 03:35
schestowitz[16:47] <schestowitz> and fight backMar 20 03:35
schestowitz[16:47] <schestowitz> but it's EXTREMELY unlikely they would do itMar 20 03:35
schestowitz[16:48] <schestowitz> it's manipulative muscle-flexingMar 20 03:35
schestowitz[16:49] <<xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> sure, and that's a valid position, but i think my position of wanting to obfuscate my involvement is also reasonableMar 20 03:35
schestowitz[16:50] <<xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> so i am wondering -- we need to modernize the infrastructure hosting the site (it is still old CentOS containers with security vulnerabilities and one is not getting updates anymore)Mar 20 03:35
schestowitz[16:51] <schestowitz> yes, very trueMar 20 03:35
schestowitz[16:51] <schestowitz> we've long wanted to migrate to a new OSMar 20 03:35
schestowitz[16:51] <<xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> what if we launched this stuff on infrastructure not controlled by me, like Linode or somethingMar 20 03:35
schestowitz[16:51] <schestowitz> then they would target LinodeMar 20 03:35
schestowitz[16:51] <schestowitz> did you get any threats in past 12 months?Mar 20 03:35
schestowitz[16:52] <schestowitz> the tiger thing is a gas because the threat contradicts what they sayMar 20 03:35
schestowitz[16:52] <<xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> i'm more concerned about your ongoing fight with xxxxxxxMar 20 03:35
schestowitz[16:52] <schestowitz> the fight is oldMar 20 03:35
schestowitz[16:52] <schestowitz> it ended 2 months agoMar 20 03:35
schestowitz[16:53] <<xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> he's moved on from working in FOSS, and he is worried about your attacks against him jeopardizing his new teaching positionMar 20 03:35
schestowitz[16:54] <<xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> you are, of course, free to have whatever editorial decisions you want to make, but *I* do not want to fuck over somebody who has voluntarily removed themselves from the calculusMar 20 03:35
schestowitz[16:55] <schestowitz> we hardly mention him anymoreMar 20 03:35
schestowitz[16:56] <schestowitz> in fact, let me  assure you right now I have no intention of touching that subject againMar 20 03:35
schestowitz[16:56] <schestowitz> EPO is my focus these yearsMar 20 03:35
schestowitz[16:57] <schestowitz> Mar 20 03:35
schestowitz[16:57] <schestowitz> these are important battlesMar 20 03:35
-TechBytesBot/ | Shuffling the EPO Deck to Cover Up Crimes, EPC Violations, Attacks on Judges Etc. While Promoting Illegal and Unconstitutional UPC | TechrightsMar 20 03:35
-TechBytesBot/ | Classic ‘Team UPC’: This Year Becomes “Next Year” Yet Again | TechrightsMar 20 03:35
schestowitz[16:57] <schestowitz> those two posts are <1 hour oldMar 20 03:35
schestowitz[16:57] <<xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> I would appreciate it then if you could come to an agreement with xxxxxxx to address his concernMar 20 03:35
schestowitz[16:57] <schestowitz> what's at stake is the future of software patents and prosecution in EuropeMar 20 03:35
schestowitz[16:58] <schestowitz> the FOSS thing is a side showMar 20 03:35
schestowitz[16:58] <schestowitz> tell xxxxxxxxx he's off my radarMar 20 03:35
schestowitz[16:58] <schestowitz> I focus on patentsMar 20 03:35
schestowitz[16:58] <schestowitz> he can leave me aloneMar 20 03:35
schestowitz[16:58] <schestowitz> I would leave him alone, tooMar 20 03:35
schestowitz[16:58] <<xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> will you remove pre-existing content about him?Mar 20 03:35
schestowitz[16:58] <schestowitz> no, that would damage our values as a siteMar 20 03:35
schestowitz[16:59] <<xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> because if I get pulled into litigation with xxxxxxxxxx as collateral damage, or if my upstream disconnects me because of litigation with xxxxxxxxxx, you will be impacting projects and initiatives that are more important to me than techrightsMar 20 03:35
schestowitz[16:59] <schestowitz> he should not do thatMar 20 03:35
schestowitz[16:59] <schestowitz> unless it's a very sinister agendaMar 20 03:35
schestowitz[16:59] <schestowitz> he can talk to me by emailMar 20 03:35
schestowitz[16:59] <<xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> if you corner an animal, they tend to lash outMar 20 03:35
schestowitz[16:59] <schestowitz> hut he tried to talk by threatsMar 20 03:35
schestowitz[17:00] <<xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> not threats, realitiesMar 20 03:35
schestowitz[17:00] <schestowitz> I could sue himMar 20 03:35
schestowitz[17:00] <schestowitz> I said it a year agopMar 20 03:36
schestowitz[17:00] <schestowitz> he defamed me alsoMar 20 03:36
schestowitz[17:00] <schestowitz> he needs to move onMar 20 03:36
schestowitz[17:00] <schestowitz> and he canMar 20 03:36
schestowitz[17:01] <<xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> i think another important thing isMar 20 03:36
schestowitz[17:02] <<xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> i just took a high-profile job working for a company that is trying to solve software freedom issues in ways you find personally disagreeableMar 20 03:36
schestowitz[17:02] <schestowitz> probably not so disagreeableMar 20 03:36
schestowitz[17:02] <schestowitz> but "sub-optimal"Mar 20 03:36
schestowitz[17:02] <schestowitz> which is not the same thingMar 20 03:36
schestowitz[17:02] <<xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> uhh, we want to launch a secondary CA for UEFI secure bootMar 20 03:36
schestowitz[17:02] <schestowitz> I work and cooperate with many people in that position, even patent examinersMar 20 03:36
schestowitz[17:03] <schestowitz> secondary one is OKMar 20 03:36
schestowitz[17:03] <schestowitz> better than what we have nowMar 20 03:36
schestowitz[17:03] <schestowitz> seems like a step in a better direction, esp. if switch exists to disable itMar 20 03:36
schestowitz[17:03] <<xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> yes, but some of the people involved launched xxxxxxxxxxx, and you describe that as evil, because linux foundationMar 20 03:36
schestowitz[17:03] <schestowitz> not evilMar 20 03:36
schestowitz[17:03] <schestowitz> I said,Mar 20 03:36
schestowitz[17:03] <schestowitz> they are a risk of monopolyMar 20 03:36
schestowitz[17:04] <schestowitz> or rather, one point of failureMar 20 03:36
schestowitz[17:04] <schestowitz> which is contrary to federationMar 20 03:36
schestowitz[17:04] <<xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> everything about the xxxxx project is FOSS, nothing stops somebody else from setting up another CA other than the $$$$$$$ required to do itMar 20 03:36
schestowitz[17:05] <schestowitz> yeah, but the reality is that xxxxxxxx is taking over the cert poolMar 20 03:36
schestowitz[17:05] <schestowitz> and meanwhile browsers get more fussy about the CAsMar 20 03:36
schestowitz[17:05] <schestowitz> so at the end that's one org with a lot of power to censor or block access to sitesMar 20 03:36
schestowitz[17:05] <schestowitz> they are aware of this pitfallMar 20 03:36
schestowitz[17:06] <<xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> anyway, given that i took a high-profile job at a company i am sure you will eventually want to cover (hopefully positively, but i'm sure we will eventually do something you find disagreeable, you can't expect people to bat 1000)Mar 20 03:36
schestowitz[17:06] <<xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> how can you cover said company with any integrity if i can just turn your stuff off?Mar 20 03:36
schestowitz[17:06] <schestowitz> thanks for the headsupMar 20 03:36
schestowitz[17:06] <schestowitz> it's good to know about the loyalties people haveMar 20 03:36
schestowitz[17:06] <schestowitz> to not tread on matesMar 20 03:36
schestowitz[17:07] <<xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> i'm not saying i would, i'm just saying hypotheticallyMar 20 03:36
schestowitz[17:07] <schestowitz> lately we've focused too much on patentsMar 20 03:36
schestowitz[17:07] <schestowitz> the rest goes in Daily Links mostlyMar 20 03:36
schestowitz[17:07] <<xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> say you piss off my employer, and they tell me i need to solve this or i am firedMar 20 03:36
schestowitz[17:07] <schestowitz> this is a conscious decisionMar 20 03:36
schestowitz[17:08] <schestowitz> I doubt I would be harsh on themMar 20 03:36
schestowitz[17:08] <schestowitz> if it's an alternative to MicrosoftMar 20 03:36
schestowitz[17:08] <schestowitz> like OOXML support in LibreOfficeMar 20 03:36
schestowitz[17:08] <schestowitz> better than  ODF inside OfficMar 20 03:36
schestowitz[17:08] <<xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> well, it was started by people who were tired of microsoft stonewalling in various spaces relating to the software distribution supply chainMar 20 03:36
schestowitz[17:08] <schestowitz> even if the format itself is bad, at least it helps move to libreofficeMar 20 03:37
schestowitz[17:08] <<xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> so, yes, i don't think i would describe xxxxx as "pro-microsoft"Mar 20 03:37
schestowitz[17:09] <schestowitz> that's goodMar 20 03:37
schestowitz[17:09] <schestowitz> at least I know upfront, tooMar 20 03:37
schestowitz[17:12] <<xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> i'm sure you're aware of FEDRAMP and all the other regulations that have come out where if you're working on systems that process personal data, you have to be able to prove that you know where all of the components of that system came fromMar 20 03:37
schestowitz[17:12] <<xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> and that they are all receiving security supportMar 20 03:37
schestowitz[17:12] <<xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> there's basically two competing proposals to solve this problemMar 20 03:37
schestowitz[17:13] <schestowitz> yes, i read about itMar 20 03:37
schestowitz[17:13] <<xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> one comes from microsoft (and is basically vaporware)Mar 20 03:37
schestowitz[17:13] <schestowitz> those are "box-ticking exercise"Mar 20 03:37
schestowitz[17:13] <schestowitz> while they peddle back doorsMar 20 03:37
schestowitz[17:13] <schestowitz> they talk about security with the other side of the mouthMar 20 03:37
schestowitz[17:13] <<xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> xxx is trying to actually solve this problem for realMar 20 03:37
schestowitz[17:14] <<xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> in a way that elevates FOSS projectsMar 20 03:37
schestowitz[17:14] <schestowitz> for real rather than pretense Mar 20 03:37
schestowitz[17:15] <schestowitz> 'open'POWERMar 20 03:37
schestowitz[17:15] <schestowitz> now with more blobsMar 20 03:37
schestowitz[17:15] <schestowitz> :-)Mar 20 03:37
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schestowitz            <li>Mar 20 07:43
schestowitz              <h5><a href="">2021 hardcore list of linux distributions without elogind and other systemd parts</a></h5>Mar 20 07:43
-TechBytesBot/ | 2021 hardcore list of linux distributions without elogind and other systemd parts | systemd-free linux communityMar 20 07:43
schestowitz              <blockquote>Mar 20 07:43
schestowitz                <p>This list is going to be short and there may be a sublist of distros with a medium strict standard. We shall explain what the object is, below the short list (which we hope the community will assist in making longer as we have not been able to currently review the work of every distro and fork).</p></blockquote></li>Mar 20 07:43
schestowitz                <li>Mar 20 07:46
schestowitz                  <h5><a href="">The Kudu Laptop: What System76 Does Best</a></h5>Mar 20 07:46
schestowitz                  <blockquote>Mar 20 07:46
-TechBytesBot/ | The Kudu Laptop: What System76 Does Best - Boiling SteamMar 20 07:46
schestowitz                    <p>System76 had unveiled their new Kudu laptop earlier in February. I was fortunate enough to be able to get a review unit (albeit it’s not new; it’s refurbished. I didn’t get any stickers!). Featuring a Ryzen 9 5900HX processor and a RTX 3060, I’m once again a spoiled gamer for just a few weeks. It’s fairly similar to the Tuxedo Stellaris I had reviewed several months ago, with the same processor, same RAM capacity, Mar 20 07:46
schestowitzsame storage, but a few classes behind on the RTX family. Here’s my thoughts on the device.</p>Mar 20 07:46
schestowitz                    <p>[...]</p>Mar 20 07:46
schestowitz                    <p>The process of taking the Kudu apart and replacing various system components is very simple and there’s even documentation for it. Very few competitors would offer that sort of transparency. We’ll touch on that later.</p></blockquote></li>Mar 20 07:46
schestowitz =Mar 20 08:58
schestowitzold:Mar 20 08:59
schestowitz 20 08:59
-TechBytesBot/ | ANALYSIS: When a Congressman Becomes a Lobbyist, He Gets a 1,452% Raise (on Average) | Republic ReportMar 20 08:59
schestowitz=Mar 20 08:59
schestowitz 20 08:59
schestowitz=Mar 20 08:59
-TechBytesBot/ | Därför finns det inga europeiska nätjättarMar 20 08:59
schestowitz=Mar 20 08:59
schestowitz =Mar 20 08:59
schestowitz =Mar 20 08:59
schestowitz 20 08:59
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-Vladimir Putin’s war endangers Ukraine’s cultural heritage | The EconomistMar 20 08:59
schestowitz=Mar 20 08:59
schestowitz 20 08:59
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-Why people are buying potassium iodide pills | The EconomistMar 20 08:59
schestowitz=Mar 20 08:59
schestowitz Mar 20 08:59
schestowitz 20 08:59
-TechBytesBot/ | Holi 2022: History, significance, date, time, celebrations and all you need to know about the festival of colours - Hindustan TimesMar 20 08:59
schestowitz=Mar 20 08:59
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infoWAREZmorninMar 20 12:04
infoWAREZis anybody out there?Mar 20 12:09
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