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schestowitz 26 08:22
-TechBytesBot/ | EPO responds to accusations of perceived bias in G1/21 (ViCo oral proceedings) - The IPKatMay 26 08:22
schestowitz"May 26 08:22
schestowitz... and the opponent responds (in a letter dated 24 May 2021) to the EBA's interlocutory decision:May 26 08:22
schestowitz 26 08:22
schestowitzIt will be very interesting to see how the EBA proceeds from here. Not only has the opponent not (explicitly) consented to the use of VICO for oral proceedings before the EBA, but they have requested postponement of the proceedings scheduled for 28 May AND raised further objections to the composition of the EBA.May 26 08:22
-TechBytesBot/ | European Patent RegisterMay 26 08:22
schestowitzWhilst I do not find all of the opponent's new objections to be compelling, it seems to me that there is enough substance to their complaints to justify the EBA taking extraordinary measures to guarantee the (perception of) their independence for this case. It remains to be seen whether the EBA will take the bait ... though if they do not, then the persistence of objectively justifiable fears about the partiality of certain members ofMay 26 08:22
schestowitzthe EBA will cast a dark cloud over the public's perception of the independence of the EBA.May 26 08:22
schestowitz"May 26 08:22
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schestowitz 26 11:04
-TechBytesBot/ | IRC: #techrights @ FreeNode: Monday, May 24, 2021May 26 11:04
schestowitz# really?? all of them???May 26 11:04
schestowitz[06:15] <xxxxxxx> also, your article is completely wrongMay 26 11:11
schestowitz[06:15] <xxxxxxx> cancelling freenode is not the same as cancelling RMSMay 26 11:11
schestowitz[06:15] <schestowitz__> it's not the sameMay 26 11:11
schestowitz[06:15] <xxxxxxx> andrew lee is a tremendous threat to free softwareMay 26 11:11
schestowitz[06:16] <schestowitz__> but there are some salient pointsMay 26 11:11
schestowitz[06:16] <xxxxxxx> the community cannot depend on freenode moving forwardMay 26 11:11
schestowitz[06:17] <xxxxxxx> anyway, that is all, if you need something, reach me by emailMay 26 11:11
schestowitz[06:17] <xxxxxxx> or ping me on OFTCMay 26 11:11
schestowitz[06:17] <schestowitz__> sureMay 26 11:11
schestowitz[06:17] <schestowitz__> what's the email btw?May 26 11:11
schestowitz[06:17] <xxxxxxx> xxxxxxxxMay 26 11:11
schestowitz[06:17] <schestowitz__> thanks!May 26 11:11
schestowitz[06:17] <schestowitz__> I will write more about freenode, as some people send me counter-infoMay 26 11:11
schestowitz[06:18] <xxxxxxx> don't let yourself get duped by rasenganMay 26 11:11
schestowitz[06:18] <xxxxxxx> he is very persuasiveMay 26 11:11
schestowitz[06:18] <xxxxxxx> the only place this network is going is to zeroMay 26 11:11
schestowitz[06:19] <schestowitz__> if several networks co-exist, then maybe okMay 26 11:11
schestowitz[06:19] <xxxxxxx> that's the whole point, there will never be eggs in one single basket ever againMay 26 11:11
schestowitz[06:19] <schestowitz__> good :-)May 26 11:11
schestowitz[10:23] <xxxxxxx> xxx  is my final contribution of analysis to this situation.May 26 11:11
schestowitz[10:23] <xxxxxxx> do with it what you willMay 26 11:11
schestowitz[10:23] <xxxxxxx> this is not about cancel culture, this is about having someone utterly unfit at the wheelMay 26 11:11
schestowitz[11:26] <schestowitz__> maybe tomaw will still help outMay 26 11:11
schestowitz[11:26] <xxxxxxx> freenode is done, dudeMay 26 11:11
schestowitz[11:26] <xxxxxxx> i'm not interested in babysitting the crown prince of korea, nor is any other project i've spoken toMay 26 11:12
schestowitz[11:26] <schestowitz__> I will link to your postMay 26 11:12
schestowitz[09:35] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx here are some logsMay 26 11:13
schestowitz[09:35] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxMay 26 11:13
schestowitz[09:35] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx this is Andrew LeeMay 26 11:13
schestowitz[09:35] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxMay 26 11:13
schestowitz[09:35] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx this is his employeeMay 26 11:13
schestowitz[09:36] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his employee attempts to bribe me numerous timesMay 26 11:13
schestowitz[10:31] <schestowitz__> can some portions be published?May 26 11:13
schestowitz[10:32] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx i mean, i don't careMay 26 11:13
schestowitz[10:32] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx what are they going to doMay 26 11:13
schestowitz[10:32] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx come to xxxx and poison my xxxx?May 26 11:13
schestowitz[10:37] <schestowitz__> i am reading it slowlyMay 26 11:13
schestowitz[10:38] <schestowitz__> you mention lilo :(May 26 11:13
schestowitz[10:56] <schestowitz__> what's in xxxx btw?May 26 11:13
schestowitz[10:57] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx among other things, a romantic interestMay 26 11:13
schestowitz[10:57] <schestowitz__> coolMay 26 11:13
schestowitz[10:58] <schestowitz__> wish I lived in a farm..May 26 11:13
schestowitz[10:58] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx definitely not MSFT or AMZNMay 26 11:13
schestowitz[10:58] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx yeah its coolMay 26 11:13
schestowitz[10:58] <schestowitz__> alpine has promiseMay 26 11:13
schestowitz[10:58] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx but i kinda want a break from itMay 26 11:13
schestowitz[10:58] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx yeah alpine ironically is more committed to free software than most GNU/Linux distributionsMay 26 11:13
schestowitz[10:58] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx go figure that one outMay 26 11:13
schestowitz[10:58] <schestowitz__> makes senseMay 26 11:13
schestowitz[10:59] <schestowitz__> ibm is trashing things 26 11:13
schestowitz[10:59] <schestowitz__> canonical promotes wslMay 26 11:13
-TechBytesBot/ | IBM is Destroying Red Hat, Squeezing Red Hat’s Work for Cash, Laying Off Staff, and Asking Staff to Resign | TechrightsMay 26 11:13
schestowitz[10:59] <schestowitz__> suse... haha... remember we were boycottnovellMay 26 11:13
schestowitz[11:00] <schestowitz__> the employer of Andrew's bother is very immatureMay 26 11:13
schestowitz[11:00] <schestowitz__> not the type of people I'd trust with a networkMay 26 11:13
schestowitz[11:01] <schestowitz__> re the other issueMay 26 11:13
schestowitz[11:01] <schestowitz__> we're going through a 'reset' in FS at the momentMay 26 11:13
schestowitz[11:01] <schestowitz__> many people showed their wares, inc. Google and IBMMay 26 11:13
schestowitz[11:01] <schestowitz__> so you know who's whoMay 26 11:14
schestowitz[11:02] <schestowitz__> also you get to see who's a fake 'journalist' and 'activist'May 26 11:14
schestowitz[11:04] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx so something interesting i noticedMay 26 11:14
schestowitz[11:04] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is that his employee talks about how they need freenode limited to existMay 26 11:14
schestowitz[11:05] <schestowitz__> I am not done reading everything now. I won't be publishing but keeping an eye open and watching, hoping for amicable resolution. I might, in the future, bring up some bits if they help steer us towards justiceMay 26 11:14
schestowitz[11:05] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx in order to donate money through itMay 26 11:14
schestowitz[11:07] <schestowitz__> if it is owned by a millionaire, with the goal of 'monetising', it's like donating to Zemlin and matesMay 26 11:14
schestowitz[11:14] <schestowitz__> *am now done (typo)May 26 11:14
schestowitz[11:14] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx naw, LF Is far more legit than LTMMay 26 11:14
schestowitz[11:15] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx but either way i believe freenode should be managed by a reputable FOSS organizationMay 26 11:14
schestowitz[11:15] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx not ... whatever this isMay 26 11:14
schestowitz[11:18] <schestowitz__> I agreeMay 26 11:14
schestowitz[11:18] <schestowitz__> Andrew seems reasonableMay 26 11:14
schestowitz[11:18] <schestowitz__> need to delegateMay 26 11:14
schestowitz[11:19] <schestowitz__> no time to do freenodeMay 26 11:14
schestowitz[11:19] <schestowitz__> should set up some governing structMay 26 11:14
schestowitz[11:20] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx i think andrew has good intentions, but who knowsMay 26 11:14
schestowitz[11:20] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his employee on the other hand :DMay 26 11:14
schestowitz[11:20] <schestowitz__> techrights covered LTM beforeMay 26 11:14
schestowitz[11:21] <schestowitz__> his employee cannot keep a relationship, let alone run a networkMay 26 11:14
schestowitz[11:21] <schestowitz__>  This is indeed sad. Thank you for the headsup!May 26 11:14
schestowitz 26 11:57
-TechBytesBot/ | Vaccine platforms and limited global production capacity: what is to be done? - The IPKatMay 26 11:57
schestowitz"Patents are not really the issue, sorry - in the vaccine field, a number of companies don't pursue patent protection in lower income/developing countries anyway. The issue really is one of technology and capability. Vaccines are complex products that require specialised facilities for production. Even for 'standard' technologies, some vaccines may take 1 to 2 years to manufacture. Much of this extended timeline is due to quality andMay 26 11:57
schestowitzsafety testing at each stage. The patent debate and waiver discussion are a smokescreen. What developing countries need is investment in science and GMP manufacturing capabilities. Compulsory licensing and patent waivers will not solve anything. "May 26 11:57
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schestowitzx 26 16:38
-TechBytesBot/ | Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella weighs in on Bill Gates affairMay 26 16:38
schestowitz# satyasezMay 26 16:38
schestowitzx 26 16:38
-TechBytesBot/ | KXAN AustinMay 26 16:38
schestowitzx 26 16:39
-TechBytesBot/ | Apple's Mac security warning shows that closed beats open | ComputerworldMay 26 16:39
schestowitz=May 26 16:39
schestowitzx 26 16:39
-TechBytesBot/ | How to add Linux apps to Windows in just one easy step – BestgamingproMay 26 16:39
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schestowitzxxxx>May 26 23:53
schestowitzQUICK WARNING: downey[m] is a signatory of the anti-RMS letter: Michael DowneyMay 26 23:53
schestowitz[23:53] <schestowitz> I am awareMay 26 23:53

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