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psydroidVZS1, that list would be never-ending, because all x86 systems have ME/PSP embedded on the processor and the motherboard, so there is really no way around itDec 06 00:00
psydroidUnless you designed your own x86 system based on an FPGA, I guessDec 06 00:00
psydroidBut with all the options out there, why bother?Dec 06 00:01
MinceRall the options for what?Dec 06 00:01
vZS1The RISC-V and ARM hardware seem more welcoming to things like (core/libre)bootDec 06 00:01
psydroid(mostly) unencumbered hardwareDec 06 00:02
MinceRmost ARM systems are locked down and come with TrustZoneDec 06 00:03
psydroidbut not all of them like with x86Dec 06 00:04
MinceRjust the ones you can buyDec 06 00:04
schestowitzand nvidia coming soonDec 06 00:05
schestowitzcoming all over the arm Dec 06 00:05
MinceRewDec 06 00:05
schestowitznvidia the freedom-loving companyDec 06 00:05
schestowitznvidia loves freedomDec 06 00:05
schestowitzzemlin: zemlin loves nvidia!Dec 06 00:05
schestowitz"pay me more"Dec 06 00:06
psydroidand as far as I know, TrustZone is more like a facility which you can load your own build of ARM Trusted Firmware intoDec 06 00:06
psydroidI don't see how it's worse than the Intel MEDec 06 00:06
MinceRlike AMD, they don't really advertise what it doesDec 06 00:06
MinceRbut "Trusted" is already a big red flagDec 06 00:06
schestowitzpspDec 06 00:06
schestowitztrustDec 06 00:06
schestowitztpmDec 06 00:06
schestowitzyou need to trust themDec 06 00:06
schestowitzbecause they don't trust youDec 06 00:07
schestowitzwhy not trust those big companies?Dec 06 00:07
schestowitzit's not like they sell hardware to armiesDec 06 00:07
schestowitzarmies make their own chipsDec 06 00:07
schestowitzfrom sandDec 06 00:07
MinceRthey don't trust you with your own propertyDec 06 00:07
schestowitznoDec 06 00:08
MinceRit's hard to build a trustworthy system when the manufacturers of the components won't tell you what their products doDec 06 00:08
schestowitzit's not your propetyDec 06 00:08
vZS1Some articles on this topic from people with domain knowledge would be niceDec 06 00:08
schestowitzyou buy the obligation to feed it into the power suppleDec 06 00:08
schestowitzand not to even modify the chipsDec 06 00:08
schestowitzthat would be "AYE PEE" infringementDec 06 00:08
schestowitzand there are laws for thatDec 06 00:08
schestowitzsome people arrested alreadyDec 06 00:09
vZS1I would like to read how to get stuff like libreboot installed on more devicesDec 06 00:09
schestowitz 06 00:09
schestowitz(new)Dec 06 00:09
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-» LibreBoot – LVM encrypted volumes needs correct CMOS clock time – Volume Group not found – failed to read int token error parsing metadata | dwaves.deDec 06 00:09
psydroidVZS1, over in #talos-workstation we are talking about overcoming the trusting trust problem first hypothesised by Ken ThompsonDec 06 00:30
psydroidso yes, we would have to look at the whole stack of software and hardware and possibly build our ownDec 06 00:31
schestowitzvZS1: you got s replyDec 06 00:37
schestowitz> I believe very strongly they are still based primarily on Gitlab.Dec 06 00:37
schestowitz> Systemd is based on GitHub, most of's GitHub says it's aDec 06 00:37
schestowitz> mirror and I believe that is accurate.Dec 06 00:37
schestowitz> Dec 06 00:37
schestowitz> I'd like to know if Freedesktop moves to GitHub, though except forDec 06 00:37
schestowitz> systemd (which isn't new) I don't think that's happened.Dec 06 00:37
schestowitz> Dec 06 00:37
schestowitz> vZS1Dec 06 00:37
schestowitz> Wait wutDec 06 00:37
schestowitz> Dec 04 18:35Dec 06 00:37
schestowitz> < 06 00:37
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | IRC: #techrights @ FreeNode: Friday, December 04, 2020Dec 06 00:37
schestowitz> 04 18:35:09>Dec 06 00:37
schestowitz> vZS1Dec 06 00:37
schestowitz> Freedesktop moved to ShitLabDec 06 00:37
schestowitz> Dec 04 18:35Dec 06 00:37
schestowitz> < 06 00:37
schestowitz> 04 18:35:31>Dec 06 00:37
schestowitz> vZS1Dec 06 00:37
schestowitz> The old bugs are still on bugzillaDec 06 00:37
schestowitz> Dec 04 18:35Dec 06 00:37
schestowitz> < 06 00:37
schestowitz> 04 18:35:42>Dec 06 00:37
schestowitz> vZS1Dec 06 00:37
schestowitz> When did that happenDec 06 00:37
schestowitz> Oops, sorry-- that was about bugzilla. Yes, hilariously (or sadly) theyDec 06 00:37
schestowitz> are on GitHub.Dec 06 00:37
vZS1schestowitz: yeah. I've got them via emailDec 06 00:38
vZS1psydroid: I can join the channel as an observerDec 06 00:39
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schestowitz> SFC: Sponsor-Fellating...Dec 06 00:41
schestowitz> Dec 06 00:41
schestowitz> I could continue but it won't get any nicer.Dec 06 00:41
MinceR:)Dec 06 00:43
psydroidvZS1, I am calling it a night, but do feel free to ask questions there as there are so many knowledgeable people united around the idea of owner controlled computers (and not just those based on IBM POWER)Dec 06 00:59
vZS1I'll keep an eye on the chat (:Dec 06 01:00
psydroidalright :)Dec 06 01:01
DaemonFC[m] (CNN)President Donald Trump on Saturday called Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, pushing him to convince state legislators to overturn President-elect Joe Biden's win in the state, a source familiar with the conversation told CNN.Dec 06 01:13
DaemonFC[m]Trump asked Kemp to call a special session and convince state legislators to select their own electors that would support him, according to the source. He also asked the Republican governor to order an audit of absentee ballot signatures.Dec 06 01:13
DaemonFC[m]Kemp explained that he did not have the authority to order such an audit and denied the request to call a special session, the source said. Dec 06 01:13
DaemonFC[m]---Dec 06 01:15
DaemonFC[m]CNN previously reported that Trump had recently bashed Kemp, who is a supporter of his, as a "moron" and a "nut job" during another phone call. And earlier this week, the President publicly criticized the governor in an interview on Fox News, saying he was "ashamed" he had endorsed Kemp. Dec 06 01:15
MinceRlolDec 06 01:16
DaemonFC[m]MinceR: You're a moron and a nutcase. Now I need these two really big favors that are kind of illegal.Dec 06 01:28
DaemonFC[m]:)Dec 06 01:28
MinceRlolDec 06 01:28
MinceRwhat could possibly go wrong?Dec 06 01:29
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DaemonFC[m]MinceR: Just to piss off my parents I just don't even call him Trump anymore.Dec 06 02:15
DaemonFC[m]I just call it the outgoing regime.Dec 06 02:15
MinceR:>Dec 06 02:15
MinceRLOTUSDec 06 02:15
DaemonFC[m]Like many other Americans who will get their eviction notice in January.Dec 06 02:15
DaemonFC[m]Pack your shit and get out.Dec 06 02:15
MinceR(Loser Of The United States)Dec 06 02:16
DaemonFC[m]Just throw all his belongings on Black Lives Matter Plaza.Dec 06 02:16
DaemonFC[m]:DDec 06 02:16
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DaemonFC[m]I might look into Fedora 33 a bit on the new system.Dec 06 05:08
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chovyhowdyDec 06 05:53
search_socialhiDec 06 05:56
schestowitz0/Dec 06 06:24
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schestowitzRe: DMCA exemptions submissions - SFC and SFC "new strategy for GPL ENFORCEMENT"Dec 06 07:17
schestowitz> Hi! Dec 06 07:17
schestowitz> Dec 06 07:18
schestowitz> Look, I think I found a match!Dec 06 07:18
schestowitz> Dec 06 07:18
schestowitz> 06 07:18
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Conservancy Announces New Strategy for GPL Enforcement and Related Work, Receives Grant from ARDC - Software Freedom ConservancyDec 06 07:18
schestowitz> Dec 06 07:18
schestowitz> The SFC new strategy for GPL ENFORCEMENT...Dec 06 07:18
schestowitz> Conservancy Announces New Strategy for GPL Enforcement and Related Work, Receives Grant from ARDCDec 06 07:18
schestowitz> Dec 06 07:18
schestowitz> Dec 06 07:18
schestowitz> Exemption proposal:Dec 06 07:18
schestowitz> 06 07:18
schestowitz> Dec 06 07:18
schestowitz> Yes. The Proposed exemption is definitely self-serving - maybe especially now SFC got a grant.Dec 06 07:18
schestowitz> To be sure, I will be submitting comments to the copyright office about this! Dec 06 07:18
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vZS1schestowitz: you know they're evil. Look at all those spaces in the URI. The "%20"s. Spawn of Satan.Dec 06 07:59
schestowitzmaybe the Copyright Office renamed itDec 06 08:00
schestowitzor maybe SFC used a filename like thisDec 06 08:00
schestowitz"New Pet. - Software Freedom Conservancy - 1.pdf"Dec 06 08:01
schestowitzUTF-8Dec 06 08:01   Cloudflare, Inc.Dec 06 08:01
search_socialwhat's wrong with itDec 06 08:02
schestowitzmade with PDFiumDec 06 08:02
schestowitzwith which part, search_social ?Dec 06 08:03
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search_socialwhy is the exemption self-servingDec 06 08:07
schestowitzexplained in yesterday's post:Dec 06 08:09
schestowitz 06 08:10
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | A Closer Look at Richard Stallman’s Ousters From Inside the Free Software Foundation (Board) | TechrightsDec 06 08:10
schestowitzHEY HI HEY HI HEY HI (AI) SPAM. "As per EPO (European Patent Office) estimates, patent application in the region..." Dec 06 08:16
schestowitzHEY HI HARDWARE! Everything is HEY HI now! Even Clown Computing and chips... HEY HI 06 08:16
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | AI Chipsets Market is Booming Worldwide According to a New Research Report – Tri State ObserverDec 06 08:16
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Mogzagainhi RoyDec 06 11:37
MogzagainI'd just emailed you back, but something's doing my head in a bit, lol, so I just thought I'd pop in here insteadDec 06 11:37
MogzagainI'm female, and the article refers to me as a male artist, eekDec 06 11:37
MogzagainIs it possible to edit that? Dec 06 11:38
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vZS1schestowitz: ping (see Mog's message)Dec 06 12:02
vZS1Mogzagain: I like the art btw.Dec 06 12:03
MogzagainThanks vZS1, and really glad you like the artDec 06 12:04
vZS1Mogzagain: do you use PGP-encrypted email?Dec 06 12:16
MogzagainI use Posteo, and I think that is, probably ... lol, not sure; it has all kinds of really good encryptionDec 06 12:17
vZS1Because I was forwarded a message you sent to Roy. I can mail you my contact details, if you like. Dec 06 12:17
vZS1Just letting you knowDec 06 12:18
MogzagainI see; yes, when you'd been in chat previously and we'd talked about art, you'd said you'd like something uplifting about the last year or two, so I remembered that and asked Roy to forward you a copy of the paintingDec 06 12:19
MogzagainAnd thanks for offering to email; that's great. Dec 06 12:19
vZS1I'll send you a ping over email. Redundancy, in case you can't get a hold of me here.Dec 06 12:21
MogzagainThanks!Dec 06 12:21
MogzagainAre you saying you've lost your job, or have I misunderstood?Dec 06 12:22
vZS1NoDec 06 12:22
Mogzagainphew, that's goodDec 06 12:22
MogzagainI've only used email in the most direct way, eek, so am looking up about pinging now. Not sure what'll happen, lol. Such an artist!Dec 06 12:23
vZS1This definition: the provision of additional or duplicate systems, equipment, etc., that function in case an operating part or system failsDec 06 12:25
vZS1Mogzagain: ping is just an informal thing. It's a normal email. (:Dec 06 12:25
MogzagainI see!Dec 06 12:25
Mogzagainthe article I found was so complex, it threw me, lolDec 06 12:25
vZS1Sent the email btwDec 06 12:26
MogzagainI see it; thanks!Dec 06 12:27
Mogzagainit's just come throughDec 06 12:27
vZS1If you're on GNU/Linux, I can teach you how to use GnuPG to encrypt your email.Dec 06 12:27
vZS1It's just a few command line inputsDec 06 12:27
MogzagainThat's a very kind offer, but I think Posteo does that, tbh ... unless there's a way to check that via the few lines? I feel like I should put up an alert sign or something, as I'm so non-tech, lolDec 06 12:28
vZS1It may well do PGP. I don't know anything about Posteo.Dec 06 12:29
MogzagainI'm just checking about it's methods ... Dec 06 12:29
MogzagainAccess to our server occurs fundamentally over encrypted TLS connections. We secure this additionally with "Perfect Forward Secrecy" technology (PFS) and DANE/TLSA. PFS effectively prevents the possibility that logged connection information could be mass-decrypted by a third party. DANE verifies the authenticity of our server. Dec 06 12:30
vZS1Look up "PGP public key" in the docs.Dec 06 12:30
MogzagainStrict Transport Security (HSTS) and DANE/TLSA is referencedDec 06 12:30
vZS1That's not end-to-end encryptionDec 06 12:31
vZS1That's just transport layer encryption (:Dec 06 12:31
Mogzagain:-(Dec 06 12:31
Mogzagainthere were some extra settings within Posteo to turn stuff on, so I'll just check that tooDec 06 12:31
vZS1Try to find the words "PGP" or "GPG"Dec 06 12:31
vZS1Btw, you don't have to do this now. Just let me know when you're interested to learn and I can guide you through it some timeDec 06 12:32
Mogzagainthanks; so far I've found the encryption section, that references crypto mail storage ... Dec 06 12:32
Mogzagainwhich I activatedDec 06 12:32
Mogzagainit's saying TLS-sending guarantee ensures always using encrypted transport route to send emailsDec 06 12:33
vZS1Give me a secDec 06 12:33
vZS1I need my keyboard for thisDec 06 12:33
Mogzagainthey say they won't send the email if they can't create an encrypted connectionDec 06 12:33
Mogzagainokay :-)Dec 06 12:34
Mogzagainoops, I hadn't switched that on, lol, the non-sending bitDec 06 12:34
MogzagainSSLv3 isn't tolerated, they say, by themDec 06 12:34
Mogzagainthere's a PGP section!Dec 06 12:34
MogzagainyayDec 06 12:34
Mogzagainthey say ... install the open source add-on Mailvelope in order to use genuine end-to-end encryption when working in webmail interface, and they link to instructionsDec 06 12:35
vZS1So there are a few things going on here all of which are encryptionDec 06 12:35
Mogzagainthat's good, and I'm glad you asked, as this Mailvelope isn't installed, so not end to end, as you saidDec 06 12:35
vZS1TLS/SSL is just encrypting the data while it's being transported. But that data is decrypted as soon as it gets to the client from the serverDec 06 12:36
MogzagainokayDec 06 12:37
vZS1PGP (OpenPGP, to be precise) only allows decryption by intended recipeints. You need to encrypt the data specifically for a public key belonging to someone's PGP keyset.Dec 06 12:38
MogzagainokayDec 06 12:38
vZS1So say, once you set up GnuPG (an OpenPGP implementation), you could use the public key of someone (and your already generated GnuPG secret key) to encrypt a file so that only the intended recipient can decrypt the file.Dec 06 12:39
vZS1You could then just attach that file to an email using any clientDec 06 12:39
vZS1Only the intended recipient can decrypt that messageDec 06 12:39
MogzagainI'm surprised a bit that they're suggesting a Firefox add-on, lol, but they've put illustrations showing how to generate a key, then enter email address and choose a password for access to private key, leaving the name field empty for anonymity. It continues, but a bit complicated, eek. Dec 06 12:40
MogzagainAlways good to find illustrations, lol, so they do go on to demonstrate how to send public key to others, so they can encrypt emails to meDec 06 12:41
vZS1I would suggest against using a third party client for PGP email. GnuPG can be used to encrypt a file from the command line and then you can just send that file as an attachment. That way your encryption keys don't get uploaded anywhere (this defeats the whole purpose of PGP).Dec 06 12:41
Mogzagainyes, that's concerning me, the using of a FF add-on. I'm actually in waterfox, not because I want to be, but because I'm unsure anything else is any more secure. just found a Brave appimage, as I don't want to install it, but I've only run it briefly once, as I want to read around and check up on itDec 06 12:42
Mogzagainwhich browser do you use?Dec 06 12:43
vZS1I have access to all the common browsersDec 06 12:43
MogzagaingreatDec 06 12:43
vZS1You don't need any addons to do PGP btwDec 06 12:43
vZS1GnuPG should already be installed on your GNU/Linux distroDec 06 12:43
vZS1Just encrypt files with that and then you can attach them to an email you send.Dec 06 12:44
vZS1Thus the contents of the email are encryptedDec 06 12:44
Mogzagainthat sounds great; I'll take a look at it at some pointDec 06 12:44
vZS1And you retain control of your PGP keys (GnuPG stores them on your disk)Dec 06 12:44
Mogzagaingood that there's backup for the email, for sureDec 06 12:45
Mogzagainand to avoid a Firefox add-on!Dec 06 12:45
vZS1Good stuff. Let me know if you get stuck :)Dec 06 12:45
MogzagainThanks! :-)Dec 06 12:45
vZS1Yes. Do not trust any third-party with your PGP keysDec 06 12:45
vZS1They should only be on your disk and no where elseDec 06 12:45
Mogzagainmay I ask what your view of Brave is? Is it something that would be better than Waterfox?Dec 06 12:45
MogzagainWill be sure to keep any keys very private; thanks!Dec 06 12:46
vZS1And you're welcome :)Dec 06 12:46
MogzagainThanks! :-)Dec 06 12:46
vZS1I don't really have an opinion because I don't know anything about itDec 06 12:46
MogzagainokayDec 06 12:46
MogzagainI presumed there, lol, when you said about access to all browsersDec 06 12:46
vZS1That's just on a superficial level. No domain expert knowledgeDec 06 12:47
MogzagainI see; no problem :-)Dec 06 12:47
vZS1This article is relevant to some of your questions and concerns: 06 12:51
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Guarding Your Privacy With E2EE: Primer | TechrightsDec 06 12:51
MogzagainThank you very muchDec 06 12:54
vZS1Yw (:Dec 06 12:54
MogzagainI don't know how I missed that one, lol ... I use RSS (liferea), but sometimes one or two items don't get through maybeDec 06 12:55
vZS1Could be your RSS client bugging out.Dec 06 13:08
vZS1Or maybe you just clicked "mark as read" and forgot. I do it all the time. LolDec 06 13:09
schestowitz[11:37] <Mogzagain> I'm female, and the article refers to me as a male artist, eekDec 06 13:10
schestowitzMogzagain: oopsDec 06 13:10
schestowitzwill correct asapDec 06 13:10
schestowitzsorry for my false impressionDec 06 13:10
MogzagainThanks vZS1, and lol yes easy to do!Dec 06 13:11
MogzagainAnd thanks Roy too; that's awesome!Dec 06 13:11
schestowitzIIRC, the word "he" was used just onceDec 06 13:11
schestowitzthe rest without gendered wordsDec 06 13:11
MogzagainThere's a 'himself' in there, lolDec 06 13:12
schestowitzah, okDec 06 13:12
schestowitzreally don't know why I assumed gender wronglyDec 06 13:13
MogzagainYou wrote such a nice paragraph, too, about being non-tech but linux important for all who value privacyDec 06 13:13
schestowitzmaybe something said in the past... not sureDec 06 13:13
MogzagainThanks for that, btw; that was really coolDec 06 13:13
schestowitzcorrected now, will reread to make sureDec 06 13:13
Mogzagainnothing LGBT or anything; born female, so don't worryDec 06 13:13
schestowitzyeah, it's not thatDec 06 13:14
MogzagainI thought maybe you were busy, as I'd signed off with my real name in email thismorning; easy to miss things sometimes. No worriesDec 06 13:14
schestowitzsome of us are girls, we have several trans here alsoDec 06 13:14
MogzagainI can see your corrections; thanks so much! And great article btwDec 06 13:15
schestowitzthe nickname does not indicate otherwise and maybe something you said about a topic made me assume male, like a hobby or similarDec 06 13:15
schestowitzsomething you guess and guess wrongDec 06 13:15
schestowitz"on the Internet nobody knows you're a dog until you bark"Dec 06 13:15
MogzagainYes, I understand we have lots of different great ppl hereDec 06 13:16
schestowitzsorry, SO sorryDec 06 13:16
MogzagainI'm trying to think what that could have been, lolDec 06 13:16
schestowitzI will publish some EPO leaks later today, just had a 2-hour napDec 06 13:16
schestowitzworked 1-9am for my employer, thus took a while to see your correctionDec 06 13:17
Mogzagainlol, yes, could be any name or location, anythingDec 06 13:17
schestowitzI also made guesses about "where from"Dec 06 13:17
MogzagainNo worries; I really appreciate you correcting it. You've done that as soon as you knew, so can't ask more than that. Dec 06 13:17
schestowitznuanced languageDec 06 13:17
MogzagainYes, you're certainly very busy. Dec 06 13:18
MogzagainWe've talked b4 about UKDec 06 13:18
schestowitz(apparently one's text can let the gender be guessed with high accuracy, based just on grammar and choice of words)Dec 06 13:18
schestowitzArtistic types are rare hereDec 06 13:18
schestowitzmy aunt in Florida does artDec 06 13:18
schestowitz 06 13:18
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Anita TobkesDec 06 13:18
MogzagainFor sure; like some kind of snow lion, rarely spotted on the hillside, lol ... on linux tooDec 06 13:19
MogzagainWhat kind of art does your aunt do?Dec 06 13:19
schestowitz(as a hobby she does, not professionally)Dec 06 13:19
schestowitznot direct aunt, but we use the word looselyDec 06 13:19
MogzagainI've followed the link ... lovely! Sisters at the Shore ... so impressionist, like Degas. Very goodDec 06 13:20
MogzagainIt's always cool having those extra aunts and unclesDec 06 13:20
schestowitz 06 13:20
schestowitzMogzagain: esp. in small familiesDec 06 13:20
schestowitzmom has no siblingsDec 06 13:20
schestowitzdad has oneDec 06 13:20
schestowitzthat's all I will say publiclyuDec 06 13:20
MogzagainLove the Girl with a DuckDec 06 13:20
Mogzagainyes, good to expand little families more, for sureDec 06 13:21
schestowitzBTWDec 06 13:22
schestowitzwe had lots of help from ladies at Techrighrs, historicallyDec 06 13:23
Mogzagainthat's cool!Dec 06 13:23
schestowitzsometimes on the art side, sometimes transcripts of thingsDec 06 13:23
schestowitzbut the other day, maybe 2 days ago, it occurred to me that in IRC many are still maleDec 06 13:24
Mogzagainthat's great ... as and when, I can get some more art to you, for sureDec 06 13:24
Mogzagainyes, many men; majority of linux tooDec 06 13:24
schestowitzand that it is not by choice, we don't say things offensive to women, I guess it's just something to do with number of women in CS and we're sometimes losing sight of itDec 06 13:24
schestowitzso I want to ask what your thoughts are; why it's hard to attract women to software freedom issuesDec 06 13:25
Mogzagainyes, I find the chat always fineDec 06 13:25
MogzagainI can answer that probably very easily ... Dec 06 13:25
schestowitzgo onDec 06 13:25
*obarun has quit (Remote host closed the connection)Dec 06 13:26
MogzagainI think men often enjoy tech/code far more, and have a certain aptitude ... some women do also ... and the pressures there are in tech about needing to code and stuff like that can be really difficult to cope with. I think it's about give and take; whatever someone, whether male or female, can bring that helps with software freedom. Dec 06 13:27
vZS1Family is important. All kinds of family. (:Dec 06 13:27
Mogzagainstill thinking ... Dec 06 13:27
Mogzagainyes, all kinds of family, vZS1Dec 06 13:27
vZS1Especially important in times like theseDec 06 13:27
schestowitzI have my theory, which I think is supported by something I readDec 06 13:28
Mogzagaingo on ... Dec 06 13:28
schestowitzand what I see in my wife's use of timeDec 06 13:28
schestowitzCS has few womenDec 06 13:28
schestowitzfewer than in school-level CSDec 06 13:28
Mogzagainsorry, what's CS?Dec 06 13:28
schestowitzwith "Linux" or "FOSS" even fewerDec 06 13:28
vZS1Computer ScienceDec 06 13:28
MogzagainI see!Dec 06 13:28
schestowitzand hardcore "hacktivism" almost noneDec 06 13:28
schestowitzhacktivism can almost never be done for financial gainDec 06 13:29
MogzagainI do think that linux has it's issuesDec 06 13:29
vZS1Adafruit is founded by a female, iircDec 06 13:29
schestowitzso it has to be purely passion-motivatedDec 06 13:29
schestowitzwhich means using up one's very last available bits of timeDec 06 13:29
schestowitzI work full timeDec 06 13:29
schestowitzbut if I have 100 hours/week of computer time, I can fit in techrights etc.Dec 06 13:29
Mogzagainsuch a strong focus on things that can be very challenging, and then you get the trolling/abuse stuff, various thingsDec 06 13:29
schestowitzbut when doing housekeeping it ends up being harderDec 06 13:30
Mogzagainyes, that's a lot of workDec 06 13:30
vZS1I've got reading to do. Have a good day, all.Dec 06 13:30
schestowitzin society there's still this traditional hunter/nesting 'thing'Dec 06 13:30
MogzagainAnd you, vZS1. have a great day! :-)Dec 06 13:30
schestowitzwomen are of high aptitude and maths tooDec 06 13:31
schestowitzI'm not into all this "good with maths", "good with words" thingDec 06 13:31
MogzagainI've encountered some who are, yesDec 06 13:31
schestowitzbased on some assumptions about braib structuresDec 06 13:31
schestowitzit's also about expected rexognition from one's own gender group and opposite genderDec 06 13:31
schestowitzthe "hacker culture" is about things that are uniqueDec 06 13:31
schestowitzand men punished women by compelling them to "look good" (means, spend lots of time changing.. long hair,  makeup)(Dec 06 13:32
MogzagainI think ppl have all kinds of aptitudes, which they can bring to free software, whatever gender, and I think the issues on linux are a separate issue, but one that possibly affects women in challenging way e.g. emotionally, it can be very tough being around a mostly male, very code-focussed, 'find it out yourself' place, where you end up drowningDec 06 13:32
schestowitzwhich already imperils themDec 06 13:32
schestowitzreduces their free timeDec 06 13:32
Mogzagain*waysDec 06 13:33
schestowitzmy wife says, for  a guy to be neglected means "ruggedly handsome", with no equivalent for femaleDec 06 13:33
MogzagainlolDec 06 13:33
schestowitz"look at his beard, he's a hard worker, very focused..."Dec 06 13:33
Mogzagainshe can look 'windswept and interesting' though, lolDec 06 13:33
Mogzagain'just got out of bed' look is often popular, lolDec 06 13:33
schestowitzah, thatDec 06 13:33
schestowitzanyway, it would be good to have people involves in software freedomDec 06 13:34
Mogzagainlol, at least haven't got the beard to deal with ... itchy! surelyDec 06 13:34
schestowitzand at the moment many are similar ethnically and gender-wiseDec 06 13:34
schestowitz2 days ago I thought about environmental activistsDec 06 13:34
schestowitzor PETA etc.Dec 06 13:34
schestowitzanimal rightsDec 06 13:34
schestowitzlots of women thereDec 06 13:34
schestowitzantiwar I'm not sure, but I think many are ex-vetsDec 06 13:34
MogzagainyesDec 06 13:34
schestowitzand army puts men in the front linesDec 06 13:35
schestowitzand that's not because "they're good at keyboards"Dec 06 13:35
MogzagainI'm not really involved in anything except art, tbh, and at home; location is quite cut offDec 06 13:35
schestowitzthe large corporations alleged that language is the barrier, like gendered words and terminologyDec 06 13:36
schestowitzbut women I know mock and detect that assumptionDec 06 13:36
*rianne__ has quit (Remote host closed the connection)Dec 06 13:36
schestowitzwhich tech giants exploit to blame comminty-oriented folksDec 06 13:36
MogzagainI think if ppl just be who they are, respecting themselves and others, it can all work outDec 06 13:36
*rianne__ ( has joined #techrightsDec 06 13:36
schestowitzto demean those who work for no pay, as id large companies have no sexists among their ranksDec 06 13:36
Mogzagainbig tech tries to inflame and divide all the time!Dec 06 13:36
Mogzagainterrible!Dec 06 13:36
Mogzagainas does the mainstream newsDec 06 13:37
schestowitzyes, it is deliberateDec 06 13:37
schestowitzwe have memosDec 06 13:37
schestowitzinside docsDec 06 13:37
schestowitzthey have several points on the list, how to derail Dec 06 13:37
schestowitzwe talked about this here yesterdatDec 06 13:37
MogzagainI think big tech like nothing better than e.g. twitter flame wars, or basically any big social site having flame wars ... all that data and conflict!Dec 06 13:37
schestowitzmainstream news plays off genders and races against one another, but that's centuries-oldDec 06 13:38
Mogzagainand so much good work, and positive comms, could have happened in that time that was wasted in division and feeding big techDec 06 13:38
schestowitzesp. when the goal is to distract from financial inequalityDec 06 13:38
schestowitztwitter is awfulDec 06 13:38
schestowitzI'm quitting/have quit itDec 06 13:38
Mogzagainyes, it could be anything they use, as long as it sets ppl against each other and distracts themDec 06 13:39
schestowitzand I tell everyone who asked, DON'T EVEN START (like smoking)Dec 06 13:39
schestowitznot because of divisiveness necessarily, there are many reasonsDec 06 13:39
schestowitzeven better reasonsDec 06 13:39
Mogzagainyes, best to not get onto social media really ... thankfully, leaving it can become surprisingly easy at a certain stageDec 06 13:39
schestowitzwe call it social control mediaDec 06 13:39
schestowitza phrase that caught onDec 06 13:40
Mogzagainprivacy, not letting that data or profiling happenDec 06 13:40
schestowitzmany use it now, even Wikileaks used itDec 06 13:40
schestowitzsocial control media works along 3 linesDec 06 13:40
Mogzagainhopefully free software comms get more and more popular, especially as ppl are getting more concerned about how invasive big tech isDec 06 13:40
schestowitzsurvey (surveillance)Dec 06 13:40
schestowitzmisinform (propaganda)Dec 06 13:40
schestowitzcontrol conversation (censor/manipulate)Dec 06 13:40
Mogzagainyou nailed it ... that's all these horrible companies are focussed onDec 06 13:41
schestowitztheir means for achieving that is "screen time" and channels between people Dec 06 13:41
schestowitzthose are not new tacticsDec 06 13:41
schestowitzbut Twitter, Facebook etc. put it all at the palm of one umbrellaDec 06 13:41
Mogzagainyes, I was watching RMS clips earlier, and clicked to the fsf page about what the various big companies do, and it's even worse than it used to be ... backdoors everywhere!Dec 06 13:41
schestowitzarmies used to do thisDec 06 13:41
schestowitze.g. after occupying a countryDec 06 13:41
Mogzagainsuch disregard and disrespect for usersDec 06 13:42
schestowitzyou can inflame sectarian wars that wayDec 06 13:42
MogzagainyesDec 06 13:42
schestowitzif there's a group or political party you don't like, you make it not existDec 06 13:42
schestowitzbecause everything is not "in the social network"Dec 06 13:42
Mogzagainit's a real shame, as ppl not being as divided can exchange lots of good stuff, and make some real progressDec 06 13:43
schestowitzand then you ghost or shadow -anDec 06 13:43
schestowitzto obscure people's already-limited vision of the worldDec 06 13:43
schestowitzMogzagain: they get hitsDec 06 13:43
schestowitzvisibilityDec 06 13:43
schestowitzthat's the "drug"Dec 06 13:43
Mogzagainyes, the dreaded AI, although I read something the other day saying that AI even struggles to clarify how it got from A to BDec 06 13:43
schestowitzthey make it addictiveDec 06 13:43
schestowitznot with so-called 'phones'Dec 06 13:43
schestowitzpeople cannot easily "switch off"Dec 06 13:43
schestowitzso it becomes like a computer gameDec 06 13:44
Mogzagainyes, social media feeds the ego, and gets ppl dependent, like a drug, on 'likes' and empty attention a lot of the timeDec 06 13:44
schestowitz"AI" is media hypeDec 06 13:44
schestowitzit's nothing newDec 06 13:44
schestowitzthey just mean "computer logic"Dec 06 13:44
schestowitzor "conditional statements" in codeDec 06 13:44
schestowitz"of/else" statementDec 06 13:44
Mogzagainyes, ppl let themselves get sucked into the matrixDec 06 13:44
schestowitz"if female" then "serve X" else "Y"Dec 06 13:44
schestowitzthat's "Hey Hi" (AI) to themDec 06 13:45
Mogzagainand these devices cause physical issues too ... neck problems, allsorts, tooDec 06 13:45
schestowitzmeanwhile some of us get other things doneDec 06 13:45
schestowitzand the social control media already rotDec 06 13:45
Mogzagainyes, they like to try to make ppl fear AI, but whenever I read about it, it sounds pretty dumbDec 06 13:45
schestowitzThey only attain growth by spreading to more countriesDec 06 13:45
schestowitzlike drug lords opening up to more marketsDec 06 13:45
schestowitzwhere "Facebook" IS "the Internet"Dec 06 13:45
schestowitzzero-rating and allDec 06 13:46
schestowitz"AI" is meaningless in most articlesDec 06 13:46
Mogzagainyes, it's great to be so free of loads of bad stuff ... reading that fsf page of e.g. addictive, corrupt, surveillance ... nothing of it do I do, yay!Dec 06 13:46
schestowitzthey don't talk of machine learningDec 06 13:46
schestowitzyou can ignore it like "the cloud"Dec 06 13:46
schestowitzit usually just means server somewhereDec 06 13:46
schestowitzsomething you connect to remotelyDec 06 13:46
schestowitzMogzagain: are you good at making drawings of known people?Dec 06 13:47
Mogzagainyes, the ego gets in there, I think, and ppl build stuff up far more than it isDec 06 13:47
schestowitz(I am not good at that)Dec 06 13:47
MogzagainI've done the odd portrait, yesDec 06 13:47
schestowitzit's hard to find portrays of Free software peopleDec 06 13:48
schestowitzthose barely existDec 06 13:48
schestowitzexcept maybe few of RMSDec 06 13:48
MogzagainTend more to nature or something, but I was wondering if it was allowed to do a painting of RMSDec 06 13:48
Mogzagainyou've written RMS, as I typed himDec 06 13:48
schestowitzbecause with the beard and long hair he has a unique lookDec 06 13:48
MogzagainI'm not keen on linus, greg, etc, but RMS I'll admire for the rest of my lifeDec 06 13:48
schestowitzI think personifying the issues can be badDec 06 13:48
schestowitzin the EPO it used to be BattistelliDec 06 13:49
Mogzagainhe does, and I think he's awesomeDec 06 13:49
schestowitzand now they have a different president/faceDec 06 13:49
schestowitzso it's easy to lose sight of underlying issuesDec 06 13:49
schestowitzI'm thinking what can be drawnDec 06 13:49
schestowitzwhich I cannot get from cost-free stock photos we useDec 06 13:49
MogzagainI should add that I really am only interested in painting RMS, tbh. So many other main ppl really pee me off. Dec 06 13:50
schestowitz 06 13:50
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Mono - TechrightsDec 06 13:50
schestowitzsee the caricature at the topDec 06 13:50
schestowitzthose are good because they convey several key pointsDec 06 13:50
MogzagainThere's of course a penguin painting can happen, lol, and I was thinking of a camera/spy stuff tooDec 06 13:50
schestowitzand yet so that with simplicityDec 06 13:50
MogzagainI see; the trojan horseDec 06 13:51
schestowitzif camera/spy stuff, then it's worth highlighting free/libre software as the solutionDec 06 13:51
schestowitzApple has a marketing/billboard campaign here nowDec 06 13:51
schestowitzwhere they show people covering their face with a phoneDec 06 13:51
schestowitz"iPhone is privacy"Dec 06 13:51
schestowitzbut those phones are double-sided camerassDec 06 13:52
schestowitzso the whole thing is worse than satireDec 06 13:52
MogzagainI'd be doing a disservice if I didn't say that the best, and only, way I'll be able to contribute is just sending along anything relevant, and which is aligned with the kind of things I paint. I don't want to keep refusing stuff, but do want art to be enjoyed. Dec 06 13:52
schestowitzbecause their privacy is worst harmed or most harmed by those location-tracked (with gyroscope) microphone with multiple cameras on it, plus wifi, gs, bluetoothDec 06 13:52
schestowitzwe need to explain to people that rejecting all those things, esp. proprietary, is where they need to look, not "apple promises privacy"Dec 06 13:53
Mogzagainthe camera/spy stuff, yes, as with the lock painting, I always like to bring in what's positive as the strong focusDec 06 13:53
MogzagainI have some ideas about the camera lens and eyes etcDec 06 13:53
Mogzagainhave you seen the apple watch cameras that are being added?Dec 06 13:53
schestowitzmaybe associate it with hard drugsDec 06 13:53
Mogzagaina selfie one and one to film others!Dec 06 13:53
Mogzagainseriously creepy, and no regard for anyone around the dumbo wearing the apple watchDec 06 13:54
schestowitz[13:53] <Mogzagain> have you seen the apple watch cameras that are being added?Dec 06 13:54
schestowitzI only foresaw thatDec 06 13:54
Mogzagainsomeone could film a girl, do an image search online, and find out her details!Dec 06 13:54
schestowitzand made joke about people wearing that while "number 2"Dec 06 13:54
Mogzagainor with a kid!Dec 06 13:54
schestowitzand Apple gets footageDec 06 13:54
schestowitzBTW, Google CCTVGlasses was no betterDec 06 13:55
schestowitzthose were CCTV on users legsDec 06 13:55
schestowitzgoing into places and filming for another country without authorisationDec 06 13:55
Mogzagainjust terrible; how disgusting that apple don't care that their devices can harm ppl in those waysDec 06 13:55
schestowitzwith Amazon "doorbells" those don't have the same moobilityDec 06 13:55
schestowitz*mobolityDec 06 13:55
schestowitz*mobilityDec 06 13:55
Mogzagainand notice their advertising didn't have any photos of ppl along the bottom of the page ... a dog, landscapes ... but no pplDec 06 13:55
Mogzagainso the KNOW that this can be an issueDec 06 13:56
schestowitzbut this is why Microsoft et al cannot be our sole focusDec 06 13:56
schestowitzif Microsoft was bankrupt later today, we'd still need to get to work urgentlyDec 06 13:56
Mogzagainyes, someone could point these cameras anywhere, and no permission to do soDec 06 13:56
schestowitzagainst many other thingsDec 06 13:56
Mogzagain*they knowDec 06 13:56
schestowitzthat was a decade backDec 06 13:57
schestowitzI sort of predicted Google Maps 2 decades agoDec 06 13:57
schestowitzIt was not hard to predictDec 06 13:57
schestowitzit was doable already, given enough budgetDec 06 13:57
MogzagainI saw MS have assessed that open source has 700 dependencies ... bit creepy that, in their own words, they did this 'deep dive' to check out all thatDec 06 13:57
schestowitzfor Google, from Wall Street and Pentagon etc.Dec 06 13:57
schestowitzLater they started scanning MAC addresses of people's routersDec 06 13:57
Mogzagainit really needs ppl en masse to be awake and aware about the gross levels of disregard for ppl's privacy, and to vote with their feet ... not buying the products, not the subscriptions or signing up online to things, etcDec 06 13:58
schestowitzFSF rarely talks about itDec 06 13:58
schestowitzit's not the FSF's focusDec 06 13:58
schestowitzmore like EFF'sDec 06 13:58
schestowitzbut those issues are connectedDec 06 13:58
schestowitzunlike vegetarianism say...Dec 06 13:58
Mogzagainyes, EFF is certainly a lot more activeDec 06 13:59
schestowitzso an FSF that overlooks some of those other issues would not be as effective as can beDec 06 13:59
schestowitzFSF is slowDec 06 13:59
schestowitzstagnantDec 06 13:59
schestowitzhardly any activism or even writingsDec 06 13:59
schestowitznot sure what they do all day tbhDec 06 13:59
Mogzagainyes, so it's very important to focus on who and what does care and do somethingDec 06 13:59
schestowitza few of us at techrights manage to produce more publicly-visible things; I know FSF does loads more behind the scenesDec 06 14:00
schestowitzeff has other issuesDec 06 14:00
schestowitzit has to be careful who to criticiseDec 06 14:00
Mogzagainyes, that's cool, and, increasingly, it really is about the ppl, beyond organisationsDec 06 14:00
schestowitzfor fear of 'offending' members and sponsorsDec 06 14:00
schestowitzwho are the lifeline, in the long run (they already stashed 40 million in the bank)Dec 06 14:01
schestowitzthey could end up like mozilla, aimless and collapsingDec 06 14:01
Mogzagaina shame, as with Blender etc. corporate money never leads to anywhere good it seemsDec 06 14:01
schestowitzNopeDec 06 14:02
schestowitzwe started watching lots of Blender videosDec 06 14:02
schestowitzBlender isn't corrupted yetDec 06 14:02
schestowitzbut if it grows, opportunists will try to co-opt itDec 06 14:02
schestowitzone first step might be to oust its founderDec 06 14:02
schestowitzby engineering a scandalDec 06 14:02
schestowitzthen use the scandal to split the company/contributorsDec 06 14:03
schestowitzand "ride in to the rescue" as a sponsorDec 06 14:03
schestowitzwhen they lack a strong and charismatic person like TonDec 06 14:03
Mogzagainbtw, one idea I had for an image was possibly a bit creepy, so just to run it by you ... it could be effective in new ppl maybe waking up a bit more, but I thought some of kind of terminator robot, but in a familiar setting, to really bring it home to not support e.g. IoT etcDec 06 14:03
schestowitzsounds goodDec 06 14:03
Mogzagainif Blender stay in their integrity, that's awesome!Dec 06 14:03
schestowitzbut very 'maintreamy'Dec 06 14:03
schestowitzrobots like these are more hypothetical a riskDec 06 14:04
Mogzagainand glad it sounds okay. I've got a few ideas, so will get those to you as and when I can. Dec 06 14:04
schestowitzdrones are existing alreadyDec 06 14:04
schestowitzboston dynamics makes some animal-like robotsDec 06 14:04
schestowitzwith body-mounted guns in the long runDec 06 14:04
schestowitzhuman form is bad for robotsDec 06 14:04
schestowitzit's easy for the robot to lose balance and fallDec 06 14:04
MogzagainI suppose seeing issues with police and then ppl talk about robots replacing them, stuff like that, and I thought ppl would recognise e.g. terminator 2Dec 06 14:04
Mogzagainno worries; it would be creepy to paint anyway, lolDec 06 14:04
Mogzagainbrighter things I can doDec 06 14:05
schestowitzspiders or 4-legged is more versatile when function is the aimDec 06 14:05
Mogzagaina backdrop of the statue of liberty or somethingDec 06 14:05
schestowitzat the moment the most dangerous robot is people themselvesDec 06 14:05
Mogzagainyuk, yeah, that creepy robot dog thingDec 06 14:05
schestowitzlike people who walk aroudn the house "filming grandma"Dec 06 14:05
*CrystalMath (~coderain@reactos/developer/theflash) has joined #techrightsDec 06 14:05
schestowitzand then "uploading to Facebook for lols and likes"Dec 06 14:06
schestowitzBased on a true storyDec 06 14:06
schestowitzmy auntDec 06 14:06
schestowitzshe hated her grandkids doing thatDec 06 14:06
Mogzagainyes, I firmly believe ppl have all the power and all the numbers on their side. If ppl are awake about what matters, and don't support the negative, these issues go awayDec 06 14:06
schestowitzback around 2005 alreadyDec 06 14:06
schestowitzshe only wanted her privacy and dignity, not spies at the dinner tableDec 06 14:06
Mogzagainyes, poor grandma ... just wanting some privacy at home!Dec 06 14:06
schestowitzshe died about 7 years agoDec 06 14:07
MogzagainawwwDec 06 14:07
schestowitzwith dementia, years after her husbandDec 06 14:07
Mogzagainsorry about thatDec 06 14:07
schestowitzthe kids are still socialites in FBDec 06 14:07
schestowitzfilming for "likes"Dec 06 14:07
schestowitzI'd link to Groklaw, but...Dec 06 14:08
schestowitzit's offlineDec 06 14:08
schestowitzPJ, a lady now in her 70s her reckon (maybe 80), used to write about privacy aspectsDec 06 14:08
schestowitzand I think the painting needs to convey thisDec 06 14:09
MogzagainIt's awful how kids grow up surrounded by invasive tech now.Dec 06 14:09
schestowitzsomething about having the corner to think in isolation without being observedDec 06 14:09
schestowitzor being listened toDec 06 14:09
schestowitzand she cited some books about thatDec 06 14:09
MogzagainI'm not old, but just am glad to have not had that experience; more music practice back then, school work, stuff like that. Dec 06 14:09
schestowitzthe front page of talks a lot about thatDec 06 14:10
schestowitzin general terms, other than software freedomDec 06 14:10
MogzagainI've looked up groklaw just nowDec 06 14:10
Mogzagainthey have a twitter too, lolDec 06 14:10
schestowitzmaybe we should redo the front page with your paintingsDec 06 14:10
schestowitzI think their twitter account was not an official oneDec 06 14:10
Mogzagainhmmm, that's a cool idea ... RMS is on the front page isn't he?Dec 06 14:10
schestowitzsomeone made that link, maybe even a bot rather than manual, to new articles thereDec 06 14:10
schestowitzMogzagain: yeah, RMS was there; I was meeting him in person several times at the timeDec 06 14:11
schestowitzhe was supposed to come here until corona hitDec 06 14:11
Mogzagainthat's so great!Dec 06 14:11
Mogzagainyes, I recall he was going to come to the UKDec 06 14:11
schestowitzpublic speaking is now crappy webchatDec 06 14:11
schestowitzI don't get those thingsDec 06 14:11
schestowitzthey call those "events"Dec 06 14:11
schestowitzbut what advantage over static, archived copies?Dec 06 14:12
schestowitzexcept Q&ADec 06 14:12
schestowitzyou can just watch or binge a bunch of popular old talksDec 06 14:12
schestowitzwithout it being "live"Dec 06 14:12
Mogzagainyes, streamy stuff without a hard copy is highly irritating, I thinkDec 06 14:12
schestowitzToday I asked a friend whether to make videos and audio again in techrightsDec 06 14:12
Mogzagainalways good if ppl have backup and can rewatch and reread stuffDec 06 14:12
schestowitzwe're still partly considering thatDec 06 14:12
Mogzagainthat sounds interesting!Dec 06 14:13
schestowitzbut time-consumingDec 06 14:13
schestowitzI have a questionDec 06 14:13
schestowitzdo you want a new site section for youDec 06 14:13
schestowitzfor art?Dec 06 14:13
MogzagainI'm seeing rms, gnu, snowy mountains, edward (I've blanked on his surname!/anti-prism/x-nsa), a lock, arch, on the front pageDec 06 14:14
schestowitz"TheLinuxGrandma" when she worked with us had a section for "flying chairlet" and stuffDec 06 14:14
schestowitzit was artistic workDec 06 14:14
schestowitzMogzagain: I think maybe focus less on personifying the issuesDec 06 14:14
schestowitzand people changeDec 06 14:14
schestowitzfaces come and goDec 06 14:15
MogzagainHaving an art section is lovely. I'm not sure how fast I could fill it up, but if ppl enjoy it, I can for example do things such as I'm seeing on the front page, some penguins, etc, basically linuxy stuff but painterly. Dec 06 14:15
schestowitzIn Orwell's work, the characters and issues are the sameDec 06 14:15
schestowitzWinston could be born in 2002Dec 06 14:15
schestowitzor in 1952Dec 06 14:15
Mogzagainflying chairlet?Dec 06 14:15
schestowitzthe face does not existDec 06 14:15
schestowitzexcept in the movie '1984'Dec 06 14:15
oiaohmI have just done my yearly ascii art christmas cards in libreoffice.Dec 06 14:15
schestowitzso we need to focus on issues/ideas/conceptsDec 06 14:15
schestowitzoiaohm: can you share it?Dec 06 14:16
Mogzagainsounds good, oiaohmDec 06 14:16
schestowitzwe still set up a large physical xmas treeDec 06 14:16
schestowitzseeing almost nobody else in the block bothered this yearDec 06 14:16
oiaohmThey are limited run.   Only for people I know in person who I have real world mail address of.Dec 06 14:16
schestowitzand we turn all the lights on at night even though we cannot see themDec 06 14:16
Mogzagainxmas lights look good all year round, lolDec 06 14:17
oiaohmWe have a small wooden xmas tree.Dec 06 14:17
oiaohmThat folds up every year.Dec 06 14:17
schestowitzMogzagain: 06 14:17
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Flying Chairlet | TechrightsDec 06 14:17
schestowitznothing fancy, "TheLinuxGrandma"  made cartoons like theseDec 06 14:17
schestowitzI know her real name, but she likes privacyDec 06 14:18
schestowitzthey were in a book publishing companyDec 06 14:18
Mogzagainnice clean art; very good!Dec 06 14:18
oiaohmAnd its not one of these horrible nightmares 06 14:18
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Target’s $89 wooden Christmas tree slammed as an ‘eyesore’Dec 06 14:18
Mogzagainshe's sensible, yes to keep her name off the internetDec 06 14:18
schestowitzthere are several small trees in here also, but only one very large one, though it still doesn't 'feel' like xmas this yearDec 06 14:19
schestowitzMogzagain: I have this theoryDec 06 14:19
Mogzagainyes?Dec 06 14:19
schestowitzabout older people liking privacyDec 06 14:19
schestowitzwhen people are young to want to be seenDec 06 14:19
schestowitzdating, showing off, growing upDec 06 14:19
schestowitzmaturing etc.Dec 06 14:19
schestowitzso they share lots of things for affirmationDec 06 14:20
Mogzagainyes, often so, although you can get your introvertsDec 06 14:20
*inky has quit (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)Dec 06 14:20
schestowitzwhen people age they long for the days they had more to show off, physically in particularDec 06 14:20
Mogzagainppl are still developing in their 20s, still finding out what they really want to do, still exploringDec 06 14:20
schestowitzbut for them, the Internet does not and cannot show the "best of them:Dec 06 14:20
schestowitzunless they  start uploading childhood photo albumsDec 06 14:20
schestowitzyoung kids have no notion od privacyDec 06 14:20
oiaohmThat reminds me I still have to do up my christmas/anzac day Wreath for its Christmas placement and usage.Dec 06 14:20
schestowitztheir have photos of them uploaded since birthDec 06 14:21
schestowitzsometimes AT birth, which is perverseDec 06 14:21
schestowitzthe concaine-LIKE addicts do that to themDec 06 14:21
oiaohmPlease note its a Wreath I made from garden prunings.Dec 06 14:21
schestowitz*cocaineDec 06 14:21
Mogzagainyes, ppl beyond 20's/30's often come to have more value for privacy, but I think a fair number of younger ppl are aware, and most likely even more so this yearDec 06 14:21
schestowitzI saw people uploading videos of their parents in their deathbedDec 06 14:21
schestowitztruly awfulDec 06 14:21
schestowitzso all "the Internet" remember them for is some 90s/80s on an inhalatorDec 06 14:22
schestowitzstay classy I say..Dec 06 14:22
Mogzagainthe AT birth is surreal! I really feel that kind of thing should be private. And maybe when the baby grows up, they'd not be comfy either with it. Dec 06 14:22
schestowitzI saw yougn kids uploading nakes photos of other kids to fbDec 06 14:22
schestowitzfor the "lols"Dec 06 14:22
schestowitzI guess pedophiles like those idiotsDec 06 14:23
Mogzagainthat is terribleDec 06 14:23
oiaohmMy ascii art cards are card on one side of the A4 and letter on the other and folded correctly.Dec 06 14:23
Mogzagainthese kind of things really need privacy respected, for sureDec 06 14:23
oiaohmSo very paper effective.Dec 06 14:23
schestowitzItaly has stricter laws on this, not sure why ItalyDec 06 14:23
schestowitzbut those are edge cases, the case for privacy can be made on another levelDec 06 14:24
schestowitzthough how to put that in a one-frame painting I'm not sureDec 06 14:24
schestowitzexcept if unoriginalDec 06 14:24
Mogzagainyes, it's shocking what some younger ppl do. apparently a youtube guy was getting viewers to do large superchats, then he'd abuse his pregnant girlfriend. he put her outside in the cold for ages, while he kept streaming, and very sadly she died. a really terrible example of how insane and heartless online can be. Dec 06 14:24
Mogzagainthe superchats would request how to abuse herDec 06 14:25
Mogzagainthe youtuber has been sentenced to 2 yearsDec 06 14:26
schestowitzI saw people bullying kids at schoolsDec 06 14:26
schestowitztaking footage was their motivatorDec 06 14:26
Mogzagainyes, madnessDec 06 14:26
schestowitzI still saw one 'vlogger' who had done that yesterdayDec 06 14:26
oiaohm?? Only 2 years in prison.Dec 06 14:26
schestowitzit makes people act badDec 06 14:26
schestowitzmakes cops act a little betterDec 06 14:26
oiaohmAustralia laws normally would not be that nice.Dec 06 14:26
Mogzagainyes, just 2 years ... unbelievable!Dec 06 14:26
oiaohmWhat country was that.Dec 06 14:27
schestowitzyoutubelandiaDec 06 14:27
Mogzagainthe youtuber is Stas ReeflayDec 06 14:27
schestowitzwhat's a youtuber anyway?Dec 06 14:28
schestowitzThey're defined by what account they set up in soem megacorp?Dec 06 14:28
oiaohmIts like with Australia nude /semi photos of people under 18 being send around email, internet...  that punishable offence that can be quite a few years jail alone.Dec 06 14:28
schestowitzIt's a jerk with a youtube accountDec 06 14:28
schestowitzI often call them "person with webcam and youtube account"Dec 06 14:28
schestowitznowadays drone operators are being called "pilots"Dec 06 14:28
Mogzagainthe Sun's come up first in my search for the link, not that I read that ever, but just search his name and you'll see how awful ... a shocking thing for ppl. shows how depraved social media can get. Dec 06 14:28
schestowitzbut they never leave their chairDec 06 14:28
schestowitzMogzagain: I saw similar "jerks with cams"Dec 06 14:29
Mogzagainthis guy should have had at least the rest of his life in jail; sadistic doesn't even cover itDec 06 14:29
oiaohmDepends on the drone class.   Thare are some drone classes in australia where you required a pilot license.Dec 06 14:29
schestowitzabused their partnerDec 06 14:29
schestowitzand having chats about it with other youtube-registered assholesDec 06 14:29
schestowitzoiaohm: that's dumbDec 06 14:29
schestowitzthat still doesn't make you a pilot when you operate it remoatelyDec 06 14:30
Mogzagaingood to know Australia are taking things more seriouslyDec 06 14:30
schestowitzlike being a chef who buys food onlineDec 06 14:30
schestowitzAustralia started as convictsDec 06 14:30
schestowitzwho were sent to a land of 'uncivilised' aboriginalsDec 06 14:30
schestowitzand Aussies are notably racistDec 06 14:31
schestowitzask people who lived thereDec 06 14:31
schestowitzso the laws try to keep that under controlDec 06 14:31
Mogzagainlol, pilots! steering a drone is nothing like flying a massive plane. Dec 06 14:31
schestowitzit's like a computer gameDec 06 14:31
schestowitzonly you are staring at a real thingDec 06 14:31
schestowitzwhich you control with a joystick that sends commands to itDec 06 14:31
MogzagainI've learnt something there; didn't know some drones needed a license like that. Dec 06 14:31
oiaohmschestowitz: Not dumb there are jet class drones that can fly in commercial passage jet levels.    Yes the license is that you know how to do all correct flying by airtraffic control and so on.Dec 06 14:32
schestowitznot physically connected to the bits and partsDec 06 14:32
schestowitzjust sending commands to itDec 06 14:32
schestowitzoiaohm: the altitude is lowDec 06 14:32
schestowitzlike helicopters sometimesDec 06 14:32
schestowitzso aviation rules for commercial jets are not so applicableDec 06 14:32
schestowitzmaybe military jets, yesDec 06 14:33
schestowitzdrones are really awfully nd cheap planesDec 06 14:33
schestowitzthousands of tjem crashDec 06 14:33
schestowitzeven the large onesDec 06 14:33
schestowitzand they never report itDec 06 14:33
oiaohmThere are some monitoring drones in Australia for really large area work that fly between 10000 to 20000 feet in Australia.Dec 06 14:33
oiaohmSo commercial jet airspace.Dec 06 14:33
schestowitzIIRC, around 2013, over 600 had already crashed, according to bezos post (I think just before bezos bought it)Dec 06 14:34
oiaohmOf course if you are operating a drone up there you better know the rules of a normal comerical jet.Dec 06 14:34
oiaohmthinking most commerical jets are fly by wire these days.Dec 06 14:34
schestowitz[14:33] <oiaohm> There are some monitoring drones in Australia for really large area work that fly between 10000 to 20000 feet in Australia.Dec 06 14:34
schestowitzThose would be reconnaissance Dec 06 14:34
schestowitzWe're talking about Predator-gradeDec 06 14:34
Mogzagainget chills about if drones become the norm for deliveries; not normal or right, especially if they're crashing everywhere and stuff stolen etcDec 06 14:34
oiaohmSome are comerical for power lines and so on.Dec 06 14:34
oiaohmSo not milatary.Dec 06 14:34
schestowitzpeople on the ground hear the buzzingDec 06 14:35
oiaohmschestowitz: large areas of Australia means we have some odd things.Dec 06 14:35
schestowitzbtw, I was 'friends' (online) with the biggest drone killerDec 06 14:35
schestowitzthe one who killed over 1600 people with a droneDec 06 14:35
Mogzagainyes?Dec 06 14:35
schestowitzand then blew the whistleDec 06 14:35
oiaohmUSA those classes of drones would be military only.Dec 06 14:35
schestowitzthen he got many death threatsDec 06 14:35
MogzagainomgDec 06 14:35
schestowitzmoved to Germany last I heardDec 06 14:35
schestowitzeven his parents received threatsDec 06 14:36
schestowitzhe didn't think about that when he joined usafDec 06 14:36
schestowitzthat it can come back to haunt him as well as loved onesDec 06 14:36
schestowitzwho don't get Secret Service-level protectionsDec 06 14:36
*inky (~inky@ has joined #techrightsDec 06 14:36
schestowitzthere are not many drone strike whistleblowersDec 06 14:36
schestowitzI became friends with some moreDec 06 14:37
schestowitz(online friends)Dec 06 14:37
schestowitzunder Trump nobody even talks about the drone strikes anymoreDec 06 14:37
oiaohmUSA still uses cluster bombs in battle that have been illegal since end of world war II by the rules of laws most countries agreed to.Dec 06 14:37
oiaohmSo usa miss using drones should basically be expected.Dec 06 14:37
schestowitzI guess that's kind of inevitable when you elect as president a man who wants to "f* his own daughter'Dec 06 14:37
schestowitz[14:37] <oiaohm> USA still uses cluster bombs in battle that have been illegal since end of world war II by the rules of laws most countries agreed to.Dec 06 14:38
schestowitzworseDec 06 14:38
schestowitzcluster bombs are banned because of civilian casualtiesDec 06 14:38
schestowitzinc. rescuersDec 06 14:38
MogzagainI'll need to head off now, but thanks so much again for the correction, and glad the art was useful. As in email, I can get some stuff to you when I can; I'll just keep with generic linuxy stuff, or see what kind of things are on articles and stuff. Have a good rest of the day all. Dec 06 14:38
schestowitzunexploded ordinance of small scaleDec 06 14:39
schestowitzwhen I covered drones a lot 10-7 years ago they did multi-tap strikesDec 06 14:39
schestowitzjust "to make sure"Dec 06 14:39
schestowitzso the rescuers would not approach the sceneDec 06 14:39
schestowitzthose who did would be drone by the second or third strikeDec 06 14:39
schestowitziirc, sometimes they even struck 4 times in a rowDec 06 14:39
schestowitzsuicide bombers use that tacticDec 06 14:39
schestowitzdetonateDec 06 14:39
schestowitzwaitDec 06 14:40
schestowitzthen detonate againDec 06 14:40
*Mogzagain has quit (Quit: Leaving)Dec 06 14:40
schestowitzand sometimes more die the second time aroundDec 06 14:40
schestowitzthat's the sort of thing Obama era drone strikes didDec 06 14:40
schestowitzthen they 'drones' the mediaDec 06 14:40
schestowitzand nobody was left to report on drone strikes under TrumpDec 06 14:41
schestowitznow it's just... "normal"...Dec 06 14:41
oiaohmThere is a difference between using a drone for target strike on a party and being a USA asshole.Dec 06 14:41
schestowitzthe "secret war" as they used to call these...Dec 06 14:41
schestowitz"clandestine"... "don't ask questions".... "let the adults  manage it"... "they know what they're doing"Dec 06 14:41
oiaohmMulti tap strikes is a really good way to have the population of the area hate you.Dec 06 14:41
schestowitzIsrael does the tap differentlyDec 06 14:42
schestowitzsmall ordinnace firstDec 06 14:42
schestowitzas warningDec 06 14:42
schestowitzthen a 500lb/1000lb blockbusterDec 06 14:42
oiaohmNot that it really works either.Dec 06 14:42
schestowitzsometimes shot from a place like 20KM awayDec 06 14:42
schestowitzthen they tell the media they "Warned" the peopleDec 06 14:42
schestowitznot with leafletsDec 06 14:42
schestowitzbut with "ethical strikes"Dec 06 14:43
schestowitz"good bombs".... for "Warning"Dec 06 14:43
oiaohmsmall ordinnace first is a historic way to make sure your targeting is correct before you send the big one.Dec 06 14:43
schestowitzas if the terrorists or targets don't get the warning tooDec 06 14:43
oiaohmSo yes that small than big does reduce miss targeting.Dec 06 14:43
schestowitzthe actual targets are likely to be more sensitive and impervious actuallyDec 06 14:43
oiaohmBut its still not the best plan.Dec 06 14:43
schestowitzbecause they already know they're likely targetsDec 06 14:43
oiaohmThere are such things are good bombs but they are insanely rare.      It warped history of particular large bombs shells being filled with food/medical supplies instead of explosves.    So that unexploded round in fact being something useful.Dec 06 14:47
oiaohmAlso they got nicknamed loto bombs for very good reason.Dec 06 14:48
schestowitz 06 14:49
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-@RicoReport: @saifedean @MrHodl she is a woman.. Billy Gayeeeets and his man wife are both hiding in plain sight. Fact : Majori… 06 14:49
schestowitz"Dec 06 14:49
schestowitzshe is a woman.. Billy Gayeeeets and his man wife are both hiding in plain sight. Dec 06 14:49
schestowitzFact : Majority of elite rich deep state criminals have men for wives, but he is a woman that was groomed by his mommy, and helped steal Microsoft from #Kildall 06 14:49
schestowitz"Dec 06 14:49
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The Death of Gary Kildall Remains a Mystery to This Date | TechrightsDec 06 14:49
*GNUmoon2 has quit (Remote host closed the connection)Dec 06 14:49
oiaohmI like the Australia one of that 303 rounds would go bad if left on ground so due use any that were dropped.    Really reason was internionally droping 303 rounds packed with high exploves that if you used in a normal gun would blow the complete breach out.Dec 06 14:51
schestowitz 06 14:53
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Mac Pro 2008 (3,1) -- reinstall MacOS, or Ubuntu linux? | MacRumors ForumsDec 06 14:53
*mmu_man has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)Dec 06 15:01
oiaohm  That mac pro 2008 is before apple screwed the keyboard over.Dec 06 15:23
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The saga of Apple’s bad butterfly MacBook keyboards is finally over - The VergeDec 06 15:23
oiaohmand before they made SSD not replaceable.Dec 06 15:23
*psydread (eace4d91cc@2a01:7c8:aab8:6b9:5054:ff:fec9:fd84) has left #techrightsDec 06 15:29
schestowitzjust now: Dec 06 15:34
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Trump Has Pushed Ahead With Drone Strikes, Putting US Citizens in the CrosshairsDec 06 15:34
superkuhBush, Obama, and Trump.Dec 06 15:47
superkuhI'm sure Biden will too.Dec 06 15:47
superkuhOh, nice, this article actually addresses that immediately.Dec 06 15:47
superkuhFunny how the push to get rid of the 2001 AUMF was dropped as soon as the election started up.Dec 06 15:49
superkuhHow does biden stand? He was part of the disposition matrix during the Obama presidency. He already participated.Dec 06 15:50
*aindilis has quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)Dec 06 15:58
MinceR(cat) 06 16:38
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | IRCZ makes your life worth living Post object (4762532)Dec 06 16:38
*kupi has quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)Dec 06 16:58
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: If the president is ordering "targeted killings" of Americans abroad, imagine what's actually going on in the US that's meant to look like "random crime" or "natural causes".Dec 06 17:04
DaemonFC[m]How hard would it be, if there's a preacher in Chicago you don't like because he's a Communist Muslim or something, to have a staged "drive by" using the cops or something dressed up like gang members?Dec 06 17:05
DaemonFC[m]Or whatever Blackwater calls themselves these days.Dec 06 17:05
schestowitz 06 17:06
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Linux Foundation Does Not Eat its Own Dogfood - SoylentNewsDec 06 17:06
schestowitz"Blogger Daniel Lange takes a look at the Linux Foundation's 2020 annual report, and concludes that it was produced with Adobe, which is not available on Linux. Further sleuthing by a commentator reveals that the original was created on Microsoft Word. Stock images used for illustration mostly show Apple MacBooks. This is what you get for a $148 million annual budget."Dec 06 17:06
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: The Biden win is not really a win for the US except to the extent that it's a return to something less horrible.Dec 06 17:06
DaemonFC[m]That's only because we seem to have hit bedrock with Trump on how many unconstitutional nightmares could be going on at once.Dec 06 17:10
schestowitz 06 17:14
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Clark: ‘Have we waited too long?’ Pearl Harbor, deniers and climate change | COMMENTARY - Carroll County TimesDec 06 17:14
*tdemin has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)Dec 06 17:21
MinceR(audio:important) 06 17:22
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Composers Play - "Heretic" Coop with Kevin Schilder! - Episode 1 - YouTubeDec 06 17:22
*liberty_box has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)Dec 06 17:23
*rianne__ has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)Dec 06 17:23
DaemonFC[m]It was pretty clear that even though Trump couldn't overturn enough states to win that he was trying to get it down to as small a lead as possible.Dec 06 17:23
DaemonFC[m]At that point he could try to corrupt some electors.Dec 06 17:23
DaemonFC[m]If you can get it down to 270 and all you have to do is make one of them a deal that they'd take to switch their vote, you can still throw it to the House.Dec 06 17:24
DaemonFC[m]So I was worried that we'd end up in a situation where Biden won but only by one or two electors, and then Trump would be offering all of them whatever it took to get them to switch their votes.Dec 06 17:25
DaemonFC[m]I'm not really concerned that any states are going to try to reverse their own results. They're all certified at this point, and the safe harbor date is Tuesday.Dec 06 17:26
DaemonFC[m]Which means that after Tuesday, if a state tried something like that, it wouldn't flip to Trump electors. Federal law says that they would just get no electors seated at all.Dec 06 17:26
DaemonFC[m]There's nothing in the laws of any states where Trump is trying to get public officials to commit crimes on his behalf that would allow them to do anything of the sort, but even if they tried, after Tuesday it would just go from Biden electors to no electors at all.Dec 06 17:27
*rianne__ ( has joined #techrightsDec 06 17:29
DaemonFC[m]There's theoretically 6 days between Tuesday and the electoral college meeting where the federal courts could do something, but the only case that Trump is even trying to appeal involved about 10,000 ballots in Pennsylvania, so there's no case in front of them where they could go further than ordering 10,000 votes in Pennsylvania to be thrown out, and they'd have to torture the law to do that, and it wouldn't changeDec 06 17:29
DaemonFC[m]anything.Dec 06 17:29
DaemonFC[m]So there's no hint that they even plan to hear this.Dec 06 17:29
DaemonFC[m]They have too many pending cases that do matter on their docket. Dec 06 17:30
DaemonFC[m]The current count is like 41 losses in court and 1 win for the Trump campaign, but the win was so small it doesn't matter.Dec 06 17:30
*liberty_box ( has joined #techrightsDec 06 17:31
DaemonFC[m]Judges are beyond annoyed, because the campaign's tactics were apparently to just keep amending their complaints and switching out lawyers and asking for delays and leaves to amend to drag it out and not get it thrown out until it was too late for the states to certify.Dec 06 17:31
DaemonFC[m]But that didn't happen....anywhere.Dec 06 17:31
DaemonFC[m]They knew that the very best they would get would be a preliminary injunction and their goal was to filibuster judges until after the safe harbor deadline.Dec 06 17:32
DaemonFC[m]This is bordering on contempt. If anything, the judges showed significant restraint that most people who were openly trying to defraud the court would never get.Dec 06 17:33
*rianne__ has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)Dec 06 17:38
*liberty_box has quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)Dec 06 17:39
*tdemin ( has joined #techrightsDec 06 17:44
MinceR 06 17:46
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-xkcd: Leap SmearingDec 06 17:46
*aindilis ( has joined #techrightsDec 06 17:50
*mmu_man ( has joined #techrightsDec 06 17:52
*rianne__ ( has joined #techrightsDec 06 17:58
*liberty_box ( has joined #techrightsDec 06 17:59
MinceR 06 18:12
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-xkcd: Ringtone TimelineDec 06 18:12
*KREYREN (~kreyren@fsf/member/kreyren) has joined #techrightsDec 06 18:23
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*gry has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)Dec 06 18:34
*randomgry is now known as gryDec 06 18:36
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schestowitzShould we do another UPC piece?Dec 06 18:58
schestowitzzoobab: lots of lies todayDec 06 18:58
schestowitzand the past few daysDec 06 18:58
schestowitzthe lobby is elatedDec 06 18:58
schestowitzsame lobbyists as before e.g. 06 18:58
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Managing IP Still Champions Fake ‘News’ for Team UPC | TechrightsDec 06 18:58
search_socialthere are so many articles about who is just a corporate pawn it would probably be easier to make a list of who is NOTDec 06 19:00
MinceR(cat) 06 19:00
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | IRCZ makes your life worth living Post object (4761395)Dec 06 19:00
MinceR"list of people not yet known to be corporate pawns at UPC"?Dec 06 19:01
schestowitzsearch_social: trueDec 06 19:01
schestowitzbut it's trickierDec 06 19:01
schestowitzas not many people know those listsDec 06 19:01
schestowitzthey just 'google things'Dec 06 19:01
MinceRthough a list of who _is_ could include which corporation they're pawns of :>Dec 06 19:01
MinceRand citationsDec 06 19:01
schestowitzthat would be a big projectDec 06 19:02
schestowitzas sometimes you lack articles explaining those sorts of thingsDec 06 19:02
schestowitzso one option is to make an index for each publisherDec 06 19:02
schestowitz and for example work closely with MicrosoftDec 06 19:03
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Watchtroll - TechrightsDec 06 19:03
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | IAM - TechrightsDec 06 19:03
schestowitzmaybe we need a new wiki page for eff, ten sfcDec 06 19:03
schestowitz*thenDec 06 19:03
schestowitzfigosdev has scripts to generate such listsDec 06 19:03
schestowitzbut he has not run them in about a yearDec 06 19:03
schestowitzmaybe it's time to have a go at it and rerun for 2020 archives as wellDec 06 19:03
schestowitzAFAIK, zoobab is still preparing his constitutional complaint, with about a week left to completeDec 06 19:06
schestowitzI have half a dozen BS "pieces" and unsure if writing a rebuttal to them would just give them more visibility, proving to be counter-productiveDec 06 19:07
schestowitztbh, I'd rather focus on epo leaks tonightDec 06 19:07
schestowitzand then some free software advocacyDec 06 19:08
schestowitzseeing that UPC cannot go on regardless Dec 06 19:08
schestowitzdue to brexit for startersDec 06 19:08
schestowitzIt's a big like suffocating a corpseDec 06 19:08
*KREYREEEN has quit (Remote host closed the connection)Dec 06 19:23
MinceR 06 19:26
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-xkcd: PreprintDec 06 19:26
DaemonFC[m]The "tech media" has devolved into buzzword bullshit bingo.Dec 06 19:53
DaemonFC[m]It's a'' "sponsored content" now.Dec 06 19:53
DaemonFC[m]*allDec 06 19:53
oiaohm   this song I always find fun.Dec 06 19:54
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-We’re Gonna Build a Framework : dylanbeattie.netDec 06 19:54
schestowitz[19:53] <DaemonFC[m]> It's a'' "sponsored content" now.Dec 06 19:54
schestowitzthat tooDec 06 19:54
schestowitzthere are variantsDec 06 19:54
schestowitzLF pays sites for puff pieces alsoDec 06 19:54
schestowitzsometimes with disclosure includedDec 06 19:54
schestowitzsomething withoutDec 06 19:54
oiaohmThere are a stack of different ways to pay for puff piecees while not looking directly connected either.Dec 06 19:55
oiaohmFun of PR companies.Dec 06 19:55
schestowitztrueDec 06 19:55
schestowitzvery trueDec 06 19:55
schestowitzI keep mentioning thatDec 06 19:55
schestowitzlike buying adsDec 06 19:56
schestowitzselling "consulting"Dec 06 19:56
schestowitzbuying "studies"Dec 06 19:56
schestowitzso they set up parallel operations for bribe collectionsDec 06 19:56
schestowitzand the PR agencies basically launder the money that wayDec 06 19:56
oiaohmMost fun one is the fake industry body stunt. Dec 06 19:57
oiaohmThat turned up quite a few times with right to repair.Dec 06 19:57
DaemonFC[m] 06 19:59
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Michigan Ruling Rudy Giuliani Touted as a ‘Big Win’ Actually Concerned a Local Marijuana MeasureDec 06 19:59
schestowitzDon't tell Carl FarmerDec 06 20:00
schestowitzor he might never get it on ever againDec 06 20:00
DaemonFC[m] 06 20:01
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | President Donald Trump Loves Disastrous Ballot Witness Melissa CaroneDec 06 20:01
schestowitzhe loves women who lieDec 06 20:01
schestowitzexcept those whom he rapedDec 06 20:01
schestowitzthen he calls them liarsDec 06 20:01
schestowitzand hates themDec 06 20:02
oiaohmDaemonFC[m]: there is a fairly good way to limit marijuana start growing the Australian GM crop of industrial hemp.   Result of those two crossing is low yield THC plants.Dec 06 20:05
oiaohmI can plant industrial hemp as a garden plant.   The DNA modification means it had a different leaf pattern to normal marijuana as well as insanely low THC.Dec 06 20:06
*KREYREN (~kreyren@fsf/member/kreyren) has joined #techrightsDec 06 20:12
schestowitzwow,_2020Dec 06 20:18
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Jo Jorgensen presidential campaign, 2020 - BallotpediaDec 06 20:18
schestowitzI didn't know she was the party leader this time aroundDec 06 20:18
schestowitzthe media pretended she did not even existDec 06 20:18
schestowitzin 2016 they at least pretended that at least 4 parties existedDec 06 20:18
schestowitz"She was the Libertarian vice presidential nominee in 1996"Dec 06 20:19
schestowitzFrom IllinoisDec 06 20:19
schestowitz"She worked as a marketing representative for IBM before launching a software sales business in South Carolina in 1983. "Dec 06 20:19
schestowitzFormer IBMDec 06 20:19
schestowitzbut wants "small government"Dec 06 20:20
schestowitz"After taking a sabbatical to raise her children, Jorgensen started a consulting company and earned her Ph.D. in industrial and organizational psychology from Clemson University in 2002"Dec 06 20:20
*obarun ( has joined #techrightsDec 06 20:28
DaemonFC[m]In a first past the post system, all small parties do is potentially sabotage the major party on their general side of the spectrum.Dec 06 20:30
DaemonFC[m]That's why the Republicans were giving Howie Hawkins money and lawyers.Dec 06 20:31
DaemonFC[m]Maybe the Russians too. Stein and Putin and all that.Dec 06 20:31
DaemonFC[m]There's no reason why Putin would invite someone who couldn't win election to come "talk policy".Dec 06 20:31
DaemonFC[m]What they were doing was discussing how to use the Green Party to sabotage Clinton and get Trump elected.Dec 06 20:32
DaemonFC[m]Probably how much Russian money would be waiting for her in an offshore bank account after she did.Dec 06 20:32
*brett98 ( has joined #techrightsDec 06 21:10
brett98read about gnew on tech rights -- totally down with thatDec 06 21:10
*brett98 has quit (Remote host closed the connection)Dec 06 21:12
DaemonFC[m] 06 21:15
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Rudy Giuliani Has Tested Positive For The Coronavirus, Trump Says - The New York TimesDec 06 21:15
DaemonFC[m]Previously, 06 21:19
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani coughs his way through anti-mask interview | Rudy Giuliani | The GuardianDec 06 21:19
schestowitzorange karmaDec 06 21:25
schestowitzDaemonFC[m]: it'll be over 1000 deaths this sundayDec 06 21:27
schestowitzTX not reporting yetDec 06 21:27
schestowitz230 in uk 06 21:27
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Covid-19 in the UK: How many coronavirus cases are there in your area? - BBC NewsDec 06 21:28
schestowitzoiaohm: "Please fix the slide deck link it points to a local file instead of the website."Dec 06 21:42
schestowitz\Dec 06 21:42
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights- ( status 404 @\ )Dec 06 21:42
schestowitz 06 21:42
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Intel + Microsoft Continue Work On Replacing More SMM "Black Boxes" With PRM - Phoronix ForumsDec 06 21:42
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MinceR 06 22:11
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Urban Dictionary: Belgium BarbequeDec 06 22:11
schestowitzOrban again?Dec 06 22:12
schestowitzDon't tell me it's (blow) JobbikDec 06 22:13
MinceRit's fideath, not lobbikDec 06 22:20
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schestowitzwait till the throw a coalition partyDec 06 22:24
MinceRthey probably won'tDec 06 22:26
MinceRMHM split out of lobbik and they're fideath's best friends nowDec 06 22:26
MinceRlobbik wants to replace fidSS in the EPPDec 06 22:27
MinceRso they're more moderate than fideath nowDec 06 22:27
MinceR(also known as the feed-ass crew)Dec 06 22:28
DaemonFC[m]I might grab the Fedora respin ISO.Dec 06 22:29
DaemonFC[m]Linux 5.9 probably supports the new laptop better than that OEM 5.6 kernel in Ubuntu 20.04. Here we go again, maybe.Dec 06 22:29
schestowitztry debian bullseyeDec 06 22:30
schestowitz 06 22:30
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Debian Installer Bullseye Alpha 3 releaseDec 06 22:30
DaemonFC[m]" Since Apple's new M1 CPU seems to execute emulated x86 code faster than Intel and AMD executes native x86 code, maybe it is time for Intel and AMD just to ditch x86 and build a ARM CPU or a RISC-V CPU with emulation for x86? "Dec 06 22:37
DaemonFC[m]Where is the proof?Dec 06 22:37
superkuhApple hype has never been related to data.Dec 06 22:39
schestowitzstarted as anti-IBMDec 06 22:47
schestowitzIBM: thinkDec 06 22:47
schestowitzApple: think differentDec 06 22:47
schestowitzMicrosoft: stop thinkingDec 06 22:48
schestowitzApple: stop MicrosoftDec 06 22:48
schestowitzGNU: stop all the liars aboveDec 06 22:48
schestowitzof course it's back full circle coz IBM bougth Red HatDec 06 22:48
schestowitzand now shoves proprietary-like crap into distrosDec 06 22:48
schestowitzit also develops on Microsoft serversDec 06 22:49
schestowitzWhile Microsoft says it loves LinuxDec 06 22:49
schestowitzHannibal loves Clarice Starling. Dec 06 22:49
MinceRHannibal Smith?Dec 06 22:54
schestowitzjust  Hannibal HannibalDec 06 22:55
MinceRHannibal Barca?Dec 06 22:55
schestowitzAriadne: any success getting in touch with href (by anyone)?Dec 06 22:55
DaemonFC[m]Hannibal actually did like her.Dec 06 22:56
DaemonFC[m]He hated rude people and if you were a rude person then he was much more likely to eat you.Dec 06 22:57
schestowitz> 06 22:57
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | New Raspberry Pi OS release — December 2020 - Raspberry PiDec 06 22:58
schestowitz> <>Dec 06 22:58
schestowitz> Dec 06 22:58
schestowitz>> We’ve updated the Chromium browser to version 84Dec 06 22:58
schestowitz> Dec 06 22:58
schestowitz> Raspberry Spi OSDec 06 22:58
schestowitzDaemonFC[m]: Microsoft loves CanonicalDec 06 22:58
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: In his opinion, he was improving the world.Dec 06 22:58
schestowitzit does not like "rude" communityDec 06 22:58
schestowitzit eats what does not tolerate Microsoft monopolyDec 06 22:58
DaemonFC[m]He got rid of Dr. Chilton because he thought the guy was an asshole and a hack.Dec 06 22:58
DaemonFC[m]He ate a member of an orchestra for playing off key.Dec 06 22:59
DaemonFC[m]Then there was Paul Krendler, who was messing up Clarice Starling's career at the FBI.Dec 06 23:00
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MinceR 06 23:05
schestowitzblue-redDec 06 23:11
schestowitzmaybe she was not attractive enoughDec 06 23:11
schestowitz[22:28] <MinceR> (also known as the feed-ass crew)Dec 06 23:12
schestowitzsounds similar for sureDec 06 23:12
schestowitzwhat a bunch of arsesDec 06 23:12
schestowitzDaemonFC[m]: 06 23:33
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-@dennis0805a: @schestowitz #Trump Supporters and #MAGA Supporters became the "Snowflakes". LMFAO!!!🤣🤣🤣 33 Days After Trump's Los… 06 23:33
schestowitz"Dec 06 23:33
schestowitz#Trump Supporters and #MAGA Supporters became the "Snowflakes". LMFAO!!!Dec 06 23:33
schestowitzRolling on the floor laughingDec 06 23:33
schestowitzRolling on the floor laughingDec 06 23:33
schestowitzRolling on the floor laughingDec 06 23:33
schestowitz33 Days After Trump's Loss, Trump and his Supporters are still crying. Dec 06 23:33
schestowitzThis is just so much fun to watch.Dec 06 23:33
schestowitz"Dec 06 23:33
schestowitzCarl Farmer :-)Dec 06 23:33
MinceR(cat) (audio:unimportant) 06 23:36
DaemonFC[m]Felta Carl FarmerDec 06 23:48
schestowitzturns from scientist (Thompson) to scientologistDec 06 23:49
schestowitzand then voted for very stable geniusDec 06 23:49
schestowitzthe brain goes last - famous sayingDec 06 23:49
DaemonFC[m]Oh no, he was mixed up in Scientology and listening to Rush Limbaugh 30 years ago.Dec 06 23:55
schestowitzwhen is Rush on his death bed?Dec 06 23:56
schestowitzI bet the lump has outgrown his little brain alreadyDec 06 23:56
schestowitz 06 23:57
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Trump giving Rush Limbaugh the Medal of Freedom was controversial — and fittingDec 06 23:57
DaemonFC[m]Sony was smart enough to keep making actual things.Dec 06 23:57
schestowitzCombined IQ of (covid)19Dec 06 23:57
DaemonFC[m]Thomson decided to become a patent troll and most of their revenue was MP3, which was obviously not going to work forever.Dec 06 23:57
schestowitzSony makes them in mainland china afaikDec 06 23:57
DaemonFC[m]The RCA brand is a joke now.Dec 06 23:58
DaemonFC[m]You might see it on some total crap Android tablet at Walmart for $49.Dec 06 23:58
schestowitzI bought an RCA tuner in the US and it did not last longDec 06 23:58
schestowitzI forgot what happened to itDec 06 23:58
schestowitzthey used to make fine TVs, I thinkDec 06 23:59
schestowitzmade with real materialsDec 06 23:59
schestowitznot the cheapest availableDec 06 23:59
schestowitzand you could, back then, actually reppair applianceDec 06 23:59
DaemonFC[m]Yeah, they had everything in the US shut down by 2004.Dec 06 23:59

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