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DaemonFC[m]According to this timeline, John must have stayed over a month after the lease lapsed. Wonder if Barry Whatshisnuts hit him with the double rent clause on the way out.Aug 16 00:16
DaemonFC[m]I never actually met that landlord, but I filed bankruptcy and listed him as a creditor that I owed rent to. Amount unknown.Aug 16 00:17
DaemonFC[m]Best to cover your ass. For all you know, Shithead left and skipped out on the last month or something. There's really no downside to naming someone you don't owe money to.Aug 16 00:18
DaemonFC[m]It covers you against a possible future claim.Aug 16 00:18
DaemonFC[m]It also makes sure that they can't turn you over to a collection agency and then you have an "unpaid rent" item for other landlords to look at someday.Aug 16 00:19
DaemonFC[m]<kingoffrance "new car...thats on how many peop"> Probably Mandy's sister.Aug 16 00:19
DaemonFC[m]Sounds like she's paying for half a new Kia every month trying to keep a 2014 BMW running.Aug 16 00:20
DaemonFC[m]It's at that point where all the plastic shit that heats up starts blowing up.Aug 16 00:20
DaemonFC[m]Instead of fixing it so that it doesn't leak coolant and oil all over your driveway floor, BMW put a plastic drip pan under all the shit so that wildlife can nest there and stuff up your radiator fan and your car won't start. Aug 16 00:21
DaemonFC[m]German Engineering.Aug 16 00:21
DaemonFC[m]MinceR: ^Aug 16 00:21
MinceRlolAug 16 00:23
DaemonFC[m]The more they overthink the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain! -ScottyAug 16 00:23
DaemonFC[m]MinceR: Even the shitty GM manifolds on this 2003 Impala lasted 17-18 years. They're plastic.Aug 16 00:24
DaemonFC[m]BMWs don't hold up nearly that long. They're under all kinds of heat and pressure because they turbocharge their engines and stuff, so everything near the engine ages 3 time faster.Aug 16 00:24
DaemonFC[m]I was telling my mom the newer the car is, the worse it was built. All things being equal.Aug 16 00:25
DaemonFC[m]The 2002 had aluminum manifolds. You just took them off and put a new gasket in maybe. You didn't have it crack and start leaking air because it was plastic. Aug 16 00:25
DaemonFC[m]I'm glad that if it had to crack, it leaked AIR, because the alternatives are leaking oil or coolant, or letting them mix.... :/Aug 16 00:26
MinceRnot all turbocharged engines are as unreliable as BMWs, thoughAug 16 00:27
DaemonFC[m]I told mom make sure she doesn't get a turbocharged engine. They're a nightmare to maintain.Aug 16 00:27
DaemonFC[m]MinceR: Nice things go to the dumbest people out there.Aug 16 00:29
DaemonFC[m]When I was a low level peon manager at Walmart, our co-manager came in and was bragging that she bought a $66,000 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP for her 16 year old. That was $66,000 in 2005.Aug 16 00:30
DaemonFC[m]I was thinking "This will end well....".Aug 16 00:30
DaemonFC[m]A couple weeks later, he was flooring it and ran it into a tree. He was fine but the car was totaled out.Aug 16 00:30
DaemonFC[m]I tried to steer clear of her as much as possible for a while because she was in a rotten mood. Aug 16 00:31
DaemonFC[m]Oh, you're not just going to wreck a car. You'll pay for it somehow.Aug 16 00:31
DaemonFC[m]Insurance premiums. "Depreciation".Aug 16 00:32
DaemonFC[m]Depreciation is kind of a sucker tax. Aug 16 00:32
DaemonFC[m]You can go buy a brand new diamond ring, then sell it right away and somehow these "incredibly rare and special diamonds" depreciate by 60% because you owned it for 5 minutes.Aug 16 00:33
DaemonFC[m]They spent a lot of money controlling the supply and making sure that people never try to sell them because they're "special", so you don't learn how bad you got screwed because you never try selling it.Aug 16 00:34
DaemonFC[m]MinceR: The Trustee asked me what kind of wedding ring I had. I said, "Just a Tungsten band. I don't know why people spend thousands on diamonds and stuff that aren't worth much and rack up debt like that.".Aug 16 00:35
DaemonFC[m]He laughed and went onto the next question.Aug 16 00:35
DaemonFC[m]People like my cousins and my in laws are always trying to buy things to fill holes in their life. Aug 16 00:35
DaemonFC[m]What you do is you surround yourself with stuff that you've compulsively hoarded.Aug 16 00:36
DaemonFC[m]Instead of security of having savings, you have everyone in the state suing you in court because you went to Starbucks a little too much 4 years ago.Aug 16 00:36
DaemonFC[m]Mom said, "We don't have debtor's prisons.". I said, "Of course you do. You go to work. A quarter of it gets garnished. You're being consigned to servitude so that the court can dock your pay with interest for things you don't even have anymore.".Aug 16 00:38
DaemonFC[m]"It would be inefficient to put millions of people in an actual prison for owing people money, so the state stays out of it except to grant court judgments. Also, prison scares the shit out of people while the prospect of being sued years later is scored as a lower risk."Aug 16 00:39
DaemonFC[m]"If people went to prison for debt, it would be the end of the goddamned economy. Are you going to scrutinize your spending more or less if you might end up in prison for not paying the bill?"Aug 16 00:40
DaemonFC[m]People who are thinking that running out of money means prison are not going to be in the mood to overpay for a smartphone by $1,200.Aug 16 00:41
DaemonFC[m]They'll clamp up. Even if they get one, they'll figure out what their needs are and the cheapest solution that works.Aug 16 00:41
DaemonFC[m]Not minimizing the risk of running out of money is the behavior that Consumerism encourages.Aug 16 00:44
DaemonFC[m]When you're out of money and are in the habit of compulsively spending, you'll do what my cousins and in-laws and put another Margaritaville on the credit card and then hit Starbucks on the way out of the mall. Aug 16 00:45
DaemonFC[m]MinceR: Part of that Christian homeschooling stuff actually drives home an incredibly good lesson.Aug 16 00:45
MinceRof course it's incredible, it's christianAug 16 00:45
DaemonFC[m]It teaches that Consumerism is a false religion, and not Christ-like. I was very shocked to see that.Aug 16 00:45
DaemonFC[m]It actually goes as far as saying people who indulge in consumerism are breaking the commandment about false idols. Aug 16 00:46
DaemonFC[m]When you look at it from a certain point of view, you really are. You're filling your life with crap.Aug 16 00:46
DaemonFC[m]It says to stay out of entanglements that bring on debt.Aug 16 00:47
DaemonFC[m]I always tried to.Aug 16 00:47
DaemonFC[m]An emergency of the highest priority happened last year and I had a bunch of credit cards.Aug 16 00:48
DaemonFC[m]I had never racked up debt. It wasn't to buy a flat screen.Aug 16 00:48
DaemonFC[m]The only actual debt I've ever walked away from and said "What are you gonna do? Huh?" was medical debt.Aug 16 00:48
DaemonFC[m]It's just not the kind of person I am.Aug 16 00:49
DaemonFC[m]<MinceR "of course it's incredible, it's "> The interesting part was that they used the example of Sears as a big evil company, and they said that JC Penney was started by a good Christian man and it prospered because of that.Aug 16 00:50
DaemonFC[m]Now Penneys is bankrupt and might actually be taken over by the mall to run at break even so their other tenants can't demand rent reductions.Aug 16 00:50
DaemonFC[m]So the only angle Penneys has where continuing makes sense is to continue having other mall tenants pay rent without invoking the "You lost an anchor." clause.Aug 16 00:51
DaemonFC[m]Because each anchor they lose decreases foot traffic and makes being in the mall less desirable for smaller stores. Aug 16 00:52
DaemonFC[m]So it comes with a certain penalty for the mall each time they lose a tenant.Aug 16 00:52
DaemonFC[m]What's going to be funny to watch, of course, is that the couple big mall companies who are sitting on lots of money will spend it buying Penneys out of bankruptcy, only to go under themselves a couple years later. In my opinion, they're only delaying the inevitable here.Aug 16 00:53
DaemonFC[m]We're talking about malls sometimes that aren't paying their own mortgages right now as a strategy for lowering the interest rates with their banks talking about buying their bankrupt anchor tenant.Aug 16 00:54
DaemonFC[m]Life is too weird.Aug 16 00:54
DaemonFC[m]Default as a negotiation strategy. The mall company is supposedly sitting on $4 billion but they are missing mortgage payments of $1 million or so.Aug 16 00:55
MinceRyeah, delusions are like thatAug 16 00:56
DaemonFC[m]Refi makes sense if anyone will buy out the mortgage at any rate less than they pay now.Aug 16 00:57
DaemonFC[m]I'm sure with the Fed out there, someone will.Aug 16 00:57
kingoffrancelol exactly daemon that was debtors prison and indentured servitude i believe; the point was to work to pay the debtAug 16 01:08
kingoffranceso, they might be more lenient and let you choose your field now, but they will garnish yesAug 16 01:10
kingoffranceif anything, its evolved where they figure they will get you anywhereAug 16 01:10
kingoffrancehasnt waned, its waxed :)   Aug 16 01:11
DaemonFC[m]<kingoffrance "so, they might be more lenient a"> This is the one time you'll hear me say this, so listen up.Aug 16 01:16
DaemonFC[m]If it happens, move to Illinois. (Very good wage garnishment protection compared with most states.)Aug 16 01:17
DaemonFC[m]Just make sure you don't work enough hours to go over the garnishment exemptions and use prepaid cards and money orders.Aug 16 01:17
DaemonFC[m]<kingoffrance "if anything, its evolved where t"> Yeah, well, if you're sly the courts can make their decision. Now let your creditors enforce it.Aug 16 01:18
DaemonFC[m]You can do this for a few years and then file bankruptcy at the 8 year mark, right?Aug 16 01:18
DaemonFC[m]In Illinois, they can only compel you to attend one debtor's exam after they get a judgment. Aug 16 01:19
DaemonFC[m]Don't bring any cash or valuables with you.Aug 16 01:19
kingoffrancewell i was just trying to say tehy dont need the prior system anymore, they have modern means to get what they really wanted anywaysAug 16 01:19
kingoffrancethe means perhaps have changed, the ends notAug 16 01:19
DaemonFC[m]Yeah, so people are like "Why don't they have you out busting rocks?".Aug 16 01:20
DaemonFC[m]No need. They'll wait for you to find a job and then leave you with barely enough to live for however long it takes to pay them back or file bankruptcy (if you can).Aug 16 01:20
DaemonFC[m]Some states, it's just so pointless to sue someone who doesn't have a lot of money, that they never bother.Aug 16 01:21
DaemonFC[m]It costs thousands to sue someone and bankruptcy clears the judgment, so if they'll never pay you anyway, your disincentive to sue is you'll just be out more money.Aug 16 01:22
DaemonFC[m]Oh yeah, and make it really expensive to sue you.Aug 16 01:22
DaemonFC[m]Owe a little more than what the max is for Small Claims.Aug 16 01:22
DaemonFC[m]That's why most credit cards won't give you more than the Small Claims limit is in your state.Aug 16 01:22
DaemonFC[m]Capital One did and they sold me to a company that specializes in suing people because they didn't want to do it, but Capital One will go after you in Small Claims themselves if it's under $10,000.Aug 16 01:23
DaemonFC[m]Different banks have different policies, but if they're going to get the judgment, it might be an idea to make their filing and legal bills turn into a major court case.Aug 16 01:24
DaemonFC[m]Even if you only owe them $10,001. Aug 16 01:24
DaemonFC[m]It'll hold them off a while longer, or turn off the lawsuit idea entirely if they can't see a way to get anything.Aug 16 01:25
DaemonFC[m]Capital One sells those accounts for about half of face value, so I waited for that and then immediately added the agency  they sold it to, to the petition.Aug 16 01:25
DaemonFC[m]The collection agency buys the accounts in bulk and doesn't know what they're getting.Aug 16 01:26
DaemonFC[m]If you file bankruptcy a day after they buy the account, they paid $10,000 and immediately lost it. Aug 16 01:26
DaemonFC[m]Or whatever half of what you owed the bank was.Aug 16 01:27
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-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: MX Linux 19.2 KDE Edition Officially Released, Available for Download Now []Aug 16 02:14
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: GNOME 3.37.90 Released []Aug 16 02:16
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: today’s howtos []Aug 16 02:20
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: PSPP 1.4.0 has been released []Aug 16 02:23
DaemonFC[m]kingoffrance: So if you're on your way to bankruptcy over credit cards, wait for those "We own your account now and you really need to pay up or else." letters.Aug 16 02:25
DaemonFC[m]Then the collection agencies wasted a bunch of money buying the accounts.Aug 16 02:25
DaemonFC[m]It's a proper trolling on the way to where you're heading anyway.Aug 16 02:26
DaemonFC[m]They buy this stuff up speculatively because most of the time they can sue for more than they paid for it and nobody can do much about it because they make too much to file a simply bankruptcy.Aug 16 02:27
DaemonFC[m]*simpleAug 16 02:27
DaemonFC[m]kingoffrance: If we up the percentage of debt that they buy that goes bad, we collectively reduce the incentive to buy the debt, and the banks can't ask for as much money for it on the bad debt market. Aug 16 02:31
DaemonFC[m]If their profits can't be maintained by buying it for 50% then they'll start passing on it unless the banks sell it at 30 or 40%.Aug 16 02:31
DaemonFC[m]Bank profits go down, collection agencies waste money buying debt that becomes uncollectable immediately.Aug 16 02:32
DaemonFC[m]Okay, I thought I owed that crazy Asian landlord in Chicago $1050 when I left, but some clause she sneaked into the lease added $1,550 for breaking the lease, and there was a $30 late fee, and the bankruptcy voided those out too as it pertains to me.Aug 16 02:51
DaemonFC[m]Well, she can sue John if she wants to. I might send a letter with no return address on it telling her his address in Seattle. Aug 16 02:51
DaemonFC[m]Plus she was claiming she'd have to clean for "hours" at rates specified in the back of the lease. The bankruptcy voided that too.Aug 16 02:53
DaemonFC[m]LOLAug 16 02:53
DaemonFC[m]I guess the threats of the lawsuit make more sense now. She planned to puff it up well over $3,000 and then go to Small Claims over it.Aug 16 02:55
schestowitzWhy bring up personal matters?Aug 16 02:57
DaemonFC[m]I was just looking at this lease. These things are terrible.Aug 16 02:57
DaemonFC[m]Just for a place to live. It has more words than the Constitution and you agree to all sorts of awful things.Aug 16 02:58
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: They want people to feel sorry for them.Aug 16 02:59
*dabblerdude ( has joined #techrightsAug 16 02:59
DaemonFC[m]Their business is literally owning land and waiting for people who work for a living to pay them money.Aug 16 03:00
DaemonFC[m]I wonder how the Coronavirus will play out. Lots of them will put their LLC in bankruptcy and the banks will move in on the house for non-payment of mortgage.Aug 16 03:00
DaemonFC[m]Then what?Aug 16 03:00
DaemonFC[m]This is certainly a new housing crisis, but more geared towards landlords with many tenants, as a legacy of not everyone being able to finance a house after the housing crisis of 2008.Aug 16 03:01
DaemonFC[m]The tenants will end up walking out on it and leaving their landlords to fail though. The danger is insufficient housing for a while that really screws things up.Aug 16 03:02
DaemonFC[m]It's pretty obvious what Joy was up to in her leases and increasing rents. She set it up so that nobody would stay there for more than a few years and then she could sue them for a few thousand after they moved out.Aug 16 03:03
DaemonFC[m]No stable tenants = Nobody being outraged about how fast the rents go up.Aug 16 03:04
DaemonFC[m]That's exactly what you do if you're renting units in a building where you expect housing costs to go up rapidly.Aug 16 03:05
schestowitzyes, massive crisis brewing, everyone agreesAug 16 03:05
schestowitzthe news sites you read downplay itAug 16 03:05
schestowitzbecause... check who owns themAug 16 03:05
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*dabblerdude has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)Aug 16 03:20
DaemonFC[m] 16 03:29
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | California Man Receives $860,000 In Fraudulent PPP Loans And Then Flees The Country | Zero HedgeAug 16 03:29
DaemonFC[m]I said people should do that. But how did he get the cash without setting off alarms?Aug 16 03:30
schestowitzhow credible is that site?Aug 16 03:30
schestowitzthey got caught publishing falsehoods beforeAug 16 03:30
schestowitzto the point where we stopped linking to itAug 16 03:30
schestowitzdoes the above link to another site?Aug 16 03:31
schestowitzlike a news report?Aug 16 03:31
DaemonFC[m]Oh, okay.Aug 16 03:31
DaemonFC[m]I read down the article.Aug 16 03:31
DaemonFC[m]The government froze his accounts and got it all back after he panicked and fled the country for Balarus.Aug 16 03:32
DaemonFC[m]*Belarus Aug 16 03:32
DaemonFC[m]So he committed felonies and can never come back to the US, but the money was recovered. Aug 16 03:32
DaemonFC[m]Well, I could have told him that banks have to get in the way of massive transfers. You can't actually walk in and get $860,000 cash.Aug 16 03:33
schestowitzwe need to work on some articleAug 16 03:35
schestowitzbut I am not sure which topicAug 16 03:35
oarion7Zerohedge is a mixed bag, you can get extremely credible and great material that's hard to curate yourself, but there's a lot of complete crap in there too. Most come from somewhere else, so I try to find a link to an original site so people take it seriouslyAug 16 03:36
schestowitzmaybe later today we'll experiment with a container for parts of the site, if Ariadne has time. I've meanwhile cleaned my RSS feedsAug 16 03:36
schestowitzoarion7: yes, I agreeAug 16 03:36
schestowitzthey botched really badly some months backAug 16 03:36
schestowitzto the point of being mentally or hard-blacklisted by some placesAug 16 03:37
schestowitzGoogle News is Google Noise these days. I mean, look what they link to right now, if you look for news about FreeBSD. It's some spam/trash generated automatically. 16 03:38
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Namespace environment variableAug 16 03:38
oarion7Yes and I responded by mentally blacklisting them, I do stand stand by what I said about them but it's not really any worse than the corporate media, just different angle, but not even that all the timeAug 16 03:39
oarion7i mean i blacklist sites that blacklist haAug 16 03:39
schestowitzif we can still use that term at allAug 16 03:40
schestowitzI see this debate mostly 'calmed down' by nowAug 16 03:40
schestowitzafter a number of projects broken down and did lexical-fuAug 16 03:40
DaemonFC[m] 16 03:41
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | No, InfoWars' Millie Weaver Was not Arrested for Exposing the 'Deep State'Aug 16 03:41
schestowitzdailydotAug 16 03:41
schestowitzwriting about fake BSAug 16 03:41
schestowitzto amplify the BSAug 16 03:41
schestowitzit's like talking about the BSAug 16 03:41
schestowitzand therefore making BS the "talk of the town"Aug 16 03:41
schestowitzlike "twitterstorms"Aug 16 03:41
schestowitzTrump lied, let's paste his tweet and get all angryAug 16 03:42
DaemonFC[m] 16 03:42
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | "Ghost Town": Shocking Dystopian Video Of NYC Shows An Abandoned And Boarded Up 5th Avenue | Zero HedgeAug 16 03:42
schestowitzlots of citiesAug 16 03:42
DaemonFC[m]Apparently, NYC is still boarded up. Really bad.Aug 16 03:42
schestowitzgood.Aug 16 03:42
schestowitzalthough..Aug 16 03:42
schestowitzfor small business owners it can be very devastatingAug 16 03:42
schestowitzwe only eat out in worker-owned small businessesAug 16 03:43
schestowitzthe big chains, some of them not even British, take the gov. subsidiesAug 16 03:43
oarion7schestowitz speaking of fake BS here is a short read for my Trump 2020 UFO prediction 16 03:43
-TechrightsBot-tr/ - 2020 UFO PredictionAug 16 03:43
schestowitzSubway, McDonalds etc.Aug 16 03:43
schestowitzThat's actually pretty funny, will linkAug 16 03:44
oarion7thanks!Aug 16 03:44
schestowitzis it yours?Aug 16 03:45
oarion7Yes I wrote it, that's my siteAug 16 03:45
schestowitzlet me see what else is there..Aug 16 03:45
oarion7I haven't written a lot. Mostly just reshared Caitlin Johnstone, Glen Greenwald,  & the Gray ZoneAug 16 03:46
schestowitzoh, cool 16 03:46
oarion7The site as a project is 95% an experiment in bash script I made to generate website from linux scripts, and 5% writing contentAug 16 03:46
oarion7My undergrad was in Peace Studies and I wanted to be an academic, was working on MA in Islam and Christian Muslim Relations and eventually decided I wasn't functioning in academia very wellAug 16 03:47
oarion7but I want to write moreAug 16 03:47
schestowitzAll the items have a url associated with them that's the front pageAug 16 03:48
schestowitznot sure if a quick fix is possibleAug 16 03:48
schestowitzthere's one link in the front page for # directive, another for permalink, e.g. 16 03:48
-TechrightsBot-tr/ - System Update with Glenn Greenwald - How Congress Maintains Endins Endless WarAug 16 03:48
oarion7I follow you on Mastodon, somehow stumbled upon your account on there, that's how I found this channel/your website only very recentlyAug 16 03:49
schestowitzoarion7: do write more, we'll link to it if it's decentAug 16 03:49
schestowitzoarion7: we started coming back to gnu linux in the past yearAug 16 03:49
oarion7that's inspiring thank youAug 16 03:49
schestowitzmostly focused on patent and swpats issues for yearsAug 16 03:49
oarion7and i'll look at the url thingAug 16 03:49
schestowitzmaybe the rss feed can do with a mere parameter change in the programAug 16 03:49
schestowitzto place the permalink where ... wait... now that I look at source it looks like link/url is not being specified in the feed itemsAug 16 03:50
schestowitz<title> - 2020 UFO Prediction</title>Aug 16 03:50
schestowitz<guid></guid>Aug 16 03:50
-TechrightsBot-tr/ - Independent ResearcherAug 16 03:50
schestowitz<pubDate>Wed, 29 Jul 2020 20:34:59 -0500</pubDate>Aug 16 03:50
schestowitzor guid element can be swapped for another parameter,  if one already exists in the program, which I cannot see (you see it's in bash)Aug 16 03:51
schestowitzwe try to encourage everyone to flee (back) to RSS feedsAug 16 03:51
schestowitzthe censorship interests and the propaganda interests (using "HEY HI" to decide for people what's important) don't like it when people directly subscribe to the node they have interest inAug 16 03:52
oarion7hmmm i can modify the RSS code I generate no problem but i'm a little fried after a long day in retail im not sure I understand what's wrong, I just test my site RSS in newsboat and confirm it worksAug 16 03:52
schestowitzno "algorithms" and "de-platforming" to shape public opinion on a grand scaleAug 16 03:52
schestowitzeach item in your feed has a link associated with itAug 16 03:53
schestowitzbut that links to the front page, then uses hash as directiveAug 16 03:53
schestowitzwhich would no longer work if there's paginationAug 16 03:53
oarion7oh okayAug 16 03:54
oarion7i think i can blame luke smith for this :) i based my blog generator on his codeAug 16 03:55
oarion7good adviseAug 16 03:55
schestowitzI know how tiring retail can beAug 16 03:55
oarion7advice*Aug 16 03:55
schestowitzI used to work in a computer storeAug 16 03:55
schestowitzassholes at the top (management)Aug 16 03:55
oarion7that's such a dream now, the very idea, of working in a computer storeAug 16 03:55
schestowitzthey are gone, mostlyAug 16 03:56
schestowitzbut not entirely, we still shop in the physical storesAug 16 03:56
schestowitzback then we still sold CRTsAug 16 03:56
schestowitzthe flatscreens were only starting to get hip and were super-expensive and 'chic'Aug 16 03:56
schestowitz(also very thick)Aug 16 03:56
DaemonFC[m]They give the money to McDonalds? That's hysterical.Aug 16 03:57
schestowitzcomputers would not "phone home" to "mother ship"Aug 16 03:57
schestowitzDaemonFC[m]: yesAug 16 03:57
schestowitz"help out"Aug 16 03:57
schestowitzeast out, help out Ronald McDonaldAug 16 03:57
schestowitzUncle Sam, tooAug 16 03:57
schestowitzcynical, I know...Aug 16 03:57
schestowitz*eat outAug 16 03:58
DaemonFC[m]So they not only misspend your money, but it goes to a foreign megacorporation.Aug 16 03:58
schestowitzthey really should just focus on locally-owned eateriesAug 16 03:58
schestowitznot fake "subsidiaries" registered in the UKAug 16 03:58
schestowitzDaemonFC[m]: yesAug 16 03:58
schestowitzbasically that's the downsideAug 16 03:58
schestowitzthere are other criticisms of this schemeAug 16 03:59
schestowitzit runs from Mon to WedAug 16 03:59
schestowitzwhich means the other days you pay twice as muchAug 16 03:59
schestowitzso people just wait, they don't comeAug 16 03:59
DaemonFC[m]Yeah, my cousin apparently uses it.Aug 16 03:59
schestowitzweekends are alm emptyAug 16 03:59
DaemonFC[m]They're living in London.Aug 16 03:59
schestowitzpeople wait for MondaysAug 16 03:59
DaemonFC[m]Yeah, well.....God how stupid.Aug 16 04:00
schestowitzit's supposed to rewards places people like Aug 16 04:00
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: Why not like 40% off all week or something?Aug 16 04:00
schestowitzI sure hope people don't use it in megacorporations' chains, either local or foreignAug 16 04:00
DaemonFC[m]Smooth it out.Aug 16 04:00
schestowitznot sureAug 16 04:00
schestowitzsome complained it woud cause obesityAug 16 04:00
schestowitzas you can go to dine 4 times in a dayAug 16 04:00
schestowitzand overeatAug 16 04:01
oarion7schestowitz: i modified my existing RSS entries manually, fortunately discovered that when there were so few of them. i'll modify the script. thanks for pointing that out!Aug 16 04:01
DaemonFC[m]You couldn't overeat before that. Aug 16 04:01
DaemonFC[m]:)Aug 16 04:01
schestowitzI notice some places check to see if you know about the discount, hoping you'll pay full price and then put that on their register as discounted, literally pocketing the differenceAug 16 04:01
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: I wonder if there's people who do what I used to do.Aug 16 04:01
schestowitzoarion7: let me test..Aug 16 04:02
schestowitzDaemonFC[m]: not at this priceAug 16 04:02
DaemonFC[m]There were restaurants who had discounted buffet nights, so I just ate less on some days and went to the buffet on the others.Aug 16 04:02
schestowitzthis applies to anything but alcoholAug 16 04:02
schestowitzI don't like buffet's atmosphereAug 16 04:02
schestowitzand people feel pressured to get their money's worthAug 16 04:02
schestowitzto the point of no longer enjoying the food much after a while...Aug 16 04:02
schestowitzoarion7: that still links to the front page, I've checked afreshAug 16 04:04
schestowitzI notice you mentioned Hoffman, oarion7Aug 16 04:05
oarion7hmm the <guid> tag for each entry now links to the individual html file for that entry, and i tested in newsboatAug 16 04:05
schestowitzdid you see 16 04:05
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Linked In to Pedophilia | TechrightsAug 16 04:05
schestowitzBasically he's like a man-in-the-middle for itAug 16 04:05
oarion7Oh I hadn't caught that yetAug 16 04:06
DaemonFC[m]In Russia they let you starve while they subsidize vodka.Aug 16 04:06
DaemonFC[m]I guess out of the two policies....Aug 16 04:06
schestowitzOh, I see oarion7Aug 16 04:07
schestowitzyou use cachingAug 16 04:07
schestowitzor CF or some CDN?Aug 16 04:07
schestowitzIf I override cache I see it differently (now)Aug 16 04:07
schestowitze.g. in view-source: 16 04:07
DaemonFC[m]Nothing good seems to come out of Russia.Aug 16 04:09
schestowitzI think you need to add <link> or similaAug 16 04:09
DaemonFC[m]Drink yourself to death. Lots of child pornographers. Economy that was in the toilet before this.Aug 16 04:09
schestowitzguid is something else, it lacks an element to parse, oarion7Aug 16 04:09
DaemonFC[m]Entire region of militant Muslims.Aug 16 04:09
DaemonFC[m]That they want to keep for some reason....Aug 16 04:09
schestowitzthey say media portrays russia as snow, poverty and drug use etc.Aug 16 04:10
schestowitz 16 04:10
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | RT (TV network) - WikipediaAug 16 04:10
schestowitz" RIA Novosti director Svetlana Mironyuk stated: "Unfortunately, at the level of mass consciousness in the West, Russia is associated with three words: communism, snow and poverty," "Aug 16 04:10
*brendyyn has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)Aug 16 04:10
schestowitzI don't notice much of RT anymoreAug 16 04:11
schestowitzwonder if Google eventually deranked them or canned themAug 16 04:11
schestowitzalong with Sputnik for that matterAug 16 04:11
DaemonFC[m]RT was on the satellite here but they got rid of it.Aug 16 04:11
schestowitzthey spoke about plans to curtail themAug 16 04:11
DaemonFC[m]It was right after they had me on.Aug 16 04:12
oarion7Google probably did it around the same time the WH did Aug 16 04:12
schestowitzBut Fox is "OK"Aug 16 04:12
schestowitz 16 04:12
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Trump’s New Racist Campaign Strategy Is Tweeting Mugshots of Black PeopleAug 16 04:12
oarion7It was funny having them in the press rooms in DC during Obama's 2nd term, the only ones asking real questions about Syria policy, drove that Kerby guy from the Pentagon nutsAug 16 04:12
DaemonFC[m]The US and Russia both want to make a different mess of Syria.Aug 16 04:13
DaemonFC[m]It's a proxy war. Aug 16 04:13
kingoffrancewell they got tetris going for them, the mass consciousness somewhat knows thatAug 16 04:13
DaemonFC[m]They had the inventor of Tetris endorse another game called Clockwerx, but he was just paid to have his picture on the box.Aug 16 04:14
DaemonFC[m]He had nothing to do with the game..Aug 16 04:14
*mmu_man has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)Aug 16 04:14
schestowitzwhy was it so popular anyway?Aug 16 04:15
schestowitzmany games just like itAug 16 04:15
schestowitzand probably prior art, tooAug 16 04:15
kingoffrancei think it was the stock game boy thingAug 16 04:15
DaemonFC[m]There were actually two releases of Tetris to the NES.Aug 16 04:15
kingoffrancestock i mean launch title, default bundleAug 16 04:16
schestowitzthere must be hundreds of versions of it prior to 2000 aloneAug 16 04:16
DaemonFC[m]One of them was an unlicensed cartridge from Tengen that used the lockout bypass chip.Aug 16 04:16
schestowitzinc. sextris and all sort of oddball offshootsAug 16 04:16
kingoffrancelol yes puzzle games tend to have a "reveal a picture"Aug 16 04:16
schestowitznow you have games with bubbles and stuff, similar to the idea of tetrisAug 16 04:16
*mmu_man ( has joined #techrightsAug 16 04:17
schestowitzkingoffrance: in arcades also, but that's nothing newAug 16 04:17
DaemonFC[m]Well, the third party games that bypassed 10NES almost always proved Nintendo right.Aug 16 04:17
DaemonFC[m]It was to get royalties to Nintendo and make sure that the console didn't get flooded with crap like the sort that caused the 1985 video game industry crash.Aug 16 04:17
DaemonFC[m]There were a lot of really bad Atari games, most notably Custer's Revenge. Aug 16 04:18
schestowitz 16 04:18
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | NO TITLEAug 16 04:18
DaemonFC[m]Atari's Nintendo games division didn't want to pay Nintendo royalties, so they developed 10NES bypass methods, and one was a clone chip that got them sued.Aug 16 04:19
DaemonFC[m]Undisclosed settlement.Aug 16 04:19
schestowitz 16 04:19
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Arcade game - WikipediaAug 16 04:19
DaemonFC[m]Well, Apple uses the same argument Nintendo did. They don't want a lot of low quality and fake shit and viruses in their app store, like what happens with Android sometimes.Aug 16 04:20
DaemonFC[m]That's fine, but it also means their decisions are final and unreviewable by the user. Aug 16 04:20
DaemonFC[m]So that's not fine. They abuse it to their own advantage a lot, or to enforce a government regulation.Aug 16 04:20
*mmu_man has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)Aug 16 04:21
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: That post about the Windows Store debacle was funny.Aug 16 04:22
DaemonFC[m]Guy goes looking for a screen recorder and 5 in a row didn't work.Aug 16 04:22
DaemonFC[m]The Windows Store is disregarded because you just bypass it and keep all your money.Aug 16 04:23
DaemonFC[m]Almost everything in there is fake or really really bad. Aug 16 04:23
oarion7I copied the contents of every guid tag into the contents of a link tag, hopefully that does the trick schestowitz Aug 16 04:24
DaemonFC[m]If I had been Microsoft I would have bought Valve and renamed Steam the Windows Store. Aug 16 04:24
DaemonFC[m]They had a product that worked and that people were committed to. The entire platform would have been a success from day 1. Aug 16 04:24
oarion7I've never noticed in my tests since I use scripts in RSS reader to generate a selection of all URLs referenced, never noticed whether RSS reader was interpreting the main link correctlyAug 16 04:25
schestowitzoarion7: yes, now it works!Aug 16 04:25
oarion7awesomeAug 16 04:25
schestowitzIf you see or  then that's meAug 16 04:25
schestowitzthe urls work ok nowAug 16 04:25
schestowitzI'll request that about 6 times a dayAug 16 04:26
schestowitzI've just checked lots of old mame and arcade stuffAug 16 04:26
oarion7Will take me some time to interpret the sed commands in my blog script that generate future entries :pAug 16 04:26
schestowitzahhh... the memoriesAug 16 04:26
schestowitzthat was early 90s mostlyAug 16 04:26
schestowitzI didn't have many coinsAug 16 04:26
schestowitzwas too short at timesAug 16 04:26
schestowitzbut I watched other people playAug 16 04:26
oarion7I don't believe I have anything in place to monitor those requests, that's interesting to think aboutAug 16 04:26
schestowitzthe games were often too difficult, unless you're one of those "big" teenagersAug 16 04:27
schestowitzoarion7: maybe later, if/when it growsAug 16 04:27
DaemonFC[m]GamerGateAug 16 04:27
schestowitzyou can export mastodon stuff to itAug 16 04:27
schestowitzor vice versaAug 16 04:27
schestowitzI post to mastodon (pleroma) actually from kate, my text editorAug 16 04:28
DaemonFC[m]Fat manchildren argues with nasty womyn. Aug 16 04:28
DaemonFC[m]Who wins? Who cares?Aug 16 04:28
oarion7you shared a comment i left recently on one of your mastodon postsAug 16 04:28
schestowitzDaemonFC[m]: maybe there need to be more games with "Sexy men" to even things out and stop the censorious issues around gamesAug 16 04:28
schestowitzI remember as a kid there used to be those Japanese roms in the arcade with sexy things in themAug 16 04:29
schestowitzI suppose it would be politically-incorrect nowAug 16 04:29
schestowitzwhat would parents thing, after all?Aug 16 04:29
schestowitzoarion7: we need to get back to blog posts and commentsAug 16 04:30
schestowitzsocial control media is a fadAug 16 04:30
oarion7a dangerous oneAug 16 04:30
oarion7thats what my comment was about hahaAug 16 04:30
schestowitzyoutube is part of itAug 16 04:30
DaemonFC[m]Well, when my mom discovered Facebook I knew their days were numbered.Aug 16 04:30
schestowitzgoogle become so threatening with demonetisation, complete channel (user) de-platforming etc. that people no longer express views there outside conventional imperialismAug 16 04:31
DaemonFC[m]I told mom that advertisers cared more about what younger people thought. She said, "Well, older people have all the money.". I said, "No, they have three divorce settlements and everyone in the state after them for credit cards and hospital bills.".Aug 16 04:32
schestowitzcause them you can be flagged "foreign agent" or "fake news" and whatever and without due process/appeal you lose ALL subscribers you earned, by virtue of depending on this one platform (and company)Aug 16 04:32
oarion7probably the only thing attaching me at all to the news cycle is Assange, the Free Assange Vigil and Slow News Day shows are the best video content out there for that at the moment, it's funny youtube doesn't take them down, but they have their suspicions about other ways youtube is treating themAug 16 04:32
schestowitzthey can demote them in resultsAug 16 04:32
oarion7one of their running gags is to blame all tech problems on "Kevin" which is the name they gave for the NSA/CIA contractor they presume must be hired to monitor themAug 16 04:32
schestowitzor never include them in related/recommendedAug 16 04:32
schestowitzyou would not knowAug 16 04:32
schestowitzthe algos and ranks assigned to channels are proprietaryAug 16 04:33
oarion7schestowitz: given the quality of their analysis, i cant imagine the viewer metrics i see are real. but i mostly run youtube through scripts, i like to imagine everyone else is, but i know thats not trueAug 16 04:33
*obarun has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)Aug 16 04:33
schestowitzFB whisleblower recently showed they were promoting, not demoting, pro-Trump crapAug 16 04:33
schestowitzFB fired the worker for itAug 16 04:33
schestowitzthe whisleblowerAug 16 04:33
oarion7schestowitz: i would love to see that, thats my jamAug 16 04:33
schestowitznot the people who used FB to appease trumpAug 16 04:33
oarion7the idea that silicon valley is trying to take down trump is a quintessential element to constructing the image of his authenticityAug 16 04:34
schestowitz 16 04:35
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | QAnon groups have millions of members on Facebook, documents showAug 16 04:35
oarion7thanksAug 16 04:35
schestowitz 16 04:35
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Internal Facebook investigation found millions of users involved with QAnon theory: report | TheHillAug 16 04:35
schestowitzthat's not it, yet...Aug 16 04:35
schestowitzam searching backwardsAug 16 04:35
schestowitzhere, found it: 16 04:36
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Trump Disputing Election A Worry For Facebook EmployeesAug 16 04:36
oarion7man i can add link tags to my rss from my script no problem, but i know before i do that i'm more concerned about breaking the part of the script that *deletes* those entries when desired hahAug 16 04:36
oarion7ok got itAug 16 04:36
schestowitzalso of interest: 16 04:37
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Republicans paid huge, strange sums to Facebook and a mystery company for "list acquisition" | Salon.comAug 16 04:37
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Facebook Removes Foreign Pro-Trump Troll Farms | News | teleSUR EnglishAug 16 04:37
schestowitzI posted about 4 links about their GOP bias in the past weekAug 16 04:37
schestowitzZuck and Thiel/Trump are connected closelyAug 16 04:37
schestowitzJack Dorsey also, but less closelyAug 16 04:37
schestowitzCorporations love dictators who crush regulations and workersAug 16 04:38
schestowitzbut outwardly they need to pretend otherwiseAug 16 04:38
*brendyyn (~brendyyn@ has joined #techrightsAug 16 04:38
oarion7i love how the narrative is always about the idea of trump disputing the results, and never about the idea that he can probably influence the results to begin with, and re: vote by mail, how the hell would that really benefit anyone other than the incumbent. oh wellAug 16 04:39
oarion7only the worst critiques of trump are permitted to go viral and clog the imaginationAug 16 04:40
oarion7i recognize my speculations are not infallible, in the absense of whatever it is i am looking for, my imagination is getting a little creativeAug 16 04:41
schestowitzThe media I follow covers both aspectsAug 16 04:42
schestowitznot sure if MSM focuses only on one aspectAug 16 04:42
schestowitzeither way, he already discredited the election systemAug 16 04:42
schestowitzto begin with, 'winning' with 3 million voters fewerAug 16 04:42
oarion7and the public was already demoralized or retreated to apathy by the time that happened bc of what happened to Sanders, I supposeAug 16 04:44
schestowitzRe: Feedback Welcome: Bill Gates & Jeffrey Epstein: Deception, Lies, and PhilanthropyAug 16 04:44
schestowitz> For me it’s an emphatic yes regarding his guilt as he’s acting no differently than other guilty parties accused of the same; they’re all using the same playbook.Aug 16 04:44
schestowitz> Aug 16 04:44
schestowitz> An innocent person wouldn’t hang out with Epstein in the first place, let alone get on a plane with him, all behind his wife’s back, lie about it initially, and then try to play it all off as some philanthropy experiment. That’s some desperate lawyer logic at best.Aug 16 04:44
schestowitz> Aug 16 04:44
schestowitz> My opinion is that the only thing bringing Gates into contact with Epstein is desperation for the services that Epstein offered. There’s nothing that Epstein could offer Gates besides discretion and a virtual guarantee of not being caught. Abandoning common sense and opsec is common among pedophiles as shown most recently with Peter Bright, there are even shows built around this premise and this is especially the case when it’s Aug 16 04:44
schestowitzan easy meal. Lying about their participation in such things is to be expected and should by no means distract from facts and circumstance; no one just up and admits that they’re a pedophile.Aug 16 04:45
schestowitz(quote)Aug 16 04:45
schestowitzfrom Microsoft personAug 16 04:45
schestowitzformerAug 16 04:45
schestowitzAnd speaking of Peter Bright...Aug 16 04:49
schestowitzConvcted:Aug 16 04:49
schestowitz 16 04:49
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Former Journalist Convicted At Trial For Attempted Child Enticement | USAO-SDNY | Department of JusticeAug 16 04:49
schestowitzSentencing delayed:Aug 16 04:49
schestowitz 16 04:49
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | ArsTechnica Peter Bright Gets Sentencing Delayed 2 Months After Moved For AcquittalAug 16 04:49
schestowitzI will write something about this....Aug 16 04:52
schestowitz> A guy claiming to be from the Census stopped by- again.Aug 16 04:54
schestowitz> Aug 16 04:54
schestowitz> I said I already talked to them. I didn't let them in. They said "they sent me too." I said "what can I do for you?" They wanted me to answer some questions. I said "I already answered what I'm going to answer" (a couple of questions, should have said nothing) he said "alright, I'll tell my boss."Aug 16 04:54
schestowitz> Aug 16 04:54
schestowitz> Pair this with everything else. Coincidence? always possible. Ridiculous? Yes. Suspicious? A bit. I know they're doing census right now. Perfect cover. Do they send people TWICE? Maybe. Questions are voluntary. This is not necessarily what they say it is. People lie. Both census people sounded male.Aug 16 04:54
schestowitz> More fun with the census people--Aug 16 04:55
schestowitz> Aug 16 04:55
schestowitz> So upon learning that it is required, I answered the census-- I will notAug 16 04:55
schestowitz> say by what method, though it was not in person with the census people.Aug 16 04:55
schestowitz> Aug 16 04:55
schestowitz> I discovered that my census ID was for an address somewhere else inAug 16 04:55
schestowitz> town. I'm sure that sort of mix-up happens all the time. The places areAug 16 04:55
schestowitz> far apart, but the papers are close together, right?Aug 16 04:55
schestowitz> Aug 16 04:55
schestowitz> But let's go over a couple possibilities for the sake of completeness:Aug 16 04:55
schestowitz> Aug 16 04:55
schestowitz> 1. some people are trying to get their census ID/questionaires takenAug 16 04:55
schestowitz> care of by posing as census people (everyone is wearing masks) andAug 16 04:56
schestowitz> dropping them off other places. I doubt it, but people do all kinds ofAug 16 04:56
schestowitz> crazy things.Aug 16 04:56
schestowitz> Aug 16 04:56
schestowitz> 2. Someone is using a visit of notice they picked up somewhere else toAug 16 04:56
schestowitz> pose as a census person. I doubt it, but it is a possibility and a greatAug 16 04:56
schestowitz> cover if they're doing that. Also since the census people wear masks,Aug 16 04:56
schestowitz> how is anybody going to know what they did?Aug 16 04:56
schestowitz> Aug 16 04:56
schestowitz> But the most likely scenario of course is they just mixed up two piecesAug 16 04:56
schestowitz> of paper. Given the timing, it would seem kind of silly to not mentionAug 16 04:56
schestowitz> it though.Aug 16 04:56
DaemonFC[m]I voluntarily filled out the Census. Nobody ever sent anyone to the motel even though there's people living here, and there were no notices with a reply number.Aug 16 04:56
DaemonFC[m]They only want to know about people in rich neighborhoods.Aug 16 04:56
DaemonFC[m]That way they don't have to spend anything on poor people.Aug 16 04:57
schestowitz> Oh, so you did not answer the census by mail?  That would explain theAug 16 04:58
schestowitz> first visit certainly.  What are the odds of a second visit - eitherAug 16 04:58
schestowitz> intentionally or by mistake?  Probably reasonably high.Aug 16 04:58
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: They'll get an undercount. People living in motels are hard to count even if you want to.Aug 16 04:59
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: I answered the Census because I would rather have Illinois get counted as me living here for the next 10 years than Indiana, should I move back.Aug 16 05:00
DaemonFC[m]If I move back to Indiana, I'm never answering the Census again.Aug 16 05:00
*gde33 ( has joined #techrightsAug 16 05:01
DaemonFC[m]Those people can't be trusted with an election.Aug 16 05:01
schestowitzthey did one here almost a decade agoAug 16 05:03
schestowitzwith penalties for not complyingAug 16 05:03
schestowitzbut in addition, they sent people to houses to interview folksAug 16 05:04
schestowitzwhich I found oddAug 16 05:04
schestowitzthey compensated them for the time with POSTAGE stampsAug 16 05:04
oarion7schestowitz: i have officially corrected my rss script thanks again for the tip and also again for the shareAug 16 05:07
schestowitzmaybe it'll grow in sub numbersAug 16 05:08
schestowitzyou just need to put lots of good stuff in there, rather than in social control media, where you're merely a guestAug 16 05:08
schestowitzI am doing an article about Microsoft Peter nowAug 16 05:08
schestowitzsomeone from Microsoft sent me pointersAug 16 05:08
oarion7well i am a guest on my web host, about whom i know next to nothingAug 16 05:08
gde33a customerAug 16 05:09
schestowitzyou can move the domain and hostingAug 16 05:09
oarion7always, yes, if neededAug 16 05:09
schestowitzso the RSS feed and files remain portableAug 16 05:09
schestowitzTechrights has had 3 hostsAug 16 05:09
schestowitzin 14 yearsAug 16 05:09
gde33but you cant have people access your shit without paying for a domainAug 16 05:09
gde33and for that you need to be aliveAug 16 05:09
schestowitzto run a site you need to be aliveAug 16 05:10
schestowitzunless it's some google blogspot thingAug 16 05:10
gde33facebook has better serviceAug 16 05:10
schestowitzin which case you are at Google's mercyAug 16 05:10
gde33schestowitz: like shakespear?Aug 16 05:10
oarion7i bought the domain name last year, when i needed to pick a registrar i just looked up who the registrar was for wikileaks and went for that :)Aug 16 05:10
schestowitzsee GOogle+Aug 16 05:10
gde33schestowitz: the facination with new shit is purly culturalAug 16 05:11
schestowitzyesAug 16 05:11
schestowitznew stuff is experimentalAug 16 05:11
schestowitzand fails more quickly when it doesAug 16 05:11
schestowitzremember google buzz/Aug 16 05:11
gde33I suppose it made sense in the intersting times that just ended :PAug 16 05:11
schestowitzwe're relatively old skoolAug 16 05:12
schestowitzsocial control media is, to me, something done from my text editor in utf-8Aug 16 05:13
schestowitzbecause some people are "on it" (those sites)Aug 16 05:13
schestowitz[04:49] <schestowitz> 16 05:14
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | ArsTechnica Peter Bright Gets Sentencing Delayed 2 Months After Moved For AcquittalAug 16 05:14
schestowitzthis site has had its RSS feed broken FOR OVER A DECADEAug 16 05:14
schestowitzthey just say, use Twitter to follow usAug 16 05:14
schestowitzbig mistakeAug 16 05:14
oarion7YeahAug 16 05:14
gde33schestowitz: the sadest part is that every feature on the social networks could have existed in standard web techAug 16 05:14
schestowitzwhat's the point having your own site if your subscribers are all wired in through a third party with no substitute for itAug 16 05:15
schestowitzgde33: already existAug 16 05:15
oarion7The RSS feed has been broken for Consortium News for a long time. I responded by typing and MAILING a brief letter to Joe Lauria insisting he fix itAug 16 05:15
schestowitzmaybe not exploited fullyAug 16 05:15
schestowitztwitter started as SMS thingAug 16 05:15
schestowitzafter Jack had done some SMS-related workAug 16 05:15
schestowitznow Web but mobile/tower stuffAug 16 05:16
oarion7i vaguely remember thatAug 16 05:16
schestowitzoarion7: yes, but sometimes it burps something up;Aug 16 05:16
schestowitzlike, for news picksAug 16 05:16
schestowitzthough it's mostly broken and randomAug 16 05:16
gde33schestowitz: It should have been better. The whole need for a social network shouldnt have existed.Aug 16 05:16
schestowitzthere is still no NEEDAug 16 05:17
schestowitzbut it's hard to start from zero without itAug 16 05:17
schestowitzI think helped techrights in the early daysAug 16 05:17
schestowitzbrought some audience to itAug 16 05:17
schestowitzI was ranked 17th in that siteAug 16 05:17
oarion7it's sad, if you look at the source Consortium News has no reliable RSS and full of google analytics. it's weird because you look at the website and quality of their reporting and it's like gazing into another time and place in the universeAug 16 05:17
schestowitzit isAug 16 05:18
schestowitzit used to be about odfAug 16 05:18
schestowitznow the company is slave of LFAug 16 05:18
schestowitzLook at LF IRC filingsAug 16 05:18
schestowitzyou will see how much Andy and others are paudAug 16 05:18
schestowitziirc, about 150k/annum in last filingAug 16 05:18
schestowitzso they're mostly fronting for LF stewards as legal repsAug 16 05:18
schestowitzand not so much about standards per seAug 16 05:19
schestowitzit's basically defunct+Aug 16 05:19
schestowitza little better than defunctAug 16 05:19
DaemonFC[m]<schestowitz "with penalties for not complying"> You can be cited with a misdemeanor for not replying, but it would be a maximum fine of like $100 and court costs and you'd be the first person prosecuted for it since 1983.Aug 16 05:19
schestowitzas a site, not a law firmAug 16 05:19
oarion7wait. who's owned by LF ?Aug 16 05:19
schestowitzgesmer whateverAug 16 05:19
schestowitzbig client of trheirsAug 16 05:19
schestowitzsee latest in 16 05:20
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The Linux Foundation - Nonprofit Explorer - ProPublicaAug 16 05:20
schestowitz 16 05:20
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Nonprofit Explorer - THE LINUX FOUNDATION - Full Filing - ProPublicaAug 16 05:20
schestowitzhmm.. they pay "FORMER VP OF FINANCE"Aug 16 05:21
schestowitzHalf a million dollarsAug 16 05:21
schestowitzfor formerAug 16 05:21
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: Let's see....underage smoking, assault, disorderly conduct, failure to wear a seat belt, and census refusal.Aug 16 05:23
DaemonFC[m]Pretty standard really. Thank God they don't know about the rest.Aug 16 05:23
schestowitzmaybe they stopped paying Updegrove Aug 16 05:23
schestowitz2017:Aug 16 05:23
schestowitz 16 05:23
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | THE LINUX FOUNDATION - Form 990 for period ending Dec 2017 - Nonprofit Explorer - ProPublicaAug 16 05:23
schestowitz7QEDkdCZE3fd0VlD2xgTwoUM-CG2IFVozDA1VFwPQ8zhaCFtUcuChSUNwhyN7wlUcR9Myhn6nm73eDRRBD6QXHv2_p9qz9iK7Sg3XXo7IJwK-d5ji7AxEuwzZDiVGyi6CDva6n14Y4kXOT-ByMJFclGMbduONG2VnmL3zrGo02Lw4qBtITl23FNK_NyT8FvfTrplAaVwt-Xfy2E_TNfAmjlpGLAUqCgnHv3gn5y1zcgRSs_Vk7-m7romK6TvAdxithAev3MK-GWS4-I5Uc7FdGNVXrcXIAvKJE6nykAjv7yiYgn4ehGpsUctCxhC1h4XjEAaLPHVYBVct_fXfeQ5T1rEBkFWX-7aElQ2-e0dELo-6HDGW3uIdVjUvw1zHHDQ2TVWLkea5berl5y1iU8yu1zcgssEqdXmaLRQmu3jEPOZpzZoKLQm7KSAug 16 05:23
schestowitzV5fv5lk3vO_QaPfkJFwMk6x7ggIwAug 16 05:23
DaemonFC[m]I had to go do 50 community service hours because I got caught stealing a pack of cigarettes and smoking one of them.Aug 16 05:24
*CrystalMath has quit (Quit: Support Richard Stallman and other victims of cancel culture! | 16 05:24
schestowitzWow. Zemlin gave himself a big raise!Aug 16 05:25
schestowitzOn a job well done?Aug 16 05:25
DaemonFC[m]They made me go pull weeds out of a park. Aug 16 05:25
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: The dotcom era was pretty funny really. They were going to do all these stupid "internet currencies", and Whoopi Goldberg was the spokesperson for one of them.Aug 16 05:27
DaemonFC[m]Flooz or something.Aug 16 05:27
DaemonFC[m]So I got some Flooz for I don't remember what, and ordered a bunch of cigars through the mail, and I go to the post office and the guy just hands them to me (unmarked box).Aug 16 05:28
DaemonFC[m] 16 05:28
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | - WikipediaAug 16 05:28
oarion7So you were a floozyAug 16 05:29
schestowitzbrb coffeeAug 16 05:29
schestowitzI am going to do a proper article about thisAug 16 05:29
schestowitzturns out we now have access to a NEW tax filing from LFAug 16 05:29
schestowitzand I did not see this one beforAug 16 05:29
DaemonFC[m]According to Wikipedia, 19% of the revenue Flooz got was from money launderers using stolen credit cards in Russia.Aug 16 05:30
schestowitzoarion7: got the PDFAug 16 05:34
schestowitzThey changed to anoher legal services providerAug 16 05:34
oarion7Did this tie back to Consortium News somehow or another matter?Aug 16 05:36
*brendyyn has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)Aug 16 05:40
schestowitzthey did lots of LF puff piecesAug 16 05:41
schestowitzalso, Andy took a Microsoft contractAug 16 05:41
schestowitzfor CodeplexAug 16 05:41
schestowitzbut that was a long time agoAug 16 05:42
schestowitzever since then he has not criticised MicrosoftAug 16 05:42
schestowitzLinux Foundation Exceeds $100,000,000 in Revenue, Zemlin Now Pays Himself About a Million Dollars a Year and Linux Foundation Operates at a Loss of $732,261Aug 16 05:43
schestowitzHow's that for a title?Aug 16 05:43
schestowitzthey sacked all the peopleAug 16 05:43
schestowitzoverspending on nonsense and ludicrous salaries, plus bonuses of all sorts (no oversight, no justification needed). Linux 'fat cats' who never even use Linux.Aug 16 05:44
schestowitzThey love Linux only as a brand that helps them become millionairesAug 16 05:45
DaemonFC[m]"Over its short history, reportedly exhausted from $35 million to $50 million in venture capital."Aug 16 05:46
DaemonFC[m]Amateurs.Aug 16 05:46
oarion7I've been referring to the anti-war publisher that advocates for Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, Wikileaks, et al. Aug 16 05:47
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Consortiumnews – Volume 26, Number 228 – Saturday, August 15, 2020Aug 16 05:47
oarion7Their RSS feed is *REALLY* broken hahaAug 16 05:47
schestowitzthe site is obsoleteAug 16 05:50
schestowitzI sometimes find links to it in LXerAug 16 05:51
schestowitzif they submit these Aug 16 05:51
schestowitzotherwise it's hard to know what goes on there, the structure of the site confuses me alseAug 16 05:51
schestowitzthere used to be two RSS feedsAug 16 05:51
schestowitzone for Andy's blogAug 16 05:51
schestowitzanother for something like PJ's (Groklaw) News PicksAug 16 05:51
schestowitzNeither of these feeds work anymoreAug 16 05:51
schestowitzand I reckon their cms and underlying system is outdates, not secureAug 16 05:52
schestowitzbut we talk abotu consortiuminfoAug 16 05:52
schestowitzwhereas you refer to the site that's as dead as its founderAug 16 05:52
schestowitzthe son and another person continued, but went astrayAug 16 05:53
schestowitzI deleted their feed before it was brokenAug 16 05:53
oarion7Got it!Aug 16 05:53
schestowitzbecause their bias and agenda became very toxicAug 16 05:53
schestowitzsimilar site namesAug 16 05:53
schestowitzboth good sites... or used to beAug 16 05:53
schestowitzPerry was OKAug 16 05:53
schestowitzthe fatherAug 16 05:53
schestowitztheir Assange pieces were still OKAug 16 05:53
oarion7Idk about dead, there's some journos there doing good work covering Assange case, I think. At least they're tryingAug 16 05:53
schestowitzI lost track of them, they became almost as defunct as wikileaks itselfAug 16 05:54
schestowitzwhen the media portrayed the site as Russian propagandaAug 16 05:54
oarion7Their longform interviews/discussions on youtube are good, but I don't watch oftenAug 16 05:54
schestowitzme neitherAug 16 05:54
schestowitztoo much cruft in videosAug 16 05:55
schestowitzanyway, I'm going to start writing nowAug 16 05:55
DaemonFC[m]Testing on animals = animal cruelty..... Well, if it speeds a vaccine for the virus it's acceptable.Aug 16 05:55
oarion7Nice chatting with youAug 16 05:55
schestowitzI was referring all along to consortium infoAug 16 05:55
oarion7I understand now Aug 16 05:55
schestowitzknown mostly for its pro-ODF workAug 16 05:55
schestowitzaround 2007Aug 16 05:55
DaemonFC[m]Are we going to put a person in that chair first, or a monkey, if we just want to see if it might work?Aug 16 05:55
schestowitzit's sort of rotting awayAug 16 05:55
schestowitzat least I found out, along the way, that a new LF filing is availableAug 16 05:55
DaemonFC[m]What about rats? They test things on rats.Aug 16 05:56
schestowitzI'll do another pass through it to see what has changedAug 16 05:56
schestowitz[05:55] <DaemonFC[m]> Testing on animals = animal cruelty..... Well, if it speeds a vaccine for the virus it's acceptable.Aug 16 05:56
schestowitzfor humans maybeAug 16 05:56
schestowitzEdison tested electric chairs on elephantsAug 16 05:56
schestowitzto get some patents for another "business" venturesAug 16 05:56
gde33test it on humansAug 16 05:57
schestowitzand that helped him end lives, not save livesAug 16 05:57
schestowitzgde33: on bill and warrenAug 16 05:57
schestowitzand their 7 kidsAug 16 05:57
schestowitzsince their wonderful vaccine is obviously so effectiveAug 16 05:57
schestowitzlike those pro-GMO billionaires who east organic or grow their ownAug 16 05:58
schestowitzand get bottled water to avoid the pesticide in the sewers that feed into the water tapsAug 16 05:58
schestowitz*east>eatAug 16 05:59
oarion7I guess I should sleep. Good night fine peopleAug 16 06:01
*oarion7 has quit (Quit: Running IRC on a charmed medieval abacus.)Aug 16 06:02
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: Tap water quality in this region is quite good.Aug 16 06:06
DaemonFC[m]Obviously they tap into Lake Michigan.Aug 16 06:06
DaemonFC[m]It's when you get further away from the lake and they tap wells that the water gets really bad.Aug 16 06:07
DaemonFC[m]MinceR: Some Republican in North Carolina shot a lady with a bb gun, who thought she was removing a Trump sign someone put in her brother's front lawn.Aug 16 06:13
DaemonFC[m]He told the police he bought the bb gun to shoot at cats that were in his yard.Aug 16 06:14
DaemonFC[m]They charged him with aggravated assault and disorderly conduct. Aug 16 06:14
DaemonFC[m]He's up for arraignment in November.Aug 16 06:14
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: I love it when I get to that part in a news article.Aug 16 06:15
DaemonFC[m]"He told the police that...." EHHHH!!!! Wrong!Aug 16 06:15
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: In Rogers Park, there's like twice as many apartments on the market as usual.Aug 16 06:19
DaemonFC[m]Odd, since Governor Pritzker's eviction moratorium is still in effect.Aug 16 06:19
DaemonFC[m]You wouldn't think they'd be emptying out until well after that expires.Aug 16 06:19
DaemonFC[m]Then all the landlords pile into court and it takes many of them months to get the case heard.Aug 16 06:20
DaemonFC[m]Then when that happens, a clever tenant would file a bankruptcy and then go to the hearing and inform the state judge about the bankruptcy.Aug 16 06:20
DaemonFC[m]Then the bankruptcy takes about 4-5 months to discharge, then the landlord has to go to court to evict you again, and then they have to stand in line until the Sheriff of Cook County can enforce it.Aug 16 06:21
DaemonFC[m]If your landlord interferes with you during the bankruptcy they're in serious trouble.Aug 16 06:21
DaemonFC[m]You know, before they can ever get you out of there, the bank might have actually foreclosed on them.Aug 16 06:22
*smnthermes ( has left #techrightsAug 16 06:55
*smnthermes ( has joined #techrightsAug 16 06:57
DaemonFC[m]This could go on and on until the banks take action against the landlords. Aug 16 07:23
DaemonFC[m]In fact, I think it will.Aug 16 07:23
DaemonFC[m]Or the city/county, for unpaid property taxes.Aug 16 07:23
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: I think we're going to see some use of the adverse possession laws, honestly. Aug 16 07:24
DaemonFC[m]People who are desperate for housing will move into the bank-foreclosed homes and live there as long as they can and may try to claim them.Aug 16 07:25
DaemonFC[m] 16 07:27
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Taiwan Signs Deal For Large Batch Of US F-16 Jets As China Tensions On Brink | Zero HedgeAug 16 07:27
DaemonFC[m]66 F-16 fighter jets to be sold to Taiwan to join the ones currently in service.Aug 16 07:27
schestowitzDaemonFC[m]: maybe the Chinese can send 1000 jets to Puerto RicoAug 16 07:33
schestowitzYou know, to protect their sovereignty\ from the USAug 16 07:33
schestowitzNothing provocative about it or anything...Aug 16 07:33
*Mrlavalava ( has joined #techrightsAug 16 07:36
*Mrlavalava has quit (Remote host closed the connection)Aug 16 07:36
schestowitz"figosdev's posts have all been great" -iophk onAug 16 07:47
schestowitz 16 07:47
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Techrights and figosdev | TechrightsAug 16 07:48
*tdemin (~tdemin@2a03:1ac0:6dc3:9367::209) has joined #techrightsAug 16 07:49
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-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: #Android Leftovers []Aug 16 08:34
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: #Android Leftovers []Aug 16 08:34
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schestowitz 16 10:08
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Thread by @Agenthades1: Seems like a good day for this #EpsteinAssociate... Melanie Walker Sinofsky was the first person to introduce Bill Gates to Jeffrey Epstein.…Aug 16 10:08
schestowitz"Even if you want to believe that their relationship was only financial and Gates had no interests in the sex trafficking part, Epstein's child rape crimes were already well known at this time and taking money from known predators is still pretty fucking disgusting."Aug 16 10:08
*liberty_box has quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)Aug 16 10:23
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schestowitz 16 11:29
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Howard Schultz's Insane Story about Bill Gates and His Dad — Clip #3 - YouTubeAug 16 11:29
schestowitzLike Starbucks is basically owned by the GatesesAug 16 11:31
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schestowitzAriadne: ready when/if you are, no hurry...Aug 16 12:37
Ariadnelet's take a raincheck.  I had to do a lot of work on my car yesterdayAug 16 13:07
Ariadneand well today I am quite tiredAug 16 13:07
schestowitzI understandAug 16 13:07
schestowitzAriadne: today the ddos attacks target "author" pagesAug 16 13:16
schestowitzbut I cannot claim it's to do with anything I published that's unusualAug 16 13:16
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-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Today in Techrights []Aug 16 16:15
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DaemonFC[m] 16 17:34
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-China launches 'Clean Plate' campaign against food waste - BBC NewsAug 16 17:34
DaemonFC[m]China: There's no food shortage, but it's important to maintain a sense of crisis about food waste, for no particular reason.Aug 16 17:35
DaemonFC[m] 16 17:40
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | 'Rick and Morty' Fans Want Adult Swim Series Canceled After Video of Creator Dan Harmon's Doll Rape ResurfacesAug 16 17:40
DaemonFC[m]Cancel culture goes after Rick and Morty.Aug 16 17:40
DaemonFC[m] 16 17:42
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | CDC's chief of staff, deputy chief of staff depart agency - CNNPoliticsAug 16 17:42
DaemonFC[m]CDC leadership resigns because they're not able to do their job with all of the Trump lies they have to get behind.Aug 16 17:42
DaemonFC[m]"The pair had been criticized by Trump administration officials for not being loyal enough."Aug 16 17:42
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: This will make it easier to use the CDC to blast propaganda about Bill Gates and his vaccine.Aug 16 18:12
DaemonFC[m]Now that any actual scientists who might have said "Hey, wait a minute!" are gone.Aug 16 18:12
DaemonFC[m]It's completely unacceptable that the WHO lied, here....listen to Trump's liars at CDC instead!Aug 16 18:13
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: I know another great idea.Aug 16 18:14
DaemonFC[m]Go up to people in prison for Class A Felonies and offer them a shout out to the parole board maybe if they agree to be Phase III test subjects.Aug 16 18:15
DaemonFC[m]They're at high risk of getting the virus anyway, and you know maybe if some of them were probably going to get paroled soon anyway.....Aug 16 18:15
DaemonFC[m]It's interesting that nobody has gone to people in prison and offered them good time or a word to the parole board if they sign up for the vaccine trials.Aug 16 18:17
DaemonFC[m]"Hey, you know that last 5 years on your sentence? Well, maybe we can just not and say we did. "Aug 16 18:18
*Digit (~user@fsf/member/digit) has left #techrights ("ERC (IRC client for Emacs 25.2.2)")Aug 16 18:19
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: Trump doesn't want people to know what his brother died of "suddenly" and after being "very sick" in a New York hospital.Aug 16 18:19
DaemonFC[m]How bad would it sound for his campaign if he had to admit that not responding to the Coronavirus got his own brother killed?Aug 16 18:20
DaemonFC[m]We all know that's almost certainly what it was and if it was anything else they would have said so.Aug 16 18:20
DaemonFC[m]Trump has also been going around saying ridiculous things, even for him. Like "I might win New York!". Overcoming a 40 point deficit in the polls would take worse polling data than is even possible.Aug 16 18:23
DaemonFC[m]He still calls New York his "home state" as he attacks mail-in voting, while his whole family requested mail ballots so they can vote from Florida addresses.Aug 16 18:23
DaemonFC[m]Indiana is the way that it is, politically, because while there are some people in the northern part of the state that are foaming at the mouth crazy, like my mom, there's an entire chunk of the state between south of Indianapolis and Kentucky where it's still basically Klan majorities. It's horrible down there.Aug 16 18:25
DaemonFC[m]So they have the numbers to hijack state politics. So Indiana is an extreme outlier in the midwest .Aug 16 18:25
DaemonFC[m]Well, it's a cautionary tale, really. It's like that episode of Star Trek where Picard is shocked to learn at how quickly an entire planet devolved socially. Back into religious nuts just because they didn't understand what they saw when some people from the Enterprise used the transporter.Aug 16 18:26
DaemonFC[m]He says "Your report spoke of how reasonable these people are?" and of course just days later they're overrun by religious zealots and other dead weight and their entire planet is on the brink of failing. That's basically.....It took Indiana about 20 years. Once all of the good jobs that required either college or at least a sound mind that was capable of basic math skills were gone.....Aug 16 18:27
XRevan86It's because they didn't see a burning bush, now that's an absolute miracle.Aug 16 18:27
DaemonFC[m]Well, the United States has been stripped clean of jobs that needed smart people, and then they defunded education because they no longer even needed people who were smart enough to do the jobs that they took away.Aug 16 18:29
DaemonFC[m]Now we have a few billionaires not even paying taxes while they speak of themselves as "makers" and a printing press (figuratively) at the Federal Reserve trying to fund the entire government. Mom thinks this is a "great job" that Trump did.Aug 16 18:30
DaemonFC[m]I'm sure that when it catches up to her, she'll be all like "What happened? I thought Trump did a great job!". You know, she won't even listen to me about how Trump is sabotaging immigration to try to destroy a legal path to citizenship for people who followed the law, like, my husband. The first sign you're dealing with a sociopath is a total inability to empathize.Aug 16 18:31
DaemonFC[m]She's rather go cuckoo for cocoa puffs and yell at me over some fake video she saw on Facebook the other day.Aug 16 18:32
DaemonFC[m]You know, one that was likely put up by a Russian troll farm. She believes what the Russian FSB tells her and not what her own son is actually going through one state away.Aug 16 18:33
*psydread ( has joined #techrightsAug 16 18:38
*psydread has quit (Excess Flood)Aug 16 18:38
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: It looks like, you know, hundreds of thousands of cases are closing out and the death rate is only falling a few hundredths of a percent at a time now.Aug 16 18:41
DaemonFC[m]So it's bottoming out. It's going to level off at 5.5-ish percent or so soon.Aug 16 18:42
DaemonFC[m]So much for "1% die so what are you whining about?". That is 5.5% of clinically diagnosed cases, so maybe like 0.55% of total if you assume there's 10x more out there than what we're diagnosing. But remember, the flu kills about 0.8% of clinically confirmed cases and we don't come close to diagnosing everyone with the flu either.Aug 16 18:43
DaemonFC[m]It's much worse than the flu. At least 5x worse than a bad flu.Aug 16 18:43
DaemonFC[m]Trump actually made a good point. We don't shut down for the flu because the flu is just a fact of life and it doesn't kill like the Coronavirus does. In 5 months, we'll have had at least 190,000 American Coronavirus deaths.Aug 16 18:44
DaemonFC[m]The flu kills 20,000-30,000 in an entire year. Maybe 60,000 if it gets really bad. In a 12 month year.Aug 16 18:45
DaemonFC[m]It doesn't even have to be that many because only about 30-40% get a flu shot. Aug 16 18:45
DaemonFC[m]Many are like my mom and believe it causes all kinds of things, but a very large and good quality study recently showed that people who get their flu shot are much LESS likely to develop Alzheimer's. They don't know why but they figure that if you can avoid the flu just a few times over the course of your life you'll avoid the fever and brain swelling and inflammation that goes along with it, so getting the vaccineAug 16 18:47
DaemonFC[m]can protect you somewhat from dementia.Aug 16 18:47
DaemonFC[m]The study found that people who get their flu shot each year have a 17% lower chance of developing Alzheimer's. Aug 16 18:48
DaemonFC[m]I'm telling you, my mom is crazy af right now. If she develops Alzheimer's I have no idea what to do.Aug 16 18:48
DaemonFC[m]She never bothered to make my brother move out of the house or get a job and he's going on 30 now and I certainly cannot take care of him.Aug 16 18:49
DaemonFC[m]She's 63. If anything happens to her, it's not going to be people bringing him pizza and xbox games anymore.Aug 16 18:49
DaemonFC[m]She went so soft on him. You know, I got thrown out of the house the second the clock struck midnight. It's not doing him any favors. There's apparently a ticking time bomb because there's millions of cases like this.Aug 16 18:50
DaemonFC[m]Some AOL fake news article described the housing crisis of 2008 as "the charm of multi-generational housing". You know, it's just like "Italy", except it's not. Aug 16 18:50
DaemonFC[m]"I usually like to go bust and move back in with my 63 year old mother." said nobody ever. Aug 16 18:51
DaemonFC[m]Instead of blaming globalization and their jobs and banking crises and speculative bubbles, they blame young people for everything because why not. It's not like we've managed to sit around and accumulate any money or power and we've been conditioned to believe that it is our fault that banks redline and that government policies have doubled the rent in the last 15 years.Aug 16 18:53
DaemonFC[m]MinceR: What we need to do is cook up a virus in the lab that goes after movie talkers and people who blast their stereo next door at 3 AM.Aug 16 18:57
DaemonFC[m]Now there's some change you can believe in.Aug 16 18:57
MinceR:>Aug 16 18:57
DaemonFC[m]I had to wear earplugs and earmuffs and turn up my fan all the way to interfere with that stupid crackhead's stereo next door last night.Aug 16 18:58
DaemonFC[m]He's still up and yelling at his girlfriend or someone already.Aug 16 18:58
DaemonFC[m]There's only two kinds of people who don't sleep. People on drugs and people with bipolar.Aug 16 18:58
DaemonFC[m]I've gone about 3 weeks before. I used to just go weeks and then collapse on the floor or something. Bipolar disorder is worse than anyone without it can possibly imagine.Aug 16 18:59
DaemonFC[m]They have to take away your gun permit for being crazy because "There's nothing wrong with you and just take your meds." would be the famous last words for a lot of people otherwise.Aug 16 19:00
DaemonFC[m]That's my theory and I'm sticking with it.Aug 16 19:00
DaemonFC[m]Just someone would say it on the wrong day and it would be like the first Sarah Connor the Terminator found where he keeps shooting 6-7 times after she's dead on the ground. Aug 16 19:02
DaemonFC[m]That's a comedic exaggeration, but that's how aggravated you feel when people say that.Aug 16 19:02
DaemonFC[m]MinceR: Just any sci-fi that involves AI interests me. I've been watching Upload because it's written pretty well I guess.Aug 16 19:04
DaemonFC[m]It seems like "Heaven as a freemium game on an iPhone." and so it works as a tragicomedy very well.Aug 16 19:04
XRevan86DaemonFC[m]: Like LEXX? :)Aug 16 19:05
DaemonFC[m]Oh, 790? The demented robot head. Aug 16 19:05
XRevan86yesAug 16 19:05
DaemonFC[m]Yeah, it explains later that he's part AI and part of a human brain. Someone got sentenced to death and they used part of their brain to act as an organic computer for the robot.Aug 16 19:06
XRevan86Almost any space sci-fi involves AI at least in some form.Aug 16 19:06
DaemonFC[m]Or Mantrid.Aug 16 19:06
DaemonFC[m]Part raging psychopath, part insect, and part AI.Aug 16 19:06
XRevan86DaemonFC[m]: As a creator of AI?Aug 16 19:06
XRevan86ahAug 16 19:07
DaemonFC[m]"I destroyed a universe! I destroyed a universe!"Aug 16 19:07
DaemonFC[m]Yeah, in the Light Universe there was a civilization of intelligent insects that was mostly defeated by the Brunnen-G.Aug 16 19:07
*XRevan86 tries to think of any prominent AI in Doctor WhoAug 16 19:08
DaemonFC[m]But one of them survived and had a grudge and planned to destroy all of humanity.Aug 16 19:08
XRevan86cybermen and daleks are both cyborgsAug 16 19:08
DaemonFC[m]It was a good plan. It enslaved them by tricking them into building a religion around it and doing anything it said to. We call that Donald Trump now.Aug 16 19:08
XRevan86cyber control is AI thoughAug 16 19:08
DaemonFC[m]What's going on in the Philippines is much worse than anything Trump has managed to decay America into. As far as I know, Trump hasn't told his supporters to do extrajudicial killings of people he doesn't like, yet. Aug 16 19:10
DaemonFC[m]We still bother to pretend there are trials, and then you go to actual prison.Aug 16 19:10
DaemonFC[m]:)Aug 16 19:10
DaemonFC[m]The conviction rate in courts in Communist China is 95%. In America, it's 86%. See. Still not as bad as China. 9 points better than China.Aug 16 19:11
DaemonFC[m]Of course, sitting at the defendant's table while black is unofficially on the indictment.Aug 16 19:12
DaemonFC[m]Well, you know it's bad when defense attorneys have an entire page of free legal advice that goes "Don't show up for court in your pajamas or smelling like marijuana. Don't show up for court drunk.".Aug 16 19:15
DaemonFC[m]I mean, after a while I'm sure they've seen it all.Aug 16 19:15
DaemonFC[m]Of course you're irredeemable, but maybe the judge doesn't know that.Aug 16 19:16
DaemonFC[m]I really have no respect for a system that over-punishes to make examples out of the few they catch.Aug 16 19:16
DaemonFC[m]They should really do a better job catching people.Aug 16 19:16
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: I found a court case from 2007 where the police raided a teenager because he was shoving porn from Yahoo Messenger on the family computer.Aug 16 19:17
DaemonFC[m]He got 9 alleged illegal photos, and the family was rich, so they paid all kinds of "experts" to put on a smoke show in the courtroom.Aug 16 19:18
DaemonFC[m]One of them said the computer was overflowing with viruses, so perhaps one of them downloaded the CP, and that actually muddied the waters enough for the court to basically let him go.Aug 16 19:18
DaemonFC[m]What a travesty.Aug 16 19:18
DaemonFC[m]He not only avoided all charges except an unrelated one for showing a Playboy magazine to some kids at high school, which did require sex offender registration, but the judge let him off the registry eventually.Aug 16 19:19
DaemonFC[m]Let's see. Windows computer in the mid 2000s with all kinds of dodgy file sharing programs used to download porn.Aug 16 19:20
DaemonFC[m]It's overflowing with viruses. I just don't see how. ;)Aug 16 19:20
*oarion7 (~anonymous@unaffiliated/oarion7) has joined #techrightsAug 16 19:20
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: But the two big points here are you can have all the justice you can afford and even Yahoo Messenger in 2007 was sending automatic reports to NCMEC.Aug 16 19:21
DaemonFC[m]So none of this is new.Aug 16 19:21
DaemonFC[m]The government didn't really lose an asset. People are using something else now (Facebook) where they do dumb shit that automatically turns them in.Aug 16 19:22
DaemonFC[m]The Chicago Police scoured the looting selfies on Facebook and made more arrests.Aug 16 19:22
DaemonFC[m]More than half the arrests so far seem to be people making looting selfies for Facebook.Aug 16 19:23
DaemonFC[m]If I could talk to the probation officer again I'd say "Well, 2/3rds of the looters in Chicago were dumb enough to put it on Facebook, so you tell me if there's some truth to the statement that the big difference between convicts and everyone else is they were dumb enough to get caught.".Aug 16 19:23
DaemonFC[m]Not all the time of course. In a crowd of thousands, the police managed to arrest about 100 of them with good old fashioned "I caught the guy and arrested him.".Aug 16 19:24
DaemonFC[m]Then they bag hundreds more because they either did looting selfies or posted the merch on Facebook Marketplace.Aug 16 19:25
DaemonFC[m]Anyway, back to Trump's brother.Aug 16 19:33
DaemonFC[m]Americans dying of "unspecified disease" under Trump is about as common as Russian scientists clumsily falling out of windows under Putin. Yes, "unspecified disease". We all know what that is. If you add the 100,000 "surprise deaths" to the 175,000 they admit are because of Coronavirus, you see something closer to what's actually happening.Aug 16 19:34
DaemonFC[m]If you overlay what's happened with the Coronavirus deaths since late March to Trump's polling numbers, they collapsed a good solid 10 points that simply doesn't come back no matter how much the polls fluctuate. Between the virus killing old people who are stupid enough to go near it (Trump supporters who think it's the common cold) and the people who are mortified by what's actually going on, it's not difficult toAug 16 19:37
DaemonFC[m]see why his approval rating simply will not budge more than 40% and why 56% disapprove.Aug 16 19:37
*psydread (eace4d91cc@2a01:7c8:aab8:6b9:5054:ff:fec9:fd84) has joined #techrightsAug 16 19:40
DaemonFC[m]I normally fall out of windows or hang myself right before talking to an international panel of scientists.Aug 16 19:42
DaemonFC[m]Nothing good ever came from a Russian injection. We're talking about ricin umbrellas and Olympic gold medals that get taken away for cheatingAug 16 19:43
*schestowitz has quit (Quit: Konversation term)Aug 16 19:43
*schestowitz ( has joined #techrightsAug 16 19:43
*schestowitz has quit (Changing host)Aug 16 19:43
*schestowitz (~schestowi@unaffiliated/schestowitz) has joined #techrightsAug 16 19:43
DaemonFC[m]They offer to "Help." even though we have at least a dozen vaccines that we could put into mass production with more testing than what occurred with the "Sputnik vaccine". Propaganda.Aug 16 19:44
DaemonFC[m]I'm surprised that Trump didn't play into it, like when he let a Russian jet land here with a few odds and sods. You know, that should have been the moment that the Trump campaign was finished. Not like there's any shortage of that. But when he admitted that he weakened America's ability to respond to a viral pandemic to the point where a Russian plane full of supplies made any difference at all.Aug 16 19:46
DaemonFC[m]When he was sending all the stuff we did have to Florida to shore up his re-election, sent his supporters in red states a bunch of rotting shit with holes in it.Aug 16 19:47
DaemonFC[m]Then Florida made great use of the supplies. They said don't use masks and nothing closes, and 40,000 of them will be dead of this thing by November anyway.Aug 16 19:47
DaemonFC[m]Illinois, which got nothing and no help whatsoever from Trump managed to beat this thing back as much as anyone could expect using common sense and what we had on hand and those fucking idiots in Florida got what they got in the end anyway.Aug 16 19:48
DaemonFC[m]That's what he's reduced America to. Illinois has to have its own strategic medical stockpile because Trump let everything rot and turned the CDC into a wing of his own campaign. People who wouldn't tell you the truth about the virus even if they knew it themselves.Aug 16 19:50
DaemonFC[m]Which they do not.Aug 16 19:51
DaemonFC[m]"Where would these supplies do the most good? Oh yes, 'If I get Corona, I get Corona. I'm still gonna party!'. Florida. Yeah!" -Trump (The election had nothing to do with it, you see.)Aug 16 19:52
DaemonFC[m]It's not like CNN even has to try to make Trump look bad. You stick a camera in someone's face in Florida and 9/10 times it's something like this.Aug 16 19:53
DaemonFC[m]Facebook friends.Aug 16 19:57
DaemonFC[m]Ugh...Aug 16 19:57
DaemonFC[m]You have to be really careful. Better to not use Facebook at all. Among other things, it's turned into a Social Reputation system where banks can redline you by figuring out if you're Facebook friends with people who have bad credit.Aug 16 19:58
DaemonFC[m]So having your mom and cousins on there can get you denied for an apartment or something and you'll never know why.Aug 16 19:59
DaemonFC[m]Maybe they walked away from a loan and the new FICO model says you are involved with people who owed money and walked off.Aug 16 19:59
DaemonFC[m]They tried to hurry up and evict my cousin in March.Aug 16 20:00
DaemonFC[m]But she asked for a delay which was granted, and then the eviction moratorium came down, so the landlord asked for the cause to be dismissed.Aug 16 20:01
DaemonFC[m]There are serious penalties for ignoring the governor's order in Indiana.Aug 16 20:01
DaemonFC[m]The Sheriff wouldn't enforce it anyway, and proceeding with the case could get you a $10,000 fine, so they backed off, to be continued.Aug 16 20:02
DaemonFC[m]With unsecured debt, bankruptcy wipes it out and replaces it with "PUBLIC RECORD - BANKRUPTCY".Aug 16 20:03
DaemonFC[m]But if you get your car repossessed or are evicted from your home before the bankruptcy is filed and you don't lose them while you're in bankruptcy, where the automatic stay protects you from them taking any action whatsoever....Aug 16 20:03
DaemonFC[m]You re-emerge with bankruptcy, eviction, and repo.Aug 16 20:04
DaemonFC[m]It's going to be a race to the court to minimize the fallout and I don't know how many people are aware of this.Aug 16 20:04
DaemonFC[m]Because your FICO score could be 560 when you re-emerge or it could be 470, and while both are bad, 470 is worse. Aug 16 20:05
DaemonFC[m]That's their leverage. Asking for a place to live is contingent on a 3 digit score, so letting bills slide haunts you.Aug 16 20:06
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: MX Linux 19.2 KDE Edition Officially Released, Download Now []Aug 16 20:06
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Xubuntu Based CAELinux 2020 Released for Dedicated Simulation Works []Aug 16 20:10
*oarion7 has quit (Quit: Running IRC on a charmed medieval abacus.)Aug 16 20:10
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Celebrating LibreOffice Seven []Aug 16 20:12
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Debian turns 27! []Aug 16 20:13
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Android Leftovers []Aug 16 20:14
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DaemonFC[m]g Aug 16 20:18
DaemonFC[m]Damn it.Aug 16 20:18
DaemonFC[m]Wow, tab crash.Aug 16 20:18
DaemonFC[m]Anyway, there's little chance that Adult Swim cancels Rick & Morty.Aug 16 20:21
DaemonFC[m]They have a contract to buy 60 more episodes. Aug 16 20:21
DaemonFC[m]If they don't, they have to pay anyway and get nothing to satisfy the Professional Television Complainers. Aug 16 20:21
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: today’s howtos []Aug 16 20:24
schestowitzhi, DaemonFC[m]Aug 16 20:54
DaemonFC[m]HeyAug 16 20:54
schestowitzI hope they don\t cancel itAug 16 20:54
schestowitziirc, they put debian on their showsAug 16 20:54
DaemonFC[m]I renewed the Fraud Alert on Mandy's credit report. These things are kind of a nuisance really.Aug 16 20:55
DaemonFC[m]You have to extend them at least every 12 months unless you can prove with a police report you've already been a victim of identity theft.Aug 16 20:55
DaemonFC[m]It's only been a few months, but you can renew them monthly if you want.Aug 16 20:56
schestowitz If you overlay what's happened with the Coronavirus deaths since late March to Trump's polling numbers, they collapsed a good solid 10 points that simply doesn't come back no matter how much the polls fluctuate. Between the virus killing old people who are stupid enough to go near it (Trump supporters who think it's the common cold) and the people who are mortified by what's actually going on, it's not difficult toAug 16 20:56
schestowitz see why his approval rating simply will not budge more than 40% and why 56% disapprove.Aug 16 20:56
schestowitz--> psydread (eace4d91cc@2a01:7c8:aab8:6b9:5054:ff:fec9:fd84) has joined #techrightsAug 16 20:56
schestowitz<DaemonFC[m]> I normally fall out of windows or hang myself right before talking to an international panel of scientists.Aug 16 20:56
schestowitz Nothing good ever came from a Russian injection. We're talking about ricin umbrellas and Olympic gold medals that get taken away for cheatingAug 16 20:56
schestowitz<-- schestowitz has quit (Quit: Konversation term)Aug 16 20:56
schestowitz--> schestowitz ( has joined #techrightsAug 16 20:56
schestowitz<-- schestowitz has quit (Changing host)Aug 16 20:56
schestowitz--> schestowitz (~schestowi@unaffiliated/schestowitz) has joined #techrightsAug 16 20:56
DaemonFC[m]So that brings us up until September of 2021 where Maricel probably won't be able to open credit cards in his name.Aug 16 20:56
DaemonFC[m]Again, I'd just do nothing and wait and press charges when she did it, except I don't trust Mandy to pursue it.Aug 16 20:56
DaemonFC[m]So have to put his credit file on "Red Alert".Aug 16 20:56
schestowitzI don't understand two thingdAug 16 20:57
DaemonFC[m]I'm going to have to keep it there forever because of her. Aug 16 20:57
schestowitzI woke up and immediately lost my train of thought because of youAug 16 20:57
schestowitz1) what was the CDC thing about?Aug 16 20:57
schestowitz2) any proof there can be a COVID connection to the Robert Trump death?Aug 16 20:57
schestowitzor just ramblings?Aug 16 20:57
schestowitzDaemonFC[m]: re "marisol"Aug 16 20:58
schestowitzadvice from me (proved useful)Aug 16 20:58
schestowitz1) people underplay their debtAug 16 20:58
DaemonFC[m]They resigned after Trump said they weren't "loyal" enough. So now after ruining the Pandemic Response Team, and leaving 100 scientist jobs empty, Trump forced the resignation of the Chief and Deputy Chief of the CDC for not going along with his propaganda enough. It's now a total echo hall where Trump's toadies can lie about the Coronavirus all they want with nothing to stop them.Aug 16 20:58
schestowitz2) overplay salary/wealthAug 16 20:58
schestowitze.g. by buying houses and things they can barely even afford if they borrowed from the futureAug 16 20:59
schestowitza good friend of mind got screwed over by Saudi scholarsAug 16 20:59
schestowitzthen a Chinese and Italian pair of companiesAug 16 20:59
schestowitzI warned him they were likely faking the financial siruationAug 16 20:59
schestowitzI was always right about those, once he researched it properlyAug 16 21:00
schestowitzand he always got screwed over financially at the endAug 16 21:00
schestowitzI always assume, initially, people are liars and fraudsAug 16 21:00
schestowitzmany areAug 16 21:00
schestowitzunless they have a track record that proves otherwise or reputation to guardAug 16 21:00
schestowitz"marisol" seems like a perfectAug 16 21:00
schestowitzsociopathAug 16 21:00
schestowitzand she wasn't born that wayAug 16 21:01
DaemonFC[m]They borrowed a lot from future wealth that was not realized, and then now they're getting their fingers burned. No raises, 401(k) match cut to 1%, and higher health insurance premiums to go along with inflation at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. The fiscal situation there is more dire than I thought, Roy. The CEO now admits 90% less cancer screenings and 40% fewer diagnoses there this year. Blames the pandemicAug 16 21:01
DaemonFC[m]because people no longer have the money to go to his shitty overpriced cancer center full of acupuncture and other woo.Aug 16 21:01
schestowitzpart of the American Dream is pretending you live "the dream"Aug 16 21:01
schestowitzwell, teach mark and "marisol" about beans and breadAug 16 21:01
schestowitzthey are going to need it..Aug 16 21:01
schestowitz"woo"?Aug 16 21:02
schestowitzYou mean hooey?Aug 16 21:02
DaemonFC[m]Yeah, hooey, bullshit, nonsense, woo.... Same thing.Aug 16 21:03
schestowitzmaybe another slang I have not seen used, there are othersAug 16 21:03
schestowitz"Chinese traditional medicine"Aug 16 21:03
schestowitzmeans crackpot Aug 16 21:03
schestowitzamong other words I can think ofAug 16 21:03
schestowitzsham, crankAug 16 21:03
schestowitziirc, steve jobs was eating lots of nutsAug 16 21:04
schestowitzbecause everyone knows nuts kill cancer tissue... or somethingAug 16 21:04
DaemonFC[m]Yeah, the reason Cancer Treatment Centers of America doesn't take Medicare is because Medicare makes you prove your treatments work, and CTCA is about half the same cancer treatments you'd get anywhere and half of it is nonsense that doesn't work and Medicare won't pay, so they only want rich people because they have money to pump and dump.Aug 16 21:04
schestowitzSocial Security might be going nextAug 16 21:04
schestowitzfirst time after the New DealAug 16 21:04
schestowitzTrump = art of the deal? No, end of The DealAug 16 21:05
DaemonFC[m]Yeah, my mom has no idea. Doesn't want to know the can of whoopass she's opened on herself with Trump, even if she doesn't get COVID-19 somehow. Aug 16 21:05
DaemonFC[m]No retirement, for starters. The vanishing Social Security that Trump took away the minute she went to collect it.Aug 16 21:05
schestowitzthere seems to be no plan for national security, eirherAug 16 21:06
schestowitzas he's fueling tensions i  latam, china, russia, and iranAug 16 21:06
schestowitzas if it's "cool" to be "enemies" of everyone who does not worship himAug 16 21:07
DaemonFC[m]The only plan is unmarked van thugs as an election year stunt and then god only knows what. It depends on whether he stays in office and continues his campaign of terror and crime against the American people.Aug 16 21:07
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Programming Leftovers []Aug 16 21:11
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: today’s leftovers []Aug 16 21:16
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Links 16/8/2020: Debian Turns 27, MX Linux 19.2 KDE Edition and GNOME 3.38 Beta Released []Aug 16 21:22
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: #9to5linux and /. on Debian anniversary []Aug 16 21:29
DaemonFC[m]There is an inverse correlation between how much people spend on a phone and their IQ. True story.Aug 16 21:30
DaemonFC[m]You know, there was a book called the millionaire next door. The point it kept making was that a lot of people who realize the value of a dollar aren't trying to impress people.Aug 16 21:30
DaemonFC[m]They wear jeans from Walmart, drive an old beater, and have the Android phone that time forgot.Aug 16 21:30
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: Overspending leaves people financially atrophied and unable to cope with a causal and temporary budget deficit for whatever reason. Aug 16 21:31
schestowitztrueAug 16 21:31
DaemonFC[m]Much less a disaster that continues for years.Aug 16 21:31
schestowitzbut phone use depends on the job tooAug 16 21:31
schestowitzsome smart people depend on making many quick callsAug 16 21:32
schestowitzbut would not dwell for hours on the phone... what they did today and all thatAug 16 21:32
DaemonFC[m]Oh, nobody around me realizes what the fuck they're saying. Mom says get a more expensive apartment with a shitty lease.Aug 16 21:32
DaemonFC[m]Mandy wanted the most expensive iPhone they make. It really pisses me off.Aug 16 21:32
DaemonFC[m]People who can't manage their own business are telling me what to do.Aug 16 21:32
schestowitzso keep distanceAug 16 21:33
schestowitzanyway, you're interjecting personal life againAug 16 21:33
schestowitzstart to stick to broad issuesAug 16 21:33
DaemonFC[m]That's exactly what I need. Rush it and end up stuck in a 12 month lease on an apartment with terrible clauses that hit you with thousands in mystery fees at the end.Aug 16 21:33
schestowitznot diariesAug 16 21:33
schestowitzyou would lose much sleep over "what if" scenarioAug 16 21:34
schestowitzsome people believe time is moneyAug 16 21:34
schestowitzyet waste too much time on total nonsenseAug 16 21:34
DaemonFC[m]Yeah, you waste money and then you need to waste time to make more money that you also waste.Aug 16 21:34
DaemonFC[m]:)Aug 16 21:34
schestowitzI have a trick of falling asleep almost any time I want to, within minutesAug 16 21:35
schestowitzthe key component is peace of mind and shallow thinking, the brain then followsAug 16 21:35
schestowitzit's hard to sleep when you're very angry and excited Aug 16 21:35
schestowitzbecause the brain works differentlyAug 16 21:35
schestowitzfound it harder to sleep last night after Manchester City got kicked out of the Champions League, for instance. Took maybe 20 mins to fall asleep. But the point is, debt and uncertainty lose you sleepAug 16 21:36
schestowitzI know people who all night long fail to fall alseepAug 16 21:36
schestowitzmy cousin had a chronic issue like thatAug 16 21:36
DaemonFC[m]Yeah, I wish the people around me would just chill the fuck out and realize that you do something stupid quickly and you end up paying for it for many years.Aug 16 21:36
DaemonFC[m]There's worse deals on housing than a crummy motel. At least I could leave without them chasing me down in the courts.Aug 16 21:36
schestowitzyou can spend like a dozen hours a week on "trying to fall asleep"Aug 16 21:36
DaemonFC[m]Oh, it's terrible. I spend an hour or two each night trying to sleep. Mandy comes home and starts an argument and then I have a stupid peckerhead next door with a loud stereo.Aug 16 21:37
schestowitzDaemonFC[m]: you made the right choice with a motalAug 16 21:37
schestowitz*TelAug 16 21:37
schestowitzyou can leave at any timeAug 16 21:37
schestowitznot a slave of "private property"Aug 16 21:38
DaemonFC[m]Mom acts like you can't get shitty neighbors in an apartment. I've been stuck in a lease with neighbors worse than this before, and Joy the landlord. Eek.Aug 16 21:38
schestowitzI know people who sell a house and move because of bad neighboursAug 16 21:38
schestowitzdepending who leaves firstAug 16 21:38
*obarun ( has joined #techrightsAug 16 21:39
schestowitzsometimes it culminates in actual threats and police getting involvedAug 16 21:39
schestowitzand you're still stuck there with themAug 16 21:39
schestowitzyou cannot socially distance from a wallAug 16 21:39
schestowitzin a motel you can alter room assignmentAug 16 21:39
schestowitzin schools they can let you swap classAug 16 21:39
schestowitzto avoid people who bullied youAug 16 21:40
schestowitzseen it, been there, done thatAug 16 21:40
DaemonFC[m]It'll be a nuisance, but not like moving from one part of a city to another, or further.Aug 16 21:40
DaemonFC[m]No moving van. That's a plus.Aug 16 21:40
schestowitzok, brbAug 16 21:40
DaemonFC[m]That alone is worth hundreds of dollars and a day of busting your balls to move stuff around that you don't accumulate if you live in a motel.Aug 16 21:40
schestowitzI want to prepare an articleAug 16 21:40
DaemonFC[m]If something breaks or the washing machine breaks down, you don't have to fix it because it's not yours.Aug 16 21:41
DaemonFC[m]These modern appliances are godawful, and expensive. More so than ever. If you have an old one and can find parts, fix it. Trust me.Aug 16 21:42
schestowitzyou need to get it fixedAug 16 21:42
schestowitzbut you might not be billed for itAug 16 21:42
schestowitzso it's another matterAug 16 21:42
schestowitzand maybe someone else will arrange for a replacementAug 16 21:42
schestowitzbut you're still at homeAug 16 21:42
DaemonFC[m]I never fessed up to it but I destroyed mom and Gonad's dryer once. I put a shoe drying rack in it incorrectly.Aug 16 21:42
schestowitzwe had to swap our machine during lock-down as it broke downAug 16 21:42
schestowitzthey were not permitted to install themAug 16 21:43
schestowitzso I had to study on my ownAug 16 21:43
DaemonFC[m]Went to go take a shower and all of a sudden there's a "KERTHUNK!".Aug 16 21:43
DaemonFC[m]I unwedged the rack. It survived. I put it where I found it and let Gonad go "Oh the damned dryer won't turn on!".Aug 16 21:43
schestowitzlolAug 16 21:43
schestowitzGOnadAug 16 21:43
DaemonFC[m]He had to pay like $300 to have the guy from the appliance shop come down and replace the motor. Aug 16 21:44
schestowitzSteve?Aug 16 21:44
DaemonFC[m]BrianAug 16 21:44
schestowitzAlways look at the bright side of lifeAug 16 21:44
DaemonFC[m]Yeah, he voted for Trump and then died a few months later.Aug 16 21:44
DaemonFC[m]His last post was something something libtards, and then he had a heart attack at 59 because of a lifetime of smoking and drinking and eating too many fried thing.Aug 16 21:45
schestowitzwho? trump? :-)Aug 16 21:45
DaemonFC[m]I'm sure it was all a contributing factor.Aug 16 21:45
schestowitzsounds like the person he voted forAug 16 21:45
DaemonFC[m]Well, had Gonad never smoked and drank so much, I'm sure he'd be alive for at least another 15 or 20 years.Aug 16 21:45
schestowitzlet's change subjectAug 16 21:46
schestowitzyou're gossiping your personal life againAug 16 21:46
schestowitzJabba and friends.Aug 16 21:46
DaemonFC[m]A Congressman from Illinois wants to ban e-cigarettes.Aug 16 21:46
schestowitzrightAug 16 21:46
schestowitzI don't oppose thatAug 16 21:46
schestowitzunless people do this at home, aloneAug 16 21:46
schestowitzalone is keyAug 16 21:46
DaemonFC[m]Says they're making COVID-19 more dangerous, to the people who smoke them. As if 18 year olds with popcorn lung wasn't bad enough.Aug 16 21:47
schestowitzno other people in their householdAug 16 21:47
schestowitzaddiction and health impactAug 16 21:47
schestowitzseems plausibleAug 16 21:47
schestowitzunlike "5g" cranksAug 16 21:47
DaemonFC[m]It's just big tobacco rebranded as a tech company because nobody regulates those anyway.Aug 16 21:47
schestowitzbecause the capacity to process oxygen is ketAug 16 21:47
schestowitz*keyAug 16 21:47
DaemonFC[m]We're just a technology company that connects people with nicotine.Aug 16 21:47
schestowitzand to fight off the virus in lung tissueAug 16 21:47
schestowitzany extra layers on that tissue can make fighting back harderAug 16 21:48
schestowitznice analogyAug 16 21:48
schestowitz"just a technology company that connects peopl"Aug 16 21:48
schestowitzNokiaAug 16 21:48
schestowitzConnecting ElopAug 16 21:48
schestowitzto Microsoft and NokiaAug 16 21:48
DaemonFC[m]Steve Ballmer set Microsoft back so far it was ridiculous.Aug 16 21:49
schestowitzMaybe I should do a post about mobile 'phones'Aug 16 21:49
DaemonFC[m]He was an idiot. Gates handpicked him?Aug 16 21:49
schestowitzMicrosoft was stronger under BallmerAug 16 21:49
schestowitzbut now they're faking itAug 16 21:49
schestowitzNot exactlyAug 16 21:49
schestowitzhe and gates go a looong way backAug 16 21:49
DaemonFC[m]Ballmer missed the opportunity they had to get into Mobile.Aug 16 21:49
schestowitzit's not like he came out of almost nowhereAug 16 21:49
DaemonFC[m]He didn't know what to do with it and completely fucked that up for them forever.Aug 16 21:49
schestowitzDaemonFC[m]: no, Microsoft tried mobileAug 16 21:49
schestowitzremember Mobile PCAug 16 21:50
schestowitzand iPaq etc.Aug 16 21:50
schestowitzI remember well because at the store where I worked these were soldAug 16 21:50
psydreadsomeone in another channel linked a video promoting WSL2 by Scott Hanselman yesterday and it was cringy to the extremeAug 16 21:50
DaemonFC[m]Yeah, they were not especially user friendly.Aug 16 21:50
schestowitzvery heavy, had versions of Office on themAug 16 21:50
schestowitzpsydread: I wonder why he vanishedAug 16 21:50
DaemonFC[m]It was clunky stuff that thought they were competing with a Blackberry.Aug 16 21:50
schestowitzseems Scott did not vanishAug 16 21:50
schestowitzpsydread: best to ignore themAug 16 21:50
schestowitzthey're waving a dead animal at usAug 16 21:51
schestowitzwSl is failingAug 16 21:51
schestowitznot meeting targetsAug 16 21:51
schestowitzDaemonFC[m]: that was before BBAug 16 21:51
schestowitzlike late 90s or 2000Aug 16 21:51
schestowitzthey were there earlyAug 16 21:51
schestowitzbut some people preferred low-cost palmAug 16 21:51
psydreadschestowitz, I found it interesting because the strategy seems not to tell people that they actually work at MSAug 16 21:51
DaemonFC[m]Ah, I remember circa 2008 Windows mobile phones.Aug 16 21:51
schestowitzwhich did most of what was needed and fit inside any pocketAug 16 21:52
psydreadit's not even astroturfers anymore, it's people higher up the company doing it as wellAug 16 21:52
schestowitzI still use my Palm PDAAug 16 21:52
DaemonFC[m]It was like just so crude even for then that it was ridiculous.Aug 16 21:52
DaemonFC[m]Looked like Windows XP, had a few apps if you could even call them that.Aug 16 21:52
schestowitzthis month I installed some tools to convert files from it, which I can pass over on SD cards because the USB sync no longer seems to work no matter what I tried in the past 5 yearsAug 16 21:52
schestowitzpsydread: yeah, ignore themAug 16 21:52
schestowitzit'll die like many MS 'products'Aug 16 21:53
schestowitzTheir PM is irritated by meAug 16 21:53
DaemonFC[m]I'm considering reverting to a feature phone when this breaks down.Aug 16 21:53
schestowitzand cannot refuse what I wroteAug 16 21:53
DaemonFC[m]A GPS app and phone calls.Aug 16 21:53
DaemonFC[m]They still make them.Aug 16 21:53
schestowitzAriadne told me only about 150k people use wsl2Aug 16 21:53
schestowitzthey could not refuseAug 16 21:53
schestowitztheir Project Manager (PM) got very irritatedAug 16 21:53
schestowitzand then changed the subject, moved goalpostsAug 16 21:53
schestowitz*refute I meanAug 16 21:54
DaemonFC[m]Yeah, under pressure to promote it and it flops.Aug 16 21:54
schestowitznot refuseAug 16 21:54
schestowitz[21:53] <DaemonFC[m]> I'm considering reverting to a feature phone when this breaks down.Aug 16 21:54
schestowitzget one while they still exist?Aug 16 21:54
DaemonFC[m]I can't imagine what the use case for a fake Linux with all the performance problems, spyware, and viruses of Windows 10 would be. Aug 16 21:54
schestowitzI heard stories, always negativeAug 16 21:54
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: This smartphone thing might be a massive bubble. Aug 16 21:54
schestowitzwith 4+ GB or RAM on any new PC, even chromebooks, you are better off with a proper, insulated VMAug 16 21:55
DaemonFC[m]It seems people are getting bored and realizing they upgrade and they just waste money.Aug 16 21:55
schestowitzand can choose a distro of your choosing, set it aside as neededAug 16 21:55
schestowitzthey try to get people hooked on cygwin 20 years laterAug 16 21:55
schestowitzDaemonFC[m]: I hope soAug 16 21:55
schestowitzpeople keep pushing us to make our sites "mobile friendly"Aug 16 21:56
schestowitzI want to respond with, "fuck your phone; Drop this shit!"Aug 16 21:56
schestowitzBut that would not be politeAug 16 21:56
schestowitzsomeone sent me the following this morning 16 21:56
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Don't design for mobile · Matt And DesignAug 16 21:56
schestowitzI don't want to change my site to adapt to other people's bad choicesAug 16 21:57
schestowitzthe FSF was confronted similatlyAug 16 21:57
schestowitzwhen they said they wanted to redo the siteAug 16 21:57
schestowitzmobile friendAug 16 21:57
schestowitzmobile friendlyAug 16 21:57
I3^RELATIVISMnor polite or more importantly, productiveAug 16 21:57
schestowitzif people don't understand why those things are bad, they're probably not (yet) your target crowd anywayAug 16 21:57
schestowitzDaemonFC[m]: readAug 16 21:58
schestowitz 16 21:58
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Technological Progress? Only If We Assume The Wrong Things… | TechrightsAug 16 21:58
schestowitztook me ages to prepare thisAug 16 21:58
schestowitzbut I am glad I didAug 16 21:58
schestowitzI3^RELATIVISM: yeah, I was exaggerating of courseAug 16 21:58
schestowitzusually I point them to rss readersAug 16 21:58
schestowitzwe're very good with rss feedsAug 16 21:58
schestowitzthey're versatile in a lot of waysAug 16 21:58
schestowitzcan syndicate posts, categories, attachments like videos are separated for pulling, there's a shortened summary, full RSS version by default (full content)Aug 16 21:59
schestowitzand absolute URLs so all the images and stuff load up correctlyAug 16 21:59
schestowitzyou can get all the same thing without pulling a single html  fileAug 16 21:59
schestowitzor clicking linksAug 16 22:00
schestowitzI'd rather focus on a posts raw html than anything around itAug 16 22:00
schestowitzAMP and mobile crap is the wrong wayAug 16 22:00
schestowitzor CSS custom-made for "phones"Aug 16 22:00
schestowitzwrong approach, not universal, nor unified..Aug 16 22:00
schestowitzwe don't really need the webAug 16 22:00
schestowitzjust basic sgml with links and way to specify imagesAug 16 22:01
schestowitzlike the hyperlinking projects which predates tim b-l's wwwAug 16 22:01
schestowitzthere were several, I forgot all their names... studied all that for an examAug 16 22:01
*psydread has quit (Excess Flood)Aug 16 22:01
schestowitznot sure how useful gopher wasAug 16 22:02
schestowitzbut it's not a syndication formatAug 16 22:02
schestowitzbbs was worseAug 16 22:02
schestowitzbb basicallyAug 16 22:02
schestowitzstreams of chars and wallsAug 16 22:02
DaemonFC[m]I run a fan and an air purifier to make loud white noise to go on top of my ear plugs. Rap music is just such a pile of shit. Aug 16 22:02
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: "For 30 trackers and 30 MB of fonts."Aug 16 22:02
DaemonFC[m]Yeah, I occasionally export my latest NoScript config then import it into Firefox.Aug 16 22:03
DaemonFC[m]It really cuts down on those CNN type sites with 30-40 tracking scripts. The ad blocker nixes most of them anyway, but occasionally not.Aug 16 22:04
DaemonFC[m]Capital OneAug 16 22:04
DaemonFC[m]OMGAug 16 22:04
DaemonFC[m]Their "cloud breach". How many of those are due to those auditing scripts that watch what the user does for "replay"?Aug 16 22:04
DaemonFC[m]Not everything bad falls neatly into "ad" or "tracker".Aug 16 22:05
DaemonFC[m] 16 22:06
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Illinois Nears Threshold for Inclusion on Chicago’s Travel Order Requiring 14-Day Quarantine – NBC ChicagoAug 16 22:06
DaemonFC[m]The rest of Illinois is doing so much worse on the Coronavirus than Chicago that Chicago may have to tell people who are traveling from other parts of Illinois to quarantine.Aug 16 22:06
schestowitz 16 22:07
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Don't design for mobile · Matt And DesignAug 16 22:08
schestowitz<p>The intent of mobile-first is the right one. And for your average site or app, the outcome between a mobile-first approach vs a device capability approach is fairly much the same. </p>Aug 16 22:08
schestowitz                    <p> Though as the device landscape continues to converge, the categorisations will continue to blur. And as you introduce more interactivity and complex features to your site, the singular approach starts to break down. </p>Aug 16 22:08
schestowitz                    <p> It's only a slight mindset shift between the two approaches, but it is a significant one. Design for a touchscreen and it'll work with a mouse, optimise performance for a slow connection and it'll work on a faster connection, design for a small screen, and at the very least it'll work on a larger screen. </p><p> Since we started this approach at Canva it's meant less code, less design, and less testing—all forAug 16 22:08
schestowitza far greater outcome. And that's something I think we can all get behind. </p>Aug 16 22:08
schestowitza proper phone and proper site should render things OK without changes made by site runner/owner/authorAug 16 22:08
schestowitzbut they expect the tail to wag the dogAug 16 22:08
DaemonFC[m] 16 22:08
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Coronavirus Mitigation Restrictions to Go Into Effect in Illinois’ Region 4 – NBC ChicagoAug 16 22:08
schestowitzthe writer to adapt to very stupid (not "smart") devicesAug 16 22:08
schestowitzin the early days of phones, like foldable Nokias, the burden was on the phone makers to work out how to process sitesAug 16 22:09
schestowitznot they expect the oppositeAug 16 22:09
DaemonFC[m]Illinois Region 4 is going back on lockdown. If the new rules from the state don't result in lower rates of positive test results after 14 days, more severe measures will be taken.Aug 16 22:09
DaemonFC[m]Lake County is probably next.Aug 16 22:09
DaemonFC[m]I can't imagine how telling bars to close at 11 PM is going to matter much.Aug 16 22:09
DaemonFC[m]So Phase 3 is going to turn into Phase 2 again pretty damned quick.Aug 16 22:10
DaemonFC[m]It's politically easier to inflict this on downstate because very few people live there and most of them hate Governor Pritzker anyway.Aug 16 22:10
DaemonFC[m]The economy down there was ruined years ago and it's full of ghost towns. Aug 16 22:11
DaemonFC[m]So the economic damage of the state making them go on lockdown is limited by the fact that it isn't what it once was anyway.Aug 16 22:11
DaemonFC[m]When Lake County (Region 9) gets shut down again, that'll be bad.Aug 16 22:12
DaemonFC[m]Shuttering the economy up here is essentially something more on the scale of closing down Indianapolis.Aug 16 22:12
schestowitzreopened too fast?Aug 16 22:12
schestowitzand not enforcing rules?Aug 16 22:13
schestowitzlike mask-wearing?Aug 16 22:13
DaemonFC[m]Reopened quickly. Too close to Wisconsin, which was forced open by their Supreme Court in May. The local Health Department not managing the restrictions as much as they theoretically could.Aug 16 22:14
DaemonFC[m]Lots of people in Wisconsin don't wear masks or socially distance because their Republican Supreme Court tossed it all out in May.Aug 16 22:15
DaemonFC[m]Now the virus is at least 10 times worse than it was then, and on the rise.Aug 16 22:15
DaemonFC[m]If masks aren't required by law, about half wear them and half don't.Aug 16 22:16
DaemonFC[m]If they are required, about 90-95% wear them.Aug 16 22:17
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: Indiana's governor gave up in June and started requiring masks by law.Aug 16 22:17
DaemonFC[m]Should have done it 6 weeks sooner. Instead, he waited for the political cover of "Well, it's really bad now!".Aug 16 22:18
Ariadnethey're probably up to 200k by nowAug 16 22:18
Ariadneweirdly, IBM has expanded their team working on alpine.  i wonder if they have buyer's remorse on redhatAug 16 22:20
schestowitzthey love containersAug 16 22:21
schestowitzkrishna loves themAug 16 22:21
schestowitzhe is technical, with a techie pdh, he's okAug 16 22:21
schestowitz*phdAug 16 22:21
schestowitziirc, you too got one recentlyAug 16 22:21
schestowitzthey plan to make "containers everywhere"Aug 16 22:22
schestowitzseems alpine is very good at those, without unnecessary overheadAug 16 22:22
AriadneyesAug 16 22:33
Ariadne$dayjob and some collabora people are getting together to create a replacement to busybox soon :)Aug 16 22:34
Ariadnewhich is good, because busybox licensing situation is a total mess.  GPLv2-only and GPLv3-only code are mixed together and everyone just looks the other way.Aug 16 22:34
Ariadneand with coreutils being GPLv3-only now, it is difficult to ship to some customers who are irrationally afraid of GPLv3 due to FUDAug 16 22:35
schestowitzwhich aspects of it? patents?Aug 16 22:36
schestowitzin 2007 we did LOADS of articles on gplv3Aug 16 22:37
schestowitzeven 2008Aug 16 22:37
schestowitzit was all the rage back thenAug 16 22:37
schestowitzMore so because of Novell-related clausesAug 16 22:37
Ariadnethe way the patent licensing clause is written is one concern, some are concerned that they may be liable for what patent trolls do to their customersAug 16 22:38
Ariadnethe tivoization clause is another concern, because manufacturers are concerned that they would have to release their private signing keys to customersAug 16 22:39
Ariadne(this is of course not true, if you have a mechanism to install new trust anchors your secure boot system is GPLv3-compliant)Aug 16 22:40
schestowitzI guess some of the crap flung at the wall back then stuckAug 16 22:43
schestowitzblack duck, act, other microsoft proxiesAug 16 22:43
schestowitzlots of gplv3 fudAug 16 22:43
schestowitzI still see some of it around, saw some a few days agoAug 16 22:43
schestowitzadded it to techrights with "Ed" commentAug 16 22:43
schestowitzlast time LF used gpl for a project was xen, danielinux saidAug 16 22:44
schestowitzand I suppose it makes it like half a decade or more agoAug 16 22:44
*CrystalMath is now known as KittenMathAug 16 22:44
schestowitzLF is sponsored by black duck too, and occasionally runs their scripts as postsAug 16 22:45
schestowitz 16 22:45
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | The Founder of Black Duck Still Works for Microsoft | TechrightsAug 16 22:45
Ariadneanyway these days I just suggest people use ISC licenseAug 16 22:50
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Linux 5.9-rc1 []Aug 16 22:51
schestowitzI know very little about it, except the name...Aug 16 23:00
schestowitzDaemonFC[m]: 5 covid deaths reported here todayAug 16 23:00
schestowitzhopefully the gym and steam room will reopen by month's endAug 16 23:01
Ariadneschestowitz: it's a simple non-copyleft license with text not required by the Berne convention removedAug 16 23:03
Ariadnewe have really shifted from copyleft to a cultural battleAug 16 23:04
Ariadnecompanies have found ways to abuse copyleft for profitAug 16 23:04
schestowitzI don't know what that meansAug 16 23:04
Ariadnelike mongodbAug 16 23:04
schestowitzin practical termsAug 16 23:04
Ariadnein practical terms it's like BSDAug 16 23:04
schestowitzmongodb is a clown computing loopholeAug 16 23:04
schestowitzI think agpl or similar could partly helpAug 16 23:05
schestowitzbut would still not help against documentdbAug 16 23:05
schestowitzand suckage of people into "clown"Aug 16 23:05
schestowitzBSD is generally far more ripe to exploitationAug 16 23:05
Ariadnemongodb abuses agpl to stop others from using itAug 16 23:05
schestowitzand you saw people misuing your agpl codeAug 16 23:06
schestowitzin pleromaAug 16 23:06
schestowitzmongadb made it own licence proposalAug 16 23:06
schestowitzwhich was problematic even to osiAug 16 23:06
AriadneanywayAug 16 23:06
Ariadnewe need to shift the culture.  licensing ain't itAug 16 23:06
schestowitzcultural -- i agree on thatAug 16 23:06
schestowitz4 minutes ago I published 16 23:07
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Everything is Becoming Slow When Users Aren’t the Top Priority | TechrightsAug 16 23:07
schestowitzpeople need to recognise dweb/dapps whatever, though "Apps" are also suckageAug 16 23:07
schestowitzfoe culture war you need to get more political than even gnu and rmsAug 16 23:08
schestowitzshowing the real nature of the companies that hoard and misuse powerAug 16 23:08
*schestowitz has quit (Quit: Konversation term)Aug 16 23:09
-NickServ-schestowitz! has just authenticated as you (schestowitz)Aug 16 23:09
*schestowitz (~schestowi@unaffiliated/schestowitz) has joined #techrightsAug 16 23:09
DaemonFC[m]Trump keeps congratulating himself on his own handling of the virus, but statistically, you're 153,790 times more likely to have already died of the Coronavirus than you are to win the Powerball Jackpot. Some smart people sat down a long time ago and realized the lottery was a way to get dumb ass Republican voters to pay voluntary extra taxes and they could fund the state like that.Aug 16 23:12
DaemonFC[m]More Illinois Lottery ads than I've ever heard before. If this state had any hope of recovering they could launch a "Save Illinois Bonds" program and sell bonds directly to the public that bore interest instead of trying to bait suckers into dumping more money they'll never see again into the Lottery.Aug 16 23:14
DaemonFC[m]It's not that there's no Republicans in Illinois. There's a lot of them. It's just that an Indiana's worth of Republicans doesn't really matter when you have the Chicagoland area. So they're in charge of Jack and Shit and Jack left town.Aug 16 23:15
DaemonFC[m]But boy are these people DUMB. Like mom's ex husband that spent half his paycheck on lottery tickets as half the state of Indiana was suing him and he was ranting about President Obama.Aug 16 23:16
schestowitzAriadne: I have a very long article on the way...Aug 16 23:17
schestowitzrelated to thisAug 16 23:17
schestowitz37kb of textAug 16 23:17
DaemonFC[m]The more education you have the more likely you are to vote for Democrats and the less likely to buy Lottery tickets, because you actually do the math (very simple math) and realize that it's a scam to fund the state and whenever some person does win, the state takes half of it, they run off with $100 billion, and since they're a stupid Republican they're back in a trailer park broke or dead in 5 years.Aug 16 23:18
schestowitzresentment towards the educatedAug 16 23:18
schestowitzwhere it can cost $200,000 or 20+ eyars of student debt to get higher ed ticketAug 16 23:19
schestowitzthat can turn into resentment towards "big govt"Aug 16 23:19
schestowitzand resort to "big guns"Aug 16 23:19
DaemonFC[m]Well, the GED test that I took showed that I'm at least as intelligent as the top 10% of graduating high school seniors in America in 1988.Aug 16 23:21
DaemonFC[m]I'm glad I took it before that new math nonsense.Aug 16 23:21
DaemonFC[m]I'm not surprised that I got a much better education than those goddamned sons of bitches that run Indiana are giving to kids today.Aug 16 23:21
DaemonFC[m]Even a basic computer programming course in BASIC is less horrific than some of these "programming" classes they have now, and even then only in the less run down school districts.Aug 16 23:23
DaemonFC[m]Microsoft got in and infested them and you may learn C# or something, even though it's falling by the wayside and very badly designed.Aug 16 23:23
DaemonFC[m]Missed the things that Java actually did get right. Aug 16 23:23
DaemonFC[m]I don't like the way that Python makes major breaking changes.Aug 16 23:24
DaemonFC[m]I heard that Microsoft was using it a lot internally and I'm like "Have fun with that.".Aug 16 23:24
DaemonFC[m]You get lots of code in Python and then the runtime breaks and they EOL the previous version so you not only can't use it, there'd be lots of security holes that nobody patches if you do.Aug 16 23:25
DaemonFC[m]So you have to go back and rewrite a lot of code, when the language and the runtime should have just been designed better and forward compatible.Aug 16 23:25
DaemonFC[m]It's not just the time you'll waste learning how to do things all over again that worked already, but the time you will spend going back and adapting things to it. Which defeats the purpose of a high level programming language suitable for Rapid Application Development.Aug 16 23:26
DaemonFC[m]Red Hat writes almost all of their system management tools in Python and it's one of those it may be cheap to buy but it ain't cheap to keep situations.Aug 16 23:27
DaemonFC[m]Debian made a lot of improvements to Apt since last I encountered it and it works a lot better in Kubuntu now.Aug 16 23:28
DaemonFC[m]Mom would have less steep of a hill to climb if she took some basic financial management classes, I think.Aug 16 23:29
schestowitzAriadne: "The link between whether something is Free Software or whether it Has a Free Software License is a bit stronger than it is with Open Source in practice, though when it comes down to evaluating whether something is "Free" or "Open", the licenses play a more prominent (if not exclusive) role in determining whether the software itself is "Free" or "Open"."Aug 16 23:30
schestowitzfrom the upcoming articleAug 16 23:30
DaemonFC[m]When you commit to something you have to create a budget, realize "what the value of the thing" is "to me" in what do I need from it and what can it do, and realize that if it's a rapidly depreciating asset, yeah you do preventive maintenance, but realize that extended warranties from some company in Chicago that doesn't answer the phone and "paint protection plans" are useless and where the Stealership makes money.Aug 16 23:31
DaemonFC[m]That's a car as an example, but it can be any action you take. You have to figure out what you have to commit to a course of action vs. another action or no action at all.Aug 16 23:31
AriadneI see culture as the primary difference between free and openAug 16 23:32
AriadneI do free software but no longer use copyleftAug 16 23:32
DaemonFC[m]Housing is already way too expensive, but when you start dealing with crooked landlords, you sell your soul away to them for a place to live for 12 months, where they put in gotcha clauses where they keep your security deposit and maybe even sue you for mystery fees when the contract ends.Aug 16 23:32
DaemonFC[m]Computing is too expensive, for most people. They spent outrageous amounts of money for things that break or get forced into obsolescence in a couple years.Aug 16 23:33
DaemonFC[m]Clothing? Made in the third world. A pair of jeans that cost $25 at Walmart? Let's put them in the mall with fake mud and rip them. $400. That's sustainable.Aug 16 23:34
Ariadneopen core licensing in combination with aggressive copyleft licenses like AGPL harms software freedom due to restricting competitivenessAug 16 23:34
kingoffranceyeah its kind of ironic sustainability + consumer culture ...seem quite opposite to meAug 16 23:35
schestowitzopen core is a misnomerAug 16 23:35
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: The economy is getting absolutely destroyed because the rents and the restaurants were overheated.Aug 16 23:35
schestowitzit's just proprietaryAug 16 23:35
DaemonFC[m]That's a lot of it.Aug 16 23:35
kingoffrancethe whole point is disposable junkAug 16 23:35
kingoffrancethats been the point for a long timeAug 16 23:35
kingoffrancefor many thingsAug 16 23:35
kingoffranceaside from any env. or other concernsAug 16 23:35
DaemonFC[m]My bankruptcy lawyer asked me how much I spend on clothes.Aug 16 23:36
DaemonFC[m]I told her "Oh, about $150 every decade or so. You know, belts break sometimes. Cheap shoes. Cheap t-shirts. Occasionally some Walmart jeans."Aug 16 23:36
DaemonFC[m]"I only wish I could cut from that somehow. I hate shopping."Aug 16 23:37
DaemonFC[m]"It's beneath me. Beneath my dignity as a human being."Aug 16 23:37
DaemonFC[m]Mandy is one of those types that learned bad habits he cannot afford from his sister.Aug 16 23:39
DaemonFC[m]He'd spend us down to the last penny if I let him.Aug 16 23:39
kingoffranceyeah thats why they have flexi belts :)  Aug 16 23:39
kingoffrancelolAug 16 23:39
DaemonFC[m]Flexibelts?Aug 16 23:39
kingoffrancemine is not quite broken yetAug 16 23:39
DaemonFC[m]For fat people?Aug 16 23:39
kingoffranceim skinny, but i still used to break themAug 16 23:39
DaemonFC[m]I super glued this one and then had it sit in the freezer for a while.Aug 16 23:40
kingoffranceits just not leather just stretchable cloth of some kindAug 16 23:40
kingoffrancei dunno what they are actually calledAug 16 23:40
DaemonFC[m]Too cheap to spend $12 on a new belt.Aug 16 23:40
kingoffrancebut for cheap me, works greatAug 16 23:40
kingoffrancei got my moneys worth anywaysAug 16 23:40
kingoffranceprobably skaters or some such have similar thingsAug 16 23:41
DaemonFC[m]That hole in the intake manifold on my car, I took a look to see how big it actually was.Aug 16 23:41
kingoffrancethe youthAug 16 23:41
DaemonFC[m]I was considering buying a can of flex seal and going over it a few times.Aug 16 23:41
DaemonFC[m]Ended up giving up on that idea when I actually saw what it was they were talking about.Aug 16 23:41
kingoffranceit means if i did gorge myself and get fat i could use the same belt for a long timeAug 16 23:43
schestowitz"[Roy, would you display these as you did in the article where you posted them?]"Aug 16 23:43
schestowitzLOL :-)Aug 16 23:43
DaemonFC[m]I gained weight from the Sitzkrieg we have going on from the Trump Coronavirus Disaster.Aug 16 23:44
DaemonFC[m]Portal 2 Reference: I'd like to congratulate you for surviving, and managing to pack on a few pounds.Aug 16 23:45
DaemonFC[m]I haven't bought any beef since May.Aug 16 23:48
DaemonFC[m]The price of all of it went sky high.Aug 16 23:48
DaemonFC[m]Even my mom finally went god damn.Aug 16 23:48
DaemonFC[m]When a roast that was like $13-14 goes up to $24-26.Aug 16 23:49
DaemonFC[m]Yeah, no.Aug 16 23:49
DaemonFC[m]It's pushing people to cheaper meats while the Coronavirus continues killing 1,200 Americans per day. Aug 16 23:51
DaemonFC[m]Meanwhile, because priorities, Mike Pence vows Trump will "save meat". Just not the meat that votes for him. They still get mowed down so fast you get Zero Stroke trying to keep up with it, like what happened to Roy.Aug 16 23:52
kingoffrancewell not to get off topic but i cant avoid mentioning "who wants to make love to a giant bird"  is a mythology reference apparently     i cant prove that, but portal devs i wouldnt put it past themAug 16 23:56
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Aldous Huxley - Harold Bloom - Google BooksAug 16 23:56
kingoffrancesaw that the other day lolAug 16 23:57

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