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XRevan86scientes: I can't believe how much better Manjaro works on PinePhone than postmarketOS.Dec 23 00:02
XRevan86Could be because pmOS 20.05 is somewhat older, but could be the Alpine base too. Hard to tell, when I updated pmOS to master, it just broke %).Dec 23 00:06
psydroidAre those usable on the phone?Dec 23 00:19
XRevan86psydroid: Well, that's the idea anyway.Dec 23 00:20
psydroidI find that on Allwinner A64 I can't really go above 1080p or the whole interface with slow down to a crawlDec 23 00:20
psydroidwill*Dec 23 00:21
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz I get $1,200 from the same bill they attached two otherwise impossible copyright bills to.Dec 23 00:24
DaemonFC[m]This CASE Act will create a free for all.Dec 23 00:24
psydroidI'm running Debian Bullseye on it, which is the first version of the distribution that works properly on it because most of the drivers are includedDec 23 00:27
vZS1People tormenting RMS have a lot of bad karma coming for them. The man is getting old. Let him live in peace.Dec 23 00:34
psydroidThe article about organisations not calling Microsoft and accomplices out for their non-products due to several taboos having been instituted is spot onDec 23 00:37
XRevan86psydroid: Well, I don't know about that.Dec 23 00:38
XRevan86postmarketOS with phosh is straight up unresponsive.Dec 23 00:39
psydroidSome 20 companies are going to "cooperate to battle ransomware" so I said something to the tune of "paying for garbage, then paying for detection and lastly paying for post portem research" and got an angry response asking me what my approach would be and saying that it's easy to sit around and criticise while doing nothingDec 23 00:41
psydroidXRevan86, it must be terribly out of date and/or broken then, because it's generally pretty responsive with a lighter DE or WMDec 23 00:42
XRevan86phosh is GNOME, so not that lightDec 23 00:42
psydroidI don't use KDE or GNOME on that hardware, because it can't handle itDec 23 00:44
psydroidSo yes, it must be a terrible experienceDec 23 00:45
XRevan86Manjaro with the very same phosh is a lot more smooth, that's the thing.Dec 23 00:45
XRevan86I'll try the master/edge version, maybe it'll behave differently. Pity I have to reflash it on the eMMC, I had Manjaro working there.Dec 23 00:47
psydroidI would look at the Mesa drivers and the kernel, as they are still getting improved a lotDec 23 00:47
XRevan86But the image pmOS is providing is an installer, so there's that.Dec 23 00:47
XRevan86Maybe I should've used pmbootstrap… eh, whatever.Dec 23 00:47
psydroidThings started coming together at the start of the year for meDec 23 00:47
XRevan86psydroid: The images are specifically made for this very device, so…Dec 23 00:48
psydroidI wonder if I can run those images on my SBC, so I can get a better understanding of what's going onDec 23 00:49
psydroidMaybe with my own kernel buildDec 23 00:49
XRevan86The kernel is also specific for this device.Dec 23 00:50
psydroidWhich is just upstream 5.10.1 arm64 defconfig with some additional drivers enabledDec 23 00:51
psydroidHmm, I wonder if some things haven't been upstreamed yetDec 23 00:51
schestowitz[00:24] <DaemonFC[m]> schestowitz I get $1,200 from the same bill they attached two otherwise impossible copyright bills to.Dec 23 00:56
schestowitzThey need to undo thisDec 23 00:57
schestowitzexcept the stimulus, which is too low anywayDec 23 00:57
schestowitzthey also attached more tax breaks for the richDec 23 00:57
schestowitzthe whole thing is "Failed State" in "stimulus" clothingDec 23 00:57
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chovyhowdyDec 23 07:35
chovyanyone hiring svelte guy? Dec 23 07:35
chovyor vueDec 23 07:35
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schestowitzchovy: svelte?Dec 23 08:22
schestowitzah, vue.jsDec 23 08:23
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scientesXRevan86, yeah, I switched to mobianDec 23 08:43
scientesbut yeah, I thought postmarketos would be good, but noDec 23 08:43
schestowitzI don't trust so-called 'phones'Dec 23 08:45
schestowitzthey're connected to a network at all times, unless you hobble them somehowDec 23 08:45
schestowitzthe triangulation alone gives away your location, never mind the co-processor that typically enables remote takeoverDec 23 08:46
schestowitzthe tablets out there mostly run android sadly... and barely allow installing anything elseDec 23 08:46
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chovyschestowitz: yeah svelte is awesomeDec 23 08:54
chovyhttps://svelte.devDec 23 08:54
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Svelte • Cybernetically enhanced web appsDec 23 08:54
chovybeats the shit out of angular/react/vueDec 23 08:54
schestowitzI am not a jan of JSDec 23 08:54
schestowitz*fanDec 23 08:55
schestowitzit performs poorly in general, e.g. electronDec 23 08:55
chovywell the web is built with itDec 23 08:55
schestowitzand over the web it often does jobs better off done natively, without a serversDec 23 08:55
chovyi do mostly UIDec 23 08:55
schestowitzit's the "slap it on the web" mentality everywhereDec 23 08:55
chovymongodb is web scale!Dec 23 08:56
schestowitzI'll let you know if I hear of an opening?Dec 23 08:56
schestowitzwhereabouts roughly are you based? (I don't suppose it matters when people work remotely)Dec 23 08:56
scientesavacadodbDec 23 08:57
scientes(I just made that one up)Dec 23 08:57
schestowitzI like mongo soupDec 23 08:57
scientesschestowitz, and all the location-availability on online contentDec 23 08:57
scientesnontentDec 23 08:57
schestowitzI like that termDec 23 08:58
schestowitzI saw it earlierDec 23 08:58
scientesI recently had that problem trying to download XilinxDec 23 08:58
schestowitz+1 LIIIIIIIIIIKED.......Dec 23 08:58
scientesschestowitz, it was meDec 23 08:58
schestowitzscientes: +1Dec 23 08:58
schestowitzlike.Dec 23 08:58
schestowitzlike me backDec 23 08:58
schestowitzlet's like each otherDec 23 08:58
schestowitzwe'll both look popularDec 23 08:58
schestowitzlet's do it all day long, even during lunch breaks. LIIIKEDec 23 08:58
scientes👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍Dec 23 08:58
scientes👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍Dec 23 08:58
scientes👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍Dec 23 08:58
scienteslike on githubDec 23 08:58
schestowitzI have x likes on githubDec 23 08:59
schestowitzwill you hire me? Plllleasse liks..Dec 23 08:59
schestowitz*likeDec 23 08:59
schestowitz"Dad, how was your career?"Dec 23 08:59
schestowitz"son, back then we have liked and I got 1,000 of them"Dec 23 08:59
schestowitz"but dad, what's a like?"Dec 23 08:59
scienteslolDec 23 08:59
schestowitz"it's like a click, son"Dec 23 09:00
schestowitzson: "ohh..."Dec 23 09:00
schestowitzso you clicked a thousand times?Dec 23 09:00
scientes"son, and as soon as someone else has more likes than you you have to give up your seat to them, and then you are homeless"Dec 23 09:00
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schestowitzwill work for likesDec 23 09:00
schestowitznever mind foodDec 23 09:00
psydroidthere is arango db, the closest to avocado dbDec 23 09:01
scientesplatanodbDec 23 09:01
scientespineappledbDec 23 09:01
schestowitzyottaDec 23 09:01
scientestamarinddbDec 23 09:01
schestowitzsounds like mono-basedDec 23 09:02
schestowitzbecause they use monkey names, never mind fruitDec 23 09:02
schestowitzxamarinDec 23 09:02
schestowitztamarinDec 23 09:02
schestowitznow part of MicrosoftDec 23 09:02
scientesschestowitz, 23 09:02
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tamarind - WikipediaDec 23 09:02
schestowitzand their 'CEO' became ShitHubDec 23 09:02
schestowitzso you know mono was going nowhereDec 23 09:02
schestowitzscientes: yes, I know it's not the sameDec 23 09:02
scientesit is a fucking bean treeDec 23 09:03
schestowitzI knowDec 23 09:03
schestowitzI tasted itDec 23 09:03
schestowitzI "LIKED" it.  👍👍👍Dec 23 09:03
schestowitzI even "SHARED" it on "maaaa insta"Dec 23 09:03
chovycheckout inertiajs.comDec 23 09:04
chovyhttps://inertiajs.comDec 23 09:04
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Inertia.js - The Modern MonolithDec 23 09:04
chovyits a bunch of shit glue code. lolDec 23 09:04
chovywhy would i need this?Dec 23 09:04
psydroidthey need shithub and steal other people's projects, because they make it so hard to write code for their platform of the day that few people are willing to do that anymoreDec 23 09:05
schestowitzit's about more than thatDec 23 09:05
schestowitzvertical integrationDec 23 09:05
schestowitzlicence choiceDec 23 09:05
schestowitzcopyleft becomes permissiveDec 23 09:05
schestowitzIDE usage diverted to MSVSDec 23 09:05
schestowitzdeployment to server AZUNE [sic]Dec 23 09:06
schestowitzthey're bleeding in those areasDec 23 09:06
schestowitz 23 09:06
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Microsoft Windows/IIS Down Again (Across All Server Categories), Merely Living/Surviving on ‘Borrowed Time’ | TechrightsDec 23 09:06
psydroidvertical integration on a foundation of quicksand, I wonder for how much longer that can and will lastDec 23 09:17
schestowitzit was costlyDec 23 09:24
schestowitzfirst, acquisitionDec 23 09:24
schestowitzfrom the VCsDec 23 09:24
schestowitzand second, it operates at a lossDec 23 09:24
schestowitzso the longer they hold it for, the higher the costDec 23 09:24
schestowitzsource: SEC 23 09:25
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | GitHug – A Guest Article by Thomas Grzybowski | TechrightsDec 23 09:25
chovyi want to join a unionDec 23 09:31
chovydoes that make me a commie?Dec 23 09:31
schestowitzwhat's the connection?Dec 23 09:31
chovylolDec 23 09:39
chovyi havfe no idea. that's just what i'm toldDec 23 09:39
schestowitzI reckon it was partly a joke, tongue in cheekDec 23 09:39
schestowitzunions turn capitalism against itselfDec 23 09:39
schestowitzin communism I don't think unions would have much purposeDec 23 09:40
schestowitzunions leverage financial leverage against the capital holder to make demands or prevent unfavored policies being adoptedDec 23 09:41
schestowitzyou could argue unions are a very CAPITALIST thingDec 23 09:41
scientesor they are just more blood-sucking politiciansDec 23 09:41
scientesunder every rock lurks a politicianDec 23 09:42
schestowitzif you own your factory/mill/service yourself, who would you strike or unionise AGAINST?Dec 23 09:42
schestowitzscientes: not literally, yet..Dec 23 09:43
chovyi think when they changed the corporate mandate from "stakeholders" to "shareholders" everything went to shitDec 23 09:43
schestowitzthe rocks are building up thoughDec 23 09:43
scientesschestowitz, the theory of communism and China/USSR/Vietnam are totally different thingsDec 23 09:43
scienteschovy, a stakeholder is whoever holds the steak?Dec 23 09:43
schestowitzchovy: because few people hoard all the capitalDec 23 09:43
scientesand is this a wooden stake, or a steak of a cow?Dec 23 09:44
schestowitzso they can become "Stakeholders" in like a million businessesDec 23 09:44
schestowitzand just buy sharesDec 23 09:44
schestowitzwithout caring about outcome/stakeDec 23 09:44
schestowitzvultures basicallyDec 23 09:44
scientesmmmmmmm steakDec 23 09:45
chovyribeyesDec 23 09:46
chovyor ny top sirloinDec 23 09:46
scientesor ever just shoulder strapDec 23 09:47
scientessteak is steakDec 23 09:47
*psydroid wants to be a steakholder when he grows upDec 23 09:48
scientescertainly better than breadwinnerDec 23 09:48
chovyi'm grown up and i'm an ATM machineDec 23 09:52
schestowitzmachine machine?Dec 23 09:58
scientesPNS syndrome?Dec 23 10:06
scienteschovy, what is your PIN number?Dec 23 10:07
schestowitzATMs don't have pin numbersDec 23 10:15
schestowitzthe accounts associated with the pieces of plastic have pin numbersDec 23 10:16
schestowitzI guess ATMs with Windows on them have ACTIVATION CODE ^_^Dec 23 10:17
scientespersonal identification number numberDec 23 10:27
scientesautomated teller machine machineDec 23 10:27
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scientesbrrrrrrrrrrDec 23 10:29
scienteswet + coldDec 23 10:29
scientesI should put on swim trunks and run around outside in the rainDec 23 10:31
scientesoh wow a whole week of sun in comingDec 23 10:32
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XRevan86 23 11:47
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Apple conducts the audits that matter... - YouTubeDec 23 11:47
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scientesbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrDec 23 12:50
vZS1MS is not a business. It's like a state or political entity. Made a monopoly and now leverages the benefits of monopoly to try to shape the world.Dec 23 12:53
scientesFoxconn is something very differentDec 23 12:54
vZS1The typical business doesn't have the privileges of MS or AmazonDec 23 12:54
scientesXRevan86, what really blows me away about Apple is the arroganceDec 23 12:58
scientesthe sky is the limitDec 23 12:58
vZS1If they can't buy the competition they will leverage monopoly to make life harder for competitionDec 23 12:59
vZS1Look at Amazon. They used AWS to operate their e-commerce at a loss until they basically dominated e-commerce and logisticsDec 23 13:00
vZS1I think this is one of the reasons why AT&T wasn't allowed to get into the computing market. Idk what happened to the "anti-trust" or whatever you call it hardDec 23 13:03
vZS1s/hard/lawsDec 23 13:04
scientesIf only there wasn't this stupid "cloud" thing that prevent prices going down, then we wouldn't even need YouTUbeDec 23 13:05
vZS1I recently ordered a laptop battery from what looked like an independent e-commerce site. I ended up with an Amazon receipt.Dec 23 13:05
scientesthe only reason YouTube exists is to as an excuse to keep bandwidth markupsDec 23 13:06
CrystalMathwhat happened with youtube now?Dec 23 13:06
scientesit is the excuse to keep bandwidth expensiveDec 23 13:06
vZS1That's the extent of their reachDec 23 13:06
schestowitzour site does not have b/w caps, afaikDec 23 13:07
schestowitzAriadne: will that be the same with the new server/dc?Dec 23 13:07
schestowitz(because we do videos, too)Dec 23 13:07
*schestowitz uploads a 130mb video right now, takes almost 2 hoursDec 23 13:08
vZS1Serving media is always a PITADec 23 13:09
schestowitzBTWDec 23 13:09
vZS1Especially if you don't use compressionDec 23 13:09
schestowitziophk will like this point:Dec 23 13:09
schestowitz[12:53] <vZS1> MS is not a business. It's like a state or political entity. Made a monopoly and now leverages the benefits of monopoly to try to shape the world.Dec 23 13:09
schestowitzwe made this point sooooo many times beforeDec 23 13:09
schestowitzbut go a step furtherDec 23 13:09
schestowitzand consider the role of the ringleaderDec 23 13:09
schestowitzwho leveraged himself into unelected shadow global leadersDec 23 13:09
schestowitzno oversight, no impeachment, nothing..Dec 23 13:10
schestowitznever even finished collegeDec 23 13:10
schestowitzhe is not aloneDec 23 13:10
vZS1The problem I have is that you are forced to enable them as well. Dec 23 13:10
schestowitzbut if you name some of the others you can be dragged into the "cons. theorist" loony binDec 23 13:11
vZS1For exampleDec 23 13:11
schestowitztaxpayers pay themDec 23 13:11
vZS1You can't really reject MS when your government relies on themDec 23 13:11
schestowitzgrifting is done by the bribed politiciansDec 23 13:11
vZS1PreciselyDec 23 13:11
vZS1That's not businessDec 23 13:11
schestowitzthat's the circular issueDec 23 13:11
vZS1That's corruptionDec 23 13:11
schestowitzCovered many times in 23 13:12
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Gates Foundation Critique - TechrightsDec 23 13:12
schestowitzhe lobbies heads of statesDec 23 13:12
schestowitzto basically relay tax money into his 'charity'Dec 23 13:12
schestowitzso he cannot lose, not even if he really tries toDec 23 13:12
schestowitzcovid19 may have accelerated unrest while neutralising responses to itDec 23 13:12
schestowitz"stimulus" bill.... a war on the WebDec 23 13:13
schestowitzlike streams with fair use videosDec 23 13:13
schestowitzit can be a felony to make a video that debunks oligarchs' speechesDec 23 13:13
razielle_tzuthe way it's worded memes are a potential felonyDec 23 13:13
schestowitzyes, that tooDec 23 13:13
schestowitzthey used to be fair useDec 23 13:13
schestowitzstill imageDec 23 13:13
schestowitzan low resDec 23 13:13
schestowitzthe low res part comes from eu (art. 17)Dec 23 13:14
schestowitz(iirc, the number, they shuffled those around after weeks of criticism)Dec 23 13:14
schestowitz(to disorientate critics)Dec 23 13:14
schestowitzno idea what low-res isDec 23 13:14
razielle_tzuhaving to be low res in this day is stupidDec 23 13:14
schestowitzmaybe 480px across?Dec 23 13:14
schestowitzalso you can split the memes into smaller imagesDec 23 13:15
schestowitzand then sort of seam them togetherDec 23 13:15
vZS1The premise that one still from your entire film or whatever being shared is copyright infringement is bollocksDec 23 13:16
vZS1If anything, it's helping them with free advertisingDec 23 13:16
scientesthis whole iPhone factory destruction says alot about that status of the US empireDec 23 13:17
scientesFull Steam Ahead!Dec 23 13:17
schestowitzand by Indian workersDec 23 13:18
vZS1The TR argument I read about this being really an effort to enable trolling by proxy seems like the most plausible explanationDec 23 13:18
schestowitzIndia isn't very US hostileDec 23 13:18
schestowitzas much as Britain- or even China-hostileDec 23 13:19
schestowitzCheck Korea, Greece, Turkey for more anti-US sentiments... or Iran and much of that region... BUTDec 23 13:19
schestowitzit's not just a US thingDec 23 13:19
schestowitzeven if the US empire collapsed, the oligarchs would still be around in their 'fallback' homes and mansions with offshore tax haven managed from london, amsterdam, singapore, Macao... Dec 23 13:20
schestowitzwe need to treat it as a global issue associated with not mere flags and bordersDec 23 13:20
razielle_tzuwhich it is tbhDec 23 13:25
Ariadneschestowitz: yesDec 23 13:35
Ariadnenew DC has much stronger network evenDec 23 13:35
schestowitzgreat :-) room for growthDec 23 13:42
schestowitzoh, video upload finished a minute ago... time to publish good news about UPCDec 23 13:43
schestowitz 23 13:50
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | More Pseudo-Journalism About the Unified Patent Court (UPC), Composed by Those With Stake in the Coup | TechrightsDec 23 13:50
schestowitzAriadne: just counted files in techrights homedir: 170k+ filesDec 23 14:58
schestowitzit's a bit tight on disk space thoughDec 23 14:58
schestowitzbecause we need around 10gb free just to complete overnight backups before the dumps get compressedDec 23 14:58
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schestowitz 23 15:26
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-@llogiq: @schestowitz As one of the "overzealous" reddit mods, I'm totally unimpressed. We removed the comment because it wa… 23 15:26
schestowitz"As one of the "overzealous" reddit mods, I'm totally unimpressed. We removed the comment because it was off-topic. When the commenter continued with off-topic anti-MS zealotry, they received a warning. For the record, off-topic pro-MS zealotry would've been equally removed."Dec 23 15:26
schestowitz"MS zealotry"Dec 23 15:26
schestowitzgot itDec 23 15:26
schestowitzin rust reddit/subDec 23 15:27
schestowitzit's zealotryDec 23 15:27
schestowitzmicrosoft? NOT zealotryDec 23 15:27
schestowitz 23 15:28
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-@gilescope: @schestowitz Credit where credit is due, Rust has moved towards matrix for chat. When there is a viable distributed… 23 15:28
schestowitz"Credit where credit is due, Rust has moved towards matrix for chat. When there is a viable distributed alternative to guthub I am sure it will be seriously considered"Dec 23 15:28
schestowitz"viable distributed alternative to guthub"Dec 23 15:28
vZS1LmaoDec 23 15:28
schestowitz"guthub"  is NOT dstrobutedDec 23 15:28
schestowitzit's the OPPOSITEDec 23 15:28
schestowitzit's centralisedDec 23 15:29
schestowitzand proprietaryDec 23 15:29
schestowitzand immovableDec 23 15:29
vZS1Don't forget that people have been doing distributed development long before GitHubDec 23 15:29
vZS1They're attacking the definitionsDec 23 15:30
vZS1Because they know it's all a shamDec 23 15:30
vZS1GCC, Linux kernel, BSDs, are all developed in a distributed fashion and have been for decades now.Dec 23 15:33
vZS1They want to define distributed development as GitHubDec 23 15:34
psydroidgutterhub (negative) revenue is dostrobuted among MS advocates spamming the internet with MS gutterhub advertisingDec 23 15:36
vZS1I honestly can't believe how stupid you'd need to be too buy that narrativeDec 23 15:37
vZS1s/too/toDec 23 15:37
vZS1Have read a lot of tripe but that is some of the worst I've seenDec 23 15:40
vZS1Who wrote that?Dec 23 15:40
vZS1ALSODec 23 15:41
vZS1GitLab is a direct competitor to GitHubDec 23 15:42
vZS1Why is that not mentioned?Dec 23 15:42
vZS1Literally mirrors most of the functionalityDec 23 15:42
vZS1schestowitz: I don't have Twitter, can you please send me a screenshot of the post? I need to rip a hole in this propagandaDec 23 15:45
schestowitzyou can rip it with the urllDec 23 15:46
schestowitzif that still worksDec 23 15:46
schestowitzthey block people who reject JS nowDec 23 15:46
schestowitzsincd dec 16Dec 23 15:46
schestowitzsinceDec 23 15:46
schestowitz 23 15:47
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Convert tweet to image - Home | Tweet CyborgDec 23 15:47
schestowitzput it here, download pngDec 23 15:47
vZS1AhDec 23 15:47
vZS1I'll give you a piece on it over the weekendDec 23 15:49
schestowitzplease doDec 23 15:49
schestowitzI'd like to also follow up that piece with a videoDec 23 15:49
vZS1SureDec 23 15:49
schestowitzI have not covered github yetDec 23 15:49
schestowitzbut ought toDec 23 15:49
schestowitzthe rust 'community' keeps using this "line"Dec 23 15:50
schestowitzI can find moreDec 23 15:50
schestowitznotice the wordingDec 23 15:50
schestowitzthey don't say decentralisedDec 23 15:50
schestowitzbut distributedDec 23 15:50
schestowitzslack and "teams" alsoDec 23 15:50
schestowitzMS TeamsDec 23 15:50
schestowitzthey use words like "distributed teams"Dec 23 15:50
schestowitzall controlled by one masterDec 23 15:50
schestowitzdistributed like in a ghettoDec 23 15:50
schestowitz"scattered around"... like dustDec 23 15:51
vZS1Even with a very loose interpretation of distributed, that comment is BSDec 23 15:51
vZS1re: my GitLab exampleDec 23 15:52
vZS1But there's so much more to say on thatDec 23 15:52
psydroiddistributed and controlled by a central powerDec 23 15:53
psydroidI have to give them that they surely know how to twist words to fit their agendaDec 23 15:53
vZS1Unless you actually know what you're doing. Then you see straight through the BSDec 23 15:54
psydroidthat must be kinds of people they spend more attention to during the hiring process than the software engineers who are supposed to write good codeDec 23 15:54
psydroidyou have to set the priorities straight, you knowDec 23 15:54
vZS1They scrounge off other engineers' work. For free.Dec 23 15:55
vZS1Which is why they hate AGPLDec 23 15:56
vZS1They can't hide that with AGPL. They have to tell the world they didn't actually make what they claim to have madeDec 23 15:56
vZS1Most of why they get contracts if because of clever marketingDec 23 15:57
vZS1is*Dec 23 15:57
vZS1Whole UK going into Tier 4 lockdown from 26th DecDec 23 16:00
vZS1Just happens to be the day after ChristmasDec 23 16:00
vZS1"Spikes in cases after Christmas celebrations"Dec 23 16:01
vZS1Urgent lockdownDec 23 16:01
vZS1Can see the headlines alreadyDec 23 16:01
vZS1Bunch of BSDec 23 16:01
schestowitzwaitDec 23 16:12
schestowitzis this news or just thinking aloud?Dec 23 16:12
schestowitzmy wife did not hear about this tier 4 thingDec 23 16:12
schestowitzI thought it was just London and some town I forgot north of itDec 23 16:12
MinceR 23 16:19
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | BOFH: Rome, I have been thy soldier 40 years... give me a staff of honour for mine age • The RegisterDec 23 16:19
*_inky (~inky@ has joined #techrightsDec 23 16:19
vZS1Thinking aloudDec 23 16:24
vZS1Don't be surprised if it becomes newsDec 23 16:25
schestowitzNorthern IrelandDec 23 16:30
MinceR 23 16:31
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | BOFH: You might want to sit down for this. Oh, right, you can't. Listen carefully: THIS IS NOT AN IT PROBLEM! • The RegisterDec 23 16:31
*GNUmoon2 has quit (Remote host closed the connection)Dec 23 16:37
*GNUmoon2 (~GNUmoon@gateway/tor-sasl/gnumoon) has joined #techrightsDec 23 16:38
*schestowitz thinks MinceR really likes British humourDec 23 16:40
schestowitz(what's left of it after brexit and covid)Dec 23 16:40
MinceR:)Dec 23 16:42
vZS1Check out the old Spitting ImageDec 23 16:53
vZS1New one lost its teethDec 23 16:53
MinceR 23 16:55
DaemonFC[m] 23 16:57
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-GOG Says Don't Hoard Items or Lose Your Save, Investor Considers Lawsuit | MMORPG.comDec 23 16:57
DaemonFC[m]A class action lawsuit against CD Project Red over Cyberpunk 2077 being too broken to play. Their investors say they're losing a considerable amount of money because it was rushed to release and that even after four patch updates it's still too broken for people to want to buy it.Dec 23 16:58
schestowitzMinceR: did Trump say something stupid again?Dec 23 16:59
DaemonFC[m]A fifth patch is on the way that will clear up several dozen more issues, but the game is basically Windows Vista 2077 at this point.Dec 23 16:59
schestowitzMinceR: I am missing the referenceDec 23 16:59
MinceRprobably, but i don't knowDec 23 16:59
schestowitzbut he mistook germany for france beforeDec 23 16:59
MinceRit's just a bunch of settlements called Paris in the USADec 23 16:59
schestowitzah, okDec 23 16:59
schestowitzlots of londons tooDec 23 16:59
MinceRthere's a London in Canada tooDec 23 16:59
MinceRwhat, Cyberpunk 2077 is an MMO?Dec 23 17:00
MinceRnot like i'll find out from "LOADING: The Website"Dec 23 17:01
DaemonFC[m] 23 17:01
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Flu hospitalizations drop dramatically; COVID-19 protocol reducing spreadDec 23 17:01
vZS1Bit of a tangent but there's a series of novels called Rivers of London. Pretty good imo.Dec 23 17:01
DaemonFC[m]The state of Ohio says that flu hospitalizations are down 99.5% vs last year.Dec 23 17:01
DaemonFC[m]Of course, that might be hospitals turning away people with the flu as much as anything else.Dec 23 17:02
vZS1LondoniumDec 23 17:02
vZS1Anywhere with that name? :pDec 23 17:03
vZS1Londinium*Dec 23 17:03
DaemonFC[m]On an exceptionally bad year, flu is one sixth as deadly as Covid-19, and many states and regions are out of ICU beds already.Dec 23 17:03
DaemonFC[m]So you start telling people with the flu to beat it.Dec 23 17:03
*psydroid remembers a Catatonia song called LondiniumDec 23 17:03
*kupi (uid212005@gateway/web/ has joined #techrightsDec 23 17:08
vZS1Didn't know there was a songDec 23 17:10
schestowitz 23 17:19
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-The Winter's Tale: Solstice on the Streets of Paris - CounterPunch.orgDec 23 17:19
MinceR(cat) 23 17:20
DaemonFC[m] 23 17:40
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-XBOX One (X) and PlayStation 4 (PRO) get performance boost with Cyberpunk 2077 1.05 patch - VideoCardz.comDec 23 17:40
DaemonFC[m]Xbox One goes from 14 fps to 25.Dec 23 17:40
DaemonFC[m]How do you even release a game that can drop to 14 fps without much going on?Dec 23 17:41
DaemonFC[m]That's going from unplayable to barely playable.Dec 23 17:41
DaemonFC[m]I remember Sony doing the Cell Broadband Engine in the PS3 and it hobbled the console for its entire lifespan.Dec 23 17:43
DaemonFC[m]It made ports from the PC more difficult because of the strange SPE execution pipe.Dec 23 17:44
DaemonFC[m]So some games actually barely did anything at all with them and ran most of the code on the central processor that was mostly there to manage the SPEs.Dec 23 17:45
DaemonFC[m]Sony said the architecture was revolutionary and would be in use for a long time and then nothing else used it and it was dropped from GCC and LLVM last year.Dec 23 17:45
DaemonFC[m]Sony has had to live with several disasters that set them back, but one thing these systems do is ensure customer retention by making it impossible to port anything you've purchased to another console or a PC gaming platform. Dec 23 17:48
DaemonFC[m]So people keep buying from the same company no matter what happens.Dec 23 17:49
DaemonFC[m]The Microsoft Store on Windows is intended to do that, but it's overran by low quality and outright fraudulent apps and Microsoft has tried laying down restrictions that they can hardly enforce because nobody accepts Windows 10 S.Dec 23 17:50
MinceRnever believe suitsDec 23 17:50
*_inky has quit (Remote host closed the connection)Dec 23 17:50
MinceRalso, i don't know why people expected a game that, when run on PC, has high hardware requirements to be playable on consolesDec 23 17:51
*_inky (~inky@ has joined #techrightsDec 23 17:51
DaemonFC[m]They usually solve the problem by lowering the resolution to below HD and turning down graphics and cutting out parts of levels and stuff.Dec 23 17:52
DaemonFC[m]Doom 3 was a very tough game on PCs at the time and they put it on the original xbox. Part of it anyway.Dec 23 17:52
MinceRit was funny to read about how long they had to keep crippling doom ports to consolesDec 23 17:52
DaemonFC[m]And while it wasn't the worst PC to console port of the entire Doom franchise, it was not the full game.Dec 23 17:53
DaemonFC[m]It was the same price as the PC version, which had better graphics and more game play hours and no loading screens.Dec 23 17:53
MinceRbecause consoles just kept on being way too weak to handle something that ran fine on a 486Dec 23 17:53
DaemonFC[m]Within the same level at least.Dec 23 17:53
schestowitzAriadne: let us know where to pay into, for your time, effort, etcDec 23 17:54
DaemonFC[m]The Xbox version would have like 4 or 5 open door get loading screen segments.Dec 23 17:54
DaemonFC[m]It got really annoying.Dec 23 17:54
MinceRdoom3 does have loading screensDec 23 17:54
DaemonFC[m]And they skipped over huge chunks of the game that way.Dec 23 17:54
MinceRthey just aren't displayed long enough for me to read the flavor text on them :>Dec 23 17:54
DaemonFC[m]Well, when you're running the game off an SSD, like Fallout New Vegas, it just zips right through.Dec 23 17:55
MinceRi am running it off an ssdDec 23 17:55
DaemonFC[m]I've had New Vegas hard freeze Windows 10 a couple times.Dec 23 17:56
MinceRoh, you meant within a levelDec 23 17:56
DaemonFC[m]No bsod just frozen.Dec 23 17:57
DaemonFC[m]Not since the latest Intel driver patch, but we'll see.Dec 23 17:57
DaemonFC[m]<MinceR "oh, you meant within a level"> Yeah, so they partitioned Doom 3 levels to deal with Xbox memory constraints.Dec 23 17:57
MinceR:>Dec 23 17:57
DaemonFC[m]The console only had 64 MB of main memory, so they couldn't buffer the whole level into that.Dec 23 17:58
DaemonFC[m]They cheaper out big time on the Xbox and it's amazing it worked as well as it did Dec 23 17:59
DaemonFC[m]*cheapedDec 23 17:59
DaemonFC[m]The hard disks were 5400 RPM because those saved a few bucks per console.Dec 23 17:59
MinceRunless you count all the times it (or its power supply) fried itself :>Dec 23 17:59
DaemonFC[m]The main board wasn't even specifically designed for it.Dec 23 18:00
DaemonFC[m]It had an empty RAM slot that it didn't use.Dec 23 18:00
DaemonFC[m]You could upgrade that and make use of 128 MB total RAM under Linux.Dec 23 18:00
XRevan86Qwant's Russian IPs now.Dec 23 18:01
MinceRor you could just buy a PC insteadDec 23 18:01
DaemonFC[m]It's amazing how they could make operating systems and browsers and everything work fine on computers from 20 years ago and those same computers wouldn't do anything now.Dec 23 18:02
MinceR 23 18:03
*schestowitz has quit (Read error: No route to host)Dec 23 18:07
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*schestowitz has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)Dec 23 18:14
*schestowitz (~schestowi@unaffiliated/schestowitz) has joined #techrightsDec 23 18:14
schestowitzMinceR: soup is good at restoring sobriety Dec 23 18:24
*rianne__ ( has joined #techrightsDec 23 18:42
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DaemonFC[m]I sent this to, but I doubt they'll post it:Dec 23 19:10
*DaemonFC[m] sent a long message: < >Dec 23 19:10
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: I fear that people who use "real name only" social media are going to regret it, but when it's too late.Dec 23 19:12
DaemonFC[m]YOu think Facebook's copyright bullshit is bad now, just wait.Dec 23 19:12
DaemonFC[m]They've largely been "handling" it with computer programs that mute all your videos if there's a song playing in a restaurant or something.Dec 23 19:13
DaemonFC[m]I can't imagine how anything has much fun on a network that is so heavy handed.Dec 23 19:13
DaemonFC[m]*anyoneDec 23 19:13
DaemonFC[m]Facebook is proven to be corrosive to mental health and wellbeing, because all you end up doing is looking at ads, doomscrolling, and "hate-liking" photos of someone's vacation that they weren't even happy with.Dec 23 19:14
DaemonFC[m]Everyone is incentivized by these platforms to puff themselves up and create a world of alternative facts where they're something that they're not.Dec 23 19:15
DaemonFC[m]It's a pointless and miserable waste of a person's short life.Dec 23 19:15
DaemonFC[m]Trump is pardoning Blackwater war criminals that already got off too easily.Dec 23 19:26
DaemonFC[m]They won't be let out of jail because none of them got sentenced for very long terms to begin with.Dec 23 19:26
DaemonFC[m]Rod Blagojevich actually served more time for trying to sell Barack Obama's Senate seat than any of those Blackwater mercenaries did for firing into a crowd of unarmed civilians.Dec 23 19:27
DaemonFC[m] 23 19:30
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | KFC launches game console that keeps your chicken warm - CNNDec 23 19:30
DaemonFC[m]Just what we need in the middle of a pandemic that kills obese people.Dec 23 19:30
DaemonFC[m]Well, thanks to Trump's leadership, we no longer have a pandemic.Dec 23 19:36
DaemonFC[m]We have an epidemic that the vaccine will slow down a very small bit, if we're extremely fortunate. Dec 23 19:36
DaemonFC[m]Florida's governor ignored the CDC.Dec 23 19:38
DaemonFC[m]Essential workers don't get any vaccines. It all goes, broadly, to people over 70.Dec 23 19:38
DaemonFC[m]Then he says "Well, if you asked people in their 20s and 30s, I'm sure that most of them would say give it to the people over 70.".Dec 23 19:38
DaemonFC[m]I don't, and that's not entirely selfish.Dec 23 19:38
DaemonFC[m]Unchecked community spread is how it's getting to the elderly.Dec 23 19:39
DaemonFC[m]I'm sure that the idiots in the Lake County Health Department will manage to bungle this.Dec 23 19:39
DaemonFC[m]Nobody there knows what the hell they're doing.Dec 23 19:39
DaemonFC[m]Their billing department can't tell you why you owe them money.Dec 23 19:40
DaemonFC[m]They have patient data breaches all the time.Dec 23 19:40
DaemonFC[m]The government is where people who are unemployable but know somebody get a job for life.Dec 23 19:41
vZS1DaemonFC[m]: Social media is just advertisingDec 23 20:02
*gry (~test@unaffiliated/gryllida) has joined #techrightsDec 23 20:02
*gry has quit (Remote host closed the connection)Dec 23 20:05
*gry (~test@unaffiliated/gryllida) has joined #techrightsDec 23 20:08
MinceR   (sauce: )Dec 23 20:35
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Annual Planning | Work ChroniclesDec 23 20:35
*GNUmoon2 has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)Dec 23 20:44
XRevan86 23 20:56
MinceRlolDec 23 20:57
*vZS1 has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)Dec 23 21:09
DaemonFC[m]If they want to reopen everything, it would be better from a certain angle to give the vaccine to people who are out and about a lot and healthcare workers.Dec 23 21:26
DaemonFC[m]The old people at the retirement home mom works at put maybe 200 miles a year on their cars. They don't have to go anywhere.Dec 23 21:26
DaemonFC[m]They can't even go to church now.Dec 23 21:27
*vZS1 ( has joined #techrightsDec 23 21:28
*GNUmoon (~GNUmoon@gateway/tor-sasl/gnumoon) has joined #techrightsDec 23 21:30
psydroidis there any reason for using Windows or macOS for embedded development? why wouldn't GNU/Linux on any architecture be acceptable and actually better for that kind of work?Dec 23 21:49
psydroidI see so many arguments from all kinds of steakholders for retaining the status quo that it looks like a big concerted effort to keep GNU/Linux away from the desktopDec 23 21:50
*vZS1 has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)Dec 23 21:51
*vZS1 ( has joined #techrightsDec 23 22:03
*vZS1 has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)Dec 23 22:07
*vZS1 ( has joined #techrightsDec 23 22:08
MinceR 23 22:19
*rianne_ ( has joined #techrightsDec 23 22:22
*rianne__ has quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)Dec 23 22:22
*vZS1 has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)Dec 23 22:32
*vZS1 ( has joined #techrightsDec 23 22:33
schestowitz[21:49] <psydroid> is there any reason for using Windows or macOS for embedded development? why wouldn't GNU/Linux on any architecture be acceptable and actually better for that kind of work?Dec 23 22:38
schestowitzmoneyed interestsDec 23 22:38
schestowitzthat may change more and more over timeDec 23 22:38
schestowitzit's not a technical battleDec 23 22:38
MinceRplus there are tons of alleged "developers" who know nothingDec 23 22:55
MinceRwhich is why the redmond mafia gets to sell copies of visual studioDec 23 22:55
scientesI just installed skyrimDec 23 22:57
MinceRi installed Amid Evil today :>Dec 23 22:58
scientesbut I don't know if it is me but I can't control my character with keyboard/mouseDec 23 22:58
scientesit is too difficultDec 23 22:58
*liberty_box has quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)Dec 23 22:58
*rianne_ has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)Dec 23 22:58
*rianne_ ( has joined #techrightsDec 23 23:03
*liberty_box ( has joined #techrightsDec 23 23:05
*vZS1 has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)Dec 23 23:06
DaemonFC[m]Microsoft was giving away "free" Windows 10 IoT licenses for the Raspberry Pi, but that version of Windows can't really do much of anything.Dec 23 23:09
DaemonFC[m]As far as smartphones, I couldn't really see how Windows Phone would have been worse than iOS.Dec 23 23:10
DaemonFC[m]Microsoft threw in the towel and has been threatening and buying off companies like Samsung to turn Android into Windows Phone.Dec 23 23:10
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: My theory about the Android apps on Windows thing is that Microsoft knows few people want or need Android apps on a desktop computer.Dec 23 23:12
DaemonFC[m]But....Dec 23 23:12
DaemonFC[m]If they can make Windows and the Microsoft store an easy way to develop, test, and distribute Android apps, they can possibly get Samsung or other Android OEMs to start shipping a version of AOSP that's linked into Microsoft Store and a bunch of other things. Essentially, they seem to be trying to get back what they could have had already if they hadn't instinctively killed the Nokia X platform.Dec 23 23:13
*psydroid just finished porting his assembly to RISC-V as a learning projectDec 23 23:14
DaemonFC[m]It's not too hard to see where this is going.Dec 23 23:14
DaemonFC[m]Nobody was really much interested in developing for Windows Phone because nobody was using the platform.Dec 23 23:14
psydroidWindows development itself is a disaster, which I found out by trying to compile a few free software applications during the past few daysDec 23 23:15
DaemonFC[m]Visual Studio?Dec 23 23:15
DaemonFC[m]The newer versions aren't as bad.Dec 23 23:16
psydroidI tried several things, MSYS2, Git Bash, Visual StudioDec 23 23:16
DaemonFC[m]For many years, Microsoft had essentially refused to implement anything newer than C89.Dec 23 23:16
*vZS1 ( has joined #techrightsDec 23 23:17
DaemonFC[m]It was to pressure Windows development towards .NET, and we see where the pointy haired bosses took that one.Dec 23 23:17
DaemonFC[m]I wouldn't be surprised if they find more backdoors in Solarwinds as the investigation continues.Dec 23 23:17
psydroidAnd then you have them deprecating features or not porting certain frameworks to e.g. ARM, which will only get WPF in 6 months or soDec 23 23:17
DaemonFC[m].NET's security model isn't broken, because it doesn't have one.Dec 23 23:18
psydroidNot that I know much about modern .NET, but you want things to be at least somewhat portable and that is only happening with .NET 5.0Dec 23 23:18
DaemonFC[m]Yes, portability with .NET was a disaster, even between versions of Windows.Dec 23 23:19
DaemonFC[m]This was ridiculous.Dec 23 23:19
DaemonFC[m]Not just versions of Windows like releases, or hugely different architectures, but between somewhat different versions of the same architecture and the same release of Windows.Dec 23 23:20
DaemonFC[m]At one point I reported a bug in CDBurnerXP and the guy told me he had no way to test it because he didn't have XP x64 Edition.Dec 23 23:21
DaemonFC[m]Like why would it mess up on XP x64 but not the 64-bit version of Windows Vista?Dec 23 23:22
DaemonFC[m]I held back one system on XP x64 Edition because I'd be damned if I put Vista anything on it.Dec 23 23:22
DaemonFC[m]XP x64 was much more stable, but Microsoft has ways of manipulating people into doing what they want them to do.Dec 23 23:23
DaemonFC[m]So XP x64 was a stopgap, OEM-only release and so it didn't catch on much.Dec 23 23:24
DaemonFC[m]But it also solved the problem of having a lot of memory and not wanting to use Windows Vista.Dec 23 23:24
psydroidIDec 23 23:24
psydroidI've never seen XP x64, because I didn't have 64-bit hardware until 2007Dec 23 23:25
psydroidBut by that time I was already running Linux full-time with just an XP virtual machine for gamesDec 23 23:26
*vZS1 has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)Dec 23 23:26
*vZS1 ( has joined #techrightsDec 23 23:32
schestowitz[23:15] <psydroid> Windows development itself is a disaster, which I found out by trying to compile a few free software applications during the past few daysDec 23 23:33
schestowitzI can vaguely recall this pain, I think I wrote about it 15 years agoDec 23 23:33
schestowitzabout 18 years ago I wanted to make a Windows binary of my opengl linux programDec 23 23:33
schestowitzso I thought, OK, the university had this visual studio thingDec 23 23:33
schestowitznot only was it hard to useDec 23 23:34
schestowitzi ended up having to toss all .h and .c files in two very large filesDec 23 23:34
schestowitzthen compile thoseDec 23 23:34
schestowitzand even then performance was really badDec 23 23:34
schestowitzbut that was just to make some .exe file available, which I barely ever testedDec 23 23:34
schestowitzMSVS might work OK if you only even intended to develop on it and stay thereDec 23 23:35
schestowitzIDEs are a form of lockinDec 23 23:35
DaemonFC[m]Yeah, I remember when people were angry that the guy maintaining the xchat Windows build wanted money.Dec 23 23:36
schestowitzI could not just load in all the C files and let it go off with that, I think i just spent a couple of hours before there was this binary which worked on Win2000 or maybe XPDec 23 23:36
DaemonFC[m]Saying that it wasn't zero effort for him to maintain a totally different build system and pare down GTK to de-bloat it, and write a theme to make it look like a Windows application.Dec 23 23:36
psydroidwhen you think of your operating system itself as the development environment it's hard to work on something such as MS Windows where that isn't the caseDec 23 23:36
*kupi has quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)Dec 23 23:37
schestowitzthey have "suites"Dec 23 23:37
schestowitzand you're getting stuck with/by themDec 23 23:37
schestowitzif you change the "suite" (not just editor/IDE), tough luckDec 23 23:37
DaemonFC[m]Well, I think they've been working on some of the issues after many years of just letting them pile up.Dec 23 23:37
schestowitzyou also have propriietary "project" files and whatnotDec 23 23:37
DaemonFC[m]But it's not a great platform to try to build software for.Dec 23 23:37
schestowitzand every "suite" won't work with anotherDec 23 23:37
schestowitzthe Windows build was VEEERY inefficient, but I did not careDec 23 23:38
schestowitznor did I ever bother recompiling it againDec 23 23:38
schestowitzI did it on a university computer and it took longer than I thought it would, don't think I ever even tested that file after thatDec 23 23:39
schestowitzif you need time to learn a GUI, you could instead use the time to learn the toolchain insteadDec 23 23:39
schestowitzit will barely change over timeDec 23 23:39
schestowitzand won't ask you for licence and activation codesDec 23 23:40
MinceR> if they hadn't instinctively killed the Nokia X platform.Dec 23 23:40
MinceRyou misspelled MeeGo :>Dec 23 23:40
schestowitzDaemonFC[m]: I've just sent out two emails to empty old pension and antother account of mineDec 23 23:41
schestowitzI think SHTF is about to happen next year (for the financial sector)Dec 23 23:41
schestowitzI only keep my current pensionDec 23 23:41
schestowitzwe might retire by age 50... there's not much future for work in this world, except for fewDec 23 23:42
schestowitzMinceR: Debian-based, they had several moreDec 23 23:42
DaemonFC[m]I've been pinching pennies.Dec 23 23:42
schestowitzthey were #3 in kernel work at the timeDec 23 23:43
DaemonFC[m]I want to show immigration that we could survive for a year just on savings alone if we had to.Dec 23 23:43
MinceRand then the Elopocalypse happenedDec 23 23:43
schestowitzbefore Elop poured gasoline and declared it "burning platform"Dec 23 23:43
DaemonFC[m]Makes it harder for them to say no.Dec 23 23:43
DaemonFC[m]Plus, I've had worse happen in recent history and I want to show that getting seriously into debt to meet basic living expenses is unlikely.Dec 23 23:44
schestowitzDaemonFC[m]: Dec 23 23:44
schestowitz 23 23:44
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Social Control Media PostsDec 23 23:44
schestowitz"US national #debt rapidly appoaching 30 TRILLION dollars. Hundreds of US oligarchs alone amasses more than half that amount in PERSONAL wealth. This isn't poverty but organised looting.          ☞"Dec 23 23:44
schestowitz""What, you don't like the $600 check?" - corrupt politicians who don't tell you that YOU are paying for that check (debt) and the bill it comes with mostly helps oligarchs and Hollywood moguls. It's a scam, not a real #stimulus ...          ☞"Dec 23 23:44
DaemonFC[m]In a way, it's better that Trump just vetoes everything and then slinks off to his golf resort.Dec 23 23:44
schestowitz":The US economy is finished; drained by oligarchs, who turned national/collective debt (almost 30 TRILLION dollars in the US now) into personal wealth in offshore accounts. Then they tell us "we ran out of capital..."          ☞"Dec 23 23:44
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | 'No More Caving' to Austerity Warns Sanders After Biden Lauds Paltry Covid-19 Relief Deal as 'Model' Legislation | Common Dreams NewsDec 23 23:44
DaemonFC[m]Not only does it show what he is, and how petty he is on the way out...Dec 23 23:45
DaemonFC[m]It means that Congress will have to pass everything again without the excuse that they had 2 hours to read a 5,289 page bill that included two new copyright laws.Dec 23 23:45
schestowitzthis should be nullifiedDec 23 23:46
schestowitzon the basis of "insufficient time to study"Dec 23 23:47
schestowitzotherwise, the US is obviously no better than countries it mocksDec 23 23:47
schestowitzwith the most corrupt elements laid bareDec 23 23:47
*_inky has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)Dec 23 23:47
schestowitzOK, I just got two auto-responder messagesDec 23 23:47
schestowitzto be expected during xmas eveDec 23 23:48
MinceR 23 23:48
*_inky (~inky@ has joined #techrightsDec 23 23:48
schestowitzha, I thought about this beforeDec 23 23:49
schestowitzreferring to slaughterhouses and stuff and "plants"Dec 23 23:49
schestowitzwhat next? will they call debt cards "CREDIT"?Dec 23 23:49
schestowitz*as "plants"Dec 23 23:50
schestowitzDaemonFC[m]: "Dec 23 23:50
schestowitzHi,Dec 23 23:50
schestowitzOver the next few days I intend to complete the steps below to the bestDec 23 23:50
schestowitzof my abilities to withdraw all the funds from my account atDec 23 23:50
schestowitz"Dec 23 23:51
schestowitzBefore I proceed, can you please confirm that this is doable and, if so,Dec 23 23:51
schestowitzwhether any additional steps would be required. Please bear in mind thatDec 23 23:51
schestowitzirrespective of the holidays here many services are shut down due toDec 23 23:51
schestowitzcoronavisis, which may complicate some of the steps described.Dec 23 23:51
schestowitzI have all the documents required for electronic identity verificationDec 23 23:51
schestowitzwith you. I would like to complete this by year's end, as a matter ofDec 23 23:51
schestowitzgreat urgency.Dec 23 23:51
schestowitz"Dec 23 23:51
schestowitzoops, typos on "virus"Dec 23 23:51
schestowitzI reckon if we move somewhere a lot cheaper we can retire early, no children to worry about, just food and meds basicallyDec 23 23:51
schestowitz(assuming site hosting isn't a massive financial burden)Dec 23 23:52
schestowitz2019: end of democracyDec 23 23:53
schestowitzimpeachment, followed by acquittal, "Boris" elected, "Brexit for the rich"Dec 23 23:53
schestowitz2020: end of hospitality sector (flights, dining, hotels, lots more)Dec 23 23:53
schestowitz2021: what's left of physical stored shut down and boarded up, graduallyDec 23 23:53
schestowitznext they'll go after "remote workers"Dec 23 23:54
schestowitzreplacing them with >nationally< remote workersDec 23 23:54
schestowitzyou don't need to hire people at $30/hour to work from home in Europe/N America when you can hire people to do the same from somewhere like Asia or S America at $3/hourDec 23 23:55
schestowitzcorporations like these will take taxpayers-backed bailouts and then send away the jobs, gradually, for "efficiency"Dec 23 23:55
schestowitzhard to think of any "safe" jobs when physical on-site presence is no longer an essentiality/selling pointDec 23 23:56
schestowitzor any physical presence is seen as a threat/liability, except maybe where you buy food/essential groceries like toiletriesDec 23 23:56
schestowitzfor deliveries they only need drivers, but many truckers and people like these also lost their jobsDec 23 23:57
schestowitzIIRC, the US has literally millions of themDec 23 23:57
schestowitzwith debt over costs of large transport-oriented vehicles (similar to farmers with instruments like tractors)Dec 23 23:57
schestowitzDaemonFC[m]: but you get a one-time $600 checkDec 23 23:58
schestowitzthat'll last... like several weeks :-)Dec 23 23:58
schestowitzmaybe January 15th they'll pass another 5,300-page billDec 23 23:58
schestowitzwith some more "surprises" in itDec 23 23:58
schestowitzand then in January 19th Lumpy will declare "martial law"Dec 23 23:59

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