The debian-private mailing list leak, part 1. Volunteers have complained about Blackmail. Lynchings. Character assassination. Defamation. Cyberbullying. Volunteers who gave many years of their lives are picked out at random for cruel social experiments. The former DPL's girlfriend Molly de Blanc is given volunteers to experiment on for her crazy talks. These volunteers never consented to be used like lab rats. We don't either. debian-private can no longer be a safe space for the cabal. Let these monsters have nowhere to hide. Volunteers are not disposable. We stand with the victims.

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I blew up at about 200 people (essentially the entire Debian developer
group), and two radio hams who had very little to do with the
situation. This message is addressed to all of you. I apologize, and
I'll try to explain why it happened. Unfortunately I also did a little
damage - I removed my directory on, which has broken
the Debian mailing list system.

I joined the Debian project a _long_ time ago, back during Debian 0.91
or something. My intent at that time was to produce a product called
"Linux for Hams" using Debian. I got caught up in solving Debian's
problems instead, to the exclusion of "Linux for Hams". Something like
three years have gone by, and the hams are now planning to complete the
project without me. I found this rather upsetting, though it's not the
hams fault, it's mine.

On top of this, I've come in for a lot of abuse and pressure from the
Debian group and a number of Linux-related outsiders. Really more than
my normally robust disposition can bear.

The end result is that I blew up and resigned from the debian group,
burning my bridges behind me, sending an oath their way, and doing some
slight damage while slamming the door. Sorry.

The Debian Board of Directors, which I initiated in order to get some
of the pressure off of me and to provide for an orderly transfer of
power, has taken a long time to get going. They have just held a vote
on a part of their constitution, and hopefully they are ready to take
a more active leadership role.

I'm not sure what I should do. I have been making a pretty big sacrifice
for Debian, more than is really healthy for me.


	Bruce Perens