The debian-private mailing list leak, part 1. Volunteers have complained about Blackmail. Lynchings. Character assassination. Defamation. Cyberbullying. Volunteers who gave many years of their lives are picked out at random for cruel social experiments. The former DPL's girlfriend Molly de Blanc is given volunteers to experiment on for her crazy talks. These volunteers never consented to be used like lab rats. We don't either. debian-private can no longer be a safe space for the cabal. Let these monsters have nowhere to hide. Volunteers are not disposable. We stand with the victims.

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Please don't condemn Novare for the FreeOS logo

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[InterNIC yet.]

I didn't think it was a tremendous idea either, but I gave the FreeOS
logo the same treatment as other logos (we have had many bad ones).
Your condemming the entire Novare organization of 20 Debian users for
that logo would be an over-reaction.  These people's main business is
making custom applications for companies like Coca-Cola. They use
Debian as their development platform. The logo was just in idea they
tried to contribute.

I really wish you would not condemm them for the logo. Please.

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