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fixing netpbm's copyrights

A long-standing bug against netpbm is that it is in non-free, whereas
most of the hundreds of programs in it are really freely distributable.
I have summarized all of the copyright statements in the copyright file,
and sure enough, most of them are free.  There were 3 significant exceptions:
1.  Programs which produce gifs  (footogif).  I take it that these will
never be free.  
2.  One (or maybe two) programs with the text "all rights reserved", which
would seem to indicate that they weren't freely distributable.
3.  About 2 dozen programs without any license text at all.

I have now contacted almost all but 2 of the authors of the programs
with no license text, and the author who had previously used the term
"all rights reserved."  All have graciously agreed to use apply either the 
GPL or Jef Poskanzer's netpbm license to their programs.

So here are my questions:  
1.  How do I indicate the change of license terms in the netpbm package?
    Do I
    a.  change the actual program (foo.c) to include the license text?
    b.  just list the new license text in the table I've already built
        in the copyright file?

2.  For the programs which remain non-free, do I just remove them
from netpbm, and build a separate netpbm-non-free package?


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