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Debian and politics


I am getting increasingly distressed about the level of bickering and
"politics" going on here.

It seems that every time Bruce posts a message, somebody attacks him,
and a new debate ensues.  And usually it's a debate about something
that has already been decided long ago.  For instance, we already have
a non-free section that KDE fits in to.  We get it to our users so
they can use it, and at the same time, make it clear that we do not
agree with the license restrictions.  So why are we arguing over
whether or not we should include it?

Then there's this argument over what our priorities are -- free
software or functionality.  Again, it doesn't matter -- we can do BOTH
thanks to non-free.

Of course, Bruce isn't perfect.  Neither am I.  Neither is anyone else
here.  That is no reason to attack him or call for his resignation
every time he does something that annoys somebody else slightly.

"Engage brain before opening mouth" seems an applicable statement

I am tired of this bickering over things that don't matter.  Reasoned
debate over important things is expected and welcome (for instance,
our free software guidelines).  Petty bickering isn't.


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