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Apple's Rise to Aggression and Anti-Competitive Behaviour

Techrights deals with Apple very critically. Apple is a proprietary software company which was covered under several themes:

  • Apple Deception
  • Apple's Dark Side
  • Apple Versus Partners
  • Apple on Software Patents
  • Apple vs HTC
  • hypePad Watch
  • Apple Helping Microsoft
  • Apple - Dead Divisions or Products

  • Microsoft Antitrust

    This index below deals with Comes vs Microsoft court exhibits which offer a glance at the history of Microsoft abuse. For a concise summary of some of the exhibits, see "Petition text - overview".

    Office Suites

    Also see Office Suites

  • Cancel Mac Office 97 will immediately harm Apple (Exhibit PLEX0_6060)

  • ClarisWorks

  • What can we steal from ClarisWorks and the Apple UI (Exhibit PX02842)
  • Microsoft to Apple: stop OEM-ing ClarisWorks (Exhibit PX02832)

  • Media

    Also see QuickTime

  • Microsoft to Apple: why not adopt ASF (Exhibit PX02762_B)
  • Microsoft OS & Digital Video Platform Update (Exhibit px02869_a)

  • Others

  • Bill Gates makes Apple an offer they can't refuse (Exhibit PLEX0_5780)
  • Bill Gates: An ISV that writes to COR is just f*cked (Exhibit PLEX0_2759)

  • Microsoft behaving badly (Exhibit PX02854_A)
  • Steve Jobs: Amelio fucked up everything (Exhibit px02887)

  • Analysing the Mac to innovate Windows (Exhibit PX02002)
  • Microsoft recommends Apple (Exhibit plex_7264)

  • Uncategorised

  • (covered in: Bill Gates Wants to Maximise “Patented Stuff” -- Jim Allchin on Apple: "We were smoked", "We are being clocked")