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Charlie McCreevy

Here are some of our posts that cover Charlie McCreevy's role, especially when it comes to ushering in European software patents. These are roughly ordered by relevance (most relevant first).

  • McCreevy’s Suicidal Patent Battle to Harm Europe Glorified in Irish Press
  • Charles McCreevy is Still Advancing Software Patents in Europe
  • Intellectual Monopolist to Keep Eye On: Commissioner Mccreevy
  • Patents Roundup: Microsoft, Nokia, and McCreevy for Software Patents
  • Charlie Mccreevy to Hollywood: I Hereby Give You Europe
  • Patents Roundup: Microsoft Sued, Health Care Weighs in, McCreevy Denounced
  • Latest Attempt to Expand Software Patents to Europe; Microsoft Shenanigan Revisited
  • Microsoft Influence on Ireland and the United Kingdom
  • Patents Roundup: OASIS Takes Stance Against Software Patents, Microsoft Loses Again
  • Latest Microsoft Procurement Scandals: Hungary, Quebec, UAE
  • Open Invention Network (OIN) Gets New Leadership, Other Software Patents News
  • Microsoft’s OEM Lock-in on the Ropes
  • Software Patents in Europe and Microsoft’s Huge Lobbying Budget as of Late
  • Musical Chairs in The European Commission
  • Patents Roundup: Microsoft’s Own Patent Trolls Subjugate Indians; New Evidence of Ill Systems
  • Microsoft and Cronies Create Another EU Lobby at Taxpayers’ Expense?
  • It’s Not a Democracy, It’s ACTAtorship
  • Cablegate: Government of Ireland Pushes Charlie McCreevy to Help Microsoft Against Antitrust Regulators

  • Also see: Commissioner Charlie McCreevy and Software Patents (FFII)