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Category:Comes v Microsoft Category:Antitrust Category:Microsoft Category:DOS This index deals with Comes vs Microsoft court exhibits which offer a glance at the history of Microsoft abuse. For a concise summary of some of the exhibits, see "Petition text - overview".


  • SCP Microsoft 86-dos license agreement (Exhibit PX00001)
  • Not letting the big manufacturers off the per system hook (Exhibit PX00023)
  • Resistance from WIN customers (Exhibit PX00026)

  • Testing/Sabotage

  • Have Bambi refuse to run on this alien OS (Exhibit PLEX_0981)
  • Microsoft, “Bambi”, and the “Alien OS” Riddle (Exhibit PX_9923 and Exhibit PX00993)
  • Non-tested DOS warning code (Exhibit PX00963)
  • Non-tested DOS warning code - 2 (Exhibit PX00109)
  • Make sure DR-DOS has problems (Exhibit PX00978)
  • Display alien Dos message function (Exhibits PX07693, PX00979)
  • Purpose of the AARD code (Exhibit TP011207)
  • Problems with rom-DRDOS 6.0 and win (Exhibit PX09840)
  • tonyka tests DR-DOS 6.0 (Exhibits PX00963 and PX00964)
  • Allchin: make sure DR-DOS has problems in the future (Exhibit PX00978)
  • Unplanned leaks (Exhibits PX02387_A and PX00109)

  • FUD

  • Microsoft on feeding press with DR-DOS bugs (Exhibit PX00964)
  • FUD as an official business tactic in 1990, to combat DR-DOS (Exhibit PX00425)

  • Attack Plans

  • Those rabid DR-dogs (Exhibit PX09557)
  • The DOS gold mine is shrinking (Exhibit PX05042)
  • Microsoft on attacking the counterfeiting of MS-DOS .. (Exhibit PX09834)
  • Why Amstrad dropped DR-DOS (Exhibit PX_9923)
  • Safely passing the Doubledisk source (Exhibit PX04253_A)
  • Helping Sears rewrite DR-DOS contract (See: ; Analysis and text: )

  • REMARK - D.M.:

    "You never sent me a response on the question of what things an [application] would do that would make it run with MS-DOS and not run with DR-DOS," Bill Gates wrote in 1988. His earlier email? "I am not looking for something they cant get around. I am looking for something their current binary fails on."