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How to get a grab of Netscape's revenues

Date: 1996



Rick Frederking (LCA)

From: Steve Ballmer Sent: Sunday, December 01, 1996 9 26 PM To: Bill Gates; Amar Nehru Cc: Brad Silverberg; Brad Chase; Paul Mantz Subject: RE: Netscapes Revenues (Longmail)

I asked amar to sent it broadly, I may have gone overboard, we should have been more precise that home page means ads of all kinds, sorry. The rsv revenue we did not dig into, it will have to lower one of our other estimates if sizable, we will brainstorm how to get a grab.

- original message - From: Bill Gates Sent Sunday, December 01, 1996 9:24 PM To: Amar Nehru Cc: Brad Silverberg; Brad Chase; Steve Ballmer; Paul Mantz Subject: RE: Netscapes Revenues (Longmail)

What kind of date do we have about how much software companies pay Netscape?

In particular I am curious about their deals with Corel, Lotus and Intuit. All of these ship a lot if units of Netscape. In our discussions we must have some kind of sense of the revenue which Netscape gets from this.

I was surprised at the ISP revenue being so high. This services revenue is NOT primarily from the home page as is stated in this report. Netscape does better things like the SEARCH button. Someone should me more concrete about what they get (non-barter) from the home page. I think this is quite low.

I don't think this analysis needed be sent to many people.


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