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HypePad Watch

"HypePad" is a humorous slant/spin on the word "iPad", which the media oversold and hyped up for a fee. We covered it in the following posts:


  • hypePad 3 is Hot

  • 2011

  • Apple hypePad at Fatigue Point

  • 2010

  • Apple Sent iPads to ‘Important’ Writers Weeks Before Launch
  • Fans of Apple Disappointed by iPad; Hype is Paid for by Apple
  • GNU/Linux Yawns at Apple’s Large iPhone (Without the Phone Functionality)
  • Apple is Bad for Sharing, Forbids Mentioning Linux
  • Apple’s Newton Executive Negative About Apple’s Latest Attempts at a Shinier Newton
  • Eye on Apple: Hype Machine Backfires
  • Latest iPad Disappointments; iPhone Grouped Together With IE6
  • Eye on Apple: Foxconn’s Crimes, iPad Trouble, Flash, Censorship, and Support
  • Apple Makes Toys, GNU/Linux Still Ahead of It
  • Cory Doctorow Explains Why Apple’s iPad is Bad and SJVN Shows That Mac OS X is Not Secure
  • Apple Apologists
  • hypePad and .NET Promoted by Novell at the Same Time

  • Also see: Apple vs HTC