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Look How Many F's They Give

Historically, the Free Software Foundation gives more F's (The "F" stands for "Freedom") than other software organisations.

Here are some issues the FSF may give fewer "F's" about than they used to:

* GitHub-- they don't give an "F", the FSF doesn't seem to care they don't give an "F" either. :* OctoGNU timeline :* A few years ago at least, they did (literally) give an "F": the page hasn't changed, though Github seems to be alright by default. It's not considered a problem that the new president and four other people on the staff and board use it, it's not treated as a problem that anybody uses it-- but the criteria for "giving an 'F'" is still there.
* Telemetry in Mozilla Firefox-- another "F" the FSF doesn't seem too troubled by. :* :*
* The Future of the Linux Kernel-- telemetry there too, but who gives an "F" about that? :*
* Clownflare Breaks the Web-- one of the greater scourges online- think the FSF is up to fighting it? :* Calling for a boycott would help :* Informing people about what it does would help :* Telling people how to detect it would help
* The Web is Broken Anyway-- thank Mozilla and Google. :* Don't expect a lot of criticism of Google
* Free Speech-- please don't suggest the FSF gives an "F". :* :*

The FSF used to say "Free as in Speech", but obviously that was just a metaphor.

They also used to care about requiring non-free software to create allegedly "free" software, but if you're going to use the cloud, they might occasionally give GitHub a funny look-- before heavily relying on it to get things like LibreJS and IceCat put together.

Of course there's still technically the 4 "F's", but if you have more than 4 problems, and only 4 "F's" to give, you're going to spend (literally) years arguing with people who don't give an "F" why these problems are even relevant to those 4 "F's".

Or they might do like they did with RMS, and just tell you to "Free" yourself.

But if they tell us to go Free Ourselves, what is it they do again? Didn't they say they were Fighting For us?