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Some of the GNU project is being developed on GitHub, despite the Microsoft acquisition. This is a timeline of relevant events.

NOTE: Data on initial commits may not accurately represent when a project moved to GitHub. GitHub went online in 2008; Perl commits on GitHub date back to 1987. And Perl issues date back to 1999, so... no, first issue opened won't necessarily tell us anything either.



  • March:
  • GNU Radio registered as a GNU project


  • March:
  • D front end for GCC (GDC) announced


  • February:
  • GitHub goes online


  • June:
  • Initial GitHub commit for D language


  • December:


  • September:
  • First issue for GNU Radio on GitHub-- [confirmed: 2016-09/msg00128] note this can be a misleading metric for showing how recently it moved. Mailing list/Official website data is better.
  • December:
  • GNU Aspell development moves to GitHub-- Savannah becomes the mirror


  • June:
  • Purchase by Microsoft announced
  • October:
  • Microsoft deal closed
  • D added to GNU GCC
  • November:
  • alsa-lib gets first GitHub issue ("just a test") First real issue opened same month.
  • December:
  • First pull request for GNU Radio on GitHub


  • March:
  • September:
  • Richard Stallman resigns as president and from board of Free Software Foundation
  • LLVM commits enabled on GitHub
  • October:
  • November:
  • Perl quietly moves development to GitHub


  • August:
  • October
  • DMCA takedown of youtube-dl from GitHub (its main repository)

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