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Microsoft - Offshoring and Visas

  • Noted: The Microsoft-Abramoff Connection
  • Microsoft’s and Bill Gates’ Role in US Unemployment
  • Microsoft Uses the Press to Promote Cheaper Labour for Microsoft; Other “Independent” Studies (Propaganda) Funded by Microsoft
  • Microsoft Prepares a Bogus Study to Defend Abandonment of American Workforce
  • Microsoft Betrays American Workers and Rewards Irish Workers for Tax Haven
  • Microsoft Finds Cost-Cutting Measures: Moves Overseas
  • How Microsoft Harms American Workers, Taxpayers, and the Environment
  • Microsoft to Grassley re Abramoff Visas: STFU
  • Senator Criticises Microsoft for Betraying Americans
  • Replacement for Ballmer From the Outside, Microsoft’s Inexpensive Outside Workforce Suppressed by US Congress