Microsoft attends the 1989 IBM PS/2 forum

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Paterson left SCP in April 1981 and worked for Microsoft from May 1981 to April 1982


Today we are fortunate to have with us a gentleman who is uniquely qualified to talk about PS/2 and OS/2

He is vice president for systems software at Microsoft. Microsoft and IBM have a long history of cooperation beginning with the original PC and DOS.

Today Microsoft is our joint development partner for OS/2. This gentleman is responsible for Microsoft's work on that project, ladies and gentlemen help me welcome Steve Ballmer ..

I would like to thank IBM for inviting me to talk with you this morning because it gives me a chance to talk to you about our plans are for OS/2 and try to reinforce some of its benefits.


Microsoft Joint Development with| IBM

OS/2 Standard Edition
* Identical Programming Interface
* Identical Applications
* Identical User Interface

A Complete User Interface Based on Microsoft Windows

Advanced Graphics Capabilities Based on IBM GDDM


As mentioned, our relationship goes back to 1989 when we did the original work on the IBM PC and DOS together .. We wanted to give a very consistent message to the software development community. So, we built the OS/2 (standard edition) as a joint development project ...

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