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Microsoft influence in Asia


  • Microsoft in China

  • Highlights:

  • Authorities in China and Australia ‘Sell’ Their Children to Microsoft
  • ‘Addiction’ Battles for Microsoft in China and Africa
  • How Microsoft Changes Laws (the China Example)

  • Japan

  • Microsoft in Japan

  • India

  • Microsoft in India

  • Philippines

  • Microsoft in the Philippines

  • Vietnam

  • Microsoft in Vietnam

  • Others

  • How Microsoft Operates in China and Parts of Asia
  • Has Microsoft ‘Bought’ the Vote for OOXML in Vietnam?
  • Microsoft Colonisation in Thailand and Peru
  • Microsoft Puts Live Shackles on Children in Thailand
  • Microsoft Land Grab Still on in the Far East
  • The EDGIfication of the Philippines
  • The Latest OOXML/ODF FUD from the Philippines, Microsoft and Gates Go Batting in Europe
  • Malaysia