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Microsoft working with GO

Date: December 1987



December 4, 1987

Mr. Robert Cart GO Corporation 1055 Lombard Street San Francisco, CA 94104

Dear Bob:

I am sending you a copy of PC Excel. It is significantly enhanced over the Mac version and I hope you get a chance to use it. I would value your feedback. It is too bad that you never got a chance to make Framework into the mainstream product it deserved to be. In the objects we are building for the object oriented versions of our languages we will have a concept very similar to your frame.

I had hoped it would work out for you to join Microsoft, and create a California development center for us. I think you are very talented and committed to doing great software , and I would have enjoyed working directly with you. Maybe next time.

In any case I am sure GO will be an exciting place. If there is anything Microsoft can do to support your efforts as an ISV, please let me know. I hope we get a chance to exchange ideas at one of the upcoming industry get togethers.

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