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The British National Health Service (NHS) has chosen to have a close relationship with Microsoft (it often contracts Microsoft partners/outsourcers) -- a relationship that sadly enough causes many deaths. Many British hospitals are reported to have suffered from Windows virus outbreaks and even become botnets that compromise medical records. Listed below are some posts on the subject (far from a complete list, but at least serving as a starting point with external references).


  • Food for Thought: How Proprietary Silverlight and OOXML Stifle or Eliminate Open Access
  • Microsoft Dealt Another Big Blow in Europe (UK), Pawns Exposed Further

  • 2009

  • NHS Never Learns: Windows Viruses Leave British Patients to Die, Again
  • Eye on Microsoft: Assorted Links on EU, Elsevier, NHS

  • 2010

  • Internet Explorer Still Not Secure, Still Standards-hostile, and Still Giving the NHS a Headache
  • Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Faces More Bans or Backlash
  • Patients at Middlesex University Hospital Punished for NHS-Microsoft Affairs
  • Microsoft Keeps Losing Market Share to Google, Goes Aggressive, Discriminates Against GNU/Linux, and Grabs People’s Healthcare System
  • UK Government Gets More Serious About GNU/Linux Migration
  • British Government Chooses to Stay Clunky With Internet Explorer 6
  • NHS Opens a Door to Free Software This Month

  • 2011

  • United Kingdom Might Need to Stop Unfair Procurement in the Public Sector

  • 2013

  • British Healthcare and Life in General Being Ruined by Microsoft ‘Standards’

  • 2014

  • The NHS Stockholm Syndrome: Microsoft Receives More Public Money for Abandoning Windows XP Users
  • Publicly-funded NHS Would Enjoy Symbiotic Relationship With Free — as in Freedom — Software

  • 2015

  • Patients’ Data at Risk as NHS Reinforces Its Microsoft/Accenture Stockholm Syndrome

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