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Nellie Simon

Ms. Simon is EPO Vice-President under António Campinos, a former colleague. She comes from EUIPO. She was mentioned in past articles like the following (periodically updated).

  • 10.02.18 Nellie Simon Expected to Join the ‘Club Med’ of Battistelli and Campinos
  • 02.19.19 Stephen Rowan’s and Nellie Simon’s Letter to EPO Staff: eDossier Has “Not Reached the Required Quality Levels.”
  • 01.15.10 Patents Roundup: Commission Sells Out to Microsoft; Apple and RIM Sued by Gates-backed Kodak
  • 12.18.13 New Examples of Censorship in West Europe, Facebook, Google, Saudi Arabia, China, Japan, and North America
  • 07.09.18 Actions — Not Mere Words — Are Needed to Improve Patent Quality and Climate at the European Patent Office
  • 10.11.18 Friend Brings a Friend, Boss Becomes Subordinate: the EPO Under António Campinos is Starting to Look a Lot Like Team Battistelli 2.0
  • 10.13.18 100 Days Into the Term of Campinos There is Already an EPO Suicide
  • 10.18.18 IAM and IP Kat Are Still Megaphones of Battistelli and His Agenda
  • 10.25.18 Battistelli and Team UPC Still Waiting for a Campinos Miracle
  • 01.29.19 “HE DID NOTHING Since He Arrived, Full Stop.” What EPO People Make of President Campinos…
  • 02.28.19 The Latest Brexit Developments Add Another Nail (Among Many) to the Unified Patent Court’s (UPC) Coffin
  • 03.29.19 Tall Tales From the Land of EPOnia: Indications of High-Level Club Med/EUIPO “Entryism”