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Not using internal APIs

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From: Dave Probert Sent: Thursay, December 05, 2001 12:11 PM To: Doug Miller, Vinod Anantharaman; Stephen Wall Cc: UNIX Migration Plan, Bill Veghte; S Somasegar; Erik Rudder; Rob Short Subject: Producing a Win32/UNIX hybrid platform

We have long had a strict policy of not using internal APIs except for components that ship as part of the platform. This is because the internal APIs are subject to frequent change, and separately shipped components may encounter compatibility issues if they rely on them ..

I don't question the value of making it easier to move UNIX applications onto Win32. But I don't know how we intend to do that without creating an alternative Win32/UNIX hybrid platform that could easly become the target for ISVs rather then Win32 alone ...


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