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Ray Niro

Ray Niro is considered to be the father of patent trolling. We wrote about him in the following posts:


  • Ray Niro's Troll Firm Has Collapsed, the Patent Microcosm Scrambles to Stop Patent Reform and Even Attacks Michelle Lee (USPTO Director)

  • 2016

  • Good Riddance. Ray Niro is Dead.

  • 2009

  • Nathan Myhrvold Connected to Father of Patent Trolling, Ray Niro

  • 2008

  • Ray Niro, Microsoft, and Other Patent Failures
  • Ray Niro’s Latest Mud Fight (and Other Patent Nonesnese)
  • Patent Troll (Ray Niro) Resorts to Attacking People, Not Just Companies
  • Patents Roundup: Microsoft-backed Blackboard, Racketeering, and Ray Niro
  • Meet J. Carl Cooper, a Patent Troll (Plus Other Patent News)
  • Who Threatens the Patent Troll Tracker or the Patent Trolls?

  • 2007

  • Patent Troll Watch: Polaris Sues, Klausner sues, and Ray Niro Harassess Bloggers
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