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The biggest advantage in getting involved with Microsoft

Date: February 1989



From: kellyw Feb 23 15:55:35 1989 To: joachimk Subject: Zenith/Win 3 Cc: jeffl; richardf; russw

Is there anything we can do to give Zenith an OEM exclusive on Windows 3 in exchange for their development participation, say for 30 - 60 days ..

.. What we've done with Zenith' on OS/2 1.1 is a travesty. Though Zenith did the lion's share of the development work, they didn't get any preferential treatment above and beyond extended to other folks in the early shipment program .. Zenith's time to market -- the big advantage in getting involved with us in the first place, is reduced to a matter of a couple of days ..

Lets fix this by giving Zenith a minimum of 30 days guaranteed time to market ...

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