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  • The Long Reach of Microsoft's Patent Troll, Intellectual Ventures, and the Impact on TiVo

  • 2012

  • Update on Patent Failures and Microsoft Lawsuits Against Linux Companies

  • 2011

  • Microsoft is Trying to Embargo Linux-based TiVo, Using Patents (and Intellectual Ventures’ Role Recalled)

  • 2010

  • Patents Roundup: CSIRO Slammed, TiVo Loses, WIPO Harms China, and Patents Do Yoga
  • Patents Roundup: TiVo Wins, VirnetX vs Microsoft Decision Imminent, Patent Rackets Thrive
  • Microsoft’s Patent Racketeer Intellectual Ventures a Weapons Feeder of Patent Wars
  • Microsoft Attacks Linux-powered Devices with Patents Once Again, Unprovoked

  • 2009

  • Does “Tivoization” Also Mean Massively Suing All Competitors Using Software Patents?
  • Patents Roundup: Microsoft. Apple, TiVo, IBM, and Lots More
  • Patents Roundup: Tuxera Came to Microsoft, TiVo Misbehaves, Updates on Facebook and Amazon

  • 2008

  • Patents Roundup: TiVo, Amazon and Community Patent
  • Patents Roundup: China, Theft, TiVo, and Microsoft

  • 2007

  • Richard Stallman Talks About TiVo Concerns (Video)