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The class-action lawsuit initially sought more than $330 million and alleged that Microsoft engaging in monopolistic and anti-competitive conduct which caused customers to pay far more for software than they would have if there had been competition. The case was settle out of court for undisclosed terms.

This resource was made available thanks to many lawyers and researchers in the Comes vs. Microsoft case.

Other Resources

Listed below are topic pages where exhibits are gathered and organised. The exhibits chosen are only few among 9,000 or so. We choose to highlight exhibits of greater relevance and more interest to us.





Hybrid (Software and/or Hardware)

Operating Systems

Strategy and Deals




External Links and External Resources

  • More here :: mostly merged with the Wiki. This is where many of the exhibits used to be based, but the pages were static and poorly organised, so they were imported to the Wiki
  • Microsoft on Free and Open Source Software :: another external resource where snippets of Comes vs Microsoft exhibits got accumulated
  • Groklaw's introduction to the trial. [1]
  • Press release of the plantiff's counsel fallowing settlement. [2]


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  2. "$180 Million Microsoft Iowa Antitrust Settlement Results in Cash Benefits to Consumers". Zelle Hofmann Voebel & Mason LLP. August 14, 2007. 
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