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formic_cubezzz - was it you that ran openbsd?May 04 00:11
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sebsebsebhiMay 04 00:13
formic_hey sebsebsebMay 04 00:13
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[ovigia/@ovigia] BBC News - #Russia warns on missile defence deal with #Nato and US you don't mess with mr PutinMay 04 00:18
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[jwildeboer/@jwildeboer] Still no news from the jury in Oracle v Google?May 04 00:20
cubezzzformic_, I run it on one computerMay 04 00:21
formic_I noticed it comes with kde 3.5.10May 04 00:22
cubezzzyeah it doesMay 04 00:22
formic_kind of weird that the latest release only has gcc 4.2 thoughMay 04 00:22
cubezzzI'm using a mix of icewm with some stuff from xfceMay 04 00:22
cubezzzI like KDE 3.5.10 but it's still a bit heavy for a 256 meg boxMay 04 00:23
formic_I was thinking of trying openbsd out of boredomMay 04 00:25
cubezzzit's a good no-nonsense systemMay 04 00:31
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[eff/@eff] As the US celebrates World Press Freedom Day in Tunisia, it must improve its treatment of journalists at home. #WPFDMay 04 00:31
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formic_no-nonsense?May 04 00:35
cubezzzno flash, not many games :)May 04 00:37
cubezzzdoesn't install any stuff you don't explicitly ask forMay 04 00:37
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-TRIdentica/#techrights-[satipera/@satipera] The problem with the London mayoral election is that it is not about politics. It has much more in common with American Idol.May 04 00:41
cubezzzmy entire filesystem is less than 2 gigs on itMay 04 00:41
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[eff/@eff] Biometric #fail: UK border agency ID "an absolute mess" Thanks for the tip @privacyint #biometricsMay 04 00:43
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[satipera/@satipera] The BBC election programme is called vote 2012. How can we have a participatory democracy when on average 1/3 of the electorate have votedMay 04 00:48
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-TRIdentica/#techrights-[satipera/@satipera] @ X11r5 I am watching a car crash I do not know why. Putting out can be equally duplicitous but more memorable.May 04 00:50
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-TRIdentica/#techrights-[jwildeboer/@jwildeboer] I told you yesterday the EU decision is relevant to Oracle v Google in the US. 04 00:55
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[ovigia/@ovigia] Ron Paul: "Central Bankers Are Intellectually Bankrupt" | ZeroHedge 04 00:55
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[satipera/@satipera] @Ovigia That quote must count as a pun.May 04 00:56
formic_19:41 < cubezzz> my entire filesystem is less than 2 gigs on itMay 04 01:00
formic_neat, so I assume it doesn't use much for resources?May 04 01:01
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[satipera/@satipera] The most CD drive trays mean to me is that they are a pain in the arse when they eject when I pick up my laptop. #gonewiththefloppyMay 04 01:10
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[fontana/@fontana] I think @evan should have written #statusnet in #Python and @cwebber should have written #Mediagoblin in #PHP. That would set things aright.May 04 01:18
formic_[fontana/@fontana] I think @evan should have written #statusnet in #Python and @cwebber should have written #Mediagoblin in #PHP. That would set things aright.May 04 01:27
formic_lol then statusnet would be slowMay 04 01:28
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[lamm/@lamm] #AverseSefira is over. I'll forever regret missing them in #Nashville. Rock on, @BIRTHADMay 04 01:28
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[satipera/@satipera] Since the twin towers we have had the theatre of security. For much longer we have had the theatre of democracy. #eliteagendaMay 04 01:31
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[lamm/@lamm] #Marduk & 1349 #SerpentSermon tour en #PuertoRico. Flyer: !blackmetalMay 04 01:33
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-TRIdentica/#techrights-[satipera/@satipera] Latest triumph for the British non participatory democracy. The lowest turnout for a decade.May 04 01:41
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[satipera/@satipera] British council elections. The turnout in some parts of Bristol was 14% #ParticipatoryDemocracyMay 04 01:41
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[satipera/@satipera] British council elections today, it is true that for the coalition national government the Liberal Democrats are indeed a human shield.May 04 01:51
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[eff/@eff] Court records tell shameful story of how RIAA delays were behind a baseless year-long domain seizure 04 01:53
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[satipera/@satipera] The name Marduk rang a bell.May 04 02:13
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[satipera/@satipera] Local politicians in Britain are like bankers when it goes wrong they blame the next capitalist layer up. #capitalismnoshamenopayMay 04 02:13
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[eff/@eff] Only a free and unrestrained press can effectively expose deception in government. #WPFDMay 04 02:21
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[ccbuhr/@ccbuhr] ccbuhr: RT @sclopit: Court of Justice of the EU rules that computer programs and programming languages cannot be pr 04 02:21
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[satipera/@satipera] Any election night at the BBC reminds me of playing in the sand pit at Infants school.May 04 02:21
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[ccbuhr/@ccbuhr] ccbuhr: RT @EU_ScienceChief: This is a great event organised by @neeliekroeseu her team from the @digitalagendaeu 04 02:21
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[ccbuhr/@ccbuhr] ccbuhr: RT @NeelieKroesEU: Not v open in 15 EU countries.... the rest? MT @opencorporates: How open is company data 04 02:21
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[ccbuhr/@ccbuhr] ccbuhr: RT @pahlkadot: Armed With Data, Fighting More Than Crime Great @NYTimes piece on role 04 02:21
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[ccbuhr/@ccbuhr] ccbuhr: RT @NeelieKroesEU: In #Azerbaijan, journalists are pressured,threatened,imprisoned. -m 04 02:21
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-TRIdentica/#techrights-[satipera/@satipera] Now that is an important word... Prejudiced. Everyone else is but obviously not us?May 04 02:35
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[lamm/@lamm] #Marduk's official site Just so we're talking about the same Marduk.May 04 02:36
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[laurelrusswurm/@laurelrusswurm] blogged: Decentralized Social Networks Do Exist #socialnetwork !Identica #twitter #friendika #diaspora #facebookMay 04 02:45
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[satipera/@satipera] @Lamm forget that present on ID your personal philosophy.May 04 02:45
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-TRIdentica/#techrights-[laurelrusswurm/@laurelrusswurm] a massive thunderstorm underway here ... i *love* my UPSMay 04 03:03
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[satipera/@satipera] House of Lords reform should draw to attention the puppets of the Commons. #mostseriousproblemMay 04 03:03
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-TRIdentica/#techrights-[satipera/@satipera] NO! What people know is that the whole capitalist system depends on birth not pretence of fair work and effort. #capitalismMay 04 03:10
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] Jeremy Hunt failed to declare media donations why am I not surprisedMay 04 03:10
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] donations / money isn't the biggest issue in politics, it's secrecy that allows #lobbyists to write laws & put words in #politicians mouthsMay 04 03:10
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] even with donation caps, the rich still have secret access to spin their web of fantasy & offer other "off the record" inducementsMay 04 03:13
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[satipera/@satipera] Some Welsh minister is saying live that Blair would be a great asset for Labour. I am saying this as politely as I can ....What?May 04 03:13
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-TRIdentica/#techrights-[satipera/@satipera] Who does not love a thunderstorm? UPS?May 04 03:20
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[laurelrusswurm/@laurelrusswurm] Tomorrow is International Day Against DRM !CDNpoli should celebrate before !C11May 04 03:26
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[satipera/@satipera] I believe that many politicians examined by doctors would be cause for concern.May 04 03:30
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[satipera/@satipera] BBC are rehashing the votes from 20 years ago, in some ways it is fair, but in many ways it is not. #openpoliticsMay 04 03:36
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[satipera/@satipera] Are personal relationships more important than peer pressure? Discuss.May 04 03:43
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[satipera/@satipera] We see it all over the world. Could we be next? (Killed)May 04 04:11
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[satipera/@satipera] Let the Argentinians have what is theirs . #Malvinas. Discussion at the least not violence. Isle Of Wight for Argentina?May 04 04:16
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[fontana/@fontana] Now owe @mcepl only 1 email.May 04 04:23
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[satipera/@satipera] RT @zoowar Emergency? All you'll learn during an emergency from a CB is who truckers are shacked up with.May 04 04:45
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[fontana/@fontana] The official Joni #Mitchell website appears to provide evidence of #FontanasLawMay 04 04:46
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[satipera/@satipera] #Funny BBC Drone critisices lack of equality in African state.May 04 05:00
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[satipera/@satipera] BBC tv advert about license fee.. I am keeping the CD's ?May 04 05:10
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[satipera/@satipera] Manchester rejects populist mayoral politics, huzzah.May 04 05:10
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[satipera/@satipera] BBC propaganda was too much to listen to without coming out with bad language. #turnedoverMay 04 05:15
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[satipera/@satipera] Why is Jonathan Quick famous?May 04 05:16
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[satipera/@satipera] RT are on about the new face of facebook I couldn't tell you what their old face looked like.May 04 05:23
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[satipera/@satipera] Ruth Lea ... what a bad example of humanity, but a good example of selfish humanity.May 04 05:26
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[satipera/@satipera] We did it! Amnesty's hard work fighting the death penalty pays off in Connecticut. #civilisation via @RMSMay 04 05:38
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[satipera/@satipera] Bloody hell it's 05.45 already. !Tzaf Identizens, and again !Tzag Identizens.May 04 05:51
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[laurelrusswurm/@laurelrusswurm] RT @satipera We did it! Amnesty's hard work fighting the death penalty pays off in Connecticut. #civilisation via @RMSMay 04 05:53
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[laurelrusswurm/@laurelrusswurm] RT @m4nima1 NY magistrate judge: IP addresses not an effective way to identify alleged pirates - 04 05:58
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[laurelrusswurm/@laurelrusswurm] RT @x11r5 @satipera What can i doMay 04 06:00
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[satipera/@satipera] Breaking news USA airborne soldiers rescue blind Chinese dissident from Beijing embassy. USA President asks for calm.May 04 06:01
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[laurelrusswurm/@laurelrusswurm] @fontana And what would #FontanasLaw be?May 04 06:08
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[satipera/@satipera] Yes I made that up.May 04 06:25
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-TRIdentica/#techrights-[satipera/@satipera] British elections ... There has been a huge swing from one capitalist party to another capitalist party.May 04 06:41
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[satipera/@satipera] We heard it tonight.. The Tories are planning a new marketing campaign in the summer.May 04 06:51
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[laurelrusswurm/@laurelrusswurm] RT @readersrights "Gutenberg made everybody a reader. Xerox makes everybody a publisher." #MarshallMcLuhan #internationalzinelibrarydayMay 04 06:51
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[laurelrusswurm/@laurelrusswurm] RT @readersrights What would happen to your DRM'ed ebooks if your vendor goes out of business? ...May 04 06:51
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-TRIdentica/#techrights-[satipera/@satipera] It's damp it's cloud and it's chilly...Normal English weather.May 04 07:05
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[kernellog2/@kernellog2] Coming in 3.4 (Part 2) - Filesystems, storage and drivers #linux #kernelMay 04 07:05
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[satipera/@satipera] Hey! Good morning to you. Quick get your breakfast and out the door. :)May 04 07:10
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[satipera/@satipera] It is about time I had a sleep.May 04 07:10
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[mattl/@mattl] Obvious and brilliant is what I strive for.May 04 07:43
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[glynmoody/@glynmoody] well, hmm is a kind of non-committal acknowledgement, no?May 04 07:55
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-TRIdentica/#techrights-[kirschner/@kirschner] Schon lange her: Auf .@netzpolitik wurde ich an die #Lohmann-Affäre hingewiesen #sapMay 04 08:11
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-TRIdentica/#techrights-[rsandu/@rsandu] RT @laurelrusswurm blogged: Decentralized Social Networks Do Exist #socialnetwork !Identica #twitter #friendika ...May 04 08:25
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-TRIdentica/#techrights-[gotunandan/@gotunandan] Reshared post from Electronic Frontier Foundation 04 08:55
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] why are no mainstream journos investigating widespread claims of party officials accosting voters in yesterdays elections? #politics plz RTMay 04 08:55
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] ♺ @x11r5: @lnxwalt I believe that is defective by design. *Tinfoil hat* the goog can't make money online without failing every timeMay 04 08:56
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] doesn't help when EVERY spokesperson for EVERY party is a carbon cutout spouting soundbites & non-answers to every question asked #apathyMay 04 08:56
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] methinks #5live is a writeoff today for all the reasons above #politics - so much for a "public service"May 04 08:58
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] this is what happens when credible & honest journos & politicians are on the endangered species list #politics #journalismMay 04 09:01
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] I'm guessing UK politicians will proudly boycott the Euros by attending all the VIP events with their fingers crossed !footballMay 04 09:06
MinceR 04 09:18
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[glynmoody/@glynmoody] Oracle v. Google judge asks for comment on EU court ruling - ah, now that's interesting #copyrightMay 04 09:23
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[glynmoody/@glynmoody] International Day Against #DRM — May 4, 2012 - #ebooks, the next frontierMay 04 09:23
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[ruiseabra/@ruiseabra] Press Release #ANSOL: Dia Contra o #DRM! 04 09:25
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-TRIdentica/#techrights-[glynmoody/@glynmoody] Judge Lets Feds Censor Blog For Over A Year So The RIAA Could Take Its Sweet Time - pretty worryingMay 04 09:26
scientesMinceR, niceMay 04 09:36
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MinceRgeekingsMay 04 09:45
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-TRIdentica/#techrights-[glynmoody/@glynmoody] Britain looks at ISP block for adult content - so tell me again how 1 trillion Web pages will be checked? #censorshipMay 04 09:55
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-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] another interesting & unsharable post from #ComputerWorldUK - relax, there's other sites covering itMay 04 10:01
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[glynmoody/@glynmoody] "#ACTA zurück an die EU-Kommission" - "bröckelt die Unterstützerfront" (v @netzpolitik @Kirst3nF)May 04 10:03
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] actually, tell a lie, it does open in a browser, it's just annoying adverts to click through to read, amounts to the same reallyMay 04 10:03
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-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] message seems to be, don't use #Feedportal unless your aim is to piss your readers off #ComputerWorldUKMay 04 10:05
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] #Windows 8 drops DVD playback, only available with paid Media Center upgrade on par with legal Linux in the US thenMay 04 10:05
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-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] the question is: will #Microsoft advertise the lack of DVD playback at the point of erm.....for want of a better word "sale"?May 04 10:06
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] if they don't I can see a "Vista Ready" PR #fraud #scandal about to explode #MicrosoftMay 04 10:08
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[glynmoody/@glynmoody] Pilot for Pinter's academic 'crisis' solution set for 2013 - v interesting #openaccess project for monographsMay 04 10:08
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] 1st comment rebuttle "Windows costs money, why should some (Linux) users subsidise with forced licenses for an OS they never use?May 04 10:08
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[glynmoody/@glynmoody] Pirate Bay Block Initiates Streisand Cascade, Drives Record Traffic - "Streisand Cascade": nice #ukMay 04 10:10
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] #Ballmers #Windows 8 announcement speech leaked: MONETISE! MONETISE! MONETISE! MONETISE! MONETISE! MONETISE! MONETISE! MONETISE!May 04 10:13
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] whooooohooooo I love these codecsMay 04 10:13
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[glynmoody/@glynmoody] LOICversary - "cumulative downloads for 2012 have surpassed cumulative downloads for 2011"; the kids are not all rightMay 04 10:15
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[glynmoody/@glynmoody] [correct URL] Pirate Bay Block Initiates Streisand Cascade, Drives Record Traffic - "Streisand Cascade": nice #ukMay 04 10:16
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[greve/@greve] New blog entry. A bridge leading nowhere: Outlook-centric groupware 04 10:16
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-TRIdentica/#techrights-[laurelrusswurm/@laurelrusswurm] @tekk Illogical, like spanking. SLAP "Don't hit your sister," or classic hypocrisy: "Pick on Someone Your Own Size" sez parent b4 SLAPMay 04 10:28
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[glynmoody/@glynmoody] #ACTA likely to fail, European Commission admits - well, @NeelieKroesEU does, but she was always Net-savvyMay 04 10:28
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[ml2mst/@ml2mst] Interessant commentaar Elmo2you op @webwereld artikel Profiling Die Ghostery plugin is koel!May 04 10:33
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TechrightsBot-trHello World! I'm TechrightsBot-tr running phIRCe v0.54May 04 10:42
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Main Page - Techrights .::. Size~: 39.19 KBMay 04 10:42
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] is speaking fluent #bullshit a requirement to be a #politician or is it just a coincidence that all the talking heads can speak it?May 04 10:43
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] twice as many UK voters DIDN'T vote as did in yesterdays election; talk about ALL parties being in the shit with voters #politicsMay 04 10:50
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] rofl #Milibands troops have some crazy OTT weirdos whooping and cheering - don't you love stage management #politics? #LabourMay 04 10:51
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[jrepin/@jrepin] RT @kdecommunity !KDE software compilation 4.8.3 released → #linux #opensourceMay 04 11:03
TechrightsBot-trTitle: KDE - KDE Ships May Updates to Plasma Workspaces, Applications and Platform .::. Size~: 20.31 KBMay 04 11:03
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-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] feature request: is there any way #Identica can exclude the @ names from the 140char count? #StatusnetMay 04 11:11
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[silner/@silner] Why I'm still not relaxed about ebooks or emags for that matter Damn! This is stupidMay 04 11:11
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Silner Wilner - Google+ - Linux Format censored over 'Learn to Hack' feature .::. Size~: 132.5 KBMay 04 11:11
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] the difference between the public, and the political classes is that the public don't have an election erection #politics #fbMay 04 11:13
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[aseigo/@aseigo] "corporations are not people". oh my, is there truly hope for the electoral process in the uS? 04 11:15
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[aseigo/@aseigo] RT @kdecommunity !KDE software compilation 4.8.3 released → #linux #opensourceMay 04 11:15
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] the more I hear about the #KDE #Vivaldi tablet, the more keen I get on buying oneMay 04 11:15
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Brian Schweitzer, Montana Governor, Throws Support Behind Overturning Citizens United .::. Size~: 337.75 KBMay 04 11:15
TechrightsBot-trTitle: KDE - KDE Ships May Updates to Plasma Workspaces, Applications and Platform .::. Size~: 20.31 KBMay 04 11:15
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[glynmoody/@glynmoody] La France s'affirme "vigilante" pour la liberté du net. - I just love French humour (v @gchampeau) #hadopiMay 04 11:26
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[aseigo/@aseigo] sounds like a problem with kactivitymanagerd.May 04 11:26
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[glynmoody/@glynmoody] #ACTA: La Commission des affaires juridiques écrit au Commissaire De Gucht - great stuff (v @StopActaNow)May 04 11:26
TechrightsBot-trTitle: La France s'affirme "vigilante" pour la liberté du net. Reste à le prouver ! .::. Size~: 81.4 KBMay 04 11:26
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Françoise Castex députée au Parlement Européen – Site Officiel de Françoise Castex » Page non trouvée .::. Size~: 33.12 KBMay 04 11:26
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] ♺ @unseenstudio: We're always open to discussion suggestions for #Crivins; anything you feel would suit the show, please let us knowMay 04 11:35
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[freemjd/@freemjd] It was when #StatusNet became "Enterprise Social Software". The Enterprise needs no conversations, only Directives (Prime or lesser).May 04 11:48
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[ml2mst/@ml2mst] #Microsoft "Advocacy" at its finest! (shudder) the insane #bigot should be locked up! #moronMay 04 11:48
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Open source fanatics are withdrawn from reality .::. Size~: 70.9 KBMay 04 11:48
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[jrepin/@jrepin] Today is International Day Against #DRM - let's eliminate digital restrictions → 04 11:58
TechrightsBot-trTitle: International Day Against DRM — May 4, 2012 | Defective by Design .::. Size~: 27.51 KBMay 04 11:58
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[aseigo/@aseigo] sebas screencasts WAC (a HTML5 app standard) support in Plasma 04 12:10
TechrightsBot-trTitle: WAC apps on Plasma       - YouTube .::. Size~: 99.95 KBMay 04 12:10
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] when #politicians claim a "message has been sent" it's almost ALWAYS a different one they received, from the one that was actually sentMay 04 12:11
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[wayneborean/@wayneborean] If someone does hold the right, it should be the creator. All too often the creator looses control under the current rules.May 04 12:28
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[nj3ma/@nj3ma] "If I die young, bury me in stain"May 04 12:41
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[greve/@greve] ♻ @kdecommunity: !KDE software compilation 4.8.3 released → #linux #freesoftware > Kudos to everyone involved!May 04 12:41
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[laurelrusswurm/@laurelrusswurm] blogged: Happy International Day Against #DRM #readersrights !ebooks !C11 !CDNpoliMay 04 12:41
TechrightsBot-trTitle: KDE - KDE Ships May Updates to Plasma Workspaces, Applications and Platform .::. Size~: 20.31 KBMay 04 12:41
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Happy International Day Against DRM «  Laurel L. Russwurm .::. Size~: 78.09 KBMay 04 12:41
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[laurelrusswurm/@laurelrusswurm] RT @sandersch It's Day against DRM. Get 50% off of all O'Reilly eBooks.May 04 12:46
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[laurelrusswurm/@laurelrusswurm] Hippo Birdie Two Ewes maloki :)May 04 12:46
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[laurelrusswurm/@laurelrusswurm] both of us (me and the computer) are due for a reboot !tzaf !identiverseMay 04 12:50
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[ovigia/@ovigia] #FSFE Newsletter - May 2012 - May 4th: Day against #DRM. Is it their "good right" to restrict us? 04 12:58
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[ovigia/@ovigia] Case Studies | #Ubuntu Rescue Remix #tipsMay 04 12:58
TechrightsBot-trTitle: FSFE Newsletter - May 2012 .::. Size~: 18.51 KBMay 04 12:58
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Case Studies | Ubuntu Rescue Remix .::. Size~: 54.73 KBMay 04 12:58
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[ovigia/@ovigia] #RonPaul: "Central Bankers Are Intellectually Bankrupt" | ZeroHedge #bankingsystem #crooksMay 04 13:00
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Ron Paul: "Central Bankers Are Intellectually Bankrupt" | ZeroHedge .::. Size~: 166.73 KBMay 04 13:00
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[nj3ma/@nj3ma] We @eebrah Unataka ulambwe rasa ndiyo ureply maemail nini?May 04 13:10
*agesmoteds (c16a0bd6@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #techrightsMay 04 13:32
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[lxoliva/@lxoliva] ♻ @glynmoody: International Day Against #DRM — May 4, 2012 - #ebooks, the next frontierMay 04 13:55
TechrightsBot-trTitle: International Day Against DRM — May 4, 2012 | Defective by Design .::. Size~: 27.51 KBMay 04 13:55
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-TRIdentica/#techrights-[nj3ma/@nj3ma] Contemplating rewriting copy on the @netivity web site.May 04 14:01
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-TRIdentica/#techrights-[lxoliva/@lxoliva] ♻ @sazius: I just got an e-mail from O'Reilly with a 50%-off on all ebooks "in celebration of the *Day Against DRM*". Very cool! #dbd #fsfMay 04 14:10
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[opensourceway/@opensourceway] The day TuxPaint became contagious by @philshapiro | #foss inkscapeMay 04 14:10
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[nj3ma/@nj3ma] Looks interesting #sms #appsMay 04 14:10
TechrightsBot-trTitle: The day TuxPaint became contagious | .::. Size~: 50.32 KBMay 04 14:10
TechrightsBot-trTitle: nemik/sms2blog-mobile-server · GitHub .::. Size~: 36.48 KBMay 04 14:10
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[nj3ma/@nj3ma] Ukinyeshewa pole sana! !Nairobi rain.May 04 14:16
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[nj3ma/@nj3ma] RT @sandersch Happy birthday Lorenzo! !MotoGPMay 04 14:18
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[nj3ma/@nj3ma] Later 'gators!May 04 14:21
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-TRIdentica/#techrights-[fontana/@fontana] More precisely, the anti-GPL clause in the #SSLeay licenseMay 04 14:28
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-TRIdentica/#techrights-[gotunandan/@gotunandan] Reshared post from Vishal Ravishankar 04 14:55
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Nandan Vaidya - Google+ - A fire will rise #tdkr .::. Size~: 157.09 KBMay 04 14:55
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[glynmoody/@glynmoody] The Pod Delusion - "why #FRAND is no friend of free software" some old geezer rabbiting awayMay 04 15:05
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[glynmoody/@glynmoody] Institute an 'opt-out' system for organ donation in the UK - easy way to save thousands of lives #epetitionMay 04 15:05
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Episode 134 – 4th May 2012 » The Pod Delusion - A Podcast about Interesting Things .::. Size~: 50.52 KBMay 04 15:05
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Institute an 'opt-out' system for organ donation in the UK .::. Size~: 132.85 KBMay 04 15:05
iophk 04 15:08
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Join us in celebrating International Day Against DRM - O'Reilly Radar .::. Size~: 63.23 KBMay 04 15:08
formic_DRM is weakMay 04 15:13
oiaohmformic_: Its the stupid laws around it are a larger problem.May 04 15:15
formic_meh, ignore themMay 04 15:16
formic_how are they gonna find outMay 04 15:16
formic_unless your a resellerMay 04 15:16
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] interesting that the govt want to be core participants just as the #Levinson enquiry enters the phase looking at the political classesMay 04 15:16
formic_people ignore speed limits all the timeMay 04 15:16
formic_etcMay 04 15:17
*DiabloD3 has quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)May 04 15:17
MinceRpeople get caught all the timeMay 04 15:18
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] European e-ID Announced politicians & malware writers get to workMay 04 15:18
TechrightsBot-trTitle: European e-ID Announced - Slashdot .::. Size~: 183.8 KBMay 04 15:18
MinceRand if the powers that be can arrange that it's impossible to exist without breaking at least one law, they can use "law enforcement" to harm anyone they choose, as they wishMay 04 15:18
MinceRdictatorships like to do thatMay 04 15:19
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] Nobody Cares About The Fixed Costs Of Your Book, Movie, Whatever 04 15:20
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Nobody Cares About The Fixed Costs Of Your Book, Movie, Whatever | Techdirt .::. Size~: 104.1 KBMay 04 15:20
oiaohmformic_: it makes release some of the spec to chips harder than what it should be.May 04 15:22
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] #Nokia and execs hit with lawsuit alleging fraud over meager #Lumia sales, failed turnaround 04 15:23
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Nokia And Execs Hit With Nasty Class Action Lawsuit Over Fraud .::. Size~: 107.41 KBMay 04 15:23
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] being a former #Microsoft dude, #Elop isn't used to telling the truth, give the fella a chance; he's just a badly trained puppyMay 04 15:26
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[lxoliva/@lxoliva] ♻ @ufa: E você já viu o post da @lolaescreva ? RT @CarroMesmo E você, já viu o making-off da campanha da Amarok?May 04 15:30
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Escreva Lola Escreva: VOLKS RESPONDE SOBRE ANÚNCIO MACHISTA. QUER DIZER... .::. Size~: 137.95 KBMay 04 15:30
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[jwildeboer/@jwildeboer] Remember that UK roundtable that was a tad biased against open standards? Seems the second one was quite different ;-)... 04 15:31
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Jan Wildeboer - Google+ - Remember that UK roundtable that was a tad biased against… .::. Size~: 132.9 KBMay 04 15:31
formic_im not a fool who even supports governmentMay 04 15:37
formic_voting is just a popularity contest between lying rich scumbagsMay 04 15:37
formic_they pass whatever laws they want, and use ngo's to pass ones you think they dont wantMay 04 15:37
formic_trying to stop them is pointless as they will get around itMay 04 15:39
formic_just do what they do, use loopholes and work around their lawsMay 04 15:39
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[glynmoody/@glynmoody] MPs of #India: Support the Annulment Motion to Protect Internet Freedom #stopitrules - more signatures urgently neededMay 04 15:50
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Human Rights Petition: MPs of India: Support the Annulment Motion to Protect Internet Freedom #stopitrules | .::. Size~: 59.94 KBMay 04 15:50
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-TRIdentica/#techrights-[lwnnet/@lwnnet] A new round in GNOME's outreach program for women 04 15:53
TechrightsBot-trTitle: A new round in GNOME's outreach program for women [] .::. Size~: 7.96 KBMay 04 15:53
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-TRIdentica/#techrights-[harishpillay/@harishpillay] May the 4th be with you! #fb #inMay 04 15:58
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[harishpillay/@harishpillay] Join @Kiva: Get $25 free trial and help alleviate poverty. via @Kiva #fb #inMay 04 15:58
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Kiva - You're invited to Join Kiva .::. Size~: 28.58 KBMay 04 15:58
iophk""I was told by the VP at Apple, 'No we cannot do that because we've already taken licences to these other patents - they will withdraw that from us if we try and do that'," he said."May 04 16:01
iophk 04 16:01
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Software industry reclaims open standards debate - Public Sector IT .::. Size~: 85.92 KBMay 04 16:01
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[silner/@silner] CEO Warns #CISPA Isn't Like #SOPA, It's Worse - Virtual-Strategy Magazine 04 16:01
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Usenet Newsgroup Server Reviews .::. Size~: 38.61 KBMay 04 16:01
TechrightsBot-trTitle: CEO Warns “CISPA Isn’t Like SOPA, It’s Worse” | Virtual-Strategy Magazine .::. Size~: 20.64 KBMay 04 16:02
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[jwildeboer/@jwildeboer] Because FRAND can be quite expensive, Microsoft scraps DVD playing from Windows 8. With true open standards things wou... 04 16:06
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Jan Wildeboer - Google+ - Because FRAND can be quite expensive, Microsoft scraps DVD… .::. Size~: 133.22 KBMay 04 16:06
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-TRIdentica/#techrights-[glynmoody/@glynmoody] Singaporeans: bad stuff happening, pl. RT - secret bilateral trade agreement with EU - time to demand #transparency #sgMay 04 16:08
TechrightsBot-trTitle: European Commission : Trade : Singapore (Bilateral relations) .::. Size~: 12.06 KBMay 04 16:08
DaemonFCwell, this bandage is going to hurt when it comes time to change itMay 04 16:08
DaemonFCI tripped over my cat in the middle of the night and he got startled and bit meMay 04 16:09
DaemonFCI guess ripping the bandage off won't hurt as bad as the rubbing alcohol I cleaned the bite out withMay 04 16:09
DaemonFCstupid cat is lucky I like it :PMay 04 16:09
*jono (~jono@ubuntu/member/jono) has joined #techrightsMay 04 16:10
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[jrepin/@jrepin] Why the death of #DRM would be good news for readers, writers and publishers → !dbdMay 04 16:10
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Why the death of DRM would be good news for readers, writers and publishers | Technology | .::. Size~: 166.35 KBMay 04 16:10
MinceRthe cat is unlucky you don't watch where you're going :>May 04 16:11
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[ovigia/@ovigia] CEO da Yahoo falsifica formação no currículo - Jornal de negócios online o putativo engº foi para a #yahoo? ;)May 04 16:11
TechrightsBot-trTitle: CEO da Yahoo falsifica formação no currículo- Empresas - Jornal de negócios online .::. Size~: 91.69 KBMay 04 16:11
DaemonFCafter he sprawls himself across the hallMay 04 16:11
DaemonFChe's normally such a gentle, mild-mannered catMay 04 16:12
DaemonFCit's a good thing that dollar tree store is there, I keep stocked up on various first aid stuff because it's so cheapMay 04 16:16
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[jwildeboer/@jwildeboer] Because FRAND can be quite expensive, Microsoft scraps DVD playing from Windows 8. With true open standards things wou... 04 16:16
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Jan Wildeboer - Google+ - Because FRAND can be quite expensive, Microsoft scraps DVD… .::. Size~: 135.95 KBMay 04 16:16
DaemonFCWalmart price gouges, they had a "kit" full of the same stuff I buy at the dollar store for like $35May 04 16:17
DaemonFCMinceR: Reminds me of Red Dwarf, where Lister says the only horrible accident he had ever been in was from poking himself in the eye with one of those pens that said "Most accidents happen in the home, so be careful!"May 04 16:18
MinceRlolMay 04 16:19
DaemonFCMinceR: Also makes me thing of CPR trainingMay 04 16:23
DaemonFCthey teach you how to use an automated defibrillator now, because you just know that in an emergency, there will be something like that which costs $10,000 just laying aroundMay 04 16:24
DaemonFCsome of it is just ridiculous like, you have to shout "Sir! Can you hear me? Are you OK!?" while the guy has just collapsed onto the floor and you can see that he's not breathingMay 04 16:25
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[lxoliva/@lxoliva] ♻ @araceletorres fez a tradução do post da Free Software Foundation do 4 de maio: Dia internacional contra o DRM: 04 16:26
TechrightsBot-trTitle: 4 de maio: Dia internacional contra o DRM « Cibermundi .::. Size~: 58.64 KBMay 04 16:26
DaemonFCand then "Someone grab the Automated External Defibrillator!" Like 1. There's going to be one of those around unless you're just lucky. 2. Most people won't know what one is. and 3. Couldn't they call it something easier to shout in an emergency?May 04 16:27
DaemonFCIndiana finally caught on about 20 years ago that people were being left to die, even if there was a doctor or someone around who could help them because.....May 04 16:28
DaemonFCyou'd go to do CPR and you'd leave a bruise or accidentally break a rib (happens), and then in exchange for saving their life, they'd turn around and sue youMay 04 16:29
DaemonFCso now the law says that as long as you tried your best to help them, they can't sue you, even if you have no medical trainingMay 04 16:29
DaemonFCI still think we need to go a step further and do like what France didMay 04 16:29
DaemonFCif you have medical training and don't help, then you can be charged with a crimeMay 04 16:30
MinceRbest defense: don't get medical training :>May 04 16:31
DaemonFCwell, with most doctors it really is all about the money so they'd end up suing to overturn the law based on the idea that it is forced laborMay 04 16:32
DaemonFCactually, if you can find a doctor that speaks English anymore, it probably means you're richMay 04 16:33
DaemonFCMinceR: Last time I had to go in for a physical, I decided to just go to a walk in clinic, because, they're the same price as going to any other doctor (obscene!) and they get you in that dayMay 04 16:34
DaemonFC(most don't, so you could be dying and they'd say "How does next Thursday sound?"May 04 16:34
DaemonFCIt went something like Doctor: BLAHBLAHBLAH!!!! Me: Pardon me? Doctor: BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH! Me: I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch that.May 04 16:35
DaemonFCso by this time he's aggravated because I can't understand anything he is saying through this thick Indian accentMay 04 16:36
DaemonFCso very slowly, and taking time to enunciate...... Doctor: 04 16:36
DaemonFCMe: Oh...May 04 16:36
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[fontana/@fontana] Just got LinkedIn-invite spam from a #complianceracket company called "White Source". !disturbing #whathathbkuhnwroughtMay 04 16:36
DaemonFCyou just know that they'll cover the further shortage of doctors that healthcare law is going to cause by importing more of them from IndiaMay 04 16:37
DaemonFCthen when tax money goes to send people to the doctor for stupid crap they never would have gone in for if they would be paying for it, those doctors will just send all the money back home to their relatives in IndiaMay 04 16:38
DaemonFCMinceR: I try not to go to the doctor even though I have insurance now that will pay most of it.May 04 16:40
*oddpuck (~me@unaffiliated/oddball33) has joined #techrightsMay 04 16:40
DaemonFCmost of them, you can't understand or they'll misdiagnose you or give you the wrong medication anywayMay 04 16:40
MinceRmaybe you'll start getting hungarian doctors tooMay 04 16:40
DaemonFCI figure if this is all just going to be pointless and one way I get gouged and the other way I don't and I have roughly the same chance of dying either way, maybe I'll just try sleeping it off if I get bronchitis or something May 04 16:41
DaemonFCMinceR: It couldn't be any harder to understand themMay 04 16:41
MinceR:>May 04 16:41
DaemonFCin fact, I ran into someone from Hungary when I was in Chicago last weekMay 04 16:41
DaemonFCbroken English, but understandableMay 04 16:42
DaemonFCyeah, I think I'd rather have that than broken and unintelligible May 04 16:42
MinceR:>May 04 16:42
MinceR"i will not buy this tobacconist's, it is scratched."May 04 16:43
DaemonFCat least if she told me to drop my pants, she wouldn't have had to say it several timesMay 04 16:43
DaemonFCthough it would probably be odd in a gas station in the middle of ChicagoMay 04 16:43
DaemonFCMinceR: Then on the way back, my mom decided that she had to use the restroom and made me pull the car over in.....Gary, IndianaMay 04 16:45
DaemonFCand, you would probably have to see Gary, Indiana to know WHY you don't to pull over thereMay 04 16:45
DaemonFC(or smell it, it really really smells bad)May 04 16:45
DaemonFCthe crime rate is staggeringMay 04 16:45
DaemonFCit's full of houses and buildings that are either abandoned or should be condemned and have people living in them anywayMay 04 16:46
DaemonFCit's like, #10 in the US for murder rate per capitaMay 04 16:46
DaemonFCand mom decides, we HAVE to pull over NOWMay 04 16:46
DaemonFCIt went something like Me: "There's a McDonalds in the middle of the road" yeah they have those, it's a toll road and people don't want to get off the toll road and pay another $4 just to get back onMay 04 16:47
DaemonFCand frankly, I'd rather get gouged by a toll road McDonalds than get off the toll road in Gary, Indiana, so they probably knew right where to put thatMay 04 16:48
DaemonFCso I pull off in, Gary, IndianaMay 04 16:48
DaemonFCand drive through this circle of decay that just doesn't end and find a gas stationMay 04 16:49
DaemonFCeveryone in that city is black, and most of them are living in povertyMay 04 16:49
DaemonFCand here's this nice group of white people who have just walked inMay 04 16:49
DaemonFCand we got looks like "Where the HELL did you come from?"May 04 16:49
DaemonFCby everyone that walked into the station while we were there...May 04 16:50
DaemonFCand if anyone thinks I'm being racist, then you can go to Gary, Indiana and just see for yourselfMay 04 16:50
DaemonFCif you feel like taking a walk through that after dark, please tell me how it wentMay 04 16:51
DaemonFCsomeone has gone through Wikipedia and sanitized the hell out of that article to make the city seem like something other than a piece of Somalia that had been transplanted into IndianaMay 04 16:51
DaemonFCit smells so bad because it's pretty much covered by every type of industry you can think of, there's an international shipping port there, semi trucks in and out by the thousandsMay 04 16:53
DaemonFCso imagine smog and a smell of rotten eggsMay 04 16:53
DaemonFCyou roll down your window to pay a toll at yet another toll booth and you have to let some of that air into your carMay 04 16:54
DaemonFCand it lingers for several miles, so there's no getting rid of itMay 04 16:54
DaemonFCI think the entire city should be evacuated and put on the SuperfundMay 04 16:55
DaemonFCbut right next to the toll booth? houses, restaurants, a Walmart.......May 04 16:55
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[creativecommons/@creativecommons] LRMI integration workshop at Content in Context: #lrmi #metadataMay 04 16:56
TechrightsBot-trTitle: LRMI integration workshop at Content in Context - Creative Commons .::. Size~: 21.92 KBMay 04 16:56
formic_ 04 16:59
TechrightsBot-trNot a web page! Aborting application/pdf typeMay 04 16:59
formic_Leaked US plans to put political activists in re-education campsMay 04 16:59
DaemonFCwhich is forgedMay 04 17:00
*oddpuck has quit (Remote host closed the connection)May 04 17:00
DaemonFCbecause, it's really easy to make an official looking PDF that will recruit more gun nuts withMay 04 17:00
DaemonFC*that theyMay 04 17:01
DaemonFCyou know it's these disaster porn prepper idiots that make all this stuff upMay 04 17:01
*oddpuck (~me@unaffiliated/oddball33) has joined #techrightsMay 04 17:02
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[evan/@evan] I think that's true, but it also means there's a lot of opportunity for small players.May 04 17:06
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[wikileaks2/@wikileaks2] Australian gov wants extra time to consult with US/Sweden before it releases docs on #Assange. #auspol #svpolMay 04 17:11
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Julian Assange extradition: freedom of information requests | Crikey .::. Size~: 98.5 KBMay 04 17:11
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[jwildeboer/@jwildeboer] From hip to uncool to patent troll. It seems to be a pattern. Yahoo, Nokia, ...May 04 17:15
DaemonFC 04 17:20
TechrightsBot-trTitle: GCC and static analysis [] .::. Size~: 96.44 KBMay 04 17:20
DaemonFCsaying you can trust LLVM because it's free software too doesn't really cut itMay 04 17:23
DaemonFCApple could unilaterally decide to take the project in another direction, or to simply make it proprietary at some pointMay 04 17:24
DaemonFCand then all you can do is fork itMay 04 17:24
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[creativecommons/@creativecommons] Today is #DayAgainstDRM! Learn more: 04 17:35
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Day Against DRM 2012 - Creative Commons .::. Size~: 22.04 KBMay 04 17:35
iophkDay Against DRM could have used better lead-in over the previous week, time to give people a heads up to get prepared.May 04 17:36
*__martin__ (~martin@unaffiliated/--martin--/x-1730694) has joined #techrightsMay 04 17:38
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[creativecommons/@creativecommons] CC home page also updated in support of #DayAgainstDRM: Learn more: 04 17:40
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[ovigia/@ovigia] Ataque dos média contra a Jerónimo Martins, ataque do #PingoDoce aos seus trabalhadores e à dignidade dos Portugueses « 04 17:40
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Creative Commons .::. Size~: 30.02 KBMay 04 17:40
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Day Against DRM 2012 - Creative Commons .::. Size~: 22.04 KBMay 04 17:40
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Ataque dos média contra a Jerónimo Martins, ataque do Pingo Doce aos seus trabalhadores e à dignidade dos Portugueses no dia 1 de Maio e a pouca credibilidade da ASAE e das suas conclusões de dumping efectuado pelo Pingo Doce e confluências coincidentes « Portugal Esoté .::. Size~: 87.26 KBMay 04 17:40
DaemonFC 04 17:42
TechrightsBot-trTitle: The 7 Most Insane Ways People Legally Avoided Paying Taxes | .::. Size~: 156.17 KBMay 04 17:42
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[ovigia/@ovigia] #MI6 Codebreaker Attended U.S. Security Conference Before His Death | Wired #intell #ukMay 04 17:43
TechrightsBot-trTitle: MI6 Codebreaker Attended U.S. Security Conference Before His Death | Threat Level | .::. Size~: 63.11 KBMay 04 17:43
DaemonFCLMAO @ #7May 04 17:43
DaemonFCI would say the judge was wrongMay 04 17:45
DaemonFCthe car was wrecked because he was drunk, which is willful negligenceMay 04 17:46
formic_11:59 < DaemonFC> which is forgedMay 04 17:48
formic_lol denialMay 04 17:48
DaemonFCOK, prove it is a government documentMay 04 17:48
DaemonFCyou can'tMay 04 17:48
formic_ROFLMay 04 17:50
DaemonFC"Despite the IRS' constant comparisons of Van Dusen to a crazy cat lady, she actually managed to beat the IRS and got deductions for most of her claims."May 04 17:51
DaemonFCI agree with the IRS again.May 04 17:51
DaemonFC70 cats = crazy cat ladyMay 04 17:51
formic_your denial is astoundingMay 04 17:52
formic_prove the stuff wikileaks published was not forgedMay 04 17:52
formic_oh right, that supports your beliefs so you dont need toMay 04 17:53
DaemonFCso if I make an official sounding scary PDF file, you'll believe it?May 04 17:53
DaemonFCblack helicopters and all?May 04 17:53
formic_if someone leaks an official military document, and the government denies its real, you'll believe it?May 04 17:54
formic_kind of like asking a bank robber if he robbed a bankMay 04 17:54
DaemonFCbelieving anti-government conspiracy theories at face value is like people that believe in Benny Hinn as a faith healerMay 04 17:55
formic_"Do you sell drugs Mr Dealer? This document from an informant says so"May 04 17:55
formic_"No I donMay 04 17:55
formic_'t" "Ok Mr Dealer, you didnt"May 04 17:55
formic_this isnt faith, its leaked doxMay 04 17:55
formic_so wikileaks isn't true then?May 04 17:56
formic_ is going to get in massive shit for forging government docsMay 04 17:56
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Public Intelligence .::. Size~: 141.23 KBMay 04 17:56
DaemonFCmaybeMay 04 17:57
DaemonFCdepends on if the government wants to incite the crackpots by publicizing them further and appearing to "persecute them"May 04 17:57
DaemonFCcults use this to keep the government away all the timeMay 04 17:57
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[ovigia/@ovigia] TeK > #ACTA pode não chegar a lei na Europa #eu, em #pt os carneirinhos lambem botas 04 17:58
TechrightsBot-trTitle: TeK > Notícias > Internet > ACTA pode não chegar a lei na Europa .::. Size~: 47.38 KBMay 04 17:58
TechrightsBot-trTitle: TeK > Notícias > Negócios > Propostas do PCP e BE para que Portugal se desvincule do ACTA chumbadas .::. Size~: 48.43 KBMay 04 17:58
iophkThey need to sue over the mole Elop, too:May 04 17:59
iophk 04 17:59
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Nokia sued over Windows Phone deal | News | PC Pro .::. Size~: 52.41 KBMay 04 17:59
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[lwnnet/@lwnnet] FSF: Coalition against Digital Restrictions Management 04 18:00
TechrightsBot-trTitle: FSF: Coalition against Digital Restrictions Management [] .::. Size~: 7.87 KBMay 04 18:00
DaemonFCformic_: If the government pressed charges against people for forging those conspiracy documents, then people like you would go "See, look! This proves EVERYTHING!!!"May 04 18:00
DaemonFCMinceR: Back me up :)May 04 18:00
DaemonFCbut the government does keep an eye on these crackpot groups and only goes after them when they become actively dangerous, like those Christian terrorists up in MichiganMay 04 18:01
formic_daemonfc - your logic refutes the validity of wikileaksMay 04 18:02
DaemonFCit would be illogical to go after someone the majority of people perceive as a nutcaseMay 04 18:02
DaemonFCwhen you do, some other nutcase will point it out as if it legitimized nutcase #1May 04 18:02
formic_can you rewrite what you saidMay 04 18:03
formic_also: obomer's mentor was Bill Ayes who suggested the same thingMay 04 18:04
formic_obama's cass sunstein also suggested putting people out on the net to try and get people to dismiss conspiracy theoriesMay 04 18:05
DaemonFCthat would be a huge and expensive and pointless undertaking May 04 18:05
DaemonFCpeople who are that delusional are often hard to convince to change their mindMay 04 18:06
DaemonFCagain, see "religion:May 04 18:06
formic_not reallyMay 04 18:06
formic_1) the government doesnt mind wasting money 2) it wouldnt cost more than your average payroll employeeMay 04 18:06
formic_ 04 18:08
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Conspiracy Theories by Cass  Sunstein, Adrian Vermeule :: SSRN .::. Size~: 53.6 KBMay 04 18:08
formic_you claim the government is bad all the time, but when evidence surfaces you aren't against itMay 04 18:09
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[dyfet/@dyfet] RT @friendicanews #friendshostfriends campaign gaining steam at !friendica 04 18:11
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Friends host friends... | friendica .::. Size~: 13.79 KBMay 04 18:11
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[glynmoody/@glynmoody] FBI: We need wiretap-ready Web sites -- now - wow, worse and worse #surveillanceMay 04 18:21
TechrightsBot-trTitle: FBI: We need wiretap-ready Web sites -- now | Security & Privacy - CNET News .::. Size~: 97.97 KBMay 04 18:21
DaemonFCformic_: The government does do bad thingsMay 04 18:25
DaemonFCand they do many of them out in the openMay 04 18:25
DaemonFCthey know as long as people are fat and stupid, they're in no danger of a revoltMay 04 18:25
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[ovigia/@ovigia] Banca de neve - JNo #pt prossegue o circo do casino e os palhaços somos nós!May 04 18:26
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Banca de neve- Opinião - Jornal de negócios online .::. Size~: 96.95 KBMay 04 18:27
DaemonFCformic_: I liked how Obama handled NDAA 2012May 04 18:27
DaemonFC"Oh sure, I COULD use the military to arrest you and hold you forever with no trial, but I promise MY administration never will"May 04 18:27
DaemonFCon an election yearMay 04 18:27 04 18:28
DaemonFCI have an LG phone as a second cell phoneMay 04 18:29
DaemonFCI'm getting rid of my contract phone soon and moving to a prepaid May 04 18:29
DaemonFCand from now on I'm just going to tell people I may end up owing money to that I don't have a phoneMay 04 18:30
formic_ 04 18:32
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Windows 8 Won't Play DVDs Unless You Pay For the Media Center Pack - Slashdot .::. Size~: 264.2 KBMay 04 18:32
formic_ROFLMay 04 18:32
formic_unless you install VLCMay 04 18:32
DaemonFCVLC wouldn't be allowed in their storeMay 04 18:32
DaemonFCthe Android store terms don't make such license restrictionsMay 04 18:33
DaemonFCyou could even use the GPL 3May 04 18:33
DaemonFC 04 18:33
TechrightsBot-trTitle: The 5 Most Horrific Ways People Have Tried to Discourage Sex | .::. Size~: 144.87 KBMay 04 18:33
DaemonFChaving to jailbreak and void the warranty simply to use software you want is unacceptableMay 04 18:34
DaemonFCyou should just get an Android phone that doesn't make you do thisMay 04 18:34
formic_13:32 < DaemonFC> VLC wouldn't be allowed in their storeMay 04 18:36
formic_run legacy desktopMay 04 18:36
formic_durrrMay 04 18:36
DaemonFCoh, Vista 8?May 04 18:37
DaemonFCtwo completely separate desktops that can't interact with each other?May 04 18:37
DaemonFCcharmingMay 04 18:37
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] ♺ @claudiom: Rest in peace. 04 18:41
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[lwnnet/@lwnnet] Security updates for Friday 04 18:41
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Adam Yauch Dead: Beastie Boys' MCA Dies After Battling Cancer .::. Size~: 231.57 KBMay 04 18:41
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Security updates for Friday [] .::. Size~: 8.02 KBMay 04 18:41
formic_if your watching a movie why would youMay 04 18:42
formic_and honestly, i dont want vlc wasting resources on metroMay 04 18:42
*scientes (~scientes@unaffiliated/scientes) has joined #techrightsMay 04 18:43
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[ovigia/@ovigia] Prisioneiros cubanos terão sido usados para fazerem mobiliário do #Ikea na década de 80 - Jornal de negócios #cubaMay 04 19:00
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[ovigia/@ovigia] A minha intuição é que não haverá reposição de subsídio de férias e de Natal desconfio que não existirá #PT em 2018May 04 19:00
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Prisioneiros cubanos terão sido usados para fazerem mobiliário do Ikea na década de 80-  - Jornal de negócios online .::. Size~: 90.92 KBMay 04 19:00
TechrightsBot-trTitle: A minha intuição é que não haverá reposição de subsídio de férias e de Natal - ajuda externa - Jornal de negócios online .::. Size~: 90.64 KBMay 04 19:00
*jono has quit (Read error: Operation timed out)May 04 19:02
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[creativecommons/@creativecommons] Many #CC projects in need of funding at @Kickstarter, inc. a non-DRM video alternative: #DayAgainstDRMMay 04 19:03
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Creative Commons — Kickstarter .::. Size~: 81.35 KBMay 04 19:03
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] #iOS app success is a lottery: 60% (or more) of developers don't break even 04 19:05
TechrightsBot-trTitle: iOS app success is a lottery: 60% (or more) of developers don't break even .::. Size~: 38.81 KBMay 04 19:05
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[silner/@silner] Free and !OpenSource Media Player Miro 5.0 Released, Install from PPA ~ Ubuntu Vibes 04 19:08
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Free and Open Source Media Player Miro 5.0 Released, Install from PPA ~ Ubuntu Vibes | Daily Ubuntu Linux Updates .::. Size~: 215.01 KBMay 04 19:08
*oddpuck has quit (Remote host closed the connection)May 04 19:16
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[glynmoody/@glynmoody] How Can You Tell If Uploading Your Cover Song To YouTube Is Infringing? You Can't - just insaneMay 04 19:16
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[glynmoody/@glynmoody] Pirate Party UK - Best ever result in a UK election. - pity the UK political system is biased against it in generalMay 04 19:16
TechrightsBot-trTitle: How Can You Tell If Uploading Your Cover Song To YouTube Is Infringing?  You Can't | Techdirt .::. Size~: 50.62 KBMay 04 19:16
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Pirate Party UK - Best ever result in a UK election.  - Pirate Party UK .::. Size~: 11.06 KBMay 04 19:16
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[glynmoody/@glynmoody] #Ubuntu and #Android: A match made in open source - indeed; looking forward to using thisMay 04 19:20
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Ubuntu and Android: A match made in open source | Open Source Software - InfoWorld .::. Size~: 99.35 KBMay 04 19:20
*zer0c00l has quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)May 04 19:21
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[glynmoody/@glynmoody] US exporting obesity to Mexico - amazing what those bliaterals can do to youMay 04 19:23
TechrightsBot-trTitle: | US exporting obesity to Mexico .::. Size~: 82.93 KBMay 04 19:23
DaemonFC 04 19:25
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Adobe - Security Bulletins: APSB12-09 - Security update available for Adobe Flash Player .::. Size~: 46.45 KBMay 04 19:25
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[glynmoody/@glynmoody] Buy yourself something pretty - excellent news #mozilla #yrsMay 04 19:26
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Buy yourself something pretty | Emma Mulqueeny .::. Size~: 49.21 KBMay 04 19:26
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[silner/@silner] Oracle Wants Judge to Bar Ex-Sun CEO Schwartz's Testimony in !Google Suit - PCWorld 04 19:28
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Oracle Wants Judge to Bar Ex-Sun CEO Schwartz's Testimony in Google Suit | PCWorld Business Center .::. Size~: 78.79 KBMay 04 19:28
MinceRDaemonFC: just because a document is easy to forge doesn't mean it's forgedMay 04 19:30
MinceRit does mean that it's weak evidence on its own, thoughMay 04 19:30
DaemonFC 04 19:34
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Microsoft finds information leak and closes critical Windows holes  - The H Security: News and Features .::. Size~: 43.13 KBMay 04 19:34
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[jwildeboer/@jwildeboer] The success stories of partnering with Microsoft for mobile stuff. Very encouraging! 04 19:35
TechrightsBot-trTitle: ur1 Generator .::. Size~: 2.26 KBMay 04 19:35
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Jan Wildeboer - Google+ - The success stories of partnering with Microsoft for mobile… .::. Size~: 123.02 KBMay 04 19:35
DaemonFCIt's nice of Microsoft to send the Chinese exploits for WindowsMay 04 19:36
DaemonFCin case they would have missed one on their ownMay 04 19:36
DaemonFC 04 19:38
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[evan/@evan] I think that makes sense.May 04 19:38
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] New Blog Post | Evening The Score In The #FACup #fb !footballMay 04 19:38
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[satipera/@satipera] !Tzag Identizens. Beastie Boys star Adam Yauch dies aged 47. The Beasties released the first CD single in Britain. #sad #socialhistory ‎May 04 19:38
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Firefox WebSocket bug compromises Tor anonymity - The H Security: News and Features .::. Size~: 41.89 KBMay 04 19:38
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Evening The Score In The FA Cup | The Digital Prism .::. Size~: 22.79 KBMay 04 19:38
formic_14:29 <@MinceR> it does mean that it's weak evidence on its own, thoughMay 04 19:40
formic_+1May 04 19:40
formic_we also have the fact that pressure was put on SkyTV to stop airing the fema camp episode of 'Conspiracy Theory'May 04 19:41
DaemonFCformic_: You were trying to suggest it was a smoking gun thoughMay 04 19:41
DaemonFCwhen I could have written thatMay 04 19:41
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[evan/@evan] I think the interesting part of this discussion is that #RedHat is treated very much like a community insider.May 04 19:41
formic_the only smoking gun you'll accept is the gun that shoots you in the back of the headMay 04 19:41
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] one o the few movie scenes that had tears streaming due to laughter was #Lebowski & the ashes catching the wind into his faceMay 04 19:43
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[evan/@evan] Holding RedHat to the same expectations as, say, a loose group of individual developers is a good sign of the company's engagement.May 04 19:43
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] << that moment #LebowskiMay 04 19:45
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[jwildeboer/@jwildeboer] This the form the jury must answer in the Oracle v Google case. 04 19:45
TechrightsBot-trNot a web page! Aborting image/jpeg typeMay 04 19:45
TechrightsBot-trTitle: ur1 Generator .::. Size~: 2.26 KBMay 04 19:45
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Jan Wildeboer - Google+ - This the form the jury must answer in the Oracle v Google… .::. Size~: 123.09 KBMay 04 19:45
MinceR:)May 04 19:46
DaemonFC 04 19:46
TechrightsBot-trTitle: FEMA Camps: Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory Debunked | Death and Taxes .::. Size~: 479.73 KBMay 04 19:46
formic_not a very good articleMay 04 19:50
formic_he presents nothing to back himself upMay 04 19:51
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[aseigo/@aseigo] made a strawberry rhubarb pie for desert (rhubarb season, yay!) and a green curry for dinner. yum :)May 04 19:51
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[aseigo/@aseigo] worked more on the Make Play Business solution providers network (business, not tech, variety of network). sustainable business ftwMay 04 19:53
formic_he actually went to one of the coffin storage places and was stopped by a US government employeeMay 04 19:55
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[aseigo/@aseigo] RT @jrepin Why the death of #DRM would be good news for readers, writers and publishers → !dbdMay 04 19:55
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Why the death of DRM would be good news for readers, writers and publishers | Technology | .::. Size~: 168.55 KBMay 04 19:55
formic_since the shell company isn't named US government, ppl just assume its been debunkedMay 04 19:56
DaemonFCabout a million people are buried in the US every yearMay 04 19:58
DaemonFCso someone makes coffins and now it's the government getting ready to kill all of usMay 04 19:59
DaemonFCsure :PMay 04 19:59
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] ♺ @x11r5: Pearly penile papules "what are they looking at your genitals""that's icky,grandza" /@voqoMay 04 20:00
formic_why did the storage place completely disappear after the show airedMay 04 20:01
formic_why was pressure put on SkyTV to remove the episodeMay 04 20:01
formic_why is it the only episode currently banned from rerunsMay 04 20:01
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[silner/@silner] 6 Best !Android Printing Apps 04 20:01
TechrightsBot-trTitle: 6 Best Android Printing Apps - TechShout .::. Size~: 39.82 KBMay 04 20:01
formic_why are there nato treaties that force gov't to kill people if there is a major disease outbreakMay 04 20:02
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[satipera/@satipera] That bloke on the voice with the glasses and hair. I thought he was a butch lesbian...#JustsayingMay 04 20:03
formic_sounds like someone is just a coincidence theoristMay 04 20:03
DaemonFCif there is a major disease outbreak, it's likely that a lot of people would get killed by law enforcement, for rioting, looting, and so onMay 04 20:05
DaemonFCwe saw how Katrina enabled a lot of criminals to go loot storesMay 04 20:05
formic_ 04 20:05
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Syrian Government Uses Skype To Push Malware To Activists - Slashdot .::. Size~: 200.02 KBMay 04 20:05
DaemonFCand they weren't taking food and clothes and diapersMay 04 20:05
formic_bad headlineMay 04 20:05
DaemonFCthey were taking stereos and TVs and jewelryMay 04 20:05
formic_they only used skype to transfer a fileMay 04 20:05
formic_no exploits in skype itselfMay 04 20:05
DaemonFCthen when help arrived, they started shooting at unarmed relief workersMay 04 20:06
MinceR210051 < formic_> why is it the only episode currently banned from rerunsMay 04 20:06
MinceR"When you tear out a man\u2019s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you\u2019re only telling the world that you fear what he might say."May 04 20:06
DaemonFCso it's no wonder that help was delayedMay 04 20:06
formic_Bush couldn't figure out of Katrina was a disaster or notMay 04 20:06
DaemonFCwhen there's a breakdown of law and order, you get all these thugs that were probably on welfare alreadyMay 04 20:06
DaemonFCgoing through and sacking private property, raping and killing peopleMay 04 20:06
formic_LOL seeMay 04 20:06
DaemonFCinvading housesMay 04 20:06
formic_Katrina is just a way for the government to tell people that anarchy is a bad thingMay 04 20:07
DaemonFCso they shoot at people who are trying to give them food and medical attentionMay 04 20:07
formic_I'm sure a lot of the looters were law enforcement themselves, to encourage rioting and stealingMay 04 20:07
DaemonFCthen complain that there are delaysMay 04 20:07
DaemonFCand the kind of people that were doing this were the welfare abusersMay 04 20:07
DaemonFCthat also complained that the government should have carried them out of harms wayMay 04 20:07
formic_I actually saw videos of cops lootingMay 04 20:08
DaemonFCsure, they're people tooMay 04 20:08
DaemonFC:)May 04 20:08
DaemonFCthey were taking advantage of the situationMay 04 20:08
formic_Mincer is right too, once you shut someone up it only proves they had something worth while to say.May 04 20:08
DaemonFCyou got to see what people are really like with no rule of lawMay 04 20:08
DaemonFCwhat's so shocking about that?May 04 20:09
formic_bullshitMay 04 20:09
DaemonFCusually these protesters are just criminalsMay 04 20:09
DaemonFCthey loot and set firesMay 04 20:09
formic_it was anarchy mixed in with weather catastophyMay 04 20:09
DaemonFCand destroy private propertyMay 04 20:09
formic_if the gov't just disappeared that wouldn't happenMay 04 20:10
formic_if it disappeared because the world was ending, or there was a catastrophy, people would go nutsMay 04 20:10
formic_all these criminals, welfare bums and thugs would have died off a long time ago, natural selection, if the government wasn't saving them from extinctionMay 04 20:11
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[lwnnet/@lwnnet] Linux Format censored over 'Learn to Hack' feature (bit-tech) 04 20:11
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Linux Format censored over 'Learn to Hack' feature (bit-tech) [] .::. Size~: 8.44 KBMay 04 20:11
DaemonFCif the police disappeared, people would act just like they always doMay 04 20:12
DaemonFCwith the possible exception of people who took matters into their own handsMay 04 20:12
DaemonFCand shot people who were trying to rob themMay 04 20:12
DaemonFCwhen the police disappear, the first thing people do is get together to rob and destroy private propertyMay 04 20:13
DaemonFCjust like KatrinaMay 04 20:13
MinceRjust like the governmentMay 04 20:13
DaemonFCthat wasn't a freak incident, it's how people areMay 04 20:13
DaemonFCpeople want more for themselves and less for everyone elseMay 04 20:15
DaemonFCwhen there's an opportunity to take more for themselves and nobody will stop them, they will do itMay 04 20:15
DaemonFCeven if it's considered wrong or illegalMay 04 20:16
DaemonFCwhen there's a breakdown in the rule of law, you will get lootersMay 04 20:16
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[ovigia/@ovigia] O nu quer-se integral como o pão - TSF nem mais! lolMay 04 20:16
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[satipera/@satipera] !Capitalism is not quite noughts and crosses but it is definately a game the vast majority of people can't win.May 04 20:16
DaemonFCit's easy to sit back and laugh when it's just Walmart or something, but it doesn't stop thereMay 04 20:16
TechrightsBot-trTitle: O nu quer-se integral como o pão - TSF .::. Size~: 90.94 KBMay 04 20:16
MinceRand what is government made of? people.May 04 20:16
formic_nopeMay 04 20:17
formic_government keeps bottom feeders aliveMay 04 20:17
*oddpuck (~me@unaffiliated/oddball33) has joined #techrightsMay 04 20:17
formic_back in the day, you'd kill people who fucked you overMay 04 20:17
DaemonFCyeah, bottom feeders like the welfare abusers and crack addictsMay 04 20:17
MinceRand you can see what people do when given special privileges and powers, while the others are deprived of both, and they're told that this is just.May 04 20:17
formic_now those people survive thanks to lawsMay 04 20:17
formic_government prevents natural selectionMay 04 20:17
*iophk has quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)May 04 20:17
DaemonFCjust who you want to be kept afloat with the money the government takes from youMay 04 20:17
MinceRpeople who believe that this is just are statists.May 04 20:17
DaemonFCcrack addled whoresMay 04 20:17
DaemonFCif there's going to be a government subsidy for using drugs and reproducing and expecting the state to pay for it, they should just send all of them to prisonMay 04 20:18
DaemonFCthey're going to end up there sooner or later anywayMay 04 20:18
DaemonFCand most of their kids tooMay 04 20:19
DaemonFCMinceR: Do you believe that people have the right to reproduce and then expect you to cover it?May 04 20:19
formic_ 04 20:19
DaemonFCan ABSOLUTE rightMay 04 20:19
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Osama Bin Laden Didn't Encrypt His Files - Slashdot .::. Size~: 312.13 KBMay 04 20:19
formic_LOLMay 04 20:19
formic_now you can use encryptionMay 04 20:20
MinceRDaemonFC: i don't think they have the right to expect me to cover it.May 04 20:20
formic_terrorists dont use encryptionMay 04 20:20
DaemonFCa lot of these right wing gun nuts are just trailer trash on government handouts tooMay 04 20:20
*iophk (~unknown2@unaffiliated/iophk) has joined #techrightsMay 04 20:20
*ChanServ gives channel operator status to iophkMay 04 20:20
DaemonFCmaybe they should call it Trailer Information Awareness since stupid beered up rednecks are potential threatsMay 04 20:21
MinceRalso, if you bring up the hurricane, i'll bring up North Korea. :>May 04 20:21
DaemonFCorganize it under the Department of Homeland StupidityMay 04 20:21
*iophk has quit (Client Quit)May 04 20:21
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[eff/@eff] DOJ: any cell phone tracking privacy protection is too much privacy protection 04 20:23
TechrightsBot-trTitle: DOJ Official: Any Privacy Protection is Too Much Privacy Protection for Cell Phone Tracking | Electronic Frontier Foundation .::. Size~: 40.08 KBMay 04 20:23
DaemonFCI actually found that Rush Limbaugh comment to be funnyMay 04 20:23
DaemonFCwhere he was talking about all the skanks that have so much sex that they can't afford their own birth control pillsMay 04 20:24
DaemonFCand how if we have to pay for it, they should put a camera in their bedroom and put all that out on the internet so we at least get something for our moneyMay 04 20:24
formic_LOLMay 04 20:30
formic_honestly though I'd rather have filters that the directors provideMay 04 20:30
DaemonFCDo you know what it costs for a month's supply of birth control pills?May 04 20:31
DaemonFC$9May 04 20:31
DaemonFCthat's with NO health insuranceMay 04 20:32
DaemonFCof course these feminist groups and liberals have spent millions of dollars lobbying for laws that force health insurance companies and Medicaid and Medicare to pay for themMay 04 20:32
DaemonFC 04 20:33
TechrightsBot-trTitle: $9: Price for a Month's Supply of Birth Control Pills at Target 3 Miles from Georgetown Law  | .::. Size~: 30.31 KBMay 04 20:33
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[ovigia/@ovigia] RT @eff DOJ: any cell phone tracking privacy protection is too much privacy protection 04 20:35
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[fontana/@fontana] @evan that's 1 way of looking at it; another is that Red Hat is held to a double standard !heehawMay 04 20:35
TechrightsBot-trTitle: DOJ Official: Any Privacy Protection is Too Much Privacy Protection for Cell Phone Tracking | Electronic Frontier Foundation .::. Size~: 40.08 KBMay 04 20:35
formic_Porn sites are usually like $1-2 / month right? (IF you pay for that)May 04 20:37
DaemonFCThe Pirate Bay doesn't require you to log in to search through their porn nowMay 04 20:39
*DaemonFC goes to lobby for free hand lotion and paper towelsMay 04 20:40
DaemonFCnobody is limiting their access to birth controlMay 04 20:40
DaemonFCif they can't afford $9 a month for the pill, they can't afford the hundreds of dollars a month for illegitimate childrenMay 04 20:41
DaemonFCso maybe they should just spend less time on their backMay 04 20:41
DaemonFC:)May 04 20:41
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[silner/@silner] Apple Finally Gives OpenStreetMap Proper Credit in iPhoto - PC Magazine 04 20:43
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Apple Finally Gives OpenStreetMap Proper Credit in iPhoto | News & Opinion  | .::. Size~: 132.08 KBMay 04 20:43
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Silner (silner)'s status on Friday, 04-May-12 19:40:30 UTC - silner .::. Size~: 11.18 KBMay 04 20:43
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[silner/@silner] Jury may be deadlocked in Oracle, !Google trial 04 20:45
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Jury may be deadlocked in Oracle-Google trial - patent, oracle, legal, intellectual property, Google, copyright, Civil lawsuits, Android OS - Software - Techworld .::. Size~: 80.74 KBMay 04 20:45
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Silner (silner)'s status on Friday, 04-May-12 19:42:57 UTC - silner .::. Size~: 11.44 KBMay 04 20:45
*scientes has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)May 04 20:49
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] someone needs to do a spoof image of #Quark as a #GOP candidate on a ticket of zero taxes, rich getting richer etc #StarTrek #politics #fbMay 04 20:50
*sebsebseb (~chatzilla@unaffiliated/sebsebseb) has joined #techrightsMay 04 20:53
sebsebsebhiMay 04 20:53
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[laurelrusswurm/@laurelrusswurm] tumblogged: Happy International Day Against #DRM / with a !CDNpoli !C11 slant #TPM #DigitalLocksMay 04 20:58
TechrightsBot-trTitle: visual laurel .::. Size~: 27.59 KBMay 04 20:58
DaemonFCformic_: You left out the episode where he says that the swine flu pandemic of 2009 was a smoke screen to kill everyone and that by 2010, we'd all be under martial lawMay 04 20:58
DaemonFChe's not credibleMay 04 20:59
formic_who?May 04 20:59
DaemonFCJesse Ventura May 04 21:00
sebsebsebso anyone want to help me with something?May 04 21:01
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[laurelrusswurm/@laurelrusswurm] corrected TechDITZ #federation post "Decentralized Social Networks Do Exist" with apologies to #diasporaMay 04 21:01
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Decentralized Social Networks Do Exist «  techDITZ .::. Size~: 17.13 KBMay 04 21:01
formic_daemonfc - I've heard since 2006 that they would be a re-introduction of the avian fluMay 04 21:04
cubezzzquick survey, anyone here use lisp?May 04 21:05
DaemonFCformic_: I get my flu shot every yearMay 04 21:07
DaemonFCmy insurance covers it so why not?May 04 21:07
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[satipera/@satipera] Jeremy Clarkson calls someone an idiot!?May 04 21:08
DaemonFCI've never had the fluMay 04 21:11
DaemonFCof course, there are thousands of types of influenza and the flu vaccines typically only immunize against the 3-4 that the CDC figures will be the most prevalent May 04 21:12
DaemonFCit's intended to minimize the number of people who become sick, not to eradicate the flu (which would not be possible)May 04 21:13
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[satipera/@satipera] Top Gear should be on CBBC. I avoid it.May 04 21:13
formic_the guy who invented the cure for polio was a depopulationist and he filled the vaccine with monkey virusesMay 04 21:14
formic_cancer causing onesMay 04 21:15
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[ovigia/@ovigia] RT @glynmoody #Ubuntu and #Android: A match made in open source - indeed; looking forward to using thisMay 04 21:16
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Ubuntu and Android: A match made in open source | Open Source Software - InfoWorld .::. Size~: 99.57 KBMay 04 21:16
DaemonFCwhat utter bullshitMay 04 21:17
DaemonFCdo you know what polio did to people before it was wiped out?May 04 21:17
DaemonFCof course there are many diseases we wiped out or nearly did before all this illegal immigration and the diversity lotteriesMay 04 21:18
DaemonFCnow people from third world countries are bringing shit into the US that we already had under controlMay 04 21:18
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[ovigia/@ovigia] RT @glynmoody How Can You Tell If Uploading Your Cover Song To YouTube Is Infringing? You Can't - just insaneMay 04 21:18
TechrightsBot-trTitle: How Can You Tell If Uploading Your Cover Song To YouTube Is Infringing?  You Can't | Techdirt .::. Size~: 70.89 KBMay 04 21:18
formic_you're the one full of shitMay 04 21:18
DaemonFC 04 21:19
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Fact Sheet: T. Don Hutto Residential Center .::. Size~: 22.16 KBMay 04 21:19
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[mrdenticator/@mrdenticator] Yesterday top #statustician is thistleweb from with 80 dents!May 04 21:20
formic_Dr Salk was a member of the Eugenics society and wrote papers on depopulating the unfitMay 04 21:21
DaemonFCit's an improvement over where they used to keep illegal immigrantsMay 04 21:21
formic_its a fact that SV40 was found in polio vaccine until 1999May 04 21:23
DaemonFC 04 21:23
TechrightsBot-trTitle: T. Don Hutto: Homeland Security Bars U.N. Inspector - News - The Austin Chronicle .::. Size~: 71.29 KBMay 04 21:23
formic_ 04 21:24
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Leading Vaccine Doctor States Cancer Linked to Polio Vaccine .::. Size~: 131.02 KBMay 04 21:24
formic_uh ohMay 04 21:24
formic_sure, we fix you upMay 04 21:24
formic_then we softkill youMay 04 21:24
formic_the same company is behind gardasilMay 04 21:25
DaemonFCthose anti vaccine crackpots are irresponsibleMay 04 21:26
DaemonFCusually Christian extremistsMay 04 21:26
formic_keep ignoring the whistleblowersMay 04 21:27
formic_ignorance is blissMay 04 21:27
DaemonFCthey spread lies about vaccines on purposeMay 04 21:27
DaemonFCand many people die because of those lying sacks of shitMay 04 21:27
formic_vaccines are a trojan horse for other diseasesMay 04 21:28
formic_they cure one thing and give you something elseMay 04 21:28
formic_its the perfect weaponMay 04 21:28
DaemonFCaccording to the same groups that promote Christian extremismMay 04 21:28
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] 3 #NBC employees lose jobs due to Martin reports 04 21:28
TechrightsBot-trTitle: 3 NBC employees lose jobs due to Martin reports |                 World news |         The Guardian .::. Size~: 69.16 KBMay 04 21:28
DaemonFCand violence against government agentsMay 04 21:28
formic_im not religious, and neither is the scientist Dr Mercola who whistleblewMay 04 21:29
DaemonFCyes, there are Christian terrorists, as in, Christians that commit acts of terror including bombings, shootings, etc.May 04 21:29
DaemonFCand one of their tools in their anti-government crusade is spreading lies about vaccinesMay 04 21:29
formic_neither is Dr Maurice HillemanMay 04 21:29
DaemonFCyou'll also get them telling you to take vitamins to cure deadly diseases that need real medical attentionMay 04 21:29
formic_daemonfc - terrorism exists in all groups of extremistsMay 04 21:29
DaemonFCand then they don't do a thing to the diseaseMay 04 21:30
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] It's a scandal that big hospital contracts are being awarded in private 04 21:30
DaemonFCyou're just paying these crooks to sell you a placebo vitamin cocktailMay 04 21:30
TechrightsBot-trTitle: It's a scandal that big hospital contracts are being awarded in private | Allyson Pollock | Comment is free | .::. Size~: 254.27 KBMay 04 21:30
formic_daemonfc - you're an idiot who believes the gov't and doctors who get paycheques from drug companiesMay 04 21:30
formic_the government would never do anything badMay 04 21:30
DaemonFCso vitamins cure everythingMay 04 21:30
DaemonFCand prayer circles?May 04 21:30
formic_noMay 04 21:30
DaemonFCyeah vitamins and prayer ciriclesMay 04 21:30
formic_however you can kill certain kinds of infections with natural remediesMay 04 21:31
DaemonFCMinceR: Tell him what a great job vitamins and prayer circles do for cancer patientsMay 04 21:31
formic_tell me what killing a cancer patients immune system has to do with helping themMay 04 21:31
formic_radiation bombardmentMay 04 21:31
DaemonFCI know some of them recover from their cancer due to real medicineMay 04 21:31
DaemonFCand none of them do from vitamins and prayer circlesMay 04 21:31
formic_I know some of them recover from their cancer by switching their dietMay 04 21:32
DaemonFCor psychic surgeryMay 04 21:32
DaemonFCor waving chickens over themMay 04 21:32
DaemonFCthose all belong in the same class of fraudMay 04 21:32
formic_real medicine has nothing to do with current cancer treatmentMay 04 21:32
DaemonFCthose Christians killed my grandfatherMay 04 21:32
formic_i only know a few crazy christians and they believe what you doMay 04 21:33
DaemonFChis cancer was in remission and they convinced him to stop taking his medicine and start going to crooked faith healer fraud artistsMay 04 21:33
DaemonFCand it came back and killed himMay 04 21:33
formic_maybe he should've stopped eating junkMay 04 21:33
DaemonFCit had been under control for well over 10 years and then as soon as he gave up real medicine for vitamins and Jesus, it came right back and he was dead the next yearMay 04 21:33
MinceRif vaccines are a scam, how come several diseases have disappeared due to their use?May 04 21:34
MinceRand others nearly disappeared in the western worldMay 04 21:34
DaemonFCdon't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with making sure you get enough vitaminsMay 04 21:34
formic_Mincer - why have cancer rates skyrocketted sinceMay 04 21:34
DaemonFCbut these con artists all claim they cure everything, and they really don'tMay 04 21:34
formic_its entirely logical to kill off one disease, and use the vaccine as a vehicle for slow-killMay 04 21:34
MinceRbecause people live long enough to be at risk of cancer?May 04 21:35
DaemonFCthey cure deficiency diseases from not having enough of a certain vitamin, sometimesMay 04 21:35
MinceRbecause people live in pollution and eat all sort of carcinogenic stuff?May 04 21:35
formic_daemonfc - doctors are all con artistsMay 04 21:35
formic_they dont have the cure eitherMay 04 21:35
MinceRbecause people live in a lot of stress?May 04 21:35
DaemonFCMinceR: Most animals living in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone thrive because they don't live long enough to get cancer anywayMay 04 21:35
formic_chemo is just as bad as homeopathyMay 04 21:35
MinceRnopeMay 04 21:35
DaemonFCyou knew that, right? :)May 04 21:35
MinceRchemo worksMay 04 21:35
DaemonFCthe longer someone lives, the more likely they are to get cancerMay 04 21:35
MinceRit also has severe side effectsMay 04 21:35
formic_chemo works for the governmentMay 04 21:36
MinceRhomeopathy is like placebo, it has next to no effectsMay 04 21:36
formic_not having to pay pension is good for themMay 04 21:36
MinceR(homeopathy is just expensive placebo)May 04 21:36
DaemonFCpsychological maybeMay 04 21:36
DaemonFCantidepressants don't do much better than a placeboMay 04 21:36
formic_chemo is a placebo that causes your immune system damageMay 04 21:36
formic_making you weaker and more available for weaker germs/viruses/bacteriaMay 04 21:36
MinceRit causes more damage to cancer cellsMay 04 21:37
MinceRthat's why they use itMay 04 21:37
formic_would you take chemo when your not sick?May 04 21:37
MinceRnoMay 04 21:37
formic_why notMay 04 21:37
MinceRwould you take medicines when you're not sick?May 04 21:37
formic_if its not dangerous to your healthMay 04 21:37
MinceRok, i'll reiterate it for your benefitMay 04 21:37
formic_why would you take chemo when you are weak thenMay 04 21:37
MinceR223524 <@MinceR> it also has severe side effectsMay 04 21:38
MinceRtry to read it and understand it this timeMay 04 21:38
formic_severe side effects = no cure and deathMay 04 21:38
formic_what are the success rates of chemoMay 04 21:38
MinceRcongratulations, you've just failed at medicine.May 04 21:38
formic_what are the success rates of chemoMay 04 21:38
formic_what are the success rates of chemoMay 04 21:38
formic_????May 04 21:38
MinceRlook it upMay 04 21:39
formic_you're the one with the burden of proofMay 04 21:39
MinceRno, you areMay 04 21:39
formic_no not at allMay 04 21:39
MinceRyou came here claiming that modern medicine doesn't workMay 04 21:39
formic_you're trying to prove something *is*May 04 21:39
MinceRbut various woo doesMay 04 21:39
MinceRwhere's the proof?May 04 21:39
formic_trying to prove a negative is impossibleMay 04 21:39
*DiabloD3 ( has joined #techrightsMay 04 21:39
formic_if you want to convince me it works, you need to show proofMay 04 21:40
DaemonFCJesus saves! Jesus saves! By shopping at Walmart!May 04 21:40
MinceRi don't really care if you believe in science or wooMay 04 21:40
DaemonFCOh dammit, no Jesus, NO!!!! Not the impulse items!!!May 04 21:40
DaemonFCWell, Jesus ALMOST savedMay 04 21:40
MinceRso jesus took full damage?May 04 21:40
formic_I do believe in science, science requires proofMay 04 21:40
formic_not just your wordMay 04 21:41
formic_what medical degrees do you have, what are your qualifications?May 04 21:41
formic_arm chair scientist?May 04 21:41
MinceRwhat are yours?May 04 21:41
formic_im not trying to make claims that can't be provenMay 04 21:41
MinceRyou're the one making extraordinary claims hereMay 04 21:42
TakinOverInteresting discussion. I'll add this and then leave you to it. I've known several cancer patients. Everyone that took chemo died relatively quickly. Those that did not take chemo lived longer. I don't believe that taking vitamins cures cancer, but I would not suggest chemo for anyone.May 04 21:42
MinceRhow big is your sample?May 04 21:42
MinceRafaik chemo really is a last-ditch effort thereMay 04 21:42
formic_the extraordinary claim is that radioation poisoning is helping peopleMay 04 21:42
formic_back it up, or shut upMay 04 21:43
TakinOverMine? Probably a couple of dozen over fifty years.May 04 21:43
formic_when I ask for evidence you run away, saying im the one making claimsMay 04 21:43
MinceRhow did radiation poisoning get into the picture?May 04 21:43
MinceRafaik chemo is used when metastasis already happened, at that point life expectancy is already dramatically shorterMay 04 21:44
formic_chemo = radiation poisoningMay 04 21:44
MinceRwhat makes you think chemotherapy involves radiation?May 04 21:44
MinceRyou don't know the difference between radiotherapy and chemotherapy?May 04 21:44
MinceRand you come here lecturing me about how to treat cancer?May 04 21:45
MinceRthis is preposterous.May 04 21:45
formic_like I said im not a scientistsMay 04 21:46
formic_neither are you thoughMay 04 21:46
MinceRyeah, and i'm not going to stop watching The Daily Show to look up medical journals and statistics for someone who's talking out of their ass.May 04 21:47
formic_seriously though, you need proof to back up your claims even if I am wrongMay 04 21:48
formic_that's what science isMay 04 21:49
formic_go watch your propaganda showMay 04 21:49
*_Goblin ( has joined #techrightsMay 04 21:50
sebsebsebHi _Goblin May 04 21:51
formic_im gonna finish my fsf application in peaceMay 04 21:51
*ChanServ gives channel operator status to _GoblinMay 04 21:51
_Goblinhi sebsebseb May 04 21:51
sebsebseb_Goblin: A introduction to Mageia a 100% community driven fork of the Mandriva Linux distribution founded in September 2010 by ex Mandriva employee's and contributors.May 04 21:51
sebsebsebis that a good talk introduction?May 04 21:51
sebsebsebfor the websiteMay 04 21:51
sebsebseb 04 21:52
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Bristol IT MegaMeet .::. Size~: 46.02 KBMay 04 21:52
sebsebsebmost of the other talks have them nowMay 04 21:52
_Goblinyep....sounds good...May 04 21:52
_Goblinisnt mageia delayed though? ;)May 04 21:52
sebsebseb_Goblin: thought about putting something in about MandrakeMay 04 21:52
sebsebseb,but I'll do that in the talk anywayMay 04 21:52
sebsebsebso people know for sure what I am talking aboutMay 04 21:53
sebsebsebmost of them I guessMay 04 21:53
sebsebsebor well I can put that in the introduciton or try toMay 04 21:53
sebsebsebA introduction to Mageia a 100% community driven fork of the Mandriva Linux distribution founded in September 2010 by ex Mandriva employee's and contributors.  Also Mandriva goes back to 1998 when it was known as Mandrake.May 04 21:54
_GoblinIf i'm public speaking I never write down sentences....just topicsMay 04 21:54
sebsebsebsome of them are much longerMay 04 21:54
sebsebseb_Goblin: this is my first public speaking May 04 21:54
sebsebsebunless we include when I re took English and did a talk in front of a class about Tim Berners-Lee and web standardsMay 04 21:54
sebsebsebat collegeMay 04 21:54
_Goblinsorry ... I thought you'd be speaking a few times in eventsMay 04 21:54
_Goblinfair enough...May 04 21:54
_GoblinI'm sure you will be fine.May 04 21:55
sebsebsebwell this is the first one for me public speakingMay 04 21:55
_GoblinahMay 04 21:55
sebsebseb,but may be others in the futureMay 04 21:55
sebsebseband yeah teh slide show, has pointsMay 04 21:55
sebsebsebnot full sentancesMay 04 21:55
_GoblinI am sure there will be, you were great on TechbytesMay 04 21:55
sebsebsebCirvins on the 21stMay 04 21:55
sebsebsebthat's the planMay 04 21:55
sebsebsebwith Gordon and KevieMay 04 21:55
sebsebsebso after my event  talkMay 04 21:55
sebsebseband yep  been quite a few delays in this release cycle of the development versions of Mageia 2May 04 21:56
_Goblinexcellent!May 04 21:56
sebsebseb,but Mageia 2 final will probably come out on the new release date which is the 15thMay 04 21:56
sebsebsebI really do hope so,  since meant to be getting sent ofifcal CD's from Germany and stickers, but if it's not released in time, well won't have offical CD's to give out on the SaturdayMay 04 21:56
sebsebsebTuesday the  release unless delayed, Saturday the event, yep not much time to sendMay 04 21:56
sebsebsebto make and sendMay 04 21:57
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] Horrible fate of ex-model burned in raging ultra marathon bushfire wow :(May 04 21:58
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] £10k benefit benefit fraud officer 04 21:58
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Horrible fate of masked Turia Pitt, a former model, scarred for life after being burned in raging bushfire during ultra marathon in Kimberley, Western Australia | The Sun |News .::. Size~: 57.58 KBMay 04 21:58
TechrightsBot-trTitle: £10k benefit benefit fraud officer | The Sun |News .::. Size~: 56.18 KBMay 04 21:58
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[opensourceway/@opensourceway] This weeks most wanted: Oracle v. Google shows the folly of U.S. software patent law #swpatentsMay 04 22:03
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Oracle v. Google shows the folly of U.S. software patent law | .::. Size~: 116.33 KBMay 04 22:03
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[satipera/@satipera] !Tzaf Identizens.May 04 22:08
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[ovigia/@ovigia] Microsoft Using Linux To Optimize #Skype Traffic - Slashdot #gnulinuxMay 04 22:11
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Microsoft Using Linux To Optimize Skype Traffic - Slashdot .::. Size~: 284.74 KBMay 04 22:11
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[ovigia/@ovigia] Goa Trance -- Best of 136 - 138 bpm via @minitubeappMay 04 22:13
formic_ Microsoft Using Linux To Optimize Skype Traffic - SlashdotMay 04 22:13
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Goa Trance -- Best of 136 - 138 bpm       - YouTube .::. Size~: 126.54 KBMay 04 22:13
formic_Microsoft doesn't have the tools needed to spy on skype traffic under WindowsMay 04 22:13
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] #FBI want wiretap freindly backdoors; deja-vu - we were just discussing that idea on #Crivins 12May 04 22:16
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] #Google Points Out That What The #AuthorsGuild Wants And What Authors Want Are Two Very Different Things 04 22:20
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[laurelrusswurm/@laurelrusswurm] RT @tekk yes, identica is the initial implementation of a microblogging standard. that's why you can talk to people from #friend http:// ...May 04 22:20
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Google Points Out That What The Authors Guild Wants And What Authors Want Are Two Very Different Things | Techdirt .::. Size~: 70.38 KBMay 04 22:20
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[glynmoody/@glynmoody] Paulo Coelho Ebook Sales Jump Way Up Thanks To $0.99 Sale - sales increased "4,000% and 6,500%" - fab, deserved resultMay 04 22:21
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] has anyone asked the #AuthorsGuild how much of their collected money goes to the actual authors they "represent" & how much in admin fees?May 04 22:21
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[laurelrusswurm/@laurelrusswurm] updating my DAY AGAINST DRM Pinterest board: Against DRM & TPMs #C-11 !C11May 04 22:21
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Paulo Coelho Ebook Sales Jump Way Up Thanks To $0.99 Sale | Techdirt .::. Size~: 46.06 KBMay 04 22:21
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Against DRM & TPMs #C-11 .::. Size~: 56.33 KBMay 04 22:21
*sebsebseb has quit (Remote host closed the connection)May 04 22:22
*scientes (~scientes@unaffiliated/scientes) has joined #techrightsMay 04 22:22
formic_daemonfc - would you recommend buying winamp pro for android?May 04 22:22
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[laurelrusswurm/@laurelrusswurm] blogged: techDITZ: 2012 International Day Against #DRM #TPMs !CDNpoliMay 04 22:25
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] Why are kids’ e-book sales surging? Partly because adults are reading them 04 22:25
TechrightsBot-trTitle: 2012 International Day Against DRM «  techDITZ .::. Size~: 12.47 KBMay 04 22:25
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Why are kids’ e-book sales surging? Partly because adults are reading them — paidContent .::. Size~: 66.73 KBMay 04 22:25
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[glynmoody/@glynmoody] animal sperm can be patented - more #EPO idiocy (v @jwildeboer) #patentsMay 04 22:26
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Europäisches Patentrecht: Patente auf Bullen-Sperma - .::. Size~: 57.94 KBMay 04 22:26
*zer0c00l (~zer0c00l@nat/yahoo/x-hcwducpauqasaqtz) has joined #techrightsMay 04 22:29
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[jwildeboer/@jwildeboer] European patent office: Sperm can be patented. #notkidding. Article in German. 04 22:30
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Europäisches Patentrecht: Patente auf Bullen-Sperma - .::. Size~: 57.94 KBMay 04 22:30
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[openbytes/@openbytes] Anyone surprised? --- Government broadband plans face £1bn funding shortfall 04 22:33
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[eff/@eff] Europe-wide day of action against #ACTA is planned for #june9. Keep pressure on EU MEPs: they vote in July 04 22:33
TechrightsBot-trTitle: BBC News - Government broadband plans face £1bn funding shortfall .::. Size~: 65.14 KBMay 04 22:33
TechrightsBot-trTitle: [EN] June 9th 2012 - Europe-wide action against ACTA       - YouTube .::. Size~: 101.86 KBMay 04 22:33
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[ovigia/@ovigia] #FBI: We Need Wiretap-Ready Web Sites | Slashdot #usa #surveillance ; #insecurity yup let's give #anonymous some helpMay 04 22:36
TechrightsBot-trTitle: FBI: We Need Wiretap-Ready Web Sites — Now - Slashdot .::. Size~: 258.01 KBMay 04 22:36
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] ♺ @jwildeboer: European patent office: Sperm can be patented. #notkidding. Article in German. 04 22:45
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Europäisches Patentrecht: Patente auf Bullen-Sperma - .::. Size~: 57.92 KBMay 04 22:45
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] if a sperm is wasted, the patent holder gets quite itrateMay 04 22:50
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] unless they're just looking for a way to breed out the plebs; thing is; who will they exploit if there's no plebs #backfireMay 04 22:55
DaemonFC[17:22] <formic_> daemonfc - would you recommend buying winamp pro for android?May 04 22:56
DaemonFCI use itMay 04 22:56
*neildarlow ( has joined #techrightsMay 04 22:56
*sebsebseb (~chatzilla@unaffiliated/sebsebseb) has joined #techrightsMay 04 22:57
*abeNd-org (~KKlenke@ has joined #techrightsMay 04 22:57
sebsebseb123May 04 22:57
DaemonFCformic_: The GUI is good, the file support is good, the only thing that I think is iffy about it is that it takes quite a bit of RAMMay 04 22:57
prurigroeasy as abcMay 04 22:57
DaemonFCit has a helper service that runs all the time and takes about 5 MB of RAMMay 04 22:57
DaemonFCso it can play music while the main program is swapped outMay 04 22:57
prurigrowhat does winamp have on the regular android music player?May 04 22:58
sebsebsebprurigro: cbaMay 04 22:58
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] speaking of blowing your wad - The #BNP is finished as an electoral force 04 22:58
sebsebseb24897r234890wrtwer89topuweiopruweiorpweruMay 04 22:58
TechrightsBot-trTitle: The BNP is finished as an electoral force | Matthew Goodwin | Comment is free | .::. Size~: 268.9 KBMay 04 22:58
sebsebseb208524890230498 prurigro  :DMay 04 22:58
prurigrosebsebseb, abbabbabbaMay 04 22:58
sebsebsebabba ?May 04 22:58
DaemonFCI just like it betterMay 04 22:59
DaemonFCenough little things that it's worth the $2.95 I got it for :)May 04 22:59
*neildarlow has quit (Client Quit)May 04 23:00
sebsebsebno no ah missed nieldarlow :(May 04 23:00
prurigronieldarlow?May 04 23:01
prurigroDaemonFC, tablet or phone?May 04 23:01
sebsebsebprurigro: yepMay 04 23:02
prurigrovas ist das?May 04 23:02
sebsebsebsomeone who might go to my talk :DMay 04 23:02
sebsebseb,but not been able to chat to him about that recentlyMay 04 23:02
sebsebsebcould have tried Identica hmmMay 04 23:02
sebsebseband registration is closing tommorowMay 04 23:02
sebsebsebfor the eventMay 04 23:02
prurigroohhhh, a personalMay 04 23:02
prurigroperson*May 04 23:02
prurigrowhat event is this?May 04 23:03
DaemonFCtabletMay 04 23:03
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[thistleweb/@thistleweb] maybe the #BNP need to form a coalition of the #racists & run on a "we hate everyone" ticket #politicsMay 04 23:03
prurigroDaemonFC, interesting-- its $5 in CanadaMay 04 23:04
prurigroseems like it has some of the fun of tunein radio mixed inMay 04 23:05
prurigroalso has volume+ style mixing, though I doubt it takes advantage of root powersMay 04 23:05
*oddpuck has quit (Remote host closed the connection)May 04 23:05
DaemonFC 04 23:07
TechrightsBot-trNot a web page! Aborting image/png typeMay 04 23:07
DaemonFCcat attackMay 04 23:07
prurigrono pics with the bandaid off? :)May 04 23:08
DaemonFCdon't feel like peeling it offMay 04 23:21
DaemonFCit's not grotesque but he got me pretty goodMay 04 23:21
DaemonFCI've been keeping it cleaned outMay 04 23:21
DaemonFCrubbing alcohol and antibacterial soapMay 04 23:21
prurigroouch-- not quite so declawed I take it?May 04 23:26
MinceRdeclawing would likely impair the cat at hunting and defending itselfMay 04 23:30
*oddpuck (~me@unaffiliated/oddball33) has joined #techrightsMay 04 23:30
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[ovigia/@ovigia] RT @demuxer Lib-Ray: Non-DRM Open-Standards HD Video Format #dayagainstdrm !fsf !dbdMay 04 23:36
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Lib-Ray: Non-DRM Open-Standards HD Video Format by Terry Hancock — Kickstarter .::. Size~: 53.79 KBMay 04 23:36
DaemonFChe is declawedMay 04 23:39
DaemonFChe bit meMay 04 23:39
DaemonFCI didn't have him declawedMay 04 23:39
DaemonFCand cats that are declawed sometimed develop a biting behaviorMay 04 23:39
DaemonFC*sometimes May 04 23:39
DaemonFCsomeone got him, named him Yule, and had him declawed and neuteredMay 04 23:41
DaemonFCthen he got out one day and was picked up by the city's animal control people and sent to the cat shelterMay 04 23:41
prurigronever claimed I guess?May 04 23:42
DaemonFCI went to pick out a cat and he just seemed like the right choiceMay 04 23:42
DaemonFCso I paid for them to give him his shotsMay 04 23:42
prurigroheart worm and such?May 04 23:42
DaemonFCthey had already given him a deworming pill just in caseMay 04 23:42
prurigroahh niceMay 04 23:42
DaemonFCbut I got his vaccines while I was thereMay 04 23:42
MinceRdon't the claws regrow?May 04 23:43
prurigrosweet-- you've had him for a little while now right? I seem to remember some pics a while back-- that's the same one?May 04 23:43
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[glynmoody/@glynmoody] EU Commissioner Kroes: 'We Are Now Likely To Be In A World Without SOPA And Without #ACTA' - amazing; but means what?May 04 23:43
TechrightsBot-trTitle: EU Commissioner Kroes: 'We Are Now Likely To Be In A World Without SOPA And Without ACTA' | Techdirt .::. Size~: 44.14 KBMay 04 23:43
prurigroMinceR, the roots are pulled outMay 04 23:43
prurigrono more claw growing powersMay 04 23:43
MinceRoh.May 04 23:43
DaemonFCI've had him since 2006May 04 23:43
prurigrosnapMay 04 23:43
DaemonFChe was about a year old at the timeMay 04 23:44
prurigrogetting old then eh?May 04 23:44
DaemonFC7May 04 23:45
DaemonFCmiddle agedMay 04 23:45
DaemonFCof course they can live into their 20s, that's rareMay 04 23:45
DaemonFCa few have been documented to have lived into their 30sMay 04 23:45
DaemonFCthat's extremely rareMay 04 23:45
prurigroI hear it depends to some extent on the speciesMay 04 23:45
prurigrosounds like longer than a dog thoughMay 04 23:46
DaemonFCa feral cat has a life expectancy of 7-8May 04 23:46
prurigrolol feralMay 04 23:46
DaemonFCdomesticated housecats tend to live twice as long May 04 23:46
DaemonFCor longerMay 04 23:46
prurigrogetting their shots and regular meals probably don't hurt eh?May 04 23:47
DaemonFCno predators, clean water, good foodMay 04 23:47
DaemonFCmedical careMay 04 23:47
DaemonFCno cars to run them overMay 04 23:47
prurigromy cat almost died after eating grassMay 04 23:47
prurigrosome surgery later, and its all goodMay 04 23:47
prurigrobut if grass can kill a cat, well, yeaMay 04 23:47
DaemonFCit shouldn'tMay 04 23:47
MinceRtheir species is always Felis silvestris (or Felis catus) though :>May 04 23:47
DaemonFCcats will eat grass sometimes to settle their stomachMay 04 23:48
prurigroMinceR, kinda like there's only one race of human technically? :)May 04 23:48
DaemonFCit's why there is "indoor cat" cat foodMay 04 23:48
DaemonFCno, there's different racesMay 04 23:48
MinceRone species of human, yes :)May 04 23:48
DaemonFCbut we're all the same speciesMay 04 23:48
DaemonFCI renamed him Jabba because he got really fat after I got himMay 04 23:50
prurigroand the same race tooMay 04 23:50
prurigrobased on the original definitionMay 04 23:50
DaemonFChe lost the excess weight thoughMay 04 23:50
DaemonFCbut he's grown taller and longer than when I got himMay 04 23:50
prurigroyea, one year isn't quite finished growing iircMay 04 23:50
DaemonFCI try to take good care of himMay 04 23:51
DaemonFChe did get intestinal worms at some point somehowMay 04 23:51
prurigroI wonder if he was getting fat because he was less happy initially, or if he was stocking up on food to growMay 04 23:51
DaemonFCand I rushed him to the 24 hour vet up in Fort WayneMay 04 23:51
prurigroand ouch-- even after the vaccination eh?May 04 23:51
DaemonFCthey're different wormsMay 04 23:52
DaemonFCthe pill they gave him was for heartwormsMay 04 23:52
prurigrooh, this is like stomach worms?May 04 23:52
DaemonFCintestinal parasitesMay 04 23:52
prurigroyumMay 04 23:52
DaemonFCthey hook themselves onto the intestine and absorb nutrients May 04 23:53
prurigroyea, sounds similar to the hookworm for humans?May 04 23:53
DaemonFCkind of like the people that were still in New Orleans after KatrinaMay 04 23:53
DaemonFChooked to the intestine of the state welfare systemMay 04 23:53
prurigrowell to be fair, they were pretty screwedMay 04 23:53
DaemonFCwhen you're shooting at rescue workers and hauling off $2,000 televisions and Playstations and shit from WalmartMay 04 23:54
DaemonFChow bad can it be?May 04 23:54
DaemonFCsounds like they just organized themselves into gangs of marauders to meMay 04 23:54
prurigrowell I'm sure it depends on who you're talking aboutMay 04 23:55
DaemonFCnow, while I don't think it's OK to loot, I also don't think it's OK for the National Guard to shoot you just for stealing somethingMay 04 23:55
prurigroyea, just because they're getting flooded doesn't mean they're no longer americansMay 04 23:55
prurigrodue process and all thatMay 04 23:55
DaemonFCif they arrested them and turned them over to civilian authorities to be prosecuted as thieves after everything settled down....May 04 23:56
DaemonFCI'd agree with thisMay 04 23:56
prurigrototallyMay 04 23:56
prurigrothat's the way the system is supposed to workMay 04 23:56
prurigronot how it works when there isn't something else going on to give an exceptionMay 04 23:56
oiaohmDaemonFC: issue is numbers.May 04 23:56
oiaohmDaemonFC: really mil need a bullet that just puts a person to sleep.May 04 23:57
DaemonFCif they can't arrest them and there's too many to catch them all, then they should let them goMay 04 23:57
DaemonFCif the worst thing they did was to steal a TV set, that does not justify shooting themMay 04 23:57
prurigrooiaohm, there's always that CNS disabling ray your military was working on a while backMay 04 23:57
oiaohmprurigro: its still not perfected.May 04 23:57
prurigroor perhaps just not fully tested eh?May 04 23:57
DaemonFCstill too many heads explodingMay 04 23:57
prurigrololMay 04 23:57
oiaohmDaemonFC: no that is not the problem.May 04 23:58
DaemonFCbut they have plenty of mentally ill and poor people left to experiment onMay 04 23:58
prurigrohahaMay 04 23:58
prurigronazi germany eh?May 04 23:58
oiaohmDaemonFC: level of pain can leave someone on coma.May 04 23:58
DaemonFCprurigro: That kind of stuff has gone on in the US and Canada beforeMay 04 23:58
prurigrooh hmm, my friend's arrived to pick me up-- I'll catch you two laterMay 04 23:58
DaemonFCjust not recentlyMay 04 23:58
oiaohmDaemonFC: not exactly ideal outcome for a disabling weapon.May 04 23:58
prurigroDaemonFC, canada was performing eugenics up till 1998 ;)May 04 23:58
prurigrociao for nowMay 04 23:58
oiaohmDaemonFC: basically its a little too good on the disabling.May 04 23:59
DaemonFCI'm not for eugenics, but I am for mandatory sterilization after producing a certain number of kids you can't afford to take care ofMay 04 23:59

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