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schestowitz 15 00:15 The #Microsoft booster helps Bacon call #RMS childish even though Bacon has retracted it #ubuntu !fsfDec 15 00:15
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Stallman Ubuntu attacks are childish, argues Canonical community manager - .::. Size~: 99.38 KBDec 15 00:15
schestowitz"Dec 15 00:18
schestowitzGold also misrepresents Stallman's arguments to make them look unreasonable.Dec 15 00:18
schestowitzBacon is also guilty of bullshitting us like this because Stallman's demand for a separate search or a button in Dash that can toggle privacy each time, is simple and reasonable. Instead of arguing with Stallman's clearly stated concerns, Bacon dipped to name calling and nonsense about moral relevancy. That's the way Microsoft has justified violating their users all along.Dec 15 00:18
schestowitzYou can see these things played out in Bacon's g+ thread.Dec 15 00:18
schestowitz 15 00:18
TechrightsSocialTitle: Jono Bacon - Google+ - On Richard Stallman and Ubuntu -… .::. Size~: 354.08 KBDec 15 00:18
schestowitzSimon Phipps points out that Bacon has not actually refuted anything Stallman said. Later, I point out how easy it would be to put a toggle switch and popover in Dash that would keep results local. Michael Hall, another Canonical employee, argued with me saying that would not satisfy RMS but I think he's mistaken about that.Dec 15 00:18
schestowitzGold has done one useful thing for me. He points back to Shuttleworth's original response to EFF concerns and some of the bullshit Microsoft representatives were floating. When I read that, I see that Shuttleworth was looking for community feedback.Dec 15 00:18
schestowitz"We’re interested in feedback in what sorts of things would be useful to search straight from the home lens, and how to improve the search results, as well as provide better control of the process to you."Dec 15 00:18
schestowitz 15 00:18
schestowitzCanonical's search could be a useful service if it's only called when the user really wants it. I don't think hotkeys are an adequate protection for new users who might never discover them. A simple popover and toggle switch that remembers the users preferences do that job better. Even I might enjoy a search tool that combines a local search with a network search to take advantage of some kind of collective intelligence. Dec 15 00:18
TechrightsSocialTitle: Mark Shuttleworth  » Blog Archive   » Amazon search results in the Dash .::. Size~: 252.48 KBDec 15 00:18
schestowitzUsers that learn the hotkeys for context should be able to turn that toggle if they think it's ugly. What's important is informed consent and making prudence easy.Dec 15 00:18
schestowitz"Dec 15 00:18
schestowitz+1Dec 15 00:18
schestowitz 15 00:24 What To Expect From #LinuxMint 15 (Cinnamon, Nemo Changes) #gnu #linuxDec 15 00:24
TechrightsSocial-> Title: What To Expect From Linux Mint 15 (Cinnamon, Nemo Changes) ~ Web Upd8: Ubuntu / Linux blog .::. Size~: 71.16 KBDec 15 00:24
schestowitz"any hint when this will be released coz i cannot wait"Dec 15 00:24
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schestowitz 15 10:20 reshared: ![Katze](   #cat #cats #photography #snowDec 15 10:20
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting image/jpeg typeDec 15 10:20
schestowitz"So beautiful!"Dec 15 10:20
schestowitz 15 10:21 2013 #NDAA "Paul (R-Ky.) angered many of his father’s supporters"... so much for liberty... #RandPaulDec 15 10:21
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Sen. Rand Paul voted yes for the $650 billion 2013 NDAA  - Wilmington Elections 2012 | .::. Size~: 65.45 KBDec 15 10:21
schestowitz"If you've been paying attention, he's never been anything like his father, and he endorsed Romney while Ron Paul was still running. Since then he's continued on the same path he was before the hoopla of the primaries. I hope you understand this."Dec 15 10:21
schestowitzI didn't know thatDec 15 10:21
schestowitz 15 10:22 reshared: It's hard not to shop at Amazon, we know. But if 50,000 others pledged to resist the temptation, would you too? Sign the pledge at and share this image! #ukuncut #taxdodgers #amazonDec 15 10:22
TechrightsSocial  Photo by 15 10:22
TechrightsSocial-> Title: 'I will boycott Amazon this Christmas' - PledgeBank .::. Size~: 47.08 KBDec 15 10:22
schestowitz"I don't use Amazon. I respect my privacy."Dec 15 10:22
schestowitzNever used it, I don't even have an account. Bezos helps software patents in Europe. 15 10:22
TechrightsSocialTitle: Amazon - Techrights .::. Size~: 17.57 KBDec 15 10:22
schestowitz 15 10:29 #US politics - unlike others' - matter a lot to everyone bc only one country can conceivably captures and torture innocent citizens overseas.Dec 15 10:29
schestowitz"Other countries do this to. Iran, Israel and North Korea spring to mind. It is always wrong."Dec 15 10:29
MinceR 15 13:51
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schestowitzheheDec 15 17:37
schestowitzbut the analogy ism not goodDec 15 17:37
schestowitzthe problem is the US has a n issue. it's too late.Dec 15 17:37
schestowitzGuns are not drugsDec 15 17:37
schestowitzThey needn't be used, not immediatelyDec 15 17:37
schestowitzThere are more guns than people in the US IIRCDec 15 17:37
schestowitzLike sheep in NZDec 15 17:37
schestowitzANd making them illegal is just a startDec 15 17:37
schestowitzthen you need to start collecting themDec 15 17:37
schestowitzexpensive and prone to errorDec 15 17:38
schestowitznot quite the same as war on drugsDec 15 17:38
schestowitzSo I say, keep countries that are not pro-war crazed loons away from excess of gunsDec 15 17:38
schestowitzcut import, production, etc.Dec 15 17:38
schestowitzUse the US as a cautionary lessonDec 15 17:38
schestowitzLet it f itself upDec 15 17:38
schestowitzIt already doesDec 15 17:38
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