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IRC: #boycottnovell-social @ FreeNode: February 26th, 2013

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schestowitzme: "[Comment] I've taken note of the how-to. If there's some way I can help with it, please assign accordingly. Also, it seems like we ought to copy/mirror the system to stress-test backup & restore. Nothing worse than finding procedural faults only when the backups are mostly urgently needed (like in Gradwell's case). And it can lead to loss of job/client..."Feb 26 00:58
schestowitzSome large companies still don't back up some major systemsFeb 26 00:58
schestowitzall reliant on some magnets and platersFeb 26 00:58
*puppywatch has quit (*.net *.split)Feb 26 07:39
*puppywatch ( has joined #boycottnovell-socialFeb 26 07:51
schestowitzSite down for 5 hours tonight. The script made 3 unsuccessful attempts at restarting.Feb 26 09:29
schestowitz 26 09:30
TechrightsSocial@normnz: @schestowitz Given the US context, I think it's a smart move. Potentially make patents *very* easy to code around.Feb 26 09:30
schestowitz> It was also down for a bit this morning, I had to get it manually.Feb 26 10:31
schestowitz> httpd was running but it was not responding to web traffic and theFeb 26 10:31
schestowitz> init script was not able to kill it / start it.  Something isFeb 26 10:31
schestowitz> sometimes preventing "/etc/init.d/httpd restart" from restarting theFeb 26 10:31
schestowitz> server.  I had to manually kill all the httpd instances before theFeb 26 10:31
schestowitz> init script would work.Feb 26 10:31
schestowitz> Feb 26 10:31
schestowitz> Also I am seeing some doubling up of the script output.  I checked onFeb 26 10:31
schestowitz> that and it is only in crontab once.Feb 26 10:31
schestowitzkillall httpd was sometimes needed, based on my experience. Maybe it's worth making it part of the script? Maybe an overkill?Feb 26 10:31
schestowitz 26 10:33 #Police renamed "Public Safety" as #orwell has another giggle #policestate #brandingFeb 26 10:33
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting image/jpeg typeFeb 26 10:33
schestowitz""Here's the warrant. Now give me your laptop. And pull down your pants while you're at it.""Feb 26 10:33
schestowitz> I've thought about it.  I used pkill -x httpd, which seemed to beFeb 26 10:35
schestowitz> enough.  If there were a way to get the output code from the initFeb 26 10:35
schestowitz> script, it could be set to use harsher methods if the first attempt atFeb 26 10:35
schestowitz> restart does not work.Feb 26 10:35
schestowitz> I've added pkill to the script.Feb 26 11:32
schestowitz> Feb 26 11:32
schestowitz> A while ago I added ping, too, to see if it was a network problem.  ItFeb 26 11:32
schestowitz> is strange that we are ending up with "httpd dead but subsys locked"Feb 26 11:32
schestowitz> errors.  It is also strange that httpd becomes unresponsive.  The PHPFeb 26 11:32
schestowitz> errors are not useful and/or nonexistent.Feb 26 11:32
schestowitzI hope we'll just get CentOS 6 deployed some time in the near future. Not that it's guaranteed to fix the issues but it may help. In the past there were no such issue, not so frequently anyway.Feb 26 11:32
MinceR 26 11:58
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting image/jpeg typeFeb 26 11:58
schestowitzlolFeb 26 12:15
qu1j0t3"PHP errors are not useful and/or nonexistent"  -- tell me about it.Feb 26 13:08
MinceR 26 20:09
TechrightsSocialTitle: Because of the new "NY SAFE" act, in New York State, the penalty for owning a firearm magazine larger than 10 rounds has a more severe penalty than repeated child molestation, incest, rape, and possessing child pornography : news .::. Size~: 49.87 KBFeb 26 20:09
qu1j0t3schestowitz: 26 21:59
TechrightsSocial@qu1j0t3: Hold on, checking #Facebook ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………yep, still sucks.Feb 26 21:59
schestowitz 26 22:17 #Fedora 18 + #MATE - Not bad for the first attempt #f18 #redhat #gnu #linuxFeb 26 22:17
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Fedora 18 + MATE - Not bad for the first attempt .::. Size~: 15.02 KBFeb 26 22:17
schestowitz"gnome 2! the best desktop enviroment"Feb 26 22:17
schestowitzqu1j0t3:`RTedFeb 26 22:19
schestowitzmy wife loves that too, I showed her thatFeb 26 22:19
schestowitzand then we checked her accountFeb 26 22:19
schestowitz16 notificatioms, 14 of them spamFeb 26 22:19
schestowitzthe other some "like",meaning someone "clicked" on... SOMETHINGFeb 26 22:19
schestowitzwowFeb 26 22:19
schestowitzproductivity soars in FBFeb 26 22:19
qu1j0t3schestowitz: :)Feb 26 22:20
qu1j0t3schestowitz: a good friend is being abused/hazed working thereFeb 26 22:20
qu1j0t3schestowitz: it's really sucky dysfunctional inside FBFeb 26 22:20
qu1j0t3schestowitz: this guy is probably the most gifted programmer/mathematician i've knownFeb 26 22:21
schestowitz 26 22:25 Law-abiding citizens need not be synonymous with brainwash-digesting citizens. Freedom of speech and thought valued human right.Feb 26 22:25
schestowitz"We can't let bad laws make us bad people."Feb 26 22:25
schestowitzGarrett pwnedFeb 26 22:57
schestowitz"If Red Hat wants to deep-throat Microsoft, that's *your* issue. That has nothing what-so-ever to do with the kernel I maintain. It's trivial for you guys to have a signing machine that parses the PE binary, verifies the signatures, and signs the resulting keys with your own key. You already wrote the code, for chissake, it's in that f*cking pull request."Feb 26 22:57
schestowitz 26 22:57
TechrightsSocialTitle: Torvalds strongly objects to Windows 8 secure boot keys in the Linux kernel | ZDNet .::. Size~: 83.71 KBFeb 26 22:57
schestowitzhe had left many comments in techrights boosting UEFI MS resctricted bootFeb 26 22:58
schestowitzI was more polite to him than LinusFeb 26 22:58
schestowitz!google garrett techrightsFeb 26 22:58
TechrightsSocial[1] - Garrett a Microsoft Apologist | Techrights | 26 22:58
TechrightsSocial[2] - Advertising and Legitimising Microsoft Control of Linux | Techrights | 26 22:58
TechrightsSocial[3] - Ignore the Spin: Microsoft's UEFI Programme Still ... - Techrights | 26 22:58
TechrightsSocial[4] - Microsoft's Anticompetitive Attack on GNU/Linux Booting ... - Techrights | 26 22:58

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