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schestowitz 08 00:03 reshared: #USA #Privacy #Surveillance  ### #FAA Releases New #Drone List—Is Your Town on the #Map? The Federal Aviation Administration has finally released a new drone authorization list. This list, released in response to EFF’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit, includes #lawenforcement agencies and universities across the country, and—for the first time—an #Indian tribal agency. In all, tApr 08 00:03
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TechrightsSocial-> Title: FAA Releases New Drone List—Is Your Town on the Map? | Electronic Frontier Foundation .::. Size~: 44.16 KBApr 08 00:03
schestowitz"Apr 08 00:04
schestowitzTime to leave or what ... sure that someone saw this scenario coming in the Film industry a long time back ..... Blade Runner or something like that .......Apr 08 00:04
schestowitzWatched by drones ....... if only ..... to be spied on day and night and they were once worried about the commies taking over ..... your government seems to have surpassed them for control of the people.Apr 08 00:04
schestowitzNext it will be the electronic bracelets .... around the necks ..... was a film on that too .... but tied into the criminal system Wedlock ....Apr 08 00:04
schestowitzGoogle glasses may be just as good or the mobile phone at least they are not attached to people all day long ....... tracking them.Apr 08 00:04
schestowitz"Apr 08 00:04
schestowitzRFID, cellphones and other technologies are already being used to track people. In fact, cellphones are already used for locating and aiming at drone victims.Apr 08 00:04
schestowitz#JoinDiaspora #email notifications in my box now exceed 40k for this accountApr 08 00:16
qu1j0t3drones have been anticipated hundreds of times in literature and filmApr 08 00:27
qu1j0t3heck, even Half-Life didApr 08 00:27
schestowitzyeah, they're not new at allApr 08 00:27
schestowitzAs a child I heard of themApr 08 00:27
schestowitzthe US modernised themApr 08 00:27
qu1j0t3pretty much out of OrwellApr 08 00:27
qu1j0t3total surveillanceApr 08 00:28
schestowitzHellfire and force in numbers (fleets), assassination as 'acceptable'Apr 08 00:28
schestowitz 08 00:44
TechrightsSocialTitle: Faculty meeting focuses on gunman disruption response - The Tech .::. Size~: 10.36 KBApr 08 00:44
schestowitz[PJ: Interesting detail, that it wasn't a call to MIT. I have a question: if it was a relay call, that means there should be a record. The way it works is the deaf person contacts an operator, who then relays the call, reading from the text. Or a hearing person calls the relay operator and she then texts it on the TTY machine to a deaf person, but this fact pattern has to be the first scenario, since the police are not deaf. Apr 08 00:44
schestowitzSo unless there is more hoaxing in this picture than the call itself turned out to be, why is there no arrest? It's hard to be sure of anything in just a media report, but it's pretty clear from this article that MIT didn't at the time take the call very seriously.] ""Apr 08 00:44
qu1j0t3 08 02:34
TechrightsSocialTitle: Twitter / KayDubzHU: Seriously, though. If you have ... .::. Size~: 80.94 KBApr 08 02:34
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schestowitz 08 09:55 "O’Reilly hijacked Richard Stallman’s free software movement and turned it into the more corporate-friendly" ~fsfApr 08 09:55
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Where The Free Software Movement Went Wrong (And How To Fix It)  |  TechCrunch .::. Size~: 75.49 KBApr 08 09:55
schestowitz"Morozov's article gets it right, the Techcruch people misinterpreted it and give O'Reily credit he does not deserve. Companies like Google and Apple used free software because it did what they needed, not because O'Reily made it sound good. "Open Source" may have put a business facade on free software that a few authoritarians might have thought was more acceptable, but those people stuck with non free software anyway. It Apr 08 09:55
schestowitzled most of them to where the author is, still not understanding how it's the four software freedoms and copyleft that deliver the goods he wants. Bending over backwards for non free software owners and other companies that just want to exploit people is a waste of time."Apr 08 09:55
schestowitz 08 11:03 Is Ubuntu really an alternative to Windows? no, #vista8 might be alternative to #gnu #linux - a *poor* alternativeApr 08 11:03
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Is Ubuntu really an alternative to Windows? | Digital Trends .::. Size~: 120.33 KBApr 08 11:03
schestowitz"Apr 08 11:04
schestowitzIf Canonical cared about user privacy and software freedom, that alone would make it good enough for anyone who cares about privacy and freedom.Apr 08 11:04
schestowitzBut Canonical doesn't seem to care, making Ubuntu one of the worst Linux distributions in the world of Free software.Apr 08 11:04
schestowitzOn the functional side, GNU/Linux isn't really harder to use. Gnome and KDE are high-quality desktop environments and getting used to them is very easy.Apr 08 11:04
schestowitzThe problem is that Micro$oft pays schools and universities all around the world, to have them install Micro&oft software in school computers and teach children using that software. This is why children grow up not knowing anything but Windows. If we got used to desktops used with Linux, we wouldn't have any problems using them in the first place.Apr 08 11:04
schestowitzFree software not only fights functionality, it fights money and greed. Everything mentioned above is far more than enough for me to prefer a Free Software operating system. Actually, privacy and freedom issues alone are a good enough reason.Apr 08 11:04
schestowitz"Apr 08 11:04
schestowitz"Most people looking for "an alternative to Windows" don't care about privacy or freedom anyway. They're just tired of the expense, the time, and the bloatware needed to maintain Windows. Educating these users about FOSS comes later, as they learn more. Ubuntu is a good distro for novices, in spite of the fact that it isn't as "politically" pure as the FSF likes."Apr 08 11:04
schestowitzGovernments move away from Windows not just for cost reasons; autonomy is increasingly realised as important factor; China is moving to GNU/Linux.Apr 08 11:05
schestowitz 08 11:05 reshared: #libertarian #noam #chomsky #USA #socialism #anarchyApr 08 11:06
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schestowitz"hm ... dat's why I always keep saying, "Be careful with the words ... !" ... tha diff of langs IZ very tricky ... :)"Apr 08 11:06
schestowitz 08 11:30 ### #Hackers shut down #TelAvivStockExchange, El Al websites #Hack comes in the wake of series of #cyberattacks over the past two weeks, and only a day after #Hamas calls for harsher hacking attempts against #Israel. 08 11:30
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TechrightsSocial-> Title: Hackers shut down Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, El Al websites - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper .::. Size~: 222.63 KBApr 08 11:30
schestowitz":DD it is going to get really interesting in few years hahaha"Apr 08 11:30
schestowitz"also thank you so much for posting <3"Apr 08 11:31
schestowitz 08 11:34 ![]( #israel #palestine #latuff #cartoon #politicsApr 08 11:34
TechrightsSocial-> Title: .::. Size~: 0.83 KBApr 08 11:34
schestowitzthe cartoon would be more accurate if the flag on the left was made collective for the Arab league (I doubt many Palestinians participate in the DDOS, many IPs come from Arabic countries). Since Israel does not attack Anonymous but instead oppresses the Palestinians the tank on the right should be turned the other way, with a flag of Palestine on the left. That would more accurately characterise the situation.Apr 08 11:37
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schestowitz 08 11:41
TechrightsSocial@Jose R Rodriguez (metztli)'s status on Monday, 08-Apr-13 10:30:01 UTC - don't need #GMOs to 'cure' world of #hunger… need to cure world of #greed & instil #ethics…exporting excess food to the hungry.⚡@schestowitzApr 08 11:41
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schestowitz 08 11:51 Ways and Memes: PA Lawmakers Seek To Ban Photography Of Gas Drilling Activity got lots to hide then.Apr 08 11:51
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Ways and Memes:  PA Lawmakers Seek To Ban Photography Of Gas Drilling Activity | Keep Tap Water Safe .::. Size~: 61.43 KBApr 08 11:51
schestowitz"Like drilling is one of the secrets they're really hiding. Once again, the environmental ideology helps them define the dialectic to the public, and control the market too."Apr 08 11:51
schestowitz 08 11:56 reshared: #guncontrol #womensrightsApr 08 11:56
TechrightsSocial  Photo by 08 11:56
schestowitz"All due respect, if rifles were banned we would have an immediate land war in the US. Simply passing a law isn't going to cut it."Apr 08 11:56
MinceRespecially passing one that is a step in the wrong directionApr 08 12:09
schestowitz 08 12:17 #GnuCash 2.5.0 (Unstable) released #gnu #linuxApr 08 12:17
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Free Accounting Software | GnuCash .::. Size~: 55.34 KBApr 08 12:17
schestowitz"I will try it. Thanks for share!"Apr 08 12:18
schestowitz 08 12:18 ![]( #israel #palestine #latuff #cartoon #politicsApr 08 12:18
TechrightsSocial-> Title: .::. Size~: 0.83 KBApr 08 12:18
schestowitz"Apr 08 12:18
schestowitzYou are right Dr. Roy,Apr 08 12:18
schestowitzI think it was meant more symbolic by Latuff and the statement is that there is a cyber war being fought by Anonymous against Israel.Apr 08 12:18
schestowitzThat was his headline: 08 12:18
TechrightsSocialTitle: #Cartoon for @Op_Israel: Cyberwars! Anonymous versus #Israel – #OpIsrael #FreePalestine | Latuff Cartoons .::. Size~: 39.4 KBApr 08 12:18
schestowitz"Apr 08 12:18
schestowitz 08 12:20 #US Universities embrace #opensource online learning platform #educationApr 08 12:20
TechrightsSocial-> Title: US Universities embrace open source online learning platform | Articles | FutureGov - Transforming Government | Education | Healthcare .::. Size~: 40.76 KBApr 08 12:20
schestowitz"Nice project ! Does anyone knows what's the technology behind this project ? What kind of server does it requires ?"Apr 08 12:20
XFaCEschestowitz: why is _Goblin so silent recently?Apr 08 13:12
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schestowitzqu1j0t3: help promote please:Apr 08 13:48
schestowitz 08 13:48 Gagging Critics: #BillGates Bribes #Crosscut for Favourable Coverage and Immediate #Censorship , Then Abducts It 08 13:48
schestowitz 08 13:48
schestowitz 08 13:48
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Gagging Critics: Bill Gates Bribes Crosscut for Favourable Coverage and Immediate Censorship, Then Abducts It | Techrights .::. Size~: 90.39 KBApr 08 13:48 Patents on DNA and Molecules (or How Bill Gates is Still Making Billions of Dollars) #patent #monopoly #billgatesApr 08 13:48
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Patents on DNA and Molecules (or How Bill Gates is Still Making Billions of Dollars) | Techrights .::. Size~: 95.32 KBApr 08 13:48 #BillGates is Occupying the DOE, Education Press, Education Forums/Debates, and Ultimately Politicians 08 13:48
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Bill Gates is Occupying the Department of Education, Education Press, Education Forums/Debates, and Ultimately Politicians | Techrights .::. Size~: 94.5 KBApr 08 13:48
qu1j0t3 08 15:59
TechrightsSocialTitle: Android up 13%, iOS down 7%, BlackBerry down 81% … and Windows Phone up a massive 52% | VentureBeat .::. Size~: 115.71 KBApr 08 15:59
qu1j0t3RT'd schestowitz Apr 08 16:06
schestowitzthis is like a WP/MS adApr 08 17:01
schestowitzeven the bannerApr 08 17:01
schestowitzlike a fraction uopApr 08 17:01
schestowitzso they use %Apr 08 17:01
schestowitzbecause of NokiaApr 08 17:01
schestowitzand the real story is not a 1% market share OSApr 08 17:02
schestowitzYet look at the bannerApr 08 17:02
schestowitzI can't link to this spinApr 08 17:02
schestowitz 08 17:04
TechrightsSocialTitle: Response | Uncrunched .::. Size~: 74.65 KBApr 08 17:04
schestowitz"There have been some extremely serious and criminal allegations against me over the last week. All of the allegations are completely untrue, and I’ve hired a law firm to represent me in the legal actions against the offending parties."Apr 08 17:04
schestowitz 08 17:05
TechrightsSocialTitle: Michael Arrington... | Facebook .::. Size~: 80.54 KBApr 08 17:05
schestowitz"Sounds like a legal fight is ahead, and this is one that I expect Arrington will win. Why? You can't destroy someone's reputation without evidence. Evidence being that you go through the courts, get someone proved to be guilty. Then you can talk all you want."Apr 08 17:05
schestowitzThe allegations as DailyFail put them don't sound credible, sounds like some annoyed ex-g/f ranting in FacebookApr 08 17:06
MinceRwhat were the allegations?Apr 08 17:07
qu1j0t3looooolApr 08 17:07
qu1j0t3yeah imma look that upApr 08 17:07
schestowitzlook it upApr 08 17:08
qu1j0t3looks like this? 08 17:08
TechrightsSocialTitle: Michael Arrington - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .::. Size~: 62.48 KBApr 08 17:08
schestowitz: Apr 08 17:08
TechrightsSocialTitle: TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington accused of 'rape and physical abuse on Facebook by ex-girlfriend' Jenn Allen  | Mail Online .::. Size~: 210.49 KBApr 08 17:08
schestowitzI posted some remarks about it in the techrights channelApr 08 17:08
schestowitzit smells a bit like the assange thingApr 08 17:08
MinceRicApr 08 17:09
schestowitzpublicised through soicial media rather than the policeApr 08 17:09
schestowitzone speaks on behalf of "friend"Apr 08 17:09
qu1j0t3doesn't look similar to assange to meApr 08 17:09
schestowitzAnd saying stuff like "he pushed me to bed"Apr 08 17:09
schestowitzSome people like it rough, it can be consensualApr 08 17:09
qu1j0t3where's the motive ?Apr 08 17:09
qu1j0t3to inventApr 08 17:09
schestowitzHe has too much to lose by "raping"Apr 08 17:09
qu1j0t3with assange, well, the motive is hahahahah about as clear as it could beApr 08 17:09
schestowitzFor Assange it's something to do with not bothering to get a condomApr 08 17:10
qu1j0t3"First credible threat to power structure appears... power structure reacts..."Apr 08 17:10
qu1j0t3i don't think it's sensible to make an analogy to assange, not without finding some motiveApr 08 17:10
schestowitz 08 17:10 The word "rape" is being cheapened when excessively used. The word "rape" to angry ex-girlfriends is like "terrorism" to a politician.Apr 08 17:10
schestowitzLarry Ellison had flase allgeations brough against himApr 08 17:10
schestowitzSome people like these never recover from the smearApr 08 17:10
schestowitzI'm not a fan of Arrington and never was, but I very much doubt he'd need to FORCE girls to have sex with himApr 08 17:11
qu1j0t3looks like Larry's really hurtin'Apr 08 17:11
qu1j0t3well another major difference between Assange and Arrington or Ellison is:Apr 08 17:12
qu1j0t3the latter have resources and opportunity to use the legal systemApr 08 17:12
qu1j0t3with Assange that's hardly an option, the legal system is part of the system he's challengingApr 08 17:12
qu1j0t3by all means let the courts figure it out, that's what they are supposed to be forApr 08 17:13
qu1j0t3schestowitz: ha! 08 17:40
TechrightsSocialTitle: "The Kissinger Cables": WikiLeaks Releases 1.7M Historical Records - Slashdot .::. Size~: 249.06 KBApr 08 17:40
qu1j0t3about bloody timeApr 08 17:40
qu1j0t3let's hope it dents that asshole's reputationApr 08 17:41
qu1j0t3Recently, an article was posted on Slashdot about the claim that law enforcement made about being frustrated by their inability to decrypt messages using Apple's iMessage. However, this article on Techdirt suggests that the DEA may be spewing out disinformationApr 08 17:45
qu1j0t3hrhrApr 08 17:45
qu1j0t3WHO COULD HAVE GUESSEDApr 08 17:45
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schestowitzyes, obvious, but good for the recordApr 08 17:58
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schestowitz 08 18:33 AP admits demonising immigrants now, tell them to stop calling copyright resistors "pirates"Apr 08 18:33
schestowitz"Apr 08 18:33
schestowitzI don't like 'undocumented workers' either. I prefer 'globalism refugees', NAFTA refugees, World Bank refugees, IMF refugees, War on Drugs diaspora, etc.Apr 08 18:33
TechrightsSocial-> Title: AP Ditches 'Illegal' Label .::. Size~: 61.38 KBApr 08 18:33
schestowitzLet's be really accurate. 'Undocumented worker' provides PR cover for the Elite's agenda of battering one nation's working class into another's, for the purpose of destroying the wealthier of the two. I say 'upper working class' instead of the innocuous term 'middle class'; the so-called 'middle-class' is far from 'middle' if you look at wealth distribution.Apr 08 18:33
schestowitz"Apr 08 18:33
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qu1j0t3 08 19:58
TechrightsSocialTitle: Shodan: The scariest search engine on the Internet - Apr. 8, 2013 .::. Size~: 47.42 KBApr 08 19:58
eikonosinterestingApr 08 20:08
*schestowitz builds RPMs for BTApr 08 20:44
qu1j0t3 08 21:05
TechrightsSocial@HTSoweto: Best comment on #Thatcher on Fb: "My thought goes out to Satan and the rest of hell at this difficult time" #ThatchersDeadApr 08 21:05
qu1j0t3 08 21:06
TechrightsSocial@mala: oh god this is going to be like when Diana died and my whole day was wasted explaining things to AmericansApr 08 21:06
qu1j0t3 08 21:20
TechrightsSocial@tejucole: No need to speak ill of those dead about whom speaking truth is far more damning.Apr 08 21:20
eikonosLOL @ sympathy for the devilApr 08 21:22
MinceRcan the truth not be ill?Apr 08 21:28
schestowitzI find your illnss illApr 08 21:29
qu1j0t3 08 22:18
TechrightsSocialTitle: Coroner rules Dziekanski death at hands of Mounties a homicide | Toronto Star .::. Size~: 62.92 KBApr 08 22:18
eikonosOMG?Apr 08 22:24
eikonosand it's not april 1 again?Apr 08 22:24
qu1j0t3oh wellApr 08 22:25
qu1j0t3on April 1, Tasers were non-lethal weaponsApr 08 22:26
MinceR:>Apr 08 22:26
qu1j0t3eikonos shared 08 22:28
TechrightsSocialTitle: Twitter account suspended after mocking Exxon's response to oil spill - Dallas Business Journal .::. Size~: 85.28 KBApr 08 22:28
schestowitz"Yes!! (the art center here is open 7 days a week)"Apr 08 23:29
schestowitz 08 23:29 **I believe (John Lennon**<BR> ![]( <BR> #saying #quote #lennon #openmindApr 08 23:29
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