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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: May 31st, 2013

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schestowitz 31 17:04
TechrightsBot@Ed G. (electronaut)'s status on Friday, 31-May-13 15:41:00 UTC - The super duper, ├╝ber manly-man's vacuum. You know you want one. TY @schestowitzMay 31 17:04
TechrightsBotNot a web page! Aborting image/jpeg typeMay 31 17:04
schestowitz"May 31 17:25
schestowitzI've found a quick way to use the software switch for turning wi-fi off when unused (it's just the tablet using it on occasions). The signal only goes as far as 10 meters or so. It's a BT Home Hub (I have two).May 31 17:25
schestowitz> Resent.  Just small talk.May 31 17:25
schestowitz> May 31 17:25
schestowitz> Hi, Roy,May 31 17:25
schestowitz> May 31 17:25
schestowitz> Good luck with the meeting with Simon Phipps.  Between that and the UEFIMay 31 17:25
schestowitz> team meeting, it looks like you are getting further acknowledgement asMay 31 17:25
schestowitz> an authority.May 31 17:25
schestowitz> May 31 17:25
schestowitz> I'll be in and out of IRC as I continue to mess with wireless.  It's aMay 31 17:25
schestowitz> learning experience.  I get great signal out to about 12m then it cutsMay 31 17:25
schestowitz> off as if with a switch.  I'm on the second of 3 cards and will switchMay 31 17:25
schestowitz> over to the other antenna.May 31 17:25
schestowitz"May 31 17:25
schestowitz 31 17:47
schestowitz"May 31 17:47
TechrightsBotTitle: LXer: This article is pure FUD: Systemd: Got Choice? .::. Size~: 55.7 KBMay 31 17:47
schestowitz    Quoting:@vainrveenr I have been advocating GNU/Linux full time and beyond (for no pay) for nearly a decade now and not once did I come across Dietrich.May 31 17:47
schestowitzPerhaps the self-proclaimed Linux "advocate" in question is absolutely forced to come out-of-hiding, and must do so now, due to the situation described within the penultimate paragraph of the blog piece It Seems I Won't Be Writing For Linux Advocates After All ??May 31 17:47
schestowitz'May 31 17:48
schestowitz"I wish there were more people as principled as Caitlyn. It takes guts to take a stand on something where your livelihood is affected. I know that Caitlyn was going to be contributing for free, but exposure and credibility are the lifeblood of writers."May 31 17:48
schestowitz"May 31 17:48
schestowitzFor what it's worth, I've seen his (Dietrich Schmitz's) posts for many years in the comments sections of ZDNet articles. And IIRC all that time he signed himself as "Your Linux Advocate".May 31 17:48
schestowitzPerhaps that extensive (over?) exposure to the ZD Net forums explains his approach?May 31 17:48
schestowitz"May 31 17:48
schestowitz"May 31 17:49
schestowitz    1) If you can communicate your thoughts in a polite cordial way, then your comments will be summarily deleted.May 31 17:49
schestowitzYep, that's what people have been saying.May 31 17:49
schestowitz"May 31 17:49
schestowitzCordial as in agreeing with himMay 31 17:49
schestowitzAnd then he gets pwned for being rude himself LOLMay 31 17:50
schestowitz 31 17:51
TechrightsBotTitle: LXer: Sensationalism without substance: Is Canonical Ltd. Financially Insolvent? .::. Size~: 17.38 KBMay 31 17:51
schestowitz"May 31 17:51
schestowitzirst, as Mr. Schmitz himself points out, he has not seen a full P&L statement, making this pretty much meaningless. Second, Mr. Shuttleworth is a multibillionaire last I heard, which means he can cover Canonical's losses for precisely as long as he wishes to do so.May 31 17:51
schestowitzNothing to see here, move along.May 31 17:51
schestowitz"May 31 17:51
schestowitz"May 31 17:51
schestowitzI have nothing against you. I am not angry at you. Score one? Not hardly. No sensationalism? You talk about Canonical like it's on it's last legs when it's really a play toy for a multibillionaire. What part of that do you not understand?May 31 17:51
schestowitzDietrich, I defended you from being attacked on my blog. The only comments I deleted were personal attacks against you. However, if you really do want to lose credibility with me you're doing it very well right here.May 31 17:51
schestowitz"May 31 17:52
schestowitz 31 17:53
TechrightsBotTitle: LXer: This is getting tedious: Is Canonical Truly Insolvent, or Was the Full Story not Told? .::. Size~: 15.06 KBMay 31 17:53
schestowitz"Am I the only one getting tired of Mr Schmitz continually criticizing Ubuntu/Canonical? I'm by no means a Ubuntu fanboi - I don't even use it - but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate what Shuttleworth has done to make desktop Linux more mainstream. Schmitz has often stated his preference for an RPM based distro (which is fine of course) but always feels the need to knock not just Ubuntu, but now also Canonical itself. Maybe he isMay 31 17:53
schestowitzjust being deliberately inflammatory in order to generate page hits, I don't know. I do know it's getting monotonous. Personally I hope Shuttleworth succeeds, and see little point in casting doubts on the solvency of a privately owned company."May 31 17:53
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schestowitz 31 23:05 Another Reason to Avoid Hardware With #UEFI #linux #windows #vista8May 31 23:05
TechrightsBot-> Title: Another Reason to Avoid Hardware With UEFI | Techrights .::. Size~: 100.51 KBMay 31 23:05
TechrightsBot-> Title: UEFI - Techrights .::. Size~: 35.7 KBMay 31 23:05
schestowitz"Ah... I guess I've never considered it worth the hassle to even try."May 31 23:05
schestowitz 31 23:07
TechrightsBot@wbm: @DaveDev My problem with it is that @schestowitz hasn't complained about me in a couple of years, since my first VSM articles. #yawnMay 31 23:07
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