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roy_ 25 20:33 So, Linus Torvalds: Did US spooks demand a backdoor in Linux? 'Yes' 25 20:33
TechrightsSocial-> | So, Linus Torvalds: Did US spooks demand a backdoor in Linux? 'Yes' • The Register  [ ]Sep 25 20:33
TechrightsSocial-> | Linus Torvalds Dodges Question About Requests for NSA Backdoor in Linux | Techrights  [ ]Sep 25 20:33
roy_:What I take issue with is the fact that Linus Torvalds wasted the opportunity by making a joke rather than treating it as the very serious issue that it really is. I may be in the minority on this perspective or opinion, but it might do wonders for an entire community if he spent less time berating people, flipping people off, or making a joke that could mean the difference between actual safety and security or a facsimile thereof.Sep 25 20:34
roy_Then again, I'm still quite new to gnu/linux, so perhaps my displeasure at his lack of clarity is founded in my own inability to "read [and comprehend] the code itself". Then again, no... if/when gnu/linux sees a population boom because of ordinary users leaving Windoze or Aphell (who also likely do not code), perhaps it may in everyone's best interest that Linus leave stand-up comedy to the real comedians."Sep 25 20:34
roy_"I agree that he wasted a good opportunity to get a serious conversation going."Sep 25 20:34
roy_ 25 20:35 PopSci doesn't want to hear back from angry readers 25 20:35
TechrightsSocial-> | Why We're Shutting Off Our Comments  | Popular Science  [ ]Sep 25 20:35
roy_"No, they're tired of hearing back from ignorant readers."Sep 25 20:35
roy_"Your summary is extremely misleading Roy."Sep 25 20:35
roy_ 25 20:36 When you 'help' people avoid ('protect' them) from 'bad' stuff you're basically imposing on them your own prejudices.Sep 25 20:36
roy_"Like my prejudice against proprietary software when I help them switch to GNU/Linux? :)"Sep 25 20:36
roy_We don't ban/censor WindowsSep 25 20:36
roy_When people claim to censor the "ignorant" they often rely on the readers not reading the deleted comments (impossibility) which actually are expression of discontent or disagreement. I saw for myself how ZDNet does this 25 20:38 | ZDNet - Techrights  [ ]Sep 25 20:38
roy_ 25 21:02 As the World ‘Progresses’ Protest is Being Banned in the United States and Its Allies #protestSep 25 21:02
roy_"Curious how the author cites no evidence of the US banning protests. Pretty weak journalism."Sep 25 21:02
TechrightsSocial-> | As the World ‘Progresses’ Protest is Being Banned in the United States and Its Allies | Techrights  [ ]Sep 25 21:02
roy_Journalists are being put in jail for covering online protest and online protesters too are being sent to prison. Anonymous is an example of the latter; an example of cited of both -- new example for each.Sep 25 21:03
roy_ 25 21:04 British press seemingly upset that in the #uk there is *NO* #censorship in some networks 25 21:04
TechrightsSocial-> | Porn, knives and drugs websites accessible on most public Wi-Fi | Technology |  [ ]Sep 25 21:04
roy_"How is it that they don't consider this censorship to be incredibly dangerous?"Sep 25 21:04
TechrightsSocial-> | Porn on most free public WiFi networks - Telegraph  [ ]Sep 25 21:04
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schestowitz 25 22:03
schestowitz"But censoring is exactly what PopSci isn't doing. They're not censoring anybody; they've disabled a feature for everyone because of trolls derailing that feature."Sep 25 22:03
schestowitz 25 22:04
schestowitz"Oh, I see. You're talking about illegal protests (in this case, taking a California county's website offline). Well, those have been banned for a long time, regardless of whether online or not. One does not get a pass on illegal activity simply because one refers to it as a "protest.""Sep 25 22:04
schestowitzDDOS attacks are similar to a sit-in. Cracking is not what they are.Sep 25 22:04
schestowitz 25 23:24 Public Services and Government Branches Compelled to Adopt Free/Libre Software #egov #freedomSep 25 23:24
schestowitz"But your #taxes still go to propping up #Crapple and #Winblows with market privilege. #Statism"Sep 25 23:24
TechrightsSocial-> | Public Services and Government Branches Compelled to Adopt Free/Libre Software | Techrights  [ ]Sep 25 23:24
schestowitz 25 23:24 Fighting for the #environment 25 23:24
schestowitz"Linking to facebook servers is bad... Mmmkay?"Sep 25 23:24
schestowitz 25 23:25
schestowitz"A DDOS is very different from a sit-in: When is a DDOS similar to a sit-in and when is it an attack? Why couldn't Monsanto pseudonymously DDOS every anti-GMO site and call it a "protest?" At a sit-in the protestors are removed against their will by law enforcement and are subject to prosecutorial discretion as to their charge, but how does law enforcement end a DDOS?"Sep 25 23:25
schestowitzSome DDOS simply involves refreshing a page from one's own IP and browser. It's hard to punish for this and it can help protest against companies. I suffered some DDOS attacks and hated it; but any protest is SUPPOSED to disrupt; else it's not effective.Sep 25 23:26

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