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schestowitz-TR2gearrice is a spam siteSep 05 10:08
schestowitz-TR2ignore itSep 05 10:08
Techrights-secok adding it to the listSep 05 11:12
Techrights-secThere is now a prototype image fetcher.  It takes a URL as an argument.Sep 05 11:13
Techrights-secI'm not sure, yet, how to tie it into the current work flow.  It needs Sep 05 11:13
Techrights-sechard testing first, anyway.Sep 05 11:13
Techrights-secIt outputs the markup for the thumbnail and / or imageSep 05 11:13
schestowitz-TR2thanks!Sep 05 11:18
schestowitz-TR2I've tried running itSep 05 11:18
schestowitz-TR2from its locationSep 05 11:18
schestowitz-TR2from my owqn homeditSep 05 11:18
schestowitz-TR2with urlSep 05 11:18
schestowitz-TR2without urlSep 05 11:18
schestowitz-TR2with perl beforeSep 05 11:18
schestowitz-TR2and without (implicity, in the file)Sep 05 11:18
schestowitz-TR2I get error messages so farSep 05 11:18
Techrights-seccheckingSep 05 11:18
Techrights-secoops.  it needs the matching file in /var/www/tux/ Sep 05 11:18
Techrights-secjust a secSep 05 11:18
schestowitz-TR2yes, I got some errors to that effect,l depending on what I triedSep 05 11:19
Techrights-secok should work nowSep 05 11:26
schestowitz-TR2it seems to work!Sep 05 11:33
schestowitz-TR2is the thumbnail for index pages?Sep 05 11:33
schestowitz-TR2oh, wait... I see now, the image references its own full scale versionSep 05 11:33
schestowitz-TR2that is goodSep 05 11:33
schestowitz-TR2I've cretaed zsh aliases for all users tooSep 05 11:33
schestowitz-TR2for add and updateSep 05 11:33
schestowitz-TR2rianne will be busy with the second exam till thurs, so I will post more Sep 05 11:33
Techrights-secexcellentSep 05 11:33
Techrights-secThe thumbnail is for the post itself.  The idea is that the page shouldSep 05 11:33
Techrights-secnot serve up a giant, wasteful image that's justgoing to be rendered downSep 05 11:33
Techrights-secin the browser anyway -- unless the visitor actively wishes to see the fullSep 05 11:33
Techrights-secimage.Sep 05 11:33
Techrights-secRight now it only works with http / https URLsSep 05 11:33
Techrights-secnice Sep 05 11:33
Techrights-secthis is still in the early phase and needs a lot of work before rolling outSep 05 11:33
Techrights-secalso the work flow must be tweaked first so that it will fit inSep 05 11:33
Techrights-secOk. I hope she does well on the next exam tooSep 05 11:34
schestowitz-TR2the second exam is easier and she wants to get a perfect score or almost perfectSep 05 11:36
schestowitz-TR2which is possibleSep 05 11:36
schestowitz-TR2I am going to knock on it for a bit, in real-time [sic] scenarioaSep 05 11:38
schestowitz-TR2idea: the shell wrapped can invoke it prior to metadataSep 05 11:38
schestowitz-TR2"Does this page have an image?"Sep 05 11:38
schestowitz-TR2Supply url...Sep 05 11:38
schestowitz-TR2maybe it can even preload that into nano, I'm not sureSep 05 11:38
Techrights-secyes, I think that might be the approach.  The workflow around nano will needSep 05 11:49
Techrights-secminor adjustment first though.Sep 05 11:49
schestowitz-TR2excellent, I'm so happy about this and rianne looks forward to having images restored to her workflowSep 05 11:52
schestowitz-TR2if the workflow is fast, then even cluster pages I'll add images toSep 05 11:52
schestowitz-TR2btw, we just did a long run around the area, non-stop, sent parcel (sale), and fed many geeseSep 05 11:52
schestowitz-TR2it's an unusually sunny day, so we took advantage Sep 05 11:52
schestowitz-TR2the next 3 days she'll study to perfect the mock examsSep 05 11:52
schestowitz-TR2for the pevious one we practiced togehter, it was for spoken english, not "life in the uk"Sep 05 11:52
Techrights-secGreat.  Sep 05 11:55
schestowitz-TR2success! just added our first page, today's howtos, with the perl-processed routine for the imageSep 05 12:07
schestowitz-TR2the image is clickableSep 05 12:07
schestowitz-TR2I'll think hard of workflowSep 05 12:07
schestowitz-TR2and ask rianne for input as wellSep 05 12:07
schestowitz-TR2I know her previous workflow and wrote her some bash and dialog tools for itSep 05 12:07
schestowitz-TR2going through the LF IRS stuff, I recognise the wordpress workflow is all wrongSep 05 12:07
schestowitz-TR2same for social control mediaSep 05 12:07
schestowitz-TR2for quicker output and better effect the tools need to be custom-madeSep 05 12:07
schestowitz-TR2for dozens of posts per day, less f**ing around with GUIs and more pipes insteadSep 05 12:07
schestowitz-TR2I spent a lot of time fighting with wordpress over things that are rigid, like choosing imageSep 05 12:07
schestowitz-TR2dimensionsn categories etc.Sep 05 12:07
schestowitz-TR2drupal 7-9 are even worse in that regard (I know them from work)Sep 05 12:07
Techrights-secthanksSep 05 12:18
schestowitz-TR2I've changes the image crontab to retrieve from /iSep 05 12:23
schestowitz-TR2I am guessing that in due court we might make some subdirs thereSep 05 12:23
schestowitz-TR2as you can expect about 10k new images per yearSep 05 12:23
schestowitz-TR2x2 (thumbnails)Sep 05 12:23
schestowitz-TR2these images will have historic value as 5-10 years down the line few of these sites are still onlineSep 05 12:23
schestowitz-TR2all that remains is the gist and maybe an imageSep 05 12:23
Techrights-secexcellentSep 05 12:23
Techrights-secprobablySep 05 12:23
Techrights-secmaybe that should be done sooner than later perhaps by year or year+monthSep 05 12:23
Techrights-secis granular enough?Sep 05 12:23
Techrights-secackSep 05 12:23
schestowitz-TR2if you add dir death, be sure not to move any existing files, as that would break linksSep 05 12:25
schestowitz-TR2likewise, "Features" can stay as it isSep 05 12:25
schestowitz-TR2maybe one day we'll use that mostly for Feature articles where we put PDFs and suchSep 05 12:25
schestowitz-TR2where "i" (image) is not the right processing class or dir nameSep 05 12:25
schestowitz-TR2I do plan to use the spare time to write some original materialSep 05 12:25
schestowitz-TR2this pas weekend I slept a lot more than usualSep 05 12:25
Techrights-secchecking   Sep 05 12:28
Techrights-sectesting != productionSep 05 12:28
Techrights-secdon't add anymore that you expect to keep until laterSep 05 12:28
Techrights-secmore changes are needed first to the script, then to the work flow, thenSep 05 12:28
Techrights-secto the script againSep 05 12:28
Techrights-secOriginal material is highly valuable even if difficult and time consumingSep 05 12:28
schestowitz-TR2a) yes, I will dop originalsSep 05 12:31
schestowitz-TR2the drupal 6 UI was never great for bloggingSep 05 12:31
schestowitz-TR2took a long time to teach, not just to useSep 05 12:31
schestowitz-TR2b) I on ly added two images with the new toolSep 05 12:31
Techrights-secokthanksSep 05 12:31
Techrights-secackSep 05 12:31
schestowitz-TR2I'll now go back to the old waySep 05 12:31
schestowitz-TR2consider them 2 tests, and they workedSep 05 12:31
schestowitz-TR2c) the latest two pages (Ubuntu and howtos)Sep 05 12:31
schestowitz-TR2demonstrate how it came outSep 05 12:31
schestowitz-TR2I'll soon do today's second batch of Daily LinksSep 05 12:31
schestowitz-TR2I finished 4 stright days at 'work' (I no longer do much, I try to 'protest' but they don't get it)Sep 05 12:31
schestowitz-TR2I will probably add some "daily gemini" post to tuxmachines at some stageSep 05 12:31
schestowitz-TR2for only the technical gemini posts of the daySep 05 12:31
schestowitz-TR2I reckon there's over a dozen per 1-2 daysSep 05 12:31
schestowitz-TR2but need disclaimer added for those who don't know how to open the linksSep 05 12:31
Techrights-secdisclaimer or a short guide to acquiring a gemini clientSep 05 12:34
schestowitz-TR2it would be similar to the one liner we use in techrights Daily LinksSep 05 12:34
schestowitz-TR2maybe even the exact same textSep 05 12:34
schestowitz-TR2and some image banner that -- long with the title -- makes it clear it's mostly for the gemini:// userbase/sideSep 05 12:34
schestowitz-TR2maybe some stories can 'seduce' readers into downloading a clientSep 05 12:34
schestowitz-TR2the front page of puts gemini prominently at the top rightSep 05 12:34
Techrights-secand a brief overview of the idea and goals behind the projectSep 05 12:34
Techrights-secYes the idea would be to pique interest in itSep 05 12:34
schestowitz-TR2...come to think of it, no need to wait, I can experiment already adding gemini links to TMSep 05 12:47
schestowitz-TR2then see how the links get handled by the gem side of the site/platformSep 05 12:47
Techrights-secOnly just a few, for the start.  If there are too many without a populare moveSep 05 12:47
Techrights-secto adopt it, their presence will just irritate people.Sep 05 12:47
Techrights-secBut a few now and then would be good for a test of the reception by people andSep 05 12:48
Techrights-secto see how the site generator deals with them.Sep 05 12:48
schestowitz-TR2I will cherry-pick from this past weekend... eta 5 minsSep 05 12:49
schestowitz-TR2ok, see the latest page, in gemini:// is gives headings correctly but they lack a URI Sep 05 13:02
schestowitz-TR2it probably scans only for httpX and not gemini/gopherSep 05 13:02
schestowitz-TR2ok, had to edit a few times for html to look betterSep 05 13:02
Techrights-seccheckingSep 05 13:11
Techrights-secwhich URL points to a page demonstrating the problem?Sep 05 13:11
Techrights-secIt processes gemini:// links, or at least is supposed to but will appendSep 05 13:11
Techrights-secthe curled arrow to 'external' links which use http httpsSep 05 13:11
Techrights-secSeems ok:Sep 05 13:11
Techrights-secgemini:// 05 13:11
schestowitz-TR2ahaSep 05 13:22
schestowitz-TR2unless you changed the codeSep 05 13:22
schestowitz-TR2the issue was with my hypertext/markupSep 05 13:22
schestowitz-TR2and fixing that in turn fixed the gemini page tooSep 05 13:22
schestowitz-TR2so we're good to go Sep 05 13:22
schestowitz-TR2I put aside template text for thisSep 05 13:22
schestowitz-TR2will keep the headline consistent so people can easily filter it outSep 05 13:22
schestowitz-TR2if they loathe gemini/gopherSep 05 13:22
Techrights-secthe code is still the same since the 3rd  Sep 05 13:49
schestowitz-TR2would it be worth reusing some of these thumbnail-sized images in techrights daily links? I think it would complicate things for gemini @ TRSep 05 13:51
schestowitz-TR2and add some bloatSep 05 13:51
schestowitz-TR2upon further thinking it would overcomplicate the workflow too much if inline images were added to Daily LinksSep 05 13:51
schestowitz-TR2severel programs already parse through itSep 05 13:51
schestowitz-TR2I was thinking earlier, maybe we can add the [Source] -> [Headline] pair based on Camelcase in TuxMachinesSep 05 13:51
schestowitz-TR2the processing might be similar and it adds a better understanding of what source links come fromSep 05 13:51
schestowitz-TR2so they don't have to click if they hate the publisher Sep 05 13:51
Techrights-secackSep 05 13:54
Techrights-secSince there is no javascript, the domain should still be visible when hoveringSep 05 13:54
Techrights-secover links.Sep 05 13:54
schestowitz-TR2yes, but without browser extensions that would be tedious and maybe gemini clients do not have this functionalitySep 05 13:55
schestowitz-TR2it is efort-free once put in place and we already have the domain 'dictionaries'Sep 05 13:55
schestowitz-TR2btw, there is still an android "app" for tuxmachinesSep 05 13:56
schestowitz-TR2but it is not advertised much as it's not privacy-safeSep 05 13:56
schestowitz-TR2it's mostly a preloaded rss reader with some branding addedSep 05 13:56
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schestowitz-TR2rant; michael west published 8 posts this morningSep 05 14:02
schestowitz-TR2only one is original, the rest is AAPSep 05 14:02
schestowitz-TR2they're 'diluting' the feedSep 05 14:02
schestowitz-TR2if I wanted (A)AP, I'd fucking subscribe to fucking AP (which I would NOT)Sep 05 14:02
schestowitz-TR2gonna write a short original in tm to explain we have some gemini clusters and what gemini isSep 05 14:25
Techrights-secackSep 05 14:25
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Techrights-sec<techrights-news> FSFE: we used to fight for Software Freedom (before slandering the founder of the movement), now we take bribes from Microsoft, hire lawyers to threaten our critics, and promote veganism/green agenda 05 14:59
-TechrightsBN/ | Broad alliance demands: Digitization must serve social and ecological change - FSFESep 05 14:59
schestowitz-TR2<techrights-news> FSFE: we used to fight for Software Freedom (before slandering the founder of the movement), now we take bribes from Microsoft, hire lawyers to threaten our critics, and promote veganism/green agenda 05 14:59
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Techrights-sec"Did Not Connect: Potential Security Issue"Sep 05 16:29
Techrights-sec 05 16:29
Techrights-secIf it's got scripts it should be removed thenSep 05 16:29
-TechrightsBN/ | Tux Machines — Tux Machines in Gemini ("Sep 05 16:30
schestowitz-TR2the cerf of the proxy itself is bustSep 05 16:30
schestowitz-TR2I noticed thatSep 05 16:30
schestowitz-TR2good news and ODF in draftSep 05 16:43
schestowitz-TR2the issue is not scripts but susa site having expired certificateSep 05 16:43
schestowitz-TR2afaik, he does not use JSSep 05 16:43
schestowitz-TR2the pages are generated by calling a SERVEY site script called proxy or ProxySep 05 16:43
schestowitz-TR2wait, isn't that the same proxy software you modeled yours after?Sep 05 16:43
schestowitz-TR2i forget whose code was sent to us as a tarballSep 05 16:43
Techrights-seccheckingSep 05 16:55
Techrights-secno, it is this:Sep 05 16:55
Techrights-sec 05 16:55
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-Missing content type. Ignoring.Sep 05 16:55
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schestowitz-TR2As usual, Wikipedia is basically a bunch of ads regarding corporations and political figures. Wikipedia is decent as reference for science, language, but for political history and corporations never ever bother with Wikipedia.Sep 05 19:24
schestowitz-TR2 Wikipedia 2002: new site anyone can edit. Wikipedia 2012: a well-known site many PR agencies edit. Wikipedia 2022: ads.Sep 05 19:24
schestowitz-TR2 Wikipedia is a collection of ads anyone can temporarily edit. The advertisers will revert back any changes which interfere with the ads' value.Sep 05 19:25
Techrights-secYep.  Emphasis on temporarily edit.Sep 05 19:26
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