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Techrights-secThe DeSmog links seem ok now.  Sep 14 08:46
schestowitz-TRyes, thanks a lot for this. For weeks I had to manually remove some bits.Sep 14 08:47
schestowitz-TRthere is another big EPO series on the way (work underway)Sep 14 08:47
Techrights-secExcellent, though it is tragic that the EU member states have not broughtSep 14 08:48
Techrights-secthe EPO to heel.Sep 14 08:48
schestowitz-TREU/EUIPO is complicit it is a PR blunder and liability to them...Sep 14 08:48
schestowitz-TRalso, UPC=EU projectSep 14 08:49
schestowitz-TRmaybe instead of EFF writing about ABORTION (seriously!) it should say a work about EPOSep 14 08:49
schestowitz-TR*wordSep 14 08:50
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Techrights-secI thought it was just rogue lawyers pushing for UPC still.  Tehcnically,Sep 14 08:53
Techrights-seclegally, it is quite dead.  It's that the media has not yet had a properSep 14 08:53
Techrights-secwake for it. Sep 14 08:53
Techrights-secThe EFF died along with Barlow.  I wonder if he had not kicked off when he didSep 14 08:53
Techrights-secthat maybe he would have been the target of an attack / coup like Guido,  Sep 14 08:53
Techrights-secLinus, Richard, etc. have been attacked.Sep 14 08:53
Techrights-secThe change came so quickly that it may have been something already in the worksand only waiting for an oSep 14 08:53
Techrights-secpportunity.Sep 14 08:53
Techrights-secI stopped donating to the EFF.  It is extremely rare for themSep 14 08:53
Techrights-secto be in the news for a good reason.  Mostly it's jut off-topic noise fromSep 14 08:53
Techrights-secthem these days.  Expensive off-topic noise at that.Sep 14 08:53
schestowitz-TRdon't worry about EFF donations; 2 years ago (IRS shows) they had 40 milliion in the bank with high interest plan. Cohn will use the EFF, but not always for the thing it was made for. The name might languish.Sep 14 08:54
Techrights-secThere is a dire need for the services and activities provided by the old EFFSep 14 09:02
Techrights-secThe new EFF just spends money without goal or effect.Sep 14 09:02
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Techrights-secI reworded slightly.   Sep 14 11:30
schestowitz-TRfunny you should mention that; I now see the changes through git. In the video I upload at the moment I said I hed begun updating the capsule every time a new post is added (I did more scripting for this). Video upload finished soon...Sep 14 11:33
schestowitz-TRwe generally did tons of maintenance instead of writing lately, but it'll pay offSep 14 11:34
Techrights-secI hope is make things flow more smoothly.  The big OS upgrade is still on theSep 14 11:35
Techrights-seclist of things to do.Sep 14 11:35
Techrights-secThat will enable moving some automation to the server as well as addingSep 14 11:35
Techrights-secseveral smaller tasks ot the list of things which are automated. Sep 14 11:35
schestowitz-TRwaiting for 12:10am to see if the subsequent watcher correctly adds the latest git commit to gemini (long term we can stack up recent changes, e.g. "latest 10 commits"). The git pull had to be added yesterday, but I think you did a more elegant thing instead and I see you added two more files to git. I can sometimes point people for these if they ask how to do x, y, z...Sep 14 11:44
schestowitz-TRin the video, for example, I tried to explain how we automate video processing, preview, uploads etc.Sep 14 11:45
Techrights-secIs the video in the queue soon?Sep 14 11:48
schestowitz-TRit encodes and uploads at the same time, linearly, as the bottleneck is badwidth and also CPU power. 1 hour video =~ 5 hours of encoding on 4 coresSep 14 11:48
schestowitzI have just checked and to show the latest commit we still need to 'git pull' for gemini:// 14 12:40
schestowitzwhen i run git pull it shows that other git commands did not obviate or supersede itSep 14 12:41
schestowitz-TROk.  What needs to go into the shell script so that everything is cached  Sep 14 12:43
schestowitz-TRlocally in Gemini?Sep 14 12:43
schestowitz-TRIt should be fetch and resetSep 14 12:43
Techrights-secOk.  What needs to go into the shell script so that everything is cached  Sep 14 12:43
Techrights-seclocally in Gemini?Sep 14 12:43
Techrights-secIt should be fetch and resetSep 14 12:43
schestowitzcuriously enough, for reasons I do not understand, it correctly gets the overview of all changes, but it does not get the pertinent changes downsteam to the file until a pullSep 14 12:43
schestowitzlater we can do FIFO for latest x commitsSep 14 12:44 should be updated thenSep 14 12:45
schestowitz-TRyesterday I added 'git pull' to that file in two places, but that was before you changed it, maybe overwriting thatSep 14 12:45
schestowitznow the latest change shows up gemini:// is it OK to make a stick of recent ones? maybe over time we'll make a primitive 'cms' for git over gemini://Sep 14 12:52
Techrights-secI've added pull to the script.  It's running now and we can checkSep 14 12:52
Techrights-secthe gemini space for what has been updated.Sep 14 12:52
Techrights-secThe script is now done.Sep 14 12:53
Techrights-secIt seems to propagate the changes correctly.Sep 14 12:53
Techrights-secNice: gemini:// 14 13:00
schestowitz-TRI am adding your 14 min-only version of git-update to gitSep 14 13:01
schestowitz-TRbecause I want to add to itSep 14 13:01
schestowitz diff gemini-git-update-new.shSep 14 13:02
schestowitz17a18Sep 14 13:02
schestowitz>       git pullSep 14 13:02
schestowitz20a22Sep 14 13:02
schestowitz>       git pullSep 14 13:03
Techrights-secYes, the pulls are probably redundant there and may just slow things downSep 14 13:12
Techrights-secfor no benefit.Sep 14 13:12
schestowitz-TRadded files changed (corrected typo since then), working on more things...Sep 14 13:16
schestowitz-TRok, try nowSep 14 13:30
schestowitzLike but automatedSep 14 13:30
-TechrightsBN/ | In Support of Richard Stallman - UpdatesSep 14 13:30
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Techrights-secCan linefeeds / newlines be put after each heading?  That would Sep 14 13:32
Techrights-sechelp readability, I think.Sep 14 13:32
schestowitz-TRlet me check...Sep 14 13:32
schestowitz-TRan you elaborate? just to avoid me adding something you don't want? We could do some better visuals there...Sep 14 13:33
schestowitz-TRcan you elaborate? just to avoid me adding something you don't want? We could do some better visuals there...Sep 14 13:33
Techrights-secgemini:// 14 13:37
Techrights-sechas ## Latest Change  Sep 14 13:37
Techrights-secfollowed by the diff on the next line.  It would be more readable, IMO, toSep 14 13:37
Techrights-sechave a line between the diff and the headingSep 14 13:37
Techrights-secsame with the heading which follows the diff. There ought to be a lineSep 14 13:37
Techrights-secbetween the last part of the diff and the next heading following it.Sep 14 13:38
schestowitzascii: 14 13:39
-TechrightsBN/ | ASCII Art Dividers - asciiart.euSep 14 13:39
schestowitzunicode 14 13:40
-TechrightsBN/ | 【Text Dividers + Headers】 | ARMY's AminoSep 14 13:40
Techrights-secASCII art generally does not belong in gemtext.  It messes with Sep 14 13:42
Techrights-secscreen readers to muchSep 14 13:42
Techrights-secThere is no way to tell a screen reader to skip the noise in gemtextSep 14 13:42
Techrights-sectHere might be a way in HTML though.Sep 14 13:42
schestowitz-TRthis is often done to make tables in gemini, like in the stats, but for code I wonder how many people use screen readers like these. Is code 'readable' by voice? Like perl?Sep 14 13:42
Techrights-secThere have been a few blind contributors on various lists, they seemSep 14 13:43
Techrights-secto be able to work with code.  Tables should be used for tabular data only, Sep 14 13:43
Techrights-secnot layout.  Sep 14 13:43
schestowitz-TRoh, I see what you mean now in amfoaSep 14 13:44
schestowitz-TRoh, I see what you mean now in amforaSep 14 13:44
schestowitz-TRit shows up better in telescope than in amforaSep 14 13:45
Techrights-secI still have only Amfora.  I'm not happy with having to build anything on thatSep 14 13:49
Techrights-secmachine.  I hope that the other clients are added to the official repository  Sep 14 13:49
Techrights-secsoon but it is work and not hope which causes that to happen and Sep 14 13:49
Techrights-secthen only if there is a porter to do the intial work and fight throughSep 14 13:49
Techrights-secthe bureaucracy found in certain key distros.  Sep 14 13:49
Techrights-secAnd it's not a one-off activity but a medium to long term time commitment.Sep 14 13:49
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schestowitz-TRnow it looks more sane in amforaSep 14 14:11
Techrights-secthanksSep 14 14:30
Techrights-seclooks good with the vertical spacingSep 14 14:30
schestowitz-TRit is being regenrated as we speakSep 14 14:30
schestowitz-TRdoneSep 14 14:30
schestowitz-TRnewlines and 'code' style don't interact well :-)Sep 14 14:31
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Techrights-secgemini:// is hard to know which files          Sep 14 14:36
Techrights-secthe comments go withSep 14 14:36
Techrights-sec... down in     # Older Commits (Latest Shown First)Sep 14 14:36
schestowitz-TRin this interim state I am checking how to hide namesSep 14 14:36
schestowitz-TRI cannot find an option for hiding names, but I can use the stream editor to use a generic name, though the code of the script itself then exposes namesSep 14 14:44
schestowitz-TROh, I know what to do...Sep 14 14:46
Techrights-secI have some changes to add to gemini-git-update.shSep 14 14:52
schestowitz-TRwait, don't directly change yet or we'll both edit the same file at the same timeSep 14 14:53
schestowitznew page, in the index too already: gemini:// 14 14:54
Techrights-secniceSep 14 14:57
schestowitz-TRok, done with all files for now, pushed all the changes to git master... errr... mainSep 14 14:57
schestowitznumbers now show up in gemini:// and I added the one-liner to gitSep 14 15:59
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Techrights-secinteresting.  there are a lot of older pages in there at the top of the listSep 14 18:20
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