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schestowitz__ 16 02:04
-TechrightsBN/ | May 16 02:04
schestowitz__"May 16 02:04
schestowitz__ (Kluwer Patent Blog published on 11/05/2021) “A Few More Thoughts on Normality”.  May 16 02:04
schestowitz__The Kluwer article links to the following blog publication (original French version): ""Vers une nouvelle normalité": contribution de MM. Jacques Michel et Willy Minnoye".May 16 02:04
schestowitz__Click here for the English translation.May 16 02:04
schestowitz__"May 16 02:04
schestowitz__ 16 02:09
-TechrightsBN/ | Board of Appeal upholds the principle of "any person" opposition in view of the broader public good (T 1839/18) - The IPKatMay 16 02:10
schestowitz__"May 16 02:10
schestowitz__Filing an anonymous opposition by a patent agent is also risky, the uninterested party might be discovered by social engineering. Using public resources like registers or social networks you might find a link between the patent agent and the uninterested person. Even if you use an unknown patent agent, usually suggested by you usual patent agent, there is a risk of discovering a link between both patent agents...May 16 02:10
schestowitz__If anonymity is the real concern you should consider to use a commercial service provider like e.g. This could also solve the problem of anonymous experimental data or? It might not solve the problem of a technical experts attending the oral proceedings.May 16 02:10
schestowitz__"May 16 02:10
schestowitz__ 16 02:10
-TechrightsBN/ | Board of Appeal upholds the principle of "any person" opposition in view of the broader public good (T 1839/18) - The IPKatMay 16 02:10
schestowitz__"May 16 02:10
schestowitz__Wow, there sure seem to be a lot of patent agents around filing oppositions!May 16 02:10
schestowitz__I used to see individual attorneys taking on the role of the strawperson, but I think this has fallen out of favour. I forget exactly why naming an individual was ever seen as preferable to filing in the name of a firm or a made-for-the-purpose shell company. It's a bit morbid, but I always wondered what would happen if that individual died while the opposition was ongoing.May 16 02:10
schestowitz__"May 16 02:10
schestowitz__> Bastian BestMay 16 02:45
schestowitz__> In case you haven’t heard it through the grapevine already: I’m leavingMay 16 02:45
schestowitz__> Bardehle Pagenberg after 13 years (!) to start my own solo patent practice.May 16 02:45
schestowitz__> Unlike many solo practitioners, I’m not going to offer the wholeMay 16 02:45
schestowitz__> vendor’s tray of intellectual property. Quite the contrary, my strategyMay 16 02:45
schestowitz__> is to hyper-focus: *only patent prosecution, only for digital andMay 16 02:45
schestowitz__> software-related inventions*.May 16 02:45
schestowitz__> I’m extremely excited about this new phase! And there will be plenty ofMay 16 02:45
schestowitz__> learnings to share on this email list for sure.May 16 02:45
schestowitz__> My new firm will officially launch on 16 May. In the meantime, don’t beMay 16 02:45
schestowitz__> shy and let me have any tips you want to share.May 16 02:45
schestowitz__> May 16 02:45
schestowitz__Today I offload 60gb of video (raw stuff) to the 3 external drives for storage, as they clog up the main drive (SSD). I've listed all video in and I hope I did not accidentally list something I ought NOT ;-) if you can double-check by gazing/clicking... lots of stuff thereMay 16 08:38
-TechrightsBN/ | Techrights Full Videos ListingMay 16 08:38
schestowitz__● NEWS ● #Phoronix # ☞ Fedora 35 Might Drop Installer Option To "Allow SSH Root Login With Password" May 16 08:57
-TechrightsBN/ | Linux Hardware Reviews, Open-Source Benchmarks & Linux Performance - PhoronixMay 16 08:57
schestowitz__                <li>May 16 08:57
schestowitz__                  <h5><a href=";px=Fedora-35-Install-Root-SSH-PW">Fedora 35 Might Drop Installer Option To "Allow SSH Root Login With Password"</a></h5>May 16 08:58
-TechrightsBN/ | Linux Hardware Reviews, Open-Source Benchmarks & Linux Performance - PhoronixMay 16 08:58
schestowitz__                  <blockquote>May 16 08:58
schestowitz__                    <p> A Fedora 35 change proposal submitted this week that is ruffling some feathers is over removing the "allow SSH root login with password" option from Fedora's Anaconda installer. </p>May 16 08:58
schestowitz__                    <p> The past several years there has been a Fedora installer option to "allow SSH root login with password" to enable password-based logins over SSH. This hasn't been enabled by default but simply offered as an option for those wanting a password based login. </p>May 16 08:58
schestowitz__                    <p> With Fedora 35 this autumn the change proposal wants to eliminate this option from the installer. The basis is that the option was planned to only be temporary and security benefits in just dropping the option to encourage users to rely on SSH keys, etc. </p></blockquote></li>May 16 08:58
schestowitz__                 <li>May 16 08:58
schestowitz__                  <h5><a href="">Open Letter: DistroWatch</a></h5>May 16 08:58
schestowitz__                  <blockquote>May 16 08:58
-TechrightsBN/ | Nitrux — #YourNextOS — A Linux for EveryoneMay 16 08:58
schestowitz__                    <p>For the better part of three years, we have remained silent about your ongoing efforts to affect people’s perception of our Linux distribution continuously. We have tried our best not to engage with your evident hostility and disregard to inform your viewers and visitors about correct facts of the Linux distributions you display on your website, especially ours. </p>May 16 08:58
schestowitz__                    <p> However, we have decided to take a stance. It is today, the 6th of May, that we gallantly demand you to stop. </p>May 16 08:58
schestowitz__                    <p> We do not accept for one more minute that the information displayed on your website about our product remains erroneous in what is no longer a “mistake” or “oversight” on your part. In addition, we do not accept the way you have chosen to describe our product, including making an absolute wild claim that we did not offer our product to the public before an arbitrary date, even if that is easily May 16 08:58
schestowitz__refuted.</p></blockquote></li>May 16 08:58
schestowitz__                 <li>May 16 08:58
schestowitz__                  <h5><a href="">Nitrux Linux is Demanding an Apology From DistroWatch</a></h5>May 16 08:58
-TechrightsBN/ | Nitrux 1.3.7 Release Adds Latest LTS Kernel Support, KDE Plasma 5.20.5, And A New Application Menu - It's FOSS NewsMay 16 08:58
schestowitz__                  <blockquote>May 16 08:58
schestowitz__                    <p>It looks like Nitrux's page on DistroWatch provides incorrect information, which the maintainer isn't willing to update yet.</p></blockquote></li>May 16 08:58
Techrights-secThere's not much metadata to go from there in the list.  :/May 16 09:01
schestowitz__yes, there is not and it would take a lot of worth to add any, though the filenames are sometimes descriptive enoughMay 16 09:01
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schestowitz__RE "rpi feed is somewhat broken"May 16 09:25
schestowitz__this reminds me, krebs' feed is still not working properly and I don't know whyMay 16 09:25
Techrights-secI'll check the krebs feedMay 16 09:30
Techrights-secOk, krebs' site has been updated.  The feed should would from tomorrow,May 16 09:34
Techrights-secuntil they change again...May 16 09:34
schestowitz__he has been added to Google News (I noticed days ago)May 16 09:35
Techrights-secI wonder why.  Google News censors strongly towards specific agendas.May 16 09:41
Techrights-secI guess that means they have a use for his message.May 16 09:41
schestowitz__btw, right to repair getting tons of coverage lately, I find some along the way without even reaching out for that. I also added that dmca talk to TR the other day, it can help remind people to stick it to the monopolistsMay 16 09:41
Techrights-secThat is good.  It looks like there are some key issues which  May 16 09:43
Techrights-secFOSS and RtR share in common.  The tractor problem is one of the moreMay 16 09:43
Techrights-sechigh profile category of cases.May 16 09:43
Techrights-sec(where FOSS applies)May 16 09:43
schestowitz__yes, that is covered a lot in the libreplanet talk. this is why those companies leverage greenwashing... seeding confusion or out of guiltMay 16 09:43
schestowitz__ibm started trolling (imho) the layoffs board and I think the red hat puff pieces about hiring are partly reactionaryMay 16 09:44
schestowitz__ 16 09:47
-TechrightsBN/ | Nathan Proctor: Right to Repair and the DMCA | TechrightsMay 16 09:47
schestowitz__see if there are more talks in that we can relay/promote, I am not assessing 16 09:51
-TechrightsBN/ | GNU MediaGoblinMay 16 09:51
-TechrightsBN/ | Keynote: Machine agency: Infrastructure for creative automation — GNU MediaGoblinMay 16 09:51
schestowitz__*nowMay 16 09:51
Techrights-secYes, the talk by Nathan Proctor was useful.May 16 09:52
Techrights-secDRM and DCMA threaten society in generalMay 16 09:52
Techrights-secMore abstractly, DRM is a matter of monopolies.  May 16 09:52
Techrights-secLouis Rossman talks about the problem of monopolies on repair parts.May 16 09:52
schestowitz__can you get me direct link to ogg or webm of Rossman's better works?May 16 09:52
Techrights-secJust going from the titles this looks interesting:May 16 09:53
Techrights-sec 16 09:53
Techrights-secRossman is on Oddysee, I'll have to look into how to download or export.May 16 09:53
-TechrightsBN/ | Technopolice: One year of activism against surveillance technologies — GNU MediaGoblinMay 16 09:53
schestowitz__ok, goodMay 16 09:53
Techrights-secLBRY is the underlying frameworkMay 16 09:54
Techrights-secback in a bitMay 16 09:54
Techrights-secLBRY /Odysee seems to have MP4 but not an option for WebMMay 16 10:07
Techrights-secI wonder how much quality would be lost in transcoding.May 16 10:07
schestowitz__if this worth adding? 16 10:08
-TechrightsBN/ | Locking the Web open: A decentralized web that can operate as free software does — GNU MediaGoblinMay 16 10:08
schestowitz__I'd rather not add mp4sMay 16 10:08
Techrights-secThis one seems hit the nail on the head,  May 16 10:10
Techrights-sec 16 10:10
Techrights-secbut since he is driving and concentrating (rightly so) on that, heMay 16 10:10
Techrights-sectakes about 4x as long to get to the point.May 16 10:10
-TechrightsBN/ | An intellectual property red pill; the REAL reason for Right to Repair opposition.May 16 10:10
schestowitz__gut feeling says odysee will go up in flames like lbry, one way or another (no biz model)May 16 10:10
schestowitz__Brewster Kahle's talk, tech issues aside (several technical issues), is very on-topic for TR (so far; still watching)May 16 10:13
schestowitz__this is new and on topic: 16 10:17
-TechrightsBN/ | Right to Repair — GNU MediaGoblinMay 16 10:17
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Techrights-secOk.  I'll look soon.May 16 10:33
Techrights-secBack in a few hours.May 16 10:33
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schestowitz__ 16 14:10
-TechrightsBN/ | Vaccine platforms and limited global production capacity: what is to be done? - The IPKatMay 16 14:10
schestowitz__"All the observations in the article are very correct, but surely the real take home message of the pandemic when it comes to vaccine technology is that the developing world need to be helped to build their own R&D so that they have the ability to respond to the problems they face. This crisis has demonstrated the interdependence countries have with each other. It will be tragic in the UK if the Indian variant takes hold and May 16 14:10
schestowitz__people who have been vaccinated are also susceptible to it, but it would demonstrate that we have a vested interest in making sure the virus disappears from every country."May 16 14:10
Techrights-sec 16 14:45
Techrights-sec 16 14:45
Techrights-secIt's the instersection of several areas.  Monopolistic practices are at or                                                     May 16 14:45
Techrights-secnear the core.  So is Freedom 0 from the GNU Free Software Definition.                                                         May 16 14:45
Techrights-secDRM is probably the main obstacle to Freedom 0May 16 14:45
-TechrightsBN/ | We need Action - Right to Repair Explained - YouTubeMay 16 14:45
-TechrightsBN/ | What Is Right To Repair? - YouTubeMay 16 14:45
schestowitz__maybe make clips from those (fair use) as ogg/webm?May 16 14:45
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Techrights-secWe should probably find the segments which focus on the software aspectsMay 16 16:19
Techrights-secthose were good overviews but as mentioned they focus on hardwareMay 16 16:19
Techrights-secI'd point out that almost no hardware is without firmware (software) theseMay 16 16:19
Techrights-secdays.May 16 16:19
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Techrights-secAllegedly there should be some new material against John Deere coming soon.                                                    May 16 16:59
Techrights-secPerhaps relvant parts from that and other video can be used going forward?                                                     May 16 16:59
Techrights-secSnippets can be taken and converted to WebM then.May 16 16:59
schestowitz__that seems to have a lot to do with Windows and replacing itMay 16 17:02
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Techrights-sec 16 19:56
-TechrightsBN/ | BlueJay (@bluejjastor): " Don't worry, I'm sure it's just a coincidence that the guy pushing for depopulation is also a child molester that visited Epstein Island many times, and associates with cults that sacrifice children." | nitterMay 16 19:56
Techrights-sec 16 19:56
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell- ( status 404 @ )May 16 19:57
schestowitz__ 16 22:01

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