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Techrights-secmaintenance finishedNov 23 00:07
schestowitz-TRsee emailNov 23 00:07
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schestowitzgemini stats show interest in the shithub series. I have lots more...Nov 23 00:23
schestowitzI just need to figure out more ways to make Daily Links etc. more efficient to free up time for videos, articles, I'm already stretching the limits, but I know further improvements can be madeNov 23 00:24
Techrights-secAny ideas for improvements with the scripting?Nov 23 00:26
schestowitzIf the so-called 'Aye Pee' feeds could be automated, but they need close scrutiny and many come from GulagNoise, so it is not doableNov 23 00:26
Techrights-sec$ cat workflow.txtNov 23 00:27
Techrights-sec../../Git/Links/ $(date +"%F.html") && ../../Git/Links/ $(date +"%FNov 23 00:27
Techrights-sec.html") && ../../bin/ && ../../bin/ && ../template.shNov 23 00:27
Techrights-secFetchning a second list of links would be no problem but if the quality / Nov 23 00:28
Techrights-secsignal-to-noise ratio is low then they should go in a second file andNov 23 00:28
Techrights-secnot the merged file.Nov 23 00:28
schestowitzI thought about just giving up completely on some of those feeds, but few examine those matters, so it's risky to let lawyers and frauds dominate 100% of the coverage onlineNov 23 00:29
schestowitz-TRAlso, they eply to me and you can see they're hurtNov 23 00:31
Techrights-secAgreed, on both parts.  It's toilsome but necessary to prevent ceding the Nov 23 00:32
Techrights-secdomain 100% to frauds.  Nov 23 00:32
Techrights-secHurt is an unfortunate side effect but if they correct their bullshit, and    Nov 23 00:32
Techrights-seclie less often, then it would not happen.  Those are mostly pushing lies on Nov 23 00:32
Techrights-secthe public, espeially the law firms' blogs I read on occasion.  Nov 23 00:32
Techrights-secSpeaking of blogs, there seem to be slightly more active blogs than last year.Nov 23 00:32
schestowitz-TRmy ONLY shift for this week is almost over now (1am)Nov 23 00:33
Techrights-secCongratulations. Nov 23 00:37
Techrights-secOne topic that falls victim to time is incidents like Munich.  As time passes,Nov 23 00:37
Techrights-secpeople forget and then they try to fill in the gaps with speculation.  Sadly,Nov 23 00:37
Techrights-secthat speculation is made up inaccurately by projecting the individual's ownNov 23 00:37
Techrights-secreasonably good values and ethics onto a group which is alien to both. Nov 23 00:37
Techrights-secSo the underhanded tricks with the mayor and the insiders and the move ofNov 23 00:37
Techrights-secthe headquarters are forgotten and smoothed over by wishful, but wrong, thinkingNov 23 00:37
Techrights-secThe counter to that is to keep bringing up the old topics, but it has to be Nov 23 00:38
Techrights-secdone in new contexts otherwise the microsofters gain a little by assertingNov 23 00:38
Techrights-secthat the data is "old" and therefore no longer applies, even if the currentNov 23 00:38
Techrights-secsituation is much worse than befor.Nov 23 00:38
Techrights-secBack to why "cybersecurity" can't be taught at universities, most now lack a Nov 23 00:47
Techrights-secfunctional IT department.  I have bemoaned the fact that most institutions nowNov 23 00:47
Techrights-secharbor microsoft resellers in place of what was once their IT deparment.  ButNov 23 00:47
Techrights-secthe vehicle for that was to outsource the skills by outsourcing the activitiesNov 23 00:47
Techrights-secand services.  When they had in-house teams they attracted, developed, and    Nov 23 00:47
Techrights-secretained talent.  Once they had outsourced enough people left.  When enoughNov 23 00:47
Techrights-secskilled people leave, there comes a point where a threshold is crossedNov 23 00:47
Techrights-secand those remaining skilled people don't have enough peers to enjoy or beneftNov 23 00:47
Techrights-secfrom the work.  So they, too, leave.  It's a death spiral of sorts.  It Nov 23 00:47
Techrights-secbegins with outsourcing.  So companies like Cisco provide outrageously expensiveNov 23 00:47
Techrights-secand poor quality VPns and such and instead of using WireGuard or OpenVPN, the Nov 23 00:47
Techrights-sectalent leaves and are replaced by flunkies who can only play with junk.    Nov 23 00:47
Techrights-secHowever, the choice of VPNs is itself a false dichotomy.  It means that Nov 23 00:47
Techrights-seccruchy on the outside but soft on the inside style of network and service Nov 23 00:47
Techrights-secarchitecure has been adopted replacing the old 1980s zero-trust model.  In Nov 23 00:47
Techrights-secthe latter, the network (even the LAN) must be consider compromised to beginNov 23 00:47
Techrights-secwith and the services designed sufficiently robustly to cope with that.  Nov 23 00:47
schestowitz-TRhappened where I workedNov 23 00:47
schestowitz-TRbut I did the research, not "IT"Nov 23 00:48
Techrights-secYes, the cost of that was you doing "IT"' job for them.  They probablyNov 23 00:49
Techrights-secgot partial credit for the positive result even if they fought it activelyNov 23 00:49
Techrights-secand passively to a certain extent.  Nov 23 00:49
schestowitz-TRtou end up isnatlling everything for yourself and received no suppoort, whuich I suppose yoy paid forNov 23 00:50
schestowitz-TR*youNov 23 00:50
Techrights-secThe world needs a non-M$ Kerberos VI to replace the damaged Kerberos V.Nov 23 00:52
Techrights-secAnd several other similar technologies, such as dedicated native clients.Nov 23 00:52
Techrights-secRUnning everything through javascript in a web brower *cough*electron*cough*Nov 23 00:52
Techrights-secis inefficient and unsafe.Nov 23 00:52
Techrights-secYes, installing everything yourself and getting no support.  Yet, they somehowNov 23 00:52
Techrights-secget credit for it working.  COnsiduer your company lucky that they don't alsoNov 23 00:52
Techrights-secdouble-bill like some "IT" "service" companies do around here. Nov 23 00:52
Techrights-secOne place the microsoft resellers threatened to withdraw their "support"Nov 23 01:01
Techrights-secI and another faculty member maneuvered them into doing that in such a wayNov 23 01:01
Techrights-secas they ended up being out of the way.  They did not know how to counter thatNov 23 01:01
Techrights-seclevel of independence as they were used to obsequiousness, so it took them Nov 23 01:01
Techrights-secabout 18 months to counter. Though the did occasionally find small, petty Nov 23 01:01
Techrights-secways to intentionally interfere especially at busy times.  Nov 23 01:01
Techrights-secWhat hurts the nation and the economy the worse is that the microsofter poseursNov 23 01:01
Techrights-secare considered "IT" in any way shape or form.  M$ is not a technology, itNov 23 01:01
Techrights-secis a form of political control, or even a cult, masqurading as a product line.Nov 23 01:01
Techrights-secAnyway, I'm rambling too much today.  Nov 23 01:01
psydruidI had implemented zero trust at a friend's office with separate LANs for servers, desktops and home environment and firewalls running and enabled on each system to protect them from one anotherNov 23 01:56
psydruidWhen I left for abroad they moved back to Windows but had constant trouble according to someone else I knew and talked toNov 23 01:57
psydruidIn the end the business was closed downNov 23 01:57
schestowitz:-)Nov 23 01:58
psydruidthose people who peddle Microsoft "solutions" don't realise how much damage they are doing by replacing tech that works with something that obviously doesn't workNov 23 01:59
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Techrights-secWindows kills also businesses.  The M$ resellers prioritize Windows over the Nov 23 08:07
Techrights-secsurvival of the very institution they are ostensibly working in.  TheyNov 23 08:07
Techrights-secmay be on the payroll of the institution they kill but nonetheless have Nov 23 08:07
Techrights-secallegiance only to M$.  Nov 23 08:07
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*Now talking on #boycottnovellNov 23 16:28
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schestowitz-TRIf you wrote something before this session was rest, I did not see it as I was asleepNov 23 20:44
schestowitz-TRIn interesting development, freenode 'reopened'... anony logics and our old channels are still registered thereNov 23 20:44
schestowitz-TRso there are now two stale networks with a channell called techrights in themNov 23 20:44
schestowitz-TRaside from the main oneNov 23 20:44
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