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schestowitz"it's awkward that no major distros I know of have been shipping Gemini clients so far... as if they have been instructed not to" 25 07:11
-TechrightsBN/ | IRC: #boycottnovell-social and #techpol @ Techrights IRC Network: Friday, September 24, 2021Sep 25 07:11
Techrights-secQuite the appearance.  Hoqever, packagers are no longer common.  If Sep 25 07:13
Techrights-secpeople think TM is an "app" then the overall knowledge level is too low toSep 25 07:13
Techrights-secoperate.  See also my rant from the other day.Sep 25 07:13
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schestowitz-TRhe has asked debian maintainers about it. push or prod can't harm... let's see what the outcome will beSep 25 07:22
schestowitz-TRI finished work in 1.5 hours. Overnight we spent 2 hours choosing photos to upload during the weekend, for the first time in nearly a year (not much to shoot with the lockdowns we do)Sep 25 07:24
schestowitz-TR*finish workSep 25 07:24
Techrights-secIt's not hard work to package, usually, but it is work and it does takeSep 25 07:25
Techrights-seca time commitment in conjunction with the release cycles.Sep 25 07:25
Techrights-secIt's considered entry level, but as mentioned there are too few people withSep 25 07:25
Techrights-seceven entry level skills.  And those with the ability are busy elsewhere. Sep 25 07:25
schestowitz-TRbortzmeyer now counts 1666 capsulesSep 25 07:27
activelowit is alot of work, to meet QA criteriaSep 25 07:27
activelowhave fun reading the gentoo docsSep 25 07:29
activelowduring the night i created 5 ebuilds already, and had finished more if the ugly DNS bug in tor-proxy didn't hit me again with telescope gemini clientSep 25 07:32
activelowso, i debugged and fixed that quickly too, patching tor proxySep 25 07:32
Techrights-secYes.  It's good growth though not exponential.Sep 25 07:33
schestowitz-TRgrowth will be faster when configuring one's capsule is as simple as apt-get agate (or similar) with scripts to bootstrap everything on localhost and a dialogue like they have for LAMP sereversSep 25 07:35
activelowi picked 24 ebuilds for gemini, which required reviewing what's available, those include clients, some gemini libs in python, a markdown converter, and 5 server packagesSep 25 07:36
activelowthose builds are all alpha ones (9999 in gentoo terms), git headSep 25 07:37
activelowi won't touch any other than C or Python, which is enought trouble already (cmake, meson, autotools, make, setuptools); gentoo got some neat ebuild helpers, and integrates seamlessly with gitSep 25 07:39
activelowanother problem is this: i keep the system OFFLINE while developing/compiling, so i need to mirror all git repos locally first, for security reasons, and to avoid accidentsSep 25 07:40
schestowitzactivelow: 25 07:41
-TechrightsBN/ | Chromium compiled for 15 hours before failingSep 25 07:41
activelowbtw. lagrange renders nicely on framebuffer (without X11), and it compiled in a few minutes on arm64 SBC, and lagrange is a heavyweight among gemini clientsSep 25 07:42
Techrights-secYes, each distro has a whole different set of QA hoops.  The technical skillsSep 25 07:43
Techrights-secare not that esoteric, it's mostly just time consuming.  Sep 25 07:43
Techrights-secThe server is a second, but similar, problem.  I'll take a look at what's inSep 25 07:43
Techrights-secthe ports database after the next release of OpenBSD.  If there is somethingSep 25 07:43
Techrights-secreasonable for Gemini, I might add an instance^Wcapsule.  Sep 25 07:43
Techrights-secSo far the latest Ubuntu has only the client elpa-elpher and no server Sep 25 07:43
Techrights-secsoftware.  Sep 25 07:43
schestowitz-TRactivelow: yes, it is the heaviest I have seenSep 25 07:45
schestowitz-TRJuly latest git from Jon's site?Sep 25 07:46
schestowitz-TRor latest stable release?Sep 25 07:46
activelownope, i pulled in latest git head todaySep 25 07:46
schestowitz-TR1.6.5Sep 25 07:46
activelowof cause, i cannot test all builds in detail, gentoo ensures some minimum QA with their ebuild system, once merged i do minimum acceptanceSep 25 07:47
activelowmeaning, program must launch, not crash, man page available, no file collisions; dependencies, source-uri/git, license notedSep 25 07:48
activelowi cannot verify a full use-flag/dependency graph initially, this will require gentoo-catalyst to drop a full ISO/arm-firmware relaseSep 25 07:48
activelowwhich i am planning for another one until end of this year, which will fully exclude X11, and integrate directfb insteadSep 25 07:49
activelowbtw. yesterday i verified legacy BSD pty support: tmux needs patching, otherwise i feel confident and will enforce legacy pty with my distroSep 25 07:53
activelowif Alan Cox resigned over a dispute with pty handling, there must have been reasonsSep 25 07:53
activelowgood nightSep 25 07:55
schestowitz-TRgnSep 25 07:57
schestowitz-TR2.22TB of bandwidth since uploading the RMS talk or Since SundaySep 25 08:13
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schestowitz"Fake news. Linkedin works. I know two people that has MS and Google contact them from LinkedIn profile"Sep 25 08:28
schestowitz 25 08:28
-TechrightsBN/ | If you don't leave in 2021, you never will! - post regarding IBM layoffsSep 25 08:29
schestowitzMicrosoft uses its own spying platform to contact people. What a shock...Sep 25 08:29
schestowitzx 25 08:30
-TechrightsBN/ | How to Install Windows Subsystem for Linux in Windows 11 | Tom's HardwareSep 25 08:31
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Techrights-secMostly the RMS video?Sep 25 08:46
Techrights-secHow many downloads?Sep 25 08:46
schestowitz-TRsee tmuxSep 25 08:46
Techrights-secYep.    Sep 25 08:53
Techrights-secBTW : 25 08:53
-TechrightsBN/ | | The OpenBSD package collectionSep 25 08:53
schestowitz-TRthe numbers were a lot higher months ago, but we made about 3 times as many videos back then. I need topic ideas, I've covered a lot of what needed covering in videos and I don't want to do repetition (can link to old videos instead)Sep 25 08:54
schestowitz-TRI know about vget and checked it before (now downloading, just info)Sep 25 08:55
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Techrights-secI'll see if I can think of topics for videos.  Sep 25 09:30
Techrights-secWhat was that about LF trying to shutdown all Linux / GNU/Linux conferencesSep 25 09:30
Techrights-secexcept for the ones they control?  I wonder if there is evidence of themSep 25 09:30
Techrights-secpushing CoCs everywhere.  Linus needs to take his trademark, fork the code, andwalk.    Sep 25 09:30
schestowitz-TRafaik, some people who read TR did contact Torvalds. At least gives him the idea.Sep 25 09:31
Techrights-secI hope he has at least given the idea consideration.  I presume that Sep 25 09:34
Techrights-secregardless of his inclinations he is afraid of the huge amount of Sep 25 09:34
Techrights-secadministrivia and financing required to start anew.  Sep 25 09:34
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Techrights-secThe trouble started when it cancelled the community representative.Sep 25 09:35
Techrights-sec^representation.Sep 25 09:35
schestowitzother /types/ of issues preceded that, so it started before itSep 25 09:36
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Techrights-secYes, though the removal of community representation was a /huge/ warningSep 25 09:41
Techrights-secto the world. Sep 25 09:41
Techrights-secRegardless, the corruption arrived quickly.  What could be done toSep 25 09:41
Techrights-secensure a slower takeover of a replacement institution?  A lot of it comes Sep 25 09:41
Techrights-secdown to the individuals participating and their integrity.  However,Sep 25 09:41
Techrights-secthey are supported in staying on track by sound guidelines and maybe the Sep 25 09:41
Techrights-secright charter.  That CoC crap did its job in distracting from the infiltrationSep 25 09:41
Techrights-secand destruction.  Sep 25 09:41
Techrights-secHeck they even signed Linus up for unnecessary treatment.  Sep 25 09:41
schestowitzIn BI, recently, they stated clearly that he had been signed for therapists as if he was mentally ill. Smacks of Communist Russia.Sep 25 09:42
schestowitzI regard that a form of self-humiliation and degradation, akin to what was done to Assange to demoralise him Sep 25 09:42
schestowitzthe site has not been the same. Rianne is now telling me it's like "lite" (cigs and chocolate). RMS-lite, Linus-lite. That's how the authorities like it. Self-censorship.Sep 25 09:45
schestowitzLithuania says that China now enforces this using 'phones'.Sep 25 09:46
Techrights-secAnd got away with it.Sep 25 09:50
Techrights-secYes, inappropriate, wrong, and unnecessary medical treatment was / is usedSep 25 09:50
Techrights-secas a form of torture.  Sep 25 09:50
Techrights-secYes.Sep 25 09:50
Techrights-secWith Assange lies and disinformation still circulate.  And some of those whoSep 25 09:50
Techrights-secwere actively spreading those lies are still around in FOSS circles, justSep 25 09:50
Techrights-sec.  Sep 25 09:50
Techrights-secToo bad.  Yes.  The option is present in the various models but only turnedSep 25 09:51
Techrights-secon in specific countries or under specific circumstances.  That gives themSep 25 09:51
Techrights-secroom to use weasel words to dodge the question in the press.  Sep 25 09:51
schestowitz-TRmaybe worth doing some video about? it feels a bit like old news, but those issues persistSep 25 09:53
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Techrights-secCurrent issues are always relevant, even if they've presisted a long time.Sep 25 09:56
Techrights-secThe important thing is to show both that it has been a long term problemSep 25 09:56
Techrights-secand that it is highly relevent in the current environment.  Sep 25 09:56
schestowitz-TRI'll have a thing about it and simulate inside my mind what points can be made and howSep 25 09:56
schestowitz-TR*think aboutSep 25 09:56
schestowitz-TRI've begun drafting somethingSep 25 10:06
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Techrights-secrouter maintenance in a bitSep 25 12:50
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Techrights-secok.  set... for a whileSep 25 15:02
Techrights-secWhy is this a screenshot:                         Sep 25 15:02
Techrights-secand not as text?  Text would work in Gemini, too.Sep 25 15:02
-TechrightsBN/ | Richard Stallman to Speak (in Person) in Poland, Dedicate the Talk to Medical Professionals | TechrightsSep 25 15:02
schestowitz-TRsee the alt text of that imageSep 25 15:02
schestowitz-TRalso, I gave two different links which contain the full textSep 25 15:02
Techrights-secOk.  Sep 25 15:03
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Techrights-secFor some reason the two links are not present in Gemini.  Sep 25 15:35
Techrights-secI think I found it. The A is within EM which is within P.Sep 25 15:35
Techrights-secRunning update now.Sep 25 15:35
Techrights-secSee: gemini:// 25 15:35
Techrights-secThere is still the question of the semantic value of 'here' as link text though..Sep 25 15:35
Techrights-secgemini:// 25 15:35
schestowitz-TRthanks, we can always regenerate pages with improved versions of the code. I've finished the draft of the video post just now.Sep 25 15:35
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schestowitz 25 21:12
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@leftspanker2020: @DuckDuckGo WAKE UP AMERICA DUCKDUCKGO ARE CENSORING TRACKING AND LYING! 25 21:12
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell--> | Why People Should Never Ever Use DuckDuckGo | TechrightsSep 25 21:12
schestowitz 25 21:12
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@leftspanker2020: @DuckDuckGo The truth about who DDG really is! 25 21:12
schestowitz 25 21:13
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@leftspanker2020: @DuckDuckGo @CommonSense THE TRUTH ABOUT WHO DUCKDUCKGO REALLY IS! 25 21:13
schestowitz 25 21:13
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-@leftspanker2020: @DuckDuckGo @keachhagey @JeffHorwitz 25 21:13
schestowitz 25 21:32
-TechrightsBN/ | Initial Announcement - GNU Project - Free Software FoundationSep 25 21:32
schestowitz"The wording here was careless. The intention was that nobody would have to pay for permission to use the GNU system. But the words don't make this clear, and people often interpret them as saying that copies of GNU should always be distributed at little or no charge. That was never the intent."Sep 25 21:32
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