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schestowitz__> Dear RoyApr 27 00:54
schestowitz__Hi, answers below to the best of my knowledge. It sounds as if you do intend to pursue this with me, which I am pleased to know.Apr 27 00:54
schestowitz__Mind you, EPO has blocked Techrights since around 2015 if not 2014. AFAIK, it is the ONLY site it blocks. Not for falsehoods, but the OPPOSITE. Apr 27 00:54
schestowitz__> Thanks for sending me these links, I will read the information withApr 27 00:54
schestowitz__> great interest.Apr 27 00:54
schestowitz__> Apr 27 00:54
schestowitz__> There are certain things I can check:Apr 27 00:54
schestowitz__> Apr 27 00:54
schestowitz__> a) the jurisdictional issueApr 27 00:54
schestowitz__> Apr 27 00:54
schestowitz__> Does the Ofcom or other regulator or independent or governmental bodyApr 27 00:54
schestowitz__> (e.g. ministries, the ICO, etc.) exercise review of a corporation thatApr 27 00:54
schestowitz__> is not based in the UK (e.g. Twitter, Facebook)?Apr 27 00:54
schestowitz__Yes, this is an ongoing question which ought to impact more than justApr 27 00:54
schestowitz__1) myselfApr 27 00:54
schestowitz__2) TwitterApr 27 00:54
schestowitz__3) USApr 27 00:54
schestowitz__> As I mentioned in my previous email, it seems that their reply was blandApr 27 00:54
schestowitz__> without any possibility to ask for evidence or a simple discussion forApr 27 00:54
schestowitz__> an explanation or evidence. It could well be the case that AI may haveApr 27 00:54
schestowitz__> responded to your request.Apr 27 00:55
schestowitz__Yes, same for the suspension, as I explained in my post. There was recently another Twitter scandal. Anyone who just mentioned the word "Memphis" got banned by Twitter. You can look that up on the Web.Apr 27 00:55
schestowitz__> If you have had any other contacts with Twitter, e.g. emails or phoneApr 27 00:55
schestowitz__> calls, please let me know, as the possibility of contacting aApr 27 00:55
schestowitz__> corporation is important. It does not have to be only about your TwitterApr 27 00:55
schestowitz__> account suspension, but any matter that you have had with them in the past.Apr 27 00:55
schestowitz__I never communicated with them directly. Never. They shadow-banned me in the past, sometimes just for me being bullied by nazis, and there was nobody to speak to. It's a "faceless corporation" as the saying goes...Apr 27 00:55
schestowitz__I've long argued that they use terms like "hey hi" (AI) to dodge accountability and blame "machines" for mistakes. My sentiment back then was shared by many, including Assange who quoted me on it.Apr 27 00:55
schestowitz__> b) Freedom of expressionApr 27 00:55
schestowitz__> Apr 27 00:55
schestowitz__> Although the opportunity for our discussion started with the suspensionApr 27 00:55
schestowitz__> of your personal account, it seems that there have been other issues, asApr 27 00:55
schestowitz__> you referred to a similar treatment that Benjamin received, which isApr 27 00:55
schestowitz__> about content of Twitter posts. As I have said, I will check the links,Apr 27 00:55
schestowitz__> but I may need to get back to you to see if you have had such additionalApr 27 00:55
schestowitz__> problems in the past.Apr 27 00:55
schestowitz__It has long been a problem -- one I wrote about many times before.Apr 27 00:55
schestowitz__> Before contacting you, I have briefly checked few things on the internetApr 27 00:55
schestowitz__> and have seen a supportive letter by the known blogger, Fosspatents, whoApr 27 00:55
schestowitz__> said that there were some people who wanted to silence your criticism.Apr 27 00:55
schestowitz__> In this respect, would it be possible to give me some (brief)Apr 27 00:55
schestowitz__> information whether you have had other problems with Twitter and/or haveApr 27 00:55
schestowitz__> been contacted by Twitter directly about the content of your posts orApr 27 00:55
schestowitz__> whether you have heard of any complaints that others have raised withApr 27 00:55
schestowitz__> Twitter about your tweets. I do not need a full account at this stage,Apr 27 00:55
schestowitz__> as for human rights issues also, such as free speech, the jurisdictionalApr 27 00:55
schestowitz__> issue (issue (a) above) is still relevant.Apr 27 00:55
schestowitz__Twitter never spoke to me. I did sanction me over the years, for unknown reasons. I wrote about this not only in Techrights but also in my personal blog. Many times.Apr 27 00:55
schestowitz__> If there is a public forum that checks and supervises such issues, IApr 27 00:55
schestowitz__> will use them. But if their powers are limited, we can pursue the issueApr 27 00:55
schestowitz__> with direct contacts with ministries and MPs for a policy change - asApr 27 00:55
schestowitz__> currently, Ofcom is put under pressure to exercise more control overApr 27 00:55
schestowitz__> social media.Apr 27 00:55
schestowitz__> Apr 27 00:55
schestowitz__> Best regardsApr 27 00:55
schestowitz__I definitely think we should push on with this. There are many questions at stake here and few answers were ever formally answers. It's very shadowy and ad hoc.Apr 27 00:55
schestowitz__Let me know if you want and, if so, which aspect about...Apr 27 00:55
schestowitz__Yesterday Manchester Town Hall responded in detail to my complaint, as the update on this post shows:Apr 27 00:55
schestowitz__ 27 00:55
-TechrightsBN/ | » Blog Archive » Manchester Town Hall Complaint (Updated)Apr 27 00:55
schestowitz__Apologies made, lessons learned. Which is what I wanted.Apr 27 00:55
schestowitz__The Twitter issue, I think, is much bigger and broader.Apr 27 00:56
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schestowitz__Re: Digital Autonomy push by bad actorsApr 27 03:43
schestowitz__Re: Digital Autonomy push by bad actorsApr 27 03:43
schestowitz__> I know you are surely busy.Apr 27 03:43
schestowitz__Always am, and prefer it that way.Apr 27 03:43
schestowitz__> So much info lately! Apr 27 03:43
schestowitz__Yes.Apr 27 03:43
schestowitz__We need to discuss this issue aloud. You know many things I do not and we need to connect dots together before publishing substantial findings. Accuracy is important; we don't throw out there mere conjectures as it would harm credibility. Apr 27 03:43
schestowitz__> Disappointed in Phoronix but... nicely handled.Apr 27 03:43
schestowitz__I assume you mean the Azure puff piece, with "thanks" to Microsoft? Anyway, don't alienate Michael, he's NOT our enemy. I know him in person. He fights to feed 3 people now.Apr 27 03:43
schestowitz__> Anyway, I wanted to mention something of a slight concern - last year and must mention to someone.Apr 27 03:43
schestowitz__> Apr 27 03:43
schestowitz__> Molly and Karen are pushing digital autonomy.Apr 27 03:43
schestowitz__> Apr 27 03:43
schestowitz__> 27 03:43
-TechrightsBN/ | Introducing the Principles of Digital Autonomy - DebConf20Apr 27 03:43
schestowitz__> Then, they spoke at hope. Apr 27 03:43
schestowitz__I noticed Bully de Blanc mentioning all this "autonomy" thing; seems like another attempt to redefine FS, as the "ethical source" people do. Also see:Apr 27 03:43
schestowitz__ 27 03:43
schestowitz__Deb is in this too. OSI +GNOME Foundation, just like the hate latter.Apr 27 03:43
-TechrightsBN/ | GNOME Foundation and OSI Move on to ‘Extend’ Phase Against the Free Software Definition (or Against Software Freedom) | TechrightsApr 27 03:43
schestowitz__Open Source was one go at "parallel movements", seeking to replace the original by co-opting the followers.Apr 27 03:43
schestowitz__> Then, for this Gnome conference - during the presentation, they mentioned... previously presented at Hope and Debconf.Apr 27 03:43
schestowitz__> Apr 27 03:43
schestowitz__> Using the previous presentations for credibility. I worked with the AV staff at Hope. Presentation does not equal endorsement...Apr 27 03:43
schestowitz__> 27 03:43
schestowitz__Chaining past credential to make up for lack of skills and experience is a very Bully de Blanc 'thing'.Apr 27 03:43
-TechrightsBN/ | GUADEC 2020 (22-28 July 2020): Introducing Principles of Digital Autonomy · GNOME Events (Indico)Apr 27 03:43
schestowitz__Then, consider which corporations fund this pair.Apr 27 03:43
schestowitz__> I don't know what these bad actors are up to... but recently Karen and Kuhn gave a keynote for an ethics and AI session.Apr 27 03:43
schestowitz__> Apr 27 03:43
schestowitz__> 27 03:43
-TechrightsBN/ | Conservancy's Executive Director to Keynote AI Law & Ethics Conference - Software Freedom ConservancyApr 27 03:43
schestowitz__"Hey hi" is a stupid buzzword, ethics are a broader concept (even Microsoft claims to stand for ethics!), so we'll see their next step.Apr 27 03:43
schestowitz__> Karen... giving a talk about ethics.Apr 27 03:43
schestowitz__I don't have anything to suggest she is not ethical.Apr 27 03:43
schestowitz__> Anyway, I have serious concerns... although I can never really figure out the end game.Apr 27 03:44
schestowitz__Let's think this through and figure out if there's enough material to do an article about.Apr 27 03:44
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schestowitz__ddos on TRApr 27 12:53
schestowitz__if this persists, we can deploy the same tools used in TM, as the patterns sort of resemble one another and are also familiar ones, would not take long to set up overallApr 27 12:54
Techrights-sec2  438  1.09 246766  61*/category/news-roundup/page/65/  Apr 27 12:59
schestowitz__Absolutely! Do not even know where the digital autonomy push is going... or if it even will continue after all this.Apr 27 13:37
schestowitz__>> Karen... giving a talk about ethics.Apr 27 13:37
schestowitz__> I don't have anything to suggest she is not ethical.Apr 27 13:37
schestowitz__I agree, there is no valid, verified evidence - and, she is a lawyer.Apr 27 13:37
schestowitz__However, she seemed to be Free software. Maybe she was at that time. Apr 27 13:37
schestowitz__She is the SFC director, and they did have a MS sponsored event.Apr 27 13:37
schestowitz__One thing I noticed is there are people who jump on fashionable topics, and perpetrate their expertise on the matter. Apr 27 13:37
schestowitz__Some are convincing. Apr 27 13:37
schestowitz__I don't really believe Molly is the mastermind or puppetbully... Apr 27 13:37
schestowitz__Of course, I have no evidence.Apr 27 13:37
schestowitz__:)Apr 27 13:37
schestowitz__Maybe someday!Apr 27 13:37
Techrights-sec2ok all setApr 27 14:56
Techrights-sec2rms-gnu-youtube.transcript.txtApr 27 14:56
Techrights-sec2correction: rms-gnu-youtube-android.transcript.txtApr 27 14:56
schestowitz__thanks, adding now.......Apr 27 14:56
schestowitz__done, maybe we can place them in a dedicated directoryApr 27 15:06
Techrights-sec2OkApr 27 15:29
Techrights-sec2Should it be web-accessible, or does that matter?Apr 27 15:29
schestowitz__web-accessible is better as currently I need to connect each time I want to grab the textApr 27 15:29
schestowitz__[boycottn@techrights ~]$ ls -la rms-* | wc -lApr 27 15:33
schestowitz__11Apr 27 15:33
schestowitz__[boycottn@techrights ~]$ mkdir public_html/rms-interviewsApr 27 15:33
schestowitz__[boycottn@techrights ~]$ mv rms-* public_html/rms-interviews/Apr 27 15:33
schestowitz__mv: cannot stat ‘rms-*’: No such file or directoryApr 27 15:33
schestowitz__[boycottn@techrights ~]$ ls -la rms-* | wc -lApr 27 15:33
schestowitz__LOL, you beat me to it!!Apr 27 15:33
Techrights-sec2Ok.  /home/boycottn/public_html/transcriptsApr 27 15:34
Techrights-sec2That way the automated backup script won't need modification either.  Apr 27 15:34
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schestowitz__[18:25] <MinceR> hi, please let me know once you're tired of nullz filling up the channel with crapApr 27 23:38
schestowitz__catching up, was asleep....Apr 27 23:38
MinceRthey've left in outrage alreadyApr 27 23:38

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