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posted by Roy Schestowitz on May 28, 2024

Tha Kee Lek, Mae Sai, Chiang Rai

Updated This Past Day

  1. Double for Manchester [original]
    The 20-year party is now less than two weeks away
  2. Africa Sent Microsoft Packing [original]
    nobody in corporate/mainstream in the West bothers to mention it
  3. Android Leftovers
    Chipolo delays trackers for Android’s Find My Device network to July
  4. Microsoft Has Slipped Out of Control in Myanmar, GNU/Linux Rose From 0.1% to 3% [original]
    Myanmar or Burma


  5. 7 Features Windows 12 Should Steal From Linux
    Here are 7 surprisingly advanced, quality-of-life features that Linux offers
  6. Best Free and Open Source Software
    We only feature open source goodness here
  7. Armbian 24.5 Released with Orange Pi 5 Pro and Radxa ROCK 5 ITX Support
    The Armbian community announced today about the availability of Armbian 24.5, codenamed Havier, as the latest stable release of this Debian/Ubuntu-based distribution for ARM devices.
  8. VyOS – router and firewall platform
    VyOS is a network operating system based on Debian
  9. today's leftovers
    on Git and security
  10. hardware: Zmod SDR, ESP32, and ANAVI Handle
    Some hackable hardware news picks
  11. Software: Planify, GNOME OS Installer, XRechnung Viewer
    3 picks about FOSS on GNU/Linux
  12. today's howtos
    only 3 howtos for now
  13. Audiocasts/Shows: This Week in Linux, Free Software Security Podcast, Lunduke Journal, LINUX Unplugged, GNU World Order
    a handful of new episodes
  14. Damn Small Linux 2024 Release Candidate 4 Now Available
    made a torrent available
  15. 4MLinux Releases: 4MLinux 46.0 BETA released.
    4MLinux 46.0 BETA is ready for testing
  16. Phosh 0.39.0
    Some release details
  17. 9to5Linux Weekly Roundup: May 26th, 2024
    The 189th installment of the 9to5Linux Weekly Roundup is here for the week ending on May 26th, 2024.
  18. Open Hardware and Programming Leftovers
    coding and hacking, devices included
  19. Security and Windows TCO Leftovers
    back doors and breaches
  20. YARA 4.5.1 Release and Steam
    Some software and gaming news
  21. Openwashing, AI-washing, and Red Hat
    not so free after all
  22. Android Leftovers
    Doogee T20 tablet review: A great display for just $160
  23. today's howtos
    some howtos, first batch
  24. Review: Manjaro Linux 24.0
    Manjaro Linux is an Arch-based distribution which works to be a user-friendly, desktop-oriented operating system
  25. Today in Techrights
    Some of the latest articles
  26. Security Leftovers
    mostly CISA

    The corresponding text-only bulletin for Monday contains all the text.

    Top-read articles (excluding bot/crawler visits):

    Span from 2024-05-21 to 2024-05-27
    1231 /n/2024/05/22/Oracle_Abandons_Terraform_in_Favor_of_OpenTofu.shtml
    1008 /n/2024/05/22/Alpine_Linux_3_20_0_Released.shtml
    965 /n/2024/05/22/You_Can_Now_Upgrade_Ubuntu_23_10_to_Ubuntu_24_04_LTS_Here_s_How.shtml
    886 /n/2024/05/22/Elon_Musk_Suggests_Shifting_Consumer_Desktops_To_Linux_As_Satya.shtml
    791 /n/2024/05/24/Qualcomm_s_ARM_Laptops_Matter_Because_Of_Linux.shtml
    780 /n/2024/05/22/today_s_howtos.shtml
    760 /n/2024/05/24/Releases_GCompris_4_1_Stratus_Redundant_Linux_SRL_3_0_Rufus_4_5.shtml
    753 /n/2024/05/23/Meet_TUXEDO_Stellaris_Slim_15_Gen6_a_Thin_and_Light_Linux_Gamin.shtml
    739 /n/2024/05/24/today_s_howtos.shtml
    730 /n/2024/05/16/NetBSD_s_New_Policy_No_Place_for_AI_Created_Code.shtml
    714 /n/2024/05/24/KDE_Plasma_6_1_Beta_Released_with_Explicit_Sync_Support_on_Wayl.shtml
    712 /n/2024/05/25/Switch_from_Windows_11_to_Linux_this_Memorial_Day_with_Ultramar.shtml
    706 /n/2024/05/22/Ubuntu_Leftovers.shtml
    703 /n/2024/05/22/today_s_howtos.1.shtml
    696 /n/2024/05/21/today_s_howtos.shtml
    687 /n/2024/05/23/KDE_Gear_24_05_Software_Suite_Released_with_New_KDE_Apps_Many_I.shtml
    687 /n/2024/05/23/today_s_howtos.shtml

Other Recent Techrights' Posts

EU 'Chat Control' Law is Already Discrediting the Stated Goals of GDPR
Equip kids with always-on always-connected microphones and double-sided cameras, just to be safe...
Jean-Pierre Giraud, Possible Forgeries & Debian: elections, judgments, trademark already canceled, archaeologist
Reprinted with permission from Daniel Pocock
Justices Jeremy Johnson and Victoria Sharp to Decide the Fate of Julian Assange in About Three Weeks
Will he be back home in Australia by year's end?
Treating Them as Teammates, Not as Political Props, Trophies, or Objects
Most of the world's people are women
Over at Tux Machines...
GNU/Linux news for the past day
IRC Proceedings: Wednesday, June 19, 2024
IRC logs for Wednesday, June 19, 2024
Morocco: GNU/Linux Surges From 0.1% to 4.21%
Microsoft has mass layoffs in Africa these days
[Meme] EU Chat Control II
Stuff like "Chat Control" means that GDPR will lose credibility and the true motives be rightly scrutinised/questioned
You're Only Proving Our Point, Sir
clearly obsessed with what we write
Just Because It Happened Over 20 Years Ago Doesn't Mean It's "Old News" or Stopped Happening
This strategy merely evolved
Thanking Solderpunk for 5 Years of Gemini Protocol
Long live Gemini Protocol and long live Solderpunk!
[Meme] He Who Controls the Boot
And licks the Microsoft boot
[Meme] systemd-recovery
Imagine "Linux" (Poetterix) becoming so unreliable that it needs factory resets
Almost Every Day This Month the GNU/Linux "Market Share" Grows in statCounter
Advocates like to see progress
Dawg, I Herd You Like Freedom
In the context of Software Freedom, little is ever said about free speech
Links 19/06/2024: Microsoft Faces Big Backlash, Bytedance Referred to US Department of Justice
Links for the day
Gemini Protocol Turns 5 in 15 Hours
Geminispace is still very much alive
OSI's Blog is Still 100% "AI" Nonsense Sponsored by Microsoft (the Authors Are Also Salaried by Microsoft)
The founder of the OSI no longer supports the OSI
Poland is Another Country Where Bing Lost a Lot of Market Share Since the LLM Gimmicks
down from 3.24% to 2.4%
It Took Microsoft More Than 3 Years to Get a Quarter of Windows Users to 'Upgrade' to Vista 11 (3 Out of 4 Windows Users Still Reject It)
That is exactly what's happening right now
[Meme] The Empire
Don't be like Putin
They Want 'Transparency' Only for the General Public (Every Bit of Communication Available to the Government, Usually Via Corporations)
The EU might decide to effectively ban SSH
Free Software Won't Fix Equality, But It Helps
Let's examine Free software in the context of: 1) money. 2) justice.
Links 19/06/2024: SFTP and Gopher Milestone
Links for the day
Over at Tux Machines...
GNU/Linux news for the past day
IRC Proceedings: Tuesday, June 18, 2024
IRC logs for Tuesday, June 18, 2024
US Surgeon General's Advice on Social Control Media (and "Smart" Phones) Seems Reasonable
People forget what the real world is about
Quiet at Planet Debian has not had any updates since 5 days ago
Belarus: Bing Fell From 1.1% to 0.6% Since Microsoft Started the LLM Hype (Yandex is 50 Times Bigger Than Bing)
Now enter Belarus
Morale at Microsoft Sinks to New Lows
The annual 'Employee Signals' survey showed a drop from 69% to 62% in positive responses
Microsoft Windows is Being Abandoned in the UK, Relative to Other Platforms (New All-Time Lows)
Windows at new lows
Links 18/06/2024: More Executives Leave Microsoft, Attacks on the Press in Russia and 'Exile'
Links for the day
[Meme] Always Livecasting
Wait Till Systemd-Recall
Australia: Bing Lost Market Share Since the LLM Hype ("Bing Chat")
Google rose, Bing went down
Gemini Links 18/06/2024: Unconscious Consumption and Firewall Autoban
Links for the day
[Meme] Canonical Has Basically Become Novell II
Today's Canonical...
While Everyone is Furious at Vista 11 (Over TPM, Recall and Other Malicious 'Features') Canonical is Selling It to People
So the only thing Canonical says about Windows is that you should give it a try?
Links 18/06/2024: Adobe and Internet Archive in Trouble
Links for the day
Peter Duffy Explains SystemD
Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Führer!
[Meme] The Doyen and the Colonel
EPO continues to prioritise lawbreaking over knowledge
EPO Union Action: Next Week SUEPO The Hague and SUEPO Munich Talk About New Pension Scheme (NPS) and Salary Savings Plan (SSP)
So there are basically 32 days left for more people to intervene
[Meme] Wait Till Systemd-Recall
The only thing Linux still needs is a forensics backdoor
GNU/Linux Up This Month in India (or Why Famous Criminal Bill Gates Keeps Visiting Modi)
truth tends to catch up with people
Microsoft Poetterix is Work in Progress
Linux's New DRM Panic 'Blue Screen of Death' In Action
24/7 Work Discipline
it's not so much about how much (or how long) one works, it's about how one works and whether one feels comfortable doing it
Adamant Conformism is an Enemy of Science
"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man"
Over at Tux Machines...
GNU/Linux news for the past day
IRC Proceedings: Monday, June 17, 2024
IRC logs for Monday, June 17, 2024
Links 18/06/2024: Further Mass Layoffs and Gemini Leftovers
Links for the day
At IBM, "Brownnosing is the Norm."
Many of these comments are from IBM insiders
Myanmar/Burma: Google Gains One Percent, Microsoft Loses One Percent Since the LLM Hype ('Bing Chat')
it's not hard to understand LLMs didn't replace real search and didn't replace Google, either
[Meme] KISS, not SAAS
Gemini Protocol turns 5 in exactly 2 days
Hostageware: The Threat of Clown Computing (or 'SaaS', Another Misnomer or Buzzword) to Computer Users Everywhere
This problem isn't limited to Free software adopters