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Do-No-Evil Saturday: OpenSUSE, SUSE, SLED, SLES and Sales

OpensuseA lot has been happening in the world of OpenSUSE in the past week. For starters, OpenSUSE had its homepage redone. Something mischievous appeared there as well. Watch this screenshot.

Additionally, the seventh alpha was released and Benji’s “One-Click-Install” got supported by openSUSE's Build Service.

The openSUSE Build Service generates .ymp files from now on, which can be used with Benjamin Weber’s One Click Install YaST Module.

A new mailing list was born some time in the middle of of the week.

Good morning everyone,

I'm happy to announce the creation of a new mailing list: opensuse-kernel.

This list is dedicated to the discussion of the openSUSE kernel development (Factory et al) and the kernels in the buildservice.

Packaging or openSUSE-specific patches (though hopefully rare and growing more so) are on-topic; general Linux kernel development is best served by the existing public lists (LKML et al).

Regards, Lars

Novell has begun running some more GNU/Linux promotion sites, but Matt Aslett thought it just made Linux look weird. He was pointing out that Nat just sways and moves too much in one of the promotional video (Flash). I can't say that I agree. Anyway...

Novell has launched two new Web sites this week to provide more info to customers on … you guessed it, enterprise Linux.

A popular story from Canada spoke a migration from Windows to SUSE Linux desktops.

He didn't have a preference when it came to Linux distributions so he tested a number of them. The SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLED) stood out for Giroux. It came with the GNOME desktop, which he regards as faster than most, Firefox, which is the company's preferred browser, and the Citrix client built-in.

In other news, Novell announces a key date.

Novell, Inc. will issue a press release providing an overview of financial results for its third fiscal quarter of 2007 on Wednesday, August 29, 2007 at 4pm ET.

The company's senior employee, Markus Rex, spoke to ECT.

[Markus Rex:] Linux is huge, and there are new things coming up that you have to figure out what to do, whether it's concerning the standard or if it's a good thing for Linux moving forward. Somehow I have the feeling I will not be bored.

There was even some coverage from Novell in Russia.

After a long period of silence the Moscow office of Novell held a press conference, in course of which some results of the company’s activities in Russia and CIS were announced and some elements of its new development strategy were presented.

Concurrent made a fair bit of 'noise' and it boastsed it use of SUSE.

New NightStar Release Now Supports SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 and SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 from Novell

Novell unleashed a press release as well.

Novell today announced a new solution to help organizations enforce security policies at the most vulnerable location on the network, the endpoint. Novell€® ZENworks€® Endpoint Security Management complements the existing Novell ZENworks product line by extending policy-based management to device security.

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