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Novell Partners Promote Silverlight, Zeitgeist at Risk of Mono(polists)

The red pill of mononucleosis

Summary: Microsoft software spreads from familiar places and enters some new places

Koenig, which works along with Novell [1, 2, 3], is promoting Silverlight right now. [all emphases in red are ours by the way]

Koenig Launches Silverlight Training


We are also authorized training Partner of Oracle, Cisco, Red Hat, Novell, EC Council and CWNP. We are also Authorized Testing Centre of Prometric and Vue.

Xenocode, which comprises a lot of former Microsoft employees [1, 2], not only has a patent deal with Novell but obviously it advances Microsoft, this time emitting evidence in this new article which also mentions Novell.

Running Silverlight and Any Other Windows Application in a Sandbo


Xenocode approach uses a virtualization solution which emulates core operating system functionality. An application is prepared in a running state and deployed through a click via XStream, a patent pending delivery technology licensed by Novell that works over the Internet, intranet or from USB storage devices. An application is made “ready” with Xenocode’s Virtual Application Studio 2009 which can prepare any Windows application to be virtualized. MSI setups, Novell AXT, and ThinApp configurations can be prepared with a single click.

Our reader ml2mst points out that more .NET security problems have just been found (text in Dutch) and he suggests avoiding Mono for this reason. We wrote about the issue before.

Additionally, tacone has warned us that while GNote takes Tomboy (and GNOME) in the right direction [1, 2, 3, 4, 5], a program called Zeitgeist is potentially going the other way because of a front end that someone is writing for it in Mono.

Jason Smith is working on a new project in Mono that uses the Zeitgeist engine.

Jason Smith will hopefully rethink the choice of a framework after TomTom lessons were learned. Mono is all about Novell, Microsoft, and the glue that connects them.

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