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Thanking Microsoft for Another Product Cut

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Summary: Windows Home Server keeps having features stripped off and its very existence -- let alone poor performance -- becomes suppressed or marginalised (GNU/Linux reigns this segment)

TECHRIGHTS no longer tracks Microsoft as closely as it used to. With around 60 dead products (probably more by now), it is clear that Microsoft's days as a technology company are coming to an end; as a patent agitator Microsoft would not win, either.

It only seemed reasonable to post a quick update about a Microsoft candidate for deletion (bad market performer [1, 2]). That would be Windows Home Server, whose "major feature" predictably "Fails even before launch":

SOFTWARE DEVELOPER Microsoft has managed to do a good job of all but destroying Windows Home Server (WHS) by removing one of its main features.

The Vole announced its impending removal of the drive extender feature from the upcoming version of WHS, codenamed Vail. This has led to widespread condemnation from current users, as drive extender was one of those rare things from Microsoft, a feature that was not really a bug.

Drive extender allows users to plug in additional hard drives with WHS automatically expanding a logical disk volume to make use of the new drive. This in itself isn't exactly cutting edge technology but it worked well and for many users it offered an easy way to expand storage capacity. Well not any longer, thanks to Microsoft's bewildering and ultimately incorrect analysis of customer feedback.

Here is the corresponding message from Microsoft. It's worth remembering that it's not the first "major feature" of Windows Home Server that gets axed. It might not take long before the whole product meets the cliff because Linux competition is more reliable, affordable, and often boasts more features. Microsoft should have never entered this area. It no longer spends much money marketing Windows Home Server. Like a cornered animal it just clings onto attacking its rivals (or trying to buy their means of attack).


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