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Yes, RPost is Definitely a Patent Troll and Its Software Patents Are at Risk Thanks to Alice

Packet Intelligence is also a patent troll, but Watchtroll has just called it "a patent owning entity"

Watchtroll's Gene Quinn

Summary: The latest whitewashing (or reputation-laundering) pieces from Watchtroll, which tries to justify patent-trolling activities with software patents, typically in the Eastern District of Texas

Watchtroll, a notorious site which watches after the trolls, published this ridiculous piece 5 days ago. "RPost Does Not Meet Any Definition of ‘Patent Troll’," Bob Zeidman (Zeidman Consulting) wrote. He basically said the very opposite of what everyone keeps saying. We wrote about RPost earlier this year (two weeks ago to be precise) and last year regarding GoDaddy v RPost. Patent Buddy, who habitually boosts Watchtroll, said a few days ago: "Second Petition for Writ of Cert for RPost v GoDaddy, filed by Inventors Group Urges Urges Reconsideration of Alice: …"

"Watchtroll, being part of the patent trolls' lobby, basically uses a "I'm not a crook" defense on behalf of patent trolls, as usual."The author, Zeidman, basically explains that once upon a time RPost actually did make something. But just because a company used to operate and used to have products does not mean it cannot become a patent troll. Litigation alone means troll. Watchtroll, being part of the patent trolls' lobby, basically uses a "I'm not a crook" defense on behalf of patent trolls, as usual. In the next post we'll highlight Microsoft-connected trolls of these kinds.

The following day, Watchtroll being Watchtroll, it wrote about Packet Intelligence taking bunk software patents to the notorious 'court' of Eastern Texas. What is Packet Intelligence? Watchtroll dubs it "a patent owning entity," which obviously means a troll. The 'company' has no online presence other than lawsuits and articles about lawsuits. Here is what Watchtroll wrote:

On Thursday, November 9th, a jury verdict entered in a patent infringement case in the Eastern District of Texas held that plaintiff Packet Intelligence, a patent owning entity headquartered in Marshall, TX, did not prove infringement of claims from three patents asserted against Canadian communications service solutions provider Sandvine Corporation (TSE:SVC). The jury verdict comes less than one month after Packet Intelligence won a jury verdict of infringement on the same asserted patents in a different Eastern Texas case filed against Westford, MA-based application and network performance management firm NetScout Systems (NASDAQ:NTCT).

We sadly enough have media (syndicated even by Google News) which is run by, sometimes funded by and works for patent trolls. That's not just Watchtroll; IAM and other sites do this too.

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