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Bill Gates Deposition: More of Gates on the Hot Seat, Facing Intense Questioning Over His Crimes

Before buying off the politicians and various officials all around the world

Bill Gates Deposition part 3Summary: Today we proceed to part 3 of the deposition tapes, the last time there was actually an effort to hold Mr. Gates accountable for what he had done

BILL GATES certainly hopes that these tapes will go away, never to be mentioned or be seen ever again. As we noted yesterday, Microsoft lobbyist David Kappos now uses COVID-19 not only to promote software patents. In his latest column (he has been very focused on this particular agenda) he is also boosting Bill Gates, portraying him as some sort of genius with his patents on coronavirus (it's all about profit). Microsoft pays Kappos (no disclosure of that in his article/column) and he's also doing marketing of Gates' latest agenda, which involves making many billions of dollars from overpriced (heavily patented) vaccines. Apparently Gates, not a technologist but a businessman/lawyer (who never graduated), decided there wasn't as much money in software (any longer) as there is in mass vaccination, seeing that the Linux-powered Android was already becoming a bigger monopoly than Windows.

"Gates is still putting himself in the limelight and is attempting to create new monopolies, extending his wealth while pretending to be a "giver"...."It's not news that Kappos does nothing but lobbying on behalf of IBM, Microsoft and others. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has long been attached to this sheer corruption (influence on sale by former officials), as was the Federal Circuit with the likes of Paul Michel and Randall Rader.

"How dare anyone suggest that this arrogant kid committed a crime, as he did several times before (even arrested in his teenage years)?"This isn't a divergence as much as a reflection of the fact that those old deposition tapes are very much relevant to present events. Gates is still putting himself in the limelight and is attempting to create new monopolies, extending his wealth while pretending to be a "giver"; if he was a genuine giver, he'd give food to the hungry and help animals at risk of extinction (those causes aren't even expensive to support), not perform clinical trials on 'cheap' people who aren't capable of holding large corporations liable when the controversial trials go awry, sometimes so wrong that people (young girls) die in large numbers. Monsanto (Bayer) is no charity and sex-trafficking monsters aren't philanthropists looking to help kids. Sociopaths aren't charitable; it's reputation laundering Hubris.

In the first part (of these tapes) we explained that Gates showed endless smugness; he was so arrogant he decided to sort of grill the person grilling him. How dare anyone suggest that this arrogant kid committed a crime, as he did several times before (even arrested in his teenage years)? By the second part we already see the rich kid rocking back and forth like a pendulum, having been presented with incriminating E-mail.

Here's the third part:

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As before, we'll refrain from commenting on the contents. That more or less speaks for itself (it's not even new, albeit it never received the attention it deserved). We intend to publish a dozen parts, approximately one each day, then comment some more on the contents and conclusions, based on the transcripts (which we've converted to PDF).

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