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What Real (Fact-Based) 5G and Privacy Issues the Media Casually Distracts From

Note: Startpage (in this video) is a bad recommendation, as it spies on users; the video is about tracking in general (and IMEI), not 5G; "smart" phones, in our view, are generally a lost cause.

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Summary: Loaded and ill-advised narratives have made 5G almost impenetrable to criticism (unless one wishes to be relegated to stereotypes like "paranoia" with straw man arguments), but let's examine the actual facts and many criticisms which by far predate COVID-19 (no, there's no connection between radio waves and a virus)

More difficult topics to cover involve preconditioned readers, who are meant to associate one thing with another, based on misinformation/disinformation. One of those subjects is the the Gates Foundation and another notable subject is 5G, as we noted here in past years.

Having just covered Two Factor Surveillance (2FA), we've decided to also share this new video from the same person, as "this one is about mobile phones, too," as our associate notes, and it's another one of those things that should make people rethink "smart" (spy) phone ownership [sic] (they aren't truly owned by those who possess or carry them around).

Sky at sunset"5G gives mm level accuracy to positioning," our associate points out, causing issues for airplanes as a side effect. It moreover disrupts weather forecasting (signal pollution) [1, 2, 3], but if you search the Web you might struggle to find information about it. In fact, our associate reminds us that "a single 5G mast won't even cover a football stadium," so large numbers and high intensity are both needed. Some of these media reports hopefully help refute the narrative wherein every 5G sceptic/critic is a potentially violent conspiracy buff/crank. The video from Rob says more. Many people who oppose vaccination in general seem to have co-opted privacy fears. They than spread falsehoods, which saturate the debate with garbage.

There are perfectly legitimate things to criticise about 5G, including the patent pools (evergreening), performance levels, and even radiation levels. "I would say that is one of the reasons why all the aspersions have been made against 5G criticism," our associate opines. "It would be useful to know for sure all the groups backing the disinformation and misdirection. It is likely a lot of the military-industrial complex in general. The phone network companies benefit a little out of it, but not to the extent that the surveillance state does."

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