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The EPO is Bleeding in Courts

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Summary: The abuses of the EPO are causing an embarrassment; media in the pockets of the EPO's management isn't covering that, but sooner or later the truth will come out regardless

Mondays are typically the time when we cover bigger stories because during the weekends there's a sort of 'backlog' of developments. So far today we've published quite a lot about EPO President António Campinos and his appointer, Benoît Battistelli, whose legal of crime was covered up and moreover extended by Campinos.

Dr Evil Jesper Kongstad Laughing; Worst-case scenario: I move to another jobThere's a bit of a positive development; aside from ILOAT confirming further violations, as we noted here the other day, the Office now admits culpability by paying over 4,500 EPO workers after wrong punishment, based upon unlawful regulations which should never have materialised in the first place. There's a lot to be learned from all this; even Team UPC should take a moment to consider or reconsider what it's trying to do by force-feeding an unlawful system, bound to explode for obvious reasons.

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